The Clarity Path

KT Flow of Life

The first Knowledge Track of the Clarity Path


Prior requirements: if you are presently taking sessions with an IST practitioner, there are no prior requirements for this Knowledge Track.

Otherwise, it is recommended you take this Knowledge Track after the following modules of the Vision Path: KT Portal 1, KT Valley of Light, KT Fu Xi's Mountain and KT Buzzing Forest 1.

Cost: $125
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Supporting the work with an IST practitioner

The Inner Space Techniques (IST) are used for psychotherapy and healing. A specificity of the IST method is that it lends itself to an approach that isn't just psychological, but one that integrates a philosophical and metaphysical dimension with the psychological exploration. In fact, not just with IST but with psychotherapy in general, it's often when some form of metaphysical opening takes place that the psychotherapy succeeds and real change is achieved.

During IST sessions, some of the most productive times can be those spent explaining the model behind the Inner Space Techniques, and exploring the greater philosophical and metaphysical contexts in which they operate.

These are often "aha!" moments where things fall into place, greater meaning emerges, and a spark is ignited in the client's eyes. Consequently the process unfolds with enhanced depth, leading to shifts of greater magnitude.

The problem is, within the constraints of a session there is never enough time to go deep enough in discussions. The primary purpose of this Knowledge Track is therefore to equip IST clients with all the material they need to get the most out of their sessions.

The experience of IST practitioners has consistently been that the better clients understand the model behind the IST method, the more they get out of the sessions. A greater giving takes place, bringing greater meaning to the practitioner's work.

You'll therefore find in this Knowledge Track a simple, step by step explanation of the principles behind the Inner Space Techniques and the clarity work of the Clairvision School, and also a wealth of practical tips on how to make the most out of IST sessions.

Clarity Path and Vision Path


KT Flow of Life is the first Knowledge Track of the Clarity Path. How does this fit with the knowledge tracks of the Vision Path?

A complete, balanced spiritual work has two sides: construction and deconstruction. Construction has to do with meditating, cultivating subtle bodies and spiritual vision, giving yourself a background by studying spiritual theories, and so forth. In the Knowledge Tracks, these are the topics covered in the Vision Path. The other side, or deconstruction, has to do with achieving clarity: releasing emotional blockages and freeing the mind from its mess. Hence the Clarity Path.

Construction and deconstruction. The two work together. They form two legs to walk on.

Every step towards greater clarity results in greater inner vision and a deepening of meditation experiences.

And the deeper your inner vision and your meditation, the more you are able to dive into depths of consciousness and free blockages, instead of remaining confined in the superficial layers of your mind.

The ultimate result is 'clairvision', a clarity-vision that is not about psychic clairvoyance but is a vision of yourself and of the world resting on superior simplicity and spontaneity.

What's in this Knowledge Track?

Part 1 – Introduction

Part 2 – Talks

  • Talk 1 explores key concepts of the IST work: clarity, charges, samskaras, sourcing.
  • Talk 2, "Contextualizing IST and Principles of the Work", describes Clairvision strategies to achieve an integration of the psychological and metaphysical dimensions in self-transformation work.
  • Talk 3, "The Art of Being the Client in IST" gives a number of tips to get the most out of your sessions with an IST practitioner.
  • Talk 4, "Subtle Bodies and IST" relates the theory of subtle bodies to actual IST sessions and frequently encountered experiences.
  • Talks 5 and 6 go through a number of questions frequently asked by people who are exploring an entity, or 'nonphysical parasite'. A discussion of bare facts and subtle body mechanisms, away from the hype and hysteria often associated with topics such as possession and exorcism.
  • Talk 7 gives a number of tips on how to make the best out of Knowledge Track practicals.

Part 3 – Practicals

In this Knowledge Track the practicals consist of eight guided meditations designed to introduce you to the life flow technique. The life flow, or life flow meditation, is one of the cardinal techniques of the IST method and the Clairvision work.

The recordings are designed to take you step by step into the depths of the life flow technique. No prior meditation background is required.

KT Flow of Life also includes an extra practical on the uplifting technique, designed to support your uplifting work if this technique was taught to you by an IST practitioner, or if you have followed the Knowledge Tracks of the Vision Path.

Part 4 – Night practice

Night practice is a Clairvision technique for relaxation and fast recuperation. Think of it as some kind of enlightened nap.

Note that the night practices in this Knowledge Track are rather short. If this is your first Knowledge Track, it usually works better to start with shortish night practices. If on the other hand you have completed several Knowledge Tracks, you'll find it convenient to have a few short practices as part of your arsenal.

Part 5 – Technical videos

The first video is an instruction program about alternate nostril breathing, a classic technique of hatha yoga with multiple applications both for healing and as a preparation for deep meditation states.

The second video demonstrates how to apply packs, for the last stage in the process of entity clearing.

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