The Clairvision Inner Space Techniques

One of the strengths of the Clairvision work lies in the close integration of metaphysical and healing processes. But instead of being sent to a therapist, students are taught healing and self-exploration techniques which they implement on each other during courses and practice sessions.

Over time this has led to the emergence of a full-fledged style of alternative therapies revolving around the inner space of third-eye meditation: the Clairvision Inner Space Techniques.

These include relaxation techniques, techniques of energetic healing (as in acupuncture, but without needles), and a specialized branch that deals with grief and bereavement, managing situations where someone has just died, or is about to die.

The Inner Space Techniques


Central to the Clairvision work is Inner Space Interactive Sourcing, a technique that was developed by Samuel Sagan, MD, during the 1980s.

Inner Space Interactive Sourcing, in which 'Inner Space' stands for the space of the third eye, 'Interactive' refers to the fact that the technique is practiced with a client and a facilitator (called 'connector'), and 'Sourcing' refers to the direction of the process which is to find the sources of present emotional blockages and conditioned behavior.

Unlike a number of past life therapy techniques where clients get dream-like images or vague recollections of past life episodes, this technique part of the Inner Space Techniques (IST) brings about acutely intense flashes where clients feel themselves in a different body and reexperience past episodes with all sensations as well as visual and auditory perceptions. This leads to major releases of latent emotional charges, and profound spiritual realizations – for many clients, a new start in life.

An essential aspect of the IST is that it is totally focused on the present – hence the title of Samuel Sagan's book: Regression, Past Life Therapy for Here and Now Freedom. Clients are constantly reminded to use the technique for resolving present issues and improving their present life, not for building meaningless stories.

A Language to Map Consciousness

The purpose of the Inner Space Interactive Sourcing technique isn't to know your past lives, but to know yourself, here and now.

In other words, people who are not wanting to confront their problems, or people who are after a past life therapy method to show they were a king/queen in a past life, should definitely look elsewhere. The IST are no-nonsense techniques aimed at seeing reality 'just as it is', away from dreams and conditioning.

Beyond emotional work, the Inner Space Interactive Sourcing technique provides a framework for a systematic exploration of states of consciousness beyond the scope of the ordinary mind. Since 1987, this technique has been used intensively at the Clairvision School for a large-scale mapping of states of consciousness, resulting in a model that is one of the foundations of the Clairvision teachings.

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