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Meditation, Portal to Inner Worlds
Meditation, Portal to Inner Worlds is a four-part meditation course designed to take people (including people with no meditation background) into experiences of consciousness.

KT Winds of Change
An online Knowledge Track which is comprised of talks about spirituality in general as well as some aspects of the Clairvision path.

Musical images
Dozens of free mp3 tracks along with the story scenes they illustrate. Bleeding Sun, like Atlantean Secrets was created as music before it was written. Characters have their own themes. A number of scenes have their own sound track.

Throat Friction Sound File
Demonstration of the Throat Friction technique of the Awakening the Third Eye book. (A 136k .wav file)

Text Resources

Atlantean Secrets, Volume 1: Sleeper Awaken!
Atlantean Secrets explores the scope of human consciousness through the magic of story-telling.

A Language to Map Consciousness
Now in its 8th edition, this comprehensive glossary of terms has been created and compiled through the systematic mapping carried out by Samuel Sagan and students exploring states of consciousness and non-physical levels of reality.

Resources in foreign languages
A number of the free resources are available in other languages.

Aphorisms, not all of them related to the Clairvision work, collected by Samuel Sagan.

Entities FAQ
Learn about the Clairvision approach to entities (parasites of the body of energy)

Awakening the Third Eye: List of Skills
Find out what skills you can learn at our Awakening the Third Eye courses.

IST course: Information for Students
Find out what skills you can learn at our Inner Space Techniques courses.

One year weekly trainings
Find out what skills you can learn at our weekly trainings which are run in Berkeley (US), Sydney (Australia), and London (UK).

Clairvision Knowledge Tracks: Descriptions
Find out what more about the topics and practices covered in our Knowledge Tracks.

Clairvision Books: Descriptions
From practical guides to epic legends - find out more about the Clairvision books.

Clairvision Articles

Articles covering a wide range of topics about meditation and the Clairivison School.

  • Meditation is not relaxation

    Meditation often conjures up lukewarm ideas in the mind of the public: deep relaxation and stress relief. If this is what you think, be ready for surprises: Clairvision redefines meditation as a dramatic raising of the voltage of consciousness – awakening.

  • First-hand experience of consciousness

    Awakening the Third Eye - The school's approach is resolutely experiential. It is designed for people who cannot be satisfied just with other people's opinions and beliefs, but wish to gain first-hand experience of levels of consciousness. Hence the emphasis on beginning with third eye work.

  • The meaning of the word Clairvision

    Clairvision does not refer to psychic clairvoyance, but to a state of conscious awakening: 'clarity-vision'. It is a vision of the heart, away from the chatter of the mind.

  • Clairvision Inner Space Techniques

    Before one can become supernormal, one has to become normal. Awakening requires self-cleansing and healing – getting rid of negative emotional imprints and conditioning. Hence the Clairvision Inner Space Techniques, and in particular the IST technique.

  • If your meditation is not working

    If you are practicing any method of meditation but finding that it's not working for you, this page describes the main reason why, at entry level, your experiences may not be taking off.

  • Science, Technology and Consciousness

    Raising the voltage of consciousness refers, among other things, to techniques aimed at fast and fluid thought processes, or 'supermind'. For example, the Clairvision techniques to be used while interacting with computers. The topic of technology and consciousness is explored in depth in the courses of the Clairvision School.

  • Mythology

    Atlantean Secrets - Mythology conveys deep truths and inspirational forces through the magic of storytelling. Hence the web of legends woven into the Clairvision work, closely integrated with music.

  • Samuel Sagan

    A fact sheet about Samuel Sagan, who created the Clairvision School in 1987.

  • Getting started with the Clairvision School

    Clairvision School – how to get started.

  • Neti instructions: Updates to information in the ATE book

    Important article to read if you practice neti.

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