The Vision Path

KT Buzzing Forest 2

KT Buzzing Forest 2 is the second Knowledge Track of the Buzzing Forest. It continues the training of the etheric body begun in Buzzing Forest 1, exploring the wonders of the Buzzing Forest.

In present-day human beings, the etheric body is, by default, all but glued to the physical. This greatly diminishes sensitivity to spiritual worlds. The etheric becomes the missing link in the quest for the Ego. As you continue to train and awaken the etheric, it gradually regains some independence – and therefore functionality – opening the door to myriad experiences.
KT Buzzing Forest 2, 1.1.1

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Prior requirements: Buzzing Forest 1 and Flow of Life

Part 1 – Getting on track

Part 1 of KT Buzzing Forest 2 contains the instructions for this KT. Like in Buzzing Forest 1, there are etheric sensing practicals where you will need your vision kit, plus there are practicals on the third eye and on channel release.

Part 2 – Talks

Part 2 comprises six talks, covering theory and discussing some aspects of the practices:

  • 2.1 Dimensionality: exploring peripheral consciousness and dimensionality, fluid dimensionality and non-dimensionality
  • 2.2 Dimensionality and Structures: discussing chakras, the central channel (the thunderwand), atoms and envelopes
  • 2.3 Ants, Aspiration, and Receptivity: the myth of the ant, spiritual materialism and the art of aspiration
  • 2.4 Etheric, Heart, Love and Empathy: exploring heart and how it relates to life force, for example falling in love, plus discussing receiving love and discerning different types of empathy
  • 2.5 The Hand Sensing Technique: introduction to this technique, which plays an important function in the style of space clearing that has been developed by Karen Kingston. Practical guide to the art of sensing, plus an array of suggestions of visionful things to tune into and mapping questions to ask
  • 2.6 Introducing the Channel Release Practices of this KT: equipping you with a context about channel release and giving you some practical advice on how to go through the channel release practicals of this and subsequent Knowledge Tracks

Part 3 - Practicals

Part 3 comprises four audio practical: two on the third eye, two on etheric sensing.

The practicals on the third eye offer an etheric feast of sound composed by Samuel Sagan. One practice focuses on how to use sound for third eye practices, and the second explores the tunnel and the atom of the third eye.

The etheric sensing practicals continue the work with the vision kit, as begun in Buzzing Forest 1. There's the opportunity to work more with lapis lazuli and tiger's eye, plus some specific practices with amethyst, onyx and rose quartz, so you'll need these as part of your vision kit for this KT.

Part 4 – Channel release

Part 4 comprises five slideshows: one on surface anatomy and four channel release practicals.

  • The surface anatomy slideshow highlights the circulations of energy in the body which will be worked with during the practicals and the landmarks on the body that help identify where these circulations pass through.
  • The four practicals provide a set of channel release practices that work with these circulations.
  • There is also a video demonstrating the rubbing technique required for the practicals.

Part 5 – Night practice

Part 5 comprises three night practices. The first two night practices are atom body night practices and the third night practice focuses on sound and etheric images.

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