Awakening the Third Eye


Awakening the Third Eye

Written by Samuel Sagan, M.D., this book describes a systematic process to open the third eye and presents the first principles of the Clairvision style of work.

Note: Important update about the use of neti which is taught in the Awakening the Third Eye Book.
Please read this to learn more about taking precautions when doing the neti technique.

What is the Third Eye?

The third eye is the gate that opens to the space of consciousness and inner worlds. It is also the main organ through which the body of energy can be awakened and governed. In practice, the third eye acts as a 'switch' which activates higher states of consciousness and experiences of spiritual vision.

The development of spiritual vision requires the patient building of some new 'organs' of energy, of which the third eye is a master key. These new structures are not physical, nevertheless they are very real and tangible. Once fully developed, the perceptions coming through them appear clear, sharper and far more substantial than those coming from the physical senses.

The sections which follow are excerpts from the book:

Section 3.6 The Tunnel of the Third Eye

"A useful hint that can be given is not to consider the eye as a patch or a fifty cent coin on the forehead. In reality, the third eye is more like a pipe or a tunnel, going from the area in the middle of the eyebrows to the occipital bone at the back of the head."

Figure 3.6 The tunnel of the third eye

All along the tunnel are a number of centers of energy, through which one can connect with different worlds and areas of consciousness.This explains why different systems may 'locate' the third eye in different places - each of them chooses a different center along the pipe as a reference point, or even a structure of energy adjacent to the tunnel.

Another important point to keep in mind is that the third eye is not physical. The grossest part of the third eye is a structure of energy belonging to the etheric body, or layer of life force.The etheric body has many connections with the physical body and therefore the third eye, being the 'main switch' of the etheric body, is also closely connected to certain structures of the physical body, for instance the pituitary and the pineal glands.

However, it would be over-simplified to say that the third eye is the pineal gland or the pituitary gland, as stated by certain books. For, as explained before, the tunnel of the third eye isn't physical. It impacts its energy on a number of structures of the physical body, including the frontal sinus, the optic nerves and their chiasma, the nerves of the cribriform plate of the ethmoid bone, the pituitary and the pineal glands, some of the nuclei at the center of the brain, the ventricles of the brain and others. It would be far too simplistic and limited to pick one of these physical structures and label it 'third eye'. For the third eye is not physical: it is an organ of energy. It may have some privileged connections with certain physical structures, but it can't be limited to any of them."

Section 10.8 Controlling headaches

"Close your eyes and become aware about ten to fifteen centimeters above the top of the head. There is a center of energy, a chakra, in this area. It is not the crown chakra, it is the one above it. One of my teachers called it `the center of the hissing snake',because a hissing sound can be heard when one gets in touch with this chakra.

So, tune into the area three to five inches above the head, and spend one minute being aware and listening. Remember, no imagination! It is far better to remain just aware than to make up a sound.

Then, maintain your awareness at the same height, about fifteen centimeters above the top of the head, and at the same time utter a continuous hissing sound: 'sssssssss...' for a minute or two (a physical sound, not just a mental one.) Do not only repeat 'sss', but make a proper hissing, as if you were a big snake.Put all of yourself into the sound, while remaining aware above the head.

Then, remain above the head and repeat the sound silently, inside yourself, for two or three minutes.

At this stage, in many cases, you will be pleasantly surprised to realize that your headache has disappeared.

The more you master this technique, the more you will be able to release undesirable energies upwards, above the head."

19.1 The aura of pregnant women and babies

"The aura of a pregnant woman is one of the easiest to see, for it is particularly luminous and full of gold. This explains why a pregnant woman often arouses a feeling of respect, if not awe. Even though the people around her may not be able to see her aura consciously, they unconsciously register some of the golden energy and are impressed by it.

So whenever you find yourself in the presence of a pregnant woman take the opportunity to practise the triple process of vision.The gold colour in the aura indicates that the pregnant woman is intensely connected to high spiritual beings who support and foster the embryo. Pregnancy is therefore a privileged time for spiritual growth. It is a time to do a lot of meditation and enlightening reading, and to work at developing intuition and perception. Apart from the fact that the baby is extremely sensitive to the mother's thoughts and emotions and influenced by them, a spiritual focus during pregnancy can bring about big inner shifts in the mother.

While discussing the energy of pregnant women, let me mention the great difficulty there seems to be in finding out the baby's sex clairvoyantly. I must say I have seen some great clairvoyants be repeatedly confused on this point. One of the reasons is probably that you tune into the astral body of the baby, and that what you see relates more to the baby's past life than to its present incarnation. So even if you pick up a clear sex determination,it is pretty difficult to know whether it applies to this life or the last one. Moreover, souls who incarnate now-a-days arrive with much more of both polarities, male and female, in their astral body than a few centuries ago, which does not simplify the exercise. If you want some friendly advice, don't stake your reputation as a clairvoyant on a bet like this one. You might very well end up being wrong more than 50 percent of the time!

19.2 The aura of a new-born baby

The aura of a new born baby is intensely luminous. This can be partly related to the fact that, for a while, the baby keeps some of the light of the angels that have assisted in the process of birth. The strong participation of the hierarchy of the angels in all that is related to birth makes a delivery a most fascinating experience of consciousness. It feeds the spirit of all those who are present. I would recommend to all spiritual seekers to seize any opportunity to be present at a birth.

In the process of inner alchemy, when you work at building the body of immortality, one of the major problems is that certain layers have to be made out of very special (non-physical) matter and materials, which cannot be found anywhere in your usual astral and etheric environment. If you had just a little of these substances, you could make them grow the same way as a crystal can grow out of a primary core. But getting this first core is quite a difficult task. This is where you have to seek the cooperation of certain angels. Being far more advanced, the angels' bodies are teeming with these substances. If you can tune into them in a certain way, the new matter falls into you like the Holy Spirit into the apostles at Pentecost. This cannot be improvised, of course. It requires a pure heart and a precise technique. But whatever your level may be, just a few seconds of closeness to the beings of higher hierarchies will prove to be an immense source of inspiration.

Apart from the touch of the angels, during its first ten to fifteen days on Earth the baby is still saturated with effulgent astral impressions coming from the journey it has just completed through intermediary worlds. These can be perceived as extremely vivid images that flow into your consciousness as soon as you tune into the child's aura. You receive clear visions of where the baby comes from: space, worlds between death and rebirth and also possibly its last incarnation. The baby overflows with astral images. All you have to do is tune in and impressions rush into your field of vision.

Babies are utterly psychic. A simple and spectacular way to convince yourself of this fact is to remain very focussed in your third eye while in the company of a baby (less than one year old.) You will be amazed at how responsive the baby seems to be to any message you send through your eye."

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