Meditation - a path of clarity and vision

Any authentic spiritual work has finding the Self as a primary aim, and the Clairvision techniques are no exception. The essential purpose of the process is to be more.

The Clairvision School provides meditation training at the highest level, emphasizing the superiority of first-hand knowledge over belief. Learn more

News and Announcements

  • Samuel Sagan M.D., died peacefully on September 13th 2016. For over 30 years Samuel, in conjunction with students, built a school of meditation dedicated to training people to a high level. The knowledge, techniques and models that are his life's work are resolutely experiential, focused on helping seekers attain heightened states of consciousness and awakening.

    Ever the visionary, Samuel laid the foundations for a school that does not rest on the central axis of a teacher, but one which is collectively held and run by the fellowship of seekers. The vast wealth of teachings he has unfolded over the years has been captured in books, talks, courses and training and will continue after his death.

    The Clairvision School of meditation continues to train people in high level experiences of consciousness and welcomes you to join the exploration and adventure of an in-depth spiritual path.

  • KT Bubbling Mudpools 1 and 2 and Omphalos KT, our latest Knowledge Tracks have been released.
  • The first 3 talks of the free Knowledge Track Winds of Change have been released. Listen to the talks here.
  • Upcoming Talks

  • Join Theresa Montoya in New York City to explore tools to strengthen consciousness and beat overwhelm, anxiety, and having too much to do. Details here.
  • Join us for talks on Energetic Parasites, Pain Management and Meditation Skills for Better Work Flow and Joy in San Francisco and Berkeley this September. Details here.
  • About the Clairvision School

    First created in Australia in 1987 and now offering courses all around the world, Clairvision is a school of meditation.

    The school has also developed its own style of alternative therapy revolving around the inner space of meditation: Clairvision Inner Space Techniques.

    Upcoming Courses

    Awakening The Third Eye Retreat Center Courses
    North America

    Mar 3-4 Santa Cruz

    Apr 28-29 Boulder

    Apr 28-29 New York City

    Weekly Classes Berkeley

    For information on courses in Latin America throughout the year, visit the section in Spanish.


    Sep 29-Oct 8 IST 101

    Oct 8-15 IST Focus

    Oct 15-22 Thunderwand, a meditation course

    Mar 23-25 ATE

    Mar 23-Apr 1 IST 101

    Apr 1-8 IST Focus

    Jun 29-Jul 1 ATE

    Jun 29-Jul 8 IST 101

    Feb 27-Mar 6 Toronto


    June 2-3 Ireland

    June 16-18 Germany

    July 2-3 Slovakia

    Oct 14-15 UK

    Oct 20-22 Germany

    Oct 28-29 Germany

    Oct 28-29 Slovenia

    Nov 25-26 Switzerland

    Apr 28-29 UK

    May 12-13 Germany

    For information on courses in Spain throughout the year, visit the section in Spanish


    Jan 22-31 IST 101, Portugal

    Sept 24 - Oct 2 IST focus, Sweden

    Oct 29 - Nov 6 IST 101, Germany

    Feb 25-5 Mar IST Focus, Spain

    Jun 16-23 IST Beginner, Germany

    Jun 23-30 IST Focus, Germany

    Jun 2-10 IST Beginner, Ireland

    Jul 2-9 IST Beginner, Slovakia

    Oct 20-27 IST Beginner, Germany

    Nov 3-11 IST Beginner, Ireland

    Nov 11-18 IST Focus, Ireland

    Nov 18-25 Thunderwand, a meditation course, Ireland

    Feb 10-18 IST Focus Spain

    Feb 18-24 IST Beginner Slovenia

    April 14-21 IST Beginner, Germany

    April 21-27 IST Focus, Germany

    Australia, NZ & Asia

    Oct 28-29 Canberra

    Nov 4-5 ATE, Singapore

    Mar 10-11 Sydney

    May 19-20 ATE, Philippines

    Jun 2-3 Sydney

    Sep 15-16 Sydney

    Weekly Classes Sydney
    New South Wales

    Dec 1-10 IST 101

    Dec 10-17 IST Focus

    Apr 6-15 IST 101

    Apr 6-15 IST Focus


    May 21-27 IST, Philippines