Atlantean Secrets Overview

Atlantean Secrets

An epic saga in 21 books, forming four volumes

Volume 1 - Sleeper Awaken!

1 - The Book of the Beginnings
2 - The Book of the Blissful Sleepers
3 - The Book of the Call of Destiny
4 - The Book of the Salmon Robe
5 - The Book of the Mysteries of Eisraim
6 - The Book of the Great Dragon of the Deep
7 - The Book of the Nephilim Spice

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Volume 2 - Forever Love, White Eagle

8 - The Book of the White Eagle
9 - The Book of Elyani
10 - The Book of the Naga King
11 - The Book of the Princely Suite

Book review and excerpts

Volume 3 - The Gods are Wise

12 - The Book of the Nephilim Hunters
13 - The Book of the Encounters with Evil
14 - The Book of the Ascension Ritual
15 - The Book of the World of the Gods

Volume 4 - The Return of the Flying Dragon

16 - The Book of the Nephilim Giants
17 - The Book of Paradoxes in Highness
18 - The Book of Death Terrible
19 - The Book of the Fields of Peace
20 - The Book of the Last Days
21 - The Book of the Valley of the Necromancer
22 - The Book of Virginia and Hiram

Book review and excerpts

A phenomenal technology of consciousness

In other books, such as Awakening the Third Eye or Regression, Past-Life Therapy for Here and Now Freedom, Samuel Sagan has presented entry-level concepts and techniques of the Clairvision work. In Atlantean Secrets, he depicts secret initiations, journeys into non-physical worlds, high states of enlightenment on the legend mode: the phenomenal technology of consciousness of the Atlanteans.

Atlantean Secrets explores the scope of human consciousness. Present-day scientists devote themselves to the study of the material world. Similarly, the Atlantean civilization was directed towards inner worlds and inner realizations. Just as our civilization is investing immense resources in exploring and conquering the physical world, so the Atlanteans had fathomed consciousness and non-physical worlds.

One major difference, though. Modern science is one or two thousand years old at the most. Whereas visionaries such as Edgar Cayce or Rudolf Steiner considered that the Atlantean civilization spanned more than 100,000 years. This led to realizations of considerable magnitude. In a world without electricity, it would be hard to believe that a 'computer' could perform millions of mathematical operations in one second. Similarly, it is difficult for us now to conceive the summits, which the Atlanteans reached.

In Atlantean Secrets the magic of story-telling takes over, immersing the reader into a different reality where worlds intersect, human beings and angels communicate directly, seers contemplate the distant past and future of humanity, initiates travel along the ladders of levels of reality.

A cosmological odyssey

Atlantean Secrets rests on a cosmological model (mapping of non-physical worlds) which Samuel Sagan spent years developing and teaching at the Clairvision School. As the saga unfolds, journeys into these non-physical worlds are described in a particularly graphic way, with special effects crafted behind the lines.

Book 5 describes an initiation into astral traveling. Books 6 and 10 chant the glories of the Underworlds, teeming with awesome beauty and powers. Book 13 is an encounter with forces of evil. Book 15 is a breathtaking trip in the world of the gods. Book 17 takes glimpses into transcendental Highness. Books 19 and 21 take place in the World to Come.

Multiple references to mythology

Throughout Atlantean Secrets there are references and experiences relating to non-physical sages and beings, gods, angels, fallen angels, inhabitants of other worlds, and Flying Dragons, galactic intelligences of gigantic magnitude.

Enmeshed in the story are numerous myths and legends. Books 1, 10 and 15 develop creation myths. Books 7 and 9 explore the legacy of the Watchers, the mighty angels described in the book of Enoch, and their children the Nephilim. Book 16 takes place among the Nephilim giants mentioned in Genesis - the cause of the flood according to Rabbinic literature.

As the narrative unfolds, a grand picture gradually emerges, a tapestry of past and future holding meaning for the present age.

Awakening, the central theme

Certain aspects of the Atlantean experience, however fascinating they may be, will never be repeated. Others contain messages, which are relevant to all epochs.

Atlantean Secrets carries warnings. Despite their phenomenal technology, the Atlanteans created large-scale disasters, which completely wiped out their civilization. Unless human beings learn from the past, the same mistakes are bound to be repeated.

But more than any message, Atlantean Secrets was written to share a high intensity of life. When a world finishes and time runs out, the sleepers awaken. They discover the meaning of love, the depth of their eternal nature. They find meaning in every second.

For many people in our world, the time has come to remember...

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