A Language to Map Consciousness

A Language to Map Consciousness

by Samuel Sagan, M.D.

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8th edition
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Part 1 A brief introduction
What is mapping consciouness?
The importance of words
Words that unite and words that divide
Mapping of consciousness in the third millennium
Part 2 Words for mapping consciousness

A brief introduction

In 1990, in the context of the courses conducted at the Clairvision School in Sydney, a group began a systematic exploration of states of consciousness. This involved weekly sessions as well as several full-time mapping and meditation intensives every year, each of them lasting between 2 and 33 days. Starting with about 25 members, the group gradually grew and came to be known as 'the Foundation', because the wealth of observations it produced led to the elaboration of experiential techniques and models of consciousness that set the ground for the courses run by the school.

By 2000, there were about 70 members in the Foundation, and the transcripts of Foundation proceedings totaled millions of words – a massive gathering of information about subtle bodies, states of consciousness, spiritual beings and non-physical levels of reality. But, even more importantly, what had emerged along the years was a method, through which it was possible to take groups of beginners who had never done any work on themselves, and take them step by step to experience the states of consciousness mapped by the Foundation.

This book presents some of the discoveries made by the Clairvision Foundation, as well as a set of principles that can be used by anyone interested in engaging in an exploration of consciousness based on direct experience.

Note that the power of what is presented here lies in the fact that it isn't the product of one individual trying to share his/her vision of the world, as is often the case with books of esotericism, but the result of a collective 'mapping'. No view was adopted until it could be confirmed and objectified through the experience of the whole Foundation, as well as hundreds of students following the courses of the Clairvision School.

This book is divided into two parts:

The first part discusses key principles for mapping consciousness.

The second part introduces a comprehensive palette of terms and concepts that will prove useful to anyone engaged in an experiential exploration of consciousness. Some of these are traditional terms from eastern and western systems of spirituality. Others are original concepts that have emerged through the mapping work of the Clairvision Foundation.

What is mapping consciousness?

Mapping consciousness simply means establishing references in your inner landscape.

Take the analogy of moving to a new city. At first you only know a few locations and routes from one area to another. Then, as you navigate through the city again and again, the general map becomes ingrained and sinks into your system. Besides, you come to appreciate the intrinsic character of various places.

Discernment increases with time. When you know a city by heart, driving through a street you will immediately and effortlessly notice a new shop, or a building that has been renovated. Whereas on your first drive, the streets seemed like one big continuum where you hardly discerned anything.

Similarly, mapping consciousness means establishing references in your field of consciousness, and systematically exploring different avenues: levels which at first may appear like altered states, but which through 'repeated navigation' become utterly familiar. It becomes as if you had always known them, not just because they are now completely mapped, but also because you realize that these states have always been with you, in what used to be the subconscious and unconscious background of your consciousness.

Through mapping, the unconscious becomes conscious.

Mapping consciousness requires a strict methodology – a methodology that is scientific in essence. But unlike present trends of scientific research where the scientist and his object are separate, here the object and the subject are one. You are the scientist. Your bodies – physical and subtle – are the lab.

Here, knowledge is self knowledge, in a harmonious marriage of intuition and critical discernment.

The importance of words for mapping consciousness

A key observation as a preamble for exploring consciousness is that words condition the world you live in.

Let's begin with an anthropological experiment conducted with a tribe of natives in a South American jungle. These people did not have a word for 'square'. There is nothing exceptionally strange about this – after all, the square isn't a dominant shape in nature.

The fascinating observation was: when shown a video of a revolving window frame, these people didn't perceive a rectangular object rotating in space. They only saw lines that moved. Having no concept of square, they didn't identify the shape.

This reflects a general principle: without a term to identify a structure in their subtle bodies or a particular state of consciousness, people tend to miss the corresponding experience. Even when the structure is in their immediate field of perception, they do not discern it.

On the other hand, as frequently observed in the courses of the Clairvision School, from the moment students have a term to refer to the structure, they start identifying it. Many realize that they have actually been feeling this structure for a long time. They 'knew without knowing that they knew'.

Hence the crucial importance of words for mapping consciousness!

As far as mapping consciousness is concerned, one thing must be understood right from the start: describing experiences requires many concepts that are not part of the common repertoire of modern languages. This means there is the need for introducing new terms, to describe things for which there are presently no words in English.

Note that as far as this is concerned, the work on consciousness isn't different from any other technical discipline. All sciences have their own jargon.

It is essential to clearly understand the purpose and the value of this terminology. Words are power. If you don't have words, you can't identify states of consciousness. And if your words are vague, so will your experiences be. Try to describe a city if you only have one word for street, and no such terms as avenue or back-lane. Words – precise, accurate words – give you the power to discern, and discerning is mapping. Discerning is vision.

It is fascinating to see what difference language makes to people who begin the Clairvision work. When they arrive at the school, students often have a shy and uncertain attitude to their own experiences of consciousness. When they describe them, it is as if they weren't too sure whether it all really happened or whether they dreamt it. Experiences don't seem to be completely part of the real world.

Then, gradually, the students adopt the language. In sharing times or when asking questions, they tentatively start using terms such 'cathedra' or 'combinessence'. And one or two years later, when they have become fluent in the language, they speak about their experiences with great confidence. As a result, their world has been extended: it now covers a much wider scope of experience. The intangible has become tangible.

In the jargon of consciousness, every term is an opportunity for new realizations – an opportunity to expand your universe and discover new modalities of being.

But just as there are terms that clarify, so there are terms that can create confusion. Words that cover too wide a range of experiential modalities, for example. Imagine two adjacent little chakras: A and B. If you have only one word to refer to the pair, it won't help you discerning the specific characteristics of each of them.

Words that unite and words that divide

When working on cosmological models, the Clairvision Foundation first used the term 'spheres of nearness' to refer to the intermediary worlds close to the physical plane. This made perfect sense: since these layers are close to us, why not call them spheres of nearness?

There was, however, a problem. In Kabbalah, the term nearness is used to translate Atzilut. This also makes perfect sense: among the 4 worlds of the Kabbalistic model, Atzilut is the closest to the Divine, hence 'nearness'.

So we gave up our spheres of nearness. Why? Because otherwise, anyone familiar with our cosmological model would tend to be confused when reading about Atzilut. And Kabbalists would have to twist their minds when reading Clairvision material – a typical example of a divisive use of terminology.

Conversely, words can be used to create bridges between systems.

In the Clairvision mapping of subtle bodies, for example, extreme care was taken to adopt terms that were also used in major models such as the one of Rudolf Steiner. As a result, if you follow Clairvision courses, you will feel at home when reading Anthroposophical literature on subtle bodies and healing – a vast and rich body of writings. Which means that your spiritual world will have been extended.

Similarly, with cosmology (the description of non-physical levels of reality) as with subtle bodies, whenever possible great care was taken to use terms and models that are compatible with those of the Indian tradition. Again this enlarges your world. Studying one system, you gain familiarity with others instead of gradually being walled up in a tower of your own.

Here it is crucial to stop and reflect on the far-reaching consequences of a situation where spiritual groups would each become locked in a terminology of their own.

If there is one thing that is supposed to unite human beings, not divide them, it is spiritual work.

This is not to say that everyone is supposed to agree with everyone. There are topics on which different systems hold different views, and where it is therefore impossible to use the same words. Still, this leaves scope for establishing wide common ground by ensuring a common terminology for all topics on which there is agreement.

A huge amount of time and effort was invested in this direction at the Clairvision School, and it is hoped that this book will be of help to all seekers with similar aspirations.

Mapping of consciousness in the third millennium

Despite large numbers feeling the need for a spiritual quest, it remains that materialistic reductionism is the dominant creed of our time. By materialistic reductionism, I mean models where it is taken for granted that a human being can be equated with his or her physical body: thought processes are the product of the brain, emotions can be manipulated through medication, psychological features are genetically determined. From this point of view, the triumphs of genetics could engender a wave of extreme materialistic reductionism, where even spiritual aspiration becomes gene-determined – how long before we read in the newspapers that the gene for nirvana has been discovered?

The idea that consciousness may exist independently of the physical body is disputed from all sides, and often ridiculed. It may be tolerated under the label of religious freedom, but virtually all branches of science are evolving in the opposite direction: explaining out soul and Spirit.

Sure, a few physicists have published best-selling books that present physics in spiritual terms (just put God in the title, and the crowds will marvel). But go to a physics symposium, and you won't hear many papers about angels. The fact is, when it comes to making decisions about new trends in the fields of scientific research, industrial and economic development, authorities make their decisions according to hard scientific evidence.

Make no mistake: with the advent of genetic engineering, virtual reality, nanotechnology and artificial intelligence, humanity is on the edge of a momentous metamorphosis. It will happen very fast. And if guided only by materialistic views, it could result in complete disasters. Soon, large-scale genetic manipulations will become as common as vaccinations are nowadays. Who says these manipulations will foster spiritual tendencies?

Simple scenario: a scientist develops a gene-therapy that delivers 100% protection against osteoporosis. Will anyone care to check that this therapy doesn't result in a weakening of the ability to tune into spiritual realms?

At the dawn of the 20th century, Rudolf Steiner predicted that some form of 'vaccination against spirituality' would one day be implemented: a physical 'remedy' that would greatly diminish people's ability to open to non-physical realities. As strange as it may have sounded at the time, this possibility comes a little closer with every new triumph of genetics.

Understand me well. I am not advocating a 'return to nature', or the discarding of technology. What I would like to see is not a slowing down of the pace of scientific discoveries, but a greater integration of science and spirituality – a science that investigates topics related to consciousness and subtle bodies, in particular, instead of ignoring them. Without this dimension, spiritual eradication may not even happen through malice, but simply through unawareness. Since the energetic and spiritual effects of drugs or any form of technology are never tested or documented, anything could happen.

But even without a disaster scenario, if nothing was to counterbalance the formidable wave of materialism that is presently unfolding, we could well end up in a polarized world where genuine forms of spirituality become more and more marginalized – a field for fools and nostalgics.

Hence the vital importance of a science of consciousness emerging.

The problem is, nowadays something is considered scientific if it works on rats and if you can make statistics about it. This attitude can at best capture only the most superficial effects of spiritual experience, never its essence.

If, however, a large scale mapping of consciousness were to emerge, something that wasn't just the work of a few individuals but came from the collaboration of a number of groups operating with compatible principles, then a science of consciousness would be born.

Depending on whether this happens or not, the world is likely to be quite a different place when you come back for your next life.

- A -


The transcendental level of pure Being, or is-ness. Totally unchanging, beyond forms, beyond duality, uncreated and eternally self-existent.

Main points and mechanisms

  • The Absolute is identical to the brahman of Sanskrit texts, and to the ain sof of Kabbalah.
  • The Golden Shield marks the 'boundary' between the duality of the creation and the Absolute.
  • The Absolute is beyond both the manifested and the non-manifested.
  • The Absolute is more or less identical to the cosmological level called Highness in the Clairvision mapping.
  • The Absolute is sometimes referred to as the Impersonal God (as opposed to the Personal God, represented in the Clairvision mapping by the Unborn God and the Solar Logos).

Absolute and relative

The term 'relative' is used for anything that is not the Absolute. However, even though the Absolute is beyond anything relative, including all worlds and levels of duality, nothing relative can be beyond the Absolute. For if there existed anything beyond the Absolute, then the Absolute would no longer be Absolute!

The Absolute, therefore, necessarily encompasses all relative levels.

For an exploration of several paradoxes revolving around this, see book 17 of Atlantean Secrets, The Book of the Paradoxes in Highness.


A structure that gradually crystallizes out of the of body of energy, and behaves as a foreign element.

The shape of accretions can vary from jelly or clouds of smoke to splinters, crusts, slag and even animal or monstrous shapes.

Accretions can be defined as self-generated entities.

Once fully crystallized, accretions can be processed and cleared as entities.

The formation of accretions is part of the mechanisms of the tessellated pavement, by which human beings go from 'grey' to black and white. Accretions correspond to negative qualities which are being worked out so they can be expelled.

Origin of the term

Introduced by Samuel Sagan as part of the mapping of the Clairvision Foundation.


Actions, as opposed to reactions, are not triggered by samskaras but generated from a space of free will. Actions are to reactions what feelings are to emotions. See also response.

Origin of the term

The concept comes from masters of Vedanta.


See channel release.


Mighty fallen angel, dark force whose domain is the material world.

Ahriman's main action on humanity is to promote materialism – thought systems which deny the existence of the Divine and of spiritual realms.

Main points and mechanisms

  • For a master study on the topic, see Rudolf Steiner's short (and very readable) book, Lucifer and Ahriman.
  • For the vision of Ahriman which Szar received through Aphelion at the top of Mount Fulcrum, see Atlantean Secrets, 13.13.
  • Ahriman, king of this world: "He is the Prince of Darkness. His domain is the material world, which is why he is called 'the king of this world'. He knows that if he could isolate the material world from the spiritual kingdoms, then he would rule down here totally unchallenged." (Atlantean Secrets, 13.14) Also see this scene for the fire of Ahriman: "A horrible fire which seems to consume everything... if Ahriman wins, that's all that will be left of this world in the end."

Origin of the term

The term comes from the Zoroastrian religion, where Ahura Mazda, principle of light, and Ahriman, principle of darkness, fight each other on the stage of the world.

This dualistic vision is said to have been a seminal influence on the Book of Revelation and on Apocalyptic literature in general, with scholars pointing to the Babylonian captivity (Jewish people taken in exile to Babylon, 586-538 BC), as a period of contact with Zoroastrian influence.

One also finds reference to Ahriman in Neoplatonism, and in several other streams of western spirituality.

Ain Sof

See Absolute.


The experience of 'I am'.

A level of experience in which being is endowed with a sense of individuality, as opposed to is-ness.

Am-ness is associated with the Ego, in contrast to is-ness which relates to the Self.

Origin of the term

A term often used by Hindu masters.

Ancient Days of the Earth

In the cosmology of Atlantean Secrets, the Ancient Days of the Earth is a term that refers to the epochs that preceded Atlantis.

Main points and mechanisms

  • In the system of the Theosophists and of the Anthroposophists, the age which came before Atlantis is termed Lemuria.
  • The third part of the Creation Myth of the Thunderbolt Bearers (Atlantean Secrets 1.5) deals with the great magicians and the blobs that lived during the Ancient Days of the Earth.
  • See Teyani's vision of her own past life as a great magician of the Ancient Days of the Earth, in Atlantean Secrets 8.2. See also the long discussion she had with Szar on his return from Mount Lohrzen (scene 9.4), in which the topic of elemental forces is dealt with, as well as the concealment of the marvels of the Ancient Days of the Earth in the Underworlds.

Origin of the term

The term was introduced by Samuel Sagan in Atlantean Secrets. The reason for adopting a new term was that, even though the model of the Theosophists and Anthroposophists discerns several periods before Atlantis (the earliest being Polaria, the second Hyperborea, the third Lemuria), these periods were not historical and aren't necessarily clearly delineated. Hence the need for a more general term.

Ancient Moon

In the cosmogony of the Theosophists and of the Anthroposophists, the Ancient Moon is the cosmic cycle (manvantara) which followed the Ancient Sun, and which came before the present Earth.

Main points and mechanisms

  • During the Ancient Moon, human beings underwent the animal stage, endowed with a physical, an etheric, and an astral vehicle. Meanwhile, the present Angels were undergoing the human stage, while the present Archangels were undergoing the Angel stage, and so on.

Origin of the term

Introduced by the Theosophists, and later on taken up by Rudolf Steiner.

Ancient palace

The posterior part of the tunnel of the third eye.

Main points and mechanisms

  • The ancient palace is so called because when consciousness becomes absorbed in it, it triggers extremely ancient states of consciousness related to the distant past of humanity.
  • Note that unlike the occipital eye, the ancient palace is not a patch at the back of the head, but the posterior part of the tunnel (approximately the last third or quarter of the tunnel). Meaning that it is comprised of several centers of energy.

Origin of the term

A term introduced by the Clairvision Foundation.

Ancient Saturn

In the cosmogony of the Theosophists and of the Anthroposophists, the Ancient Saturn is the cosmic cycle (manvantara) which preceded the Ancient Sun and the Ancient Moon. During the Ancient Saturn the life wave of human beings underwent the mineral stage, endowed only with a physical vehicle.

Note that the Ancient Saturn, like the Ancient Sun and the Ancient Moon, are terms referring to cosmic cycles, that is, periods in time, and not to the corresponding astronomical objects: Saturn, Sun, Moon.

Origin of the term

Introduced by the Theosophists, then taken up and developed by the Anthroposophists.

Ancient Sun

In the cosmogony of the Theosophists and of the Anthroposophists, the Ancient Sun is the cosmic cycle (manvantara) which followed the Ancient Saturn, and which came before the Ancient Moon.

Main points and mechanisms

  • During the Ancient Sun, human beings underwent the plant stage, being endowed with a physical and an etheric vehicle.

Origin of the term

Introduced by the Theosophists, then taken up and developed by the Anthroposophists.


A being in whom male and female polarities are fully developed and harmoniously integrated.

Main points and mechanisms

  • Angels are neither male nor female but androgynous.
  • Before the fall, human beings were hermaphrodites. After regeneration, they will be androgynous beings.
  • See Vasouk's discourse on the hermaphroditic stone:
    "Hermaphrodite is when you have the two sides but it's a complete mess," Maryani explained.
    "A blissful chaos which is still in touch with the source, but in which the order of the creation remains to be discovered through a long and difficult evolutionary path," Vasouk commented.
    "And androgyne is when you really get it together," little Maryani said.
    "A superior completion in which opposite polarities have been fully integrated. Through an androgyne creature, the source of all sources can express its infinite creative potential, and all can be accomplished," Vasouk added.
    "Imagine how wise and happy you would be, if Elyani and you were merged in a oneness," Maryani suggested. "Vasouk, don't you think that when they are deeply in love, human beings experience some of the androgyne's exalted qualities and fullness?"
    "Well, well... perhaps to a certain extent," the Naga king answered in a tone of caution.
    "I know, I know," Maryani sighed, "it does not last. Apart from exceptional cases."
    Atlantean Secrets 10.10

Main points and mechanisms

  • "For in the resurrection they neither marry, nor are given in marriage, but are as the angels of God in heaven." Matthew 22:30 (In this verse, 'heaven' equates with the Fields of Peace.)

Origin of the term

A key concept of western spirituality, with multiple roots both in eastern and western mythologies.


Classifications of angels are rare and few. The most widely used is the model of angelic hierarchies first postulated by 5th-century mystic Pseudo-Dionysius and later on adopted – and adapted – by various streams and schools of western spirituality.

Greek Latin English Rudolf Steiner Max Heindel Planetary Sphere
Angeloi Angeli Messengers Spirits of Twilight Angels Moon
Archangeloi Archangeli   Spirits of Fire Archangels Mercury
Archai Principatus Principalities Spirits of Personality/
Spirits of Egoism
Lords of Mind Venus
Exusiai Virtutes Virtues Spirits of Form Lords of Form Sun
Dynameis Potestates Powers Spirits of Movement/Motion Lords of Individuality Mars
Kyriotetes Dominationes Dominions/
Spirits of Wisdom Lords of Wisdom Jupiter
  Throni Thrones Spirits of Will Lords of Flame Saturn
Cherubim Cherubin Cherubim Spirits of the Harmonies Cherubim
Seraphim Seraphin Seraphim Spirits of Love Seraphim


Angelic resonance

The Clairvision School's process to tune into higher spiritual beings.

Main points

When it comes to connecting with angels, spiritual seekers often miss great opportunities. For a start, they often fail to recognize the precious times when a connection could be established. Even if they can establish some contact, it is usually faint, and based on misconceptions. The result is that they derive only an infinitesimal part of what they could receive from the angel.

The Angelic Resonance process teaches how to identify when the presence of an angel is approaching, and a method to resonate with its lofty presence. Particular gestures of the hands (comparable to the mudras of Hindu and Tibetan traditions) are used to reinforce the connection. Resonance takes place through the use of qualities, in particular levity and heart sweetness.

What is the difference between angelic resonance and theurgy? Angelic resonance is the Clairvision system of theurgy.


See flying dragons of the Great Ant.


In the saga of Atlantean Secrets, A Master of Thunder who defected to the dark side. Before becoming the follower of Ahriman, he was Perihelion, the teacher of Orest (Orest being Gervin's teacher).

Aphelion stands for the fact that anyone can be 'tempted' and end up defecting to the dark side. Even the greatest spiritual masters.


Even though the original Greek word means 'revelation', the term apocalypse is commonly used to refer to a final confrontation between forces of light and forces of darkness.

Just as in the Book of Revelation the apocalypse ends with advent of the World to Come, so in the Clairvision mapping 'apocalypse' refers to the final transition of humanity from the physical world to the Fields of Peace – from Homo sapiens to Homo angelicus.

Outside scholarly circles, a great deal of nonsense and hysteria often accompanies apocalyptic theories. So let's be very clear: you will not find in the Clairvision mapping any predictions of imminent disasters, or an invitation to start storing tins of food in your cellar. At the same time, the Book of Revelation remains one of the major texts of western spirituality. Ignoring it because of the nonsense of fanatics isn't satisfying either.
In the Clairvision mapping, the apocalypse is seen within the philosophical context of the tessellated pavement. Human beings of the past were prepersonal. They had little judgment and free will. Their actions were mostly mechanical, rather than the product of conscious decisions. But as the personal stage unfolds, human beings gradually gain free will. Their actions are no longer random, but the result of conscious choices.
Projecting this trend into the future, there comes a stage where every step taken is the result of a conscious choice. Minute after minute, human beings must choose between following their truth or actively denying it. From grey, they become black and/or white – as symbolized by the tessellated pavement. Because of this polarization between light and darkness, conflicts may be possible. But in essence, what is being discussed here is a full revelation ('apocalypse' in Greek) of the Ego.

Main points and mechanisms

  • In a world where human beings have free will and where therefore the future cannot be fixed, there is no way to say for sure that the final transition of humanity to the Fields of Peace will be accompanied by violent confrontations. There are also possible scenarios where the Earth is totally spiritualized, and no one is left behind.
  • At the other end of the spectrum of possible scenarios are all the apocalyptic visions found in biblical literature: "For then there will be great affliction, such as there has never been since the beginning of the world, nor ever will be again." (Matthew 24:21) See also the War of All Against All of Rudolf Steiner's model. Humanity would then have separated into two waves: one living in the Fields of Peace, another totally denying the light of the Ego and therefore left behind in a world dominated by Ahriman – the kingdom of the dregs. (See Atlantean Secrets 14.7 and 19.9.)

Aquarium effect

A form of connection in which you are immersed in the presence. Rather than sitting in your column above, the connection floods the room, sometimes giving you the impression of floating in a 'aquarium of presence'.

Origin of the term

Introduced as part of the mapping of the Clairvision Foundation.

Archetypal worlds

The cosmological levels where archetypes are contained.

Main points and mechanisms

  • Archetypal worlds and noetic levels are one and the same thing.
  • Archetypal worlds are packed spaces.
  • Archetypal worlds = pre-manifested
  • In the cosmological ladder, the archetypal worlds begin after the intermediary worlds. They can therefore roughly be equated with the triangle, or worlds of the gods.
  • Revelation Sky corresponds to the highest archetypal regions.


Archetypes are the perfect prototypes out of which the seeds of things and beings originate.

Main points and mechanisms

  • Archetypes are packed blueprints.
  • The concept of archetype cannot be separated from the sky-earth dialectic. Archetypes are perfect prototypes which exist in the celestial worlds, meaning in the sky-heaven planes. They are not just ideal blueprints, they are endowed with a power of manifestation which fecundates the earth (physical creation), resulting in a multiplication of material replicas of the archetype. As stated in an aphorism of Sri Aurobindo, it is because there exists somewhere a perfect archetype of the lotus that lotus flowers grow on earth.
    The manifestation of archetypes illustrates the combined workings of the sky-earth dialectic pair. It is the function of the sky (archetypal worlds) to produce seeds and impregnate the earth, while the function of the earth (standing here for material creation) is to nurture the seeds, making them grow and multiply. Thus it is the nature of the earth to be fertile. The sky brings structure and organizing power, without which the earth would be but a chaos. And without the fertility of the earth, there could be no material creation – the two principles interact dialectically.
  • Authors like Sri Aurobindo or Max Heindel use the word archetype with the same meaning as in the Clairvision mapping. To quote Heindel: "When we speak of the archetypes of all the different forms in the dense [physical] world it must not be thought that these archetypes are merely models in the same sense in which we speak of an object constructed in miniature, or in some material other than that appropriate for its proper and final use. They are not merely likenesses nor models of the forms we see about us, but are creative archetypes: that is, they fashion the forms in the Physical World in their own likeness or likenesses, for often many work together to form one certain species, each archetype giving part of itself to build the required form." (Rosicrucian Cosmo-Conception, Rosicrucian Fellowship, Oceanside, several editions, Part 1, Chapter 1, p.50.)

Origins of the concept

Plato's theory of forms can be regarded as the source for the concept of archetype (even though the term archetype itself wasn't used by Plato).

People familiar with Jung's theories should be aware that Jungian archetypes only have a remote resemblance to archetypes as meant in the Clairvision mapping, Sri Aurobindo, Max Heindel or others following Plato's model. Jungian archetypes are structures within the collective unconscious: "...pre-existent forms that seem to be part of the inherited structure of the psyche" (Jung, Memories, Dreams, Reflections, pp. 392-393)
This is a major departure from the original Greek concept, where archetypes are completely independent of human beings. Even though borrowed from the Greeks (Jung, Psychology and Religion, par. 89), from a Platonic point of view the Jungian archetypes are more the manifestation of some archetypes into the psyche rather the archetypes themselves.


The Archetype

The fully blossomed and enlightened Ego, with all its transformed vehicles.

Main points and mechanisms

  • The Archetype is that part of your body of immortality which is eternal, with no beginning or end. Having had no beginning, it already exists, somewhere in the archetypal worlds.
  • The evolution of human beings is guided by their Archetype, just as the archetype of the perfect lotus fosters the growth of a lotus flower on Earth.
  • Unlike the archetype of the lotus, which is the same for all lotus flowers of a given species, your Archetype is a strictly individual matter. It is the blueprint of your transformed bodies, and not a collective blueprint for the species.
  • By tuning into your Archetype, your work of inner alchemy speeds up exponentially.


The Archive is the Clairvision School's opening onto the Fields of Peace.

According to the legend, it is into the Archive that the Masters of Thunder transferred the knowledge of their time before the cataclysms that marked the end of their civilization. The creation of the Archive is one of the central themes of Atlantean Secrets.

Functions of the Archive

  • Several traditions speak of the World to Come (the Fields of Peace of Clairvision cosmology) as the destination of humanity at large. The Archive is a gateway to the Fields of Peace. Through the Archive, people in the physical world can receive help and connect with the light of the World to Come. From the Archive, the Masters of Thunder and the Archive people pour forces into the Earth, and inspire a great number of human beings.
  • The Archive as connection platform: "To ancient spiritual masters... knowledge had a completely different meaning from the dry and dead significance often attributed to the term nowadays. What the Masters of Thunder established in the Archive wasn't some kind of vast library but a connection platform: living links of consciousness to high spiritual beings and their worlds. The Masters of Thunder knew that the end of Atlantis would mark the end of more or less all mystery schools on Earth. For sure, new mystery schools would be established in the post-Atlantean age. But it would take thousands of years before anything remotely reaching the magnitude of Atlantean temples would reappear: places where seekers could experience direct connections with gods and angels, and receive from them inspiration, spiritual know-how and nourishment." (Choir Manual)

Main points and mechanisms

  • In The Book of the Nephilim Hunters, Ferman the Field Wizard explains to Szar: "Whenever someone speaks or thinks, an imprint is left in the reflecting ethers. But the imprint doesn't last forever. The stuff of the reflecting ethers, even though subtle, isn't refined enough to keep the imprint for more than a certain length of time... This music field [like all the fields to be transferred into the Archive] generates its own reflecting ether, an ether of extremely refined quality. In it, the music field has kept all its memories. At the time of the transfer, this will be made to resonate with the Fields of Peace."
    "And in the Fields of Peace, what will receive the memories?"
    "Particular devices using the Fields of Peace's reflecting ether, which is of phenomenal quality: incredibly subtle, and incorruptible – time has no action on it, it keeps things forever." (Atlantean Secrets 12.26)

Archive people

The people who operate the Archive in the Fields of Peace, helping human beings in several ways: inspiring them to work on themselves and offering guidance, facilitating connections, pouring spiritual forces into them.

The Archive people are human beings who regularly incarnate on Earth, carrying out works aimed at speeding up the evolution of humankind.


An exvolution in which the exvoluted state is mistaken for one's true nature.

A metaphor dear to Vedanta masters is that of spectators so engrossed in a movie that they forget it is but cinema, and believe it to be their real life.


Turning upwards in an attitude of active receptivity.

Main points and mechanisms

  • Fueled by the spontaneity of the Ego, aspiration is a powerful feeling that creates a resonance with high spiritual realms and the beings who dwell in them.
  • Aspiration creates a receptacle for high spiritual beings to give help.
  • Aspiration is the principal driving force of transpersonal transformation.

Astral beings

In its general meaning, the term 'astral being' refers to any being who dwells in the intermediary or astral worlds. However, in the Clairvision work the term is often used in the more specific meaning of astral beings who interfere with the mental consciousness of human beings.

Main points and mechanisms

  • Unlike entities, astral beings are not nested in a person's etheric body. They carry out their interference from the astral space in which they dwell. Consequently the standard clearing process applied to 'normal' entities cannot be applied to them.
  • Luciferic beings are the high end (meaning the most powerful) of astral beings.
  • Corporate beings are another example of astral beings.

Origin of the term

The term 'astral being' is very general and therefore probably used by different groups. The Clairvision Foundation has elaborated very specific processes to explore and become free of the influence of astral beings.

Astral body

The astral body is the subtle body that is the vehicle of emotions and thoughts.

Main mechanisms

  • The astral body is the vehicle of the mind (manas in Sanskrit). In the Clairvision mapping, the terms 'mind' and 'astral body' are used interchangeably.
  • Note that mental consciousness has a specific meaning – not just thoughts, but also emotions.
  • The term astral body, as used in the Clairvision mapping is exactly identical to the astral body of the model of Steiner and the Anthroposophists. (Note that some Theosophists, however, have used the term in a different way.)
  • The astral body of the Clairvision mapping can also be equated with that of Indian masters. Indian masters commonly use the term astral body to refer to the sukshma sharira of Vedantic classification.
  • Just as the sukshma sharira of Vedanta includes two koshas: mano-maya-kosha and vijñana-maya-kosha, so the astral body of the Clairvision mapping can be divided into two regions: mind (manas) and supermind (buddhi/vijñana).

For more:

One of the Clairvision Knowledge Tracks deals specifically with a presentation of subtle bodies: the Fourfold Model.

Astral traveling

Out-of-the-body experience, also called 'astral projection'.

For the sake of clarity, it is essential to discern two types of experiences:

Astral traveling proper, where consciousness leaves the physical body. People see themselves standing by the side of their bed, or floating above it. They can see their physical body from outside.

In other experiences, there is a sense of 'traveling' but there is no clear-cut detachment from the physical body. For experiences of this type, it is preferable to use another term: space traveling.


Astral energy, or astral quality.

Main points and mechanisms

  • Astrality is a convenient and useful concept when it comes to putting the system of subtle bodies into practice. For example, to qualify extremely sharp emotions, one may speak of intense astrality. Or if someone has shining eyes and a tiger-like astral body, you would say their astrality is intense. Conversely, if someone looks absent, and if being addressed by them gives you a feeling of lukewarm lettuce, you would rather say that they lack astrality.
    The concept of astrality is also extremely useful when it comes to qualifying the action of herbs and other remedies. A substance is said to carry astrality when it induces manifestations related to the astral body. Coffee, for instance, creates a certain astral awakening and therefore can be said to carry strong astrality.
  • In the Clairvision techniques of supermind, astrality is termed venom.


The asuras are a class of beings who appeared early in this cosmic cycle, and who became proud and turned to the dark side.

To combat them, a second creation of gods

had to be manifested.

In the creation myth of the thunderbolt bearers:

"The asuras came first, and they were formidable.
Standing on top of the creation, their primordial powers unchallenged,
They shouted loud, amazed at their own glory,
Intoxicated with their own might.
And they became proud and arrogant.
They proclaimed themselves the One God,
Forgetting that their shining lights were but reflections
Of the One Glorious Source to whom they owed their birth.
Thus the asura of life became the asura of death,
The asura of might became the lord of war.
Great angelic lighthouses turned into principles of darkness,
And after them, the blazing light-bearer fell into Lucifer.
And the Ancient of Ancients cursed them,
And shattered their worlds,
And caused a second creation of gods."
(Atlantean Secrets 1.5)

Main points and mechanisms

  • In Sanskrit texts, asuras are referred to as the elder brethren of the gods. To avoid confusion, however, it is preferable to keep the word 'god' for the second creation of gods (who are the present inhabitants of the worlds of the gods) and call the other ones 'asuras'.
  • In Buddhism, the asuras are often called the 'jealous gods'.
  • The confrontations between asuras and gods correspond to the wars in heaven.

Origin of the term

Sanskrit texts.


The epoch which preceded the present age.

Main points

  • Notice that Atlantis refers to a period in time rather than a particular geographical location.
  • The flood mentioned in the Bible marked the final transition between Atlantis and the present (i.e. post-Atlantean) age.
  • Edgar Cayce and Rudolf Steiner both dated the Atlantean flood some 9000 to 12000 years ago. (The Fourfold Model 18.13)
Did Atlantis really exist? The main point here is a major discrepancy regarding the time scale of human civilization. If you are to believe present-day anthropologists, going back 15 to 30,000 years in time on Earth you wouldn't find much better than cavemen, hardly qualifying as Homo sapiens; whereas clairvoyant investigation reveals the existence of past civilizations with a high degree of sophistication, and that went on for tens of thousands of years.
The same could be said of regression and past life therapy. Putting together thousands of observations, one comes up with a picture that simply doesn't fit the idea that 5,000 years ago there was virtually nothing that qualified as a civilization on Earth.
Take also the theory of reincarnation of Hindu and Buddhist scriptures. Every human being is said to have gone through thousands of reincarnations. Again, if we are to believe present-day anthropologists, then 99% of these reincarnations would have taken place as primitive savages incapable of doing better than painting on the walls of their cave. This would be in complete contradiction with the view of Sanskrit texts who speak of the cycles of ages (satya, treta, dvapara, kali) comparable to the ages of the Greek poet Hesiod (Note that unlike the yugas of the Hindu tradition, the ages of Hesiod are not four, but five: the golden age, the silver age, the age of bronze, the age of heroes and the age of iron). When Sanskrit texts speak of satya-yugas/golden ages they do not mean mace-hunting cavemen, but flourishing civilizations with far greater spiritual development than anything presently known.
From this point of view, whether there really existed an Atlantean continent or not is altogether irrelevant. What Atlantis stands for are those brilliant and highly spiritual civilizations of the past.
Besides, before discarding the existence of Atlantis on 'scientific' grounds one should remember that until the 1920's, modern science hadn't even identified the existence of galaxies. The prediction made here is that just as, in less than a 100 years, the limits of the known universe have expanded to totally unsuspected proportions, so the scientifically accepted life span of human civilization may later be recognized as being infinitely longer than is now presently believed.


Atlantean Secrets

The epic novel in which Samuel Sagan presented many aspects of the Clairvision mapping, especially those relating to high states of consciousness and the cosmological ladder of non-physical worlds.

If storytelling plays such an important role in all traditional spiritual teachings, it is because it is a powerful format to convey not just knowledge but also spaces of consciousness and seeds of inspiration. Thus in Atlantean Secrets, many 'special effects' have been crafted behind the lines, taking the reader through a succession of spaces of consciousness and realizations.

Atlantean Secrets is comprised of 22 books grouped in 4 volumes:

  • 1 – Sleeper Awaken!
  • 2 – Forever Love, White Eagle
  • 3 – The Gods are Wise
  • 4 – The Return of the Flying Dragon
  • Note: Each book is divided into scenes. Thus 'Atlantean Secrets 3.5' refers to Book 3, scene 5. Scene 3.5 is therefore located in Volume 1 (which contains Book 3) – not in Volume 3!

    Atlantean Secrets is also a musical epic. Characters, gods, angels and worlds each have their themes, and a number of scenes are accompanied by musical scores. Many of the tracks can be heard online at www.clairvision.org.



    A point in which consciousness can internalize itself, thereby accessing higher realms.

    The Clairvision use of 'atom' is consistent with its Greek etymology: a-tomos, 'un-cuttable', something that cannot be divided, the finest possible particle. Experientially, an atom is infinitely subtle, without width or height.

    Main mechanisms

    • In the Clairvision work term 'the atom' (without other qualification) usually refers to the atom in the middle of the tunnel of the third eye, in the center of the head.
    • There is also an atom in the heart (that is, in the heart center) and in other centers of energy.
    • The atoms are located at the very center of the body, and are part of the thunderwand.
    • The atoms are fields of involution.

    Origin of the term

    Indian masters of kriya and kundalini-yoga.

    Atom effect (or atom principle)

    The particular internalization of consciousness which takes place in the white line of the thunderwand, or in one of the atoms. A powerful involution of consciousness, it takes you traveling into high spaces and spiritual realms.


    The term attachment isn't part of the Clairvision mapping, but it is worth knowing that many healers use it to describe parasitic entities.


    See Self.


    The visual perception of someone's subtle bodies.

    The term is awfully vague. It doesn't refer to any subtle body in particular, but to a mixed bag of clairvoyant perceptions. Besides, multiple cliches are attached to the word, from bogus illustrations in cheap aura-reading manuals to a plethora of no-less-bogus derivatives of Kirlian photography.

    As such, aura is a quite unusable term for a serious mapping of consciousness. It is preferable to avoid it altogether.

    Auric egg

    See egg.


    In Sanskrit, the word avatara literally means 'descent'. Avatar is the modern pronunciation of the same word.

    In Sanskrit literature, an avatar is the incarnation of a god in a human body – a god's descent into the world of mortals. Thus Krishna and Rama were avatars of Vishnu. In 20th-century India, people such as Mother or Satya Sai Baba have been regarded as avatars: Mother, an avatar of the Universal Mother, Satya Sai Baba an avatar of Shiva.

    Interestingly, the word avatar has found a new career in the jargon of virtual reality, where it stands for a virtual body used to move through a virtual world (such as a virtual-reality representation of a town, for instance). This use of the word is perfectly in keeping with its Sanskrit origin: your avatar is a 'descent' of yourself into the virtual world. And if your avatar is destroyed, who cares? You will use another one next time.

    In this happy linguistic encounter, the IT use of the term is perfectly consistent with the original Sanskrit meaning.


    Awakening, like enlightenment, isn't a word with one single meaning. Depending on the context, it can mean:

    • departing from sleep and ignorance
    • a raising of the level of fire, or a raising of the voltage of consciousness
    • dropping prepersonal features
    • a speeding up of consciousness, and of life in general
    • ...

    Like enlightenment, awakening can come in impersonal and transpersonal modalities. Impersonal awakening revolves around the effortless ability to maintain awareness, as in awareness of the Self. Transpersonal awakening revolves around the blossoming of the Ego, and its Life.

    But unlike enlightenment, awakening can also come in personal flavor, with features such as structure (and therefore superastral abilities), motivation, reliability and sense of responsibility, etc. In Oliver Stone's 1987 movie Wall Street the Gordon Gekko character, played by Michael Douglas, provides good teaching material on this topic – depicting states of awakening of purely personal and superastral nature, without any spiritual component. In this line, awakening is a measure of how far a person has advanced from the prepersonal to the personal stage, but without stepping into transpersonal opening.

    However, the distinction between personal and transpersonal awakening isn't as simple as it could seem at first. In Volume 1 of Atlantean Secrets, when Szar is still a Salmon Robe priest, his degree of prepersonal sleep excludes him from higher teachings. It is only after undergoing personal-stage type awakening through developments such as falling in love and encountering the Nephilim, that Szar becomes capable of receiving teachings on the Power of the Point and transpersonal opening.

    In other words if the human destiny is to move from the prepersonal to the transpersonal via the personal stage, then some degree of personal awakening is necessary for transpersonal enlightenment to even become an option.


    When consciousness knows that it is conscious, then it is awareness.

    Main points

    Permanent awareness through the device is one of the central aspects of the Clairvision work.

    - B -

    Barkhan Seer

    A Master of Thunder with phenomenal powers.

    The name is pronounced 'Barkhan Zair'.

    "Teyani was crying. The head of the man who faced her remained hidden by his gown's hood. He gradually faded from the space of the room, leaving a bubbly golden imprint and a subtle smell. Szar had not seen his face. But from the special golden light which shone in his aura, he had recognized him.
    He was Barkhan Seer the irresistible, prince of Thunderbolt Bearers and patron of the Knights of the Apocalypse." (Atlantean Secrets 18.4)


    A state of pure being.

    A totally pure form of consciousness, in which there is just being. One is, and that is it.

    It can be extremely 'creative', even though not in the ordinary meaning of the term.

    Origin of the term

    Am-ness, is-ness and being-ness are terms often used by Indian masters.

    Belly work

    The part of IST which deals with:

    • releasing suppressed anger
    • getting in touch with your power
    • exploring the embryo and accessing its pool of vital energy


    Before applying abdominal pressure it is essential to ensure that the client is not pregnant, does not have an abdominal cyst, a tumor, or other medical condition incompatible with belly work.


    The condition of human beings in the distant past, before and not long after the fall.

    By extension, someone who lacks will and displays prepersonal features.

    Main points

    • During the Ancient Days of the Earth, most human beings were at the blob stage.
    • The Lemurian blobs lived in a warm and almost liquid environment. Their body was jellyfish-like (Planetary Forces, Alchemy and Healing 34.1).
    • Until the fall, the blobs lived in a state of exalted communion with the Divine (Planetary Forces, Alchemy and Healing 34.2).
    • The blobs were hermaphrodites.
    • For graphic descriptions, see the creation myth of the thunderbolt bearers (Atlantean Secrets 1.5) and Woolly's visions in the Book of the Fields of Peace (Atlantean Secrets 19.1).

    Origin of the term

    A term that came to the mappers of the Clairvision Foundation when describing their past-life experiences.

    Blobbing around/blobbing out

    To behave like a prepersonal blob.

    It is of course not sufficient to stay in bed and do nothing to be genuinely blobbing around. One has to enter a certain mood, a 'state'. Once in the state, however, it is certainly possible to spend entire days blobbing around, hiding behind a facade of activity, or simply lying on the beach or watching TV.

    Origin of the term

    A graphic jargon term of Clairvision mappers.

    Bodies - an overview of the bodies mentioned in the Clairvision work

    Human beings are fourfold, made of:

    As a result of spiritual evolution, the following additional bodies are developed:

    The term 'body of immortality' refers to any or all of the three transformed vehicles mentioned above. As soon as a sufficient fraction of the transformed astral body has been crystallized, there is continuity of consciousness and memories from one life to another. Further enlightenment is brought about by the development of the transformed etheric and physical bodies.

    Other bodies mentioned in the Clairvision mapping

    Bodies mentioned in other traditions

    • In terms of the Clairvision mapping, Christ's body of resurrection was a transformed physical body.

    Body of immortality

    See also Archetype.

    The term 'body of immortality' refers to vehicles of consciousness that do not undergo a shattering after death and in which individual consciousness retains a continuity of existence, purpose, knowledge and memory from one life to another.

    According to the fourfold model of subtle bodies, in a human being the eternal principle is the Ego. The body of immortality is therefore comprised of vehicles which are permeated by the light of the Ego. These are: the transformed astral body, the transformed etheric body, and finally the transformed physical body.

    The building of the body of immortality is one of the central purposes of the Clairvision work.

    Main points and mechanisms

    Origin of the term

    Formed from 'embryo of immortality', a common term of Taoist alchemy.

    Body of vastness

    The body of vastness is not a body but an experience, in which you feel your energy extending up to hundreds of meters away from your physical body – sometimes even more.

    Origin of the term

    Introduced as part of the Clairvision mapping of consciousness. Experienced in particular during bush intensives, where the meditators' energy could spread over miles and miles of empty territory.


    See Absolute.


    • Why is brahman written without a capital letter, since it is the Impersonal God? Apart from the fact that there are no capitals in Sanskrit, the word brahman is neutral, meaning neither feminine nor masculine. This reflects the undifferentiated nature of brahman, beyond all qualifications such as gender attribute. The rule is never to use capital letters in the transliteration of neutral words – hence brahman.
    • The Absolute, brahman must no be confused with Brahma who, among the gods, is the creator and emanator of all beings.


    See fourfold rhythm of the breath, or throat friction.

    Brown Robes

    See Masters of Thunder.


    Etheric vibration accompanied by a buzzing (inner) sound.

    Main points and mechanisms

    • The frontal eye, in particular, triggers buzzing vibration.

    - C -

    Capital letters

    A useful convention developed as part of the Clairvision mapping was to reserve capital initials for the nouns that are synonymous with 'God'.

    For example: the Divine, Cosmic Fire, Universal Mother, She-Dragon of the Deep.

    Capital initials are also used for direct emanations of the Divine (such as the Word, for instance), and principles which are One with and totally connected to the Divine, and therefore not subject to the limitations of manifested existence.


    • Ego, Self and Spirit, being facets of the divine side of the human nature, are written with capital letters.
    • In the cosmology of Atlantean Secrets, the terms 'worlds of the gods' and 'spheres of remoteness' are written in lower case, while the spheres of Highness take a capital H. This is because the spheres of Highness are levels of pure union with God, beyond the duality of manifestation, and totally free from the influence of dark forces.
    • The gods, inhabitants of the worlds of the gods, are written with a lower case g, because they stand below the Golden Shield, that is, below Highness.
    • The light of the astral layers (intermediary worlds) and even that of the world of the gods, is written with lower case l. With a capital L, the term Light refers to the Light of the spheres of Highness, or the Light of great angels dwelling in these spheres.


    • The Point, as in power of the Point is in no way a purely divine principle (many dark forces can infiltrate the Point of people in whom this center is not awakened). However, the convention is to use a capital P so as to avoid confusion with other meanings of the word point.

    So, all that is One with Highness takes capital letters, all that is below Highness doesn't. No doubt purists and connoisseurs will appreciate this cosmological use of spelling. But this use of capitals is in no way just a purist's exercise. It makes provision for absolutely essential distinctions, such as that between God and the gods. Another critical example can be seen in the distinction between life and Life – two fundamentally different principles.


    The connection resulting from the combined energies of a group of people sitting together in silence.

    Main points and mechanisms

    • From the moment you know about cathedras, the door is open for all sorts of discoveries. Each time you go to a concert, you may want to observe how the architecture of the hall interacts with the cathedra. And even if you have nothing to do with the Christian religion, it becomes fascinating to sit through mass in a large church and watch how people's energies gear into the high dome and vaulted ceilings. Then go and attend a ceremony in a Buddhist temple, and you will feel and sense how different the cathedra is. A cathedra isn't just the combined energy of a group, it is the interface between the group's presence and the presence of spiritual beings. The spiritual presence in a Buddhist temple is totally different from that in a Christian church. The concept of cathedra allows you to map this and objectify it in a tangible way. And if you ever run a meditation group, you will be able to put this knowledge into practice. Each time a group of people sit together, a cathedra is created – whether they like it or not. The more you are aware of the cathedra, the better you can monitor it. This means securing a clear space for your meditation group. (Knowledge Track Portal 1, 3.3.2)

    Origin of the word

    Clairvision mapping. From the Greek kathedra, 'chair'.

    Cathedra column

    When a group of people sit in meditative silence, a column above is generated by their combined energies. This column is a resonance of each participant's column above, and of the spiritual beings or upper currents which connect with them.

    The cathedra column acts as an antenna through which angels can make their presence felt to the group.

    Main points and mechanisms

    • The more work participants have done on verticality, superastrality and power of the Point, the stronger the cathedra column generated by their sitting together.
    • In a class or choir meeting, the principal function of the MC is to monitor the cathedra column: uplift its energy, draw the participants' attention to approaching connections, etc.

    Origin of the term

    Clairvision mapping.


    A bowl-shaped etheric structure, the base of which coincides with the pelvic floor.

    Main points and mechanisms

    • The toroid, which acts as a valve, is located at the bottom of the cauldron.
    • The embryo lies (more or less) in the middle of the cauldron like a matzo ball in a bowl of soup.

    Origin of the term

    One of the important subtle body structures mapped by the Clairvision Foundation.

    Caverns of sickness

    The most superficial parts of the underworlds. Unlike the rest of the underworlds, they are not magnificent places teeming with the wonders of the Dragon but infernal spaces in which souls undergo seemingly endless wandering and all kinds of torment, as in the inferno of Dante (Divine Comedy) and of Virgil (Aeneid, Book 6) or the numerous hells of Hindu cosmology.

    Main points and mechanisms

    • "'Oh gods! Is this really part of your creation?' I completely lost my focus and started sobbing like a child. The cavern was full of corpses and mutilated bodies of people and animals, all piled on top of each other. The sight was so horrendous that I vomited." (Atlantean Secrets 5.28, Szar's first descent into the underworlds.)

    Origin of the term

    Introduced by Samuel Sagan, to establish a clear distinction between hell-like layers and the magnificent underworlds which Sanskrit texts describe as being replete with treasures.

    Celestial doughnut

    The Point in its aspect as a toroid-shaped sphincter.

    Origin of the term

    Coined in the early 1990's by William McDougall of the Clairvision Foundation.

    Central channel

    See thunderwand.

    Central thread

    The line of energy at the center of the column above that begins at the vertex (the top of the head) and from there ascends vertically.

    In other words, the central thread is the line that begins at the vertex (the top of the head) and from there ascends vertically.

    Main points and mechanisms

    • In the Clairvision techniques of meditation, the central thread is used to establish awareness above the head, connect with the quality of verticality, strengthen the column above, and practice the uplifting technique.
    • The central thread is the continuation above the head of the white line, innermost part of the thunderwand. The borderline between white line and central thread, however, isn't as clear as that between thunderwand and column above. It is therefore perfectly acceptable to regard the central thread as the part of the white line which extends above the head.
    • In Samuel Sagan's novel Bleeding Sun, the Knights' virtual-reality drill called 'white line' is an ascension practice along the central thread.

    Origin of the term

    Clairvision mapping. A perfectly limpid term: everyone can tune into the vertical line above the head.


    In Sanskrit texts, charkas are wheel-like structures that govern subtle bodies and a whole range of functions of consciousness.

    The theory of chakras originated in Tantra, the main traditional reference being a Sanskrit text called the Shat-Chakra-Nirupana.

    In the Tantric system, the five lower chakras are the emergence in the human framework of the mahabhutas, the 'subtle elements' of earth, water, fire, wind, and akasha. Thus:

  • muladhara, 'root-chakra', is fundamentally the emergence of the earth element into the body,
  • svadhisthana is the emergence of the water element into the body,
  • manipura, navel-chakra, is the emergence of the fire element,
  • anahata is the emergence of the wind (vata),
  • vishuddha, throat-chakra, is the emergence of akasha, 'space' (as in 'darkness visible') – In Hindu systems, space (akasha) is considered one of the five 'elements'.

    Main points and mechanisms

    • The correct pronunciation is 'tchakra' not 'shakra'. Shakra in Sankrit is one of the names of Indra, king of worlds of the gods.
    • When mapping consciousness, one of the difficulties with chakras is that the term immediately evokes all kinds of associations gathered from various readings or workshops. This tends to create a significant bias.
      The problem is further complicated by the fact that, starting in the 19th century with the Theosophists, some major departures from the original Tantric models were introduced. The New Age has expanded on this trend, departing further and further away from the original meaning.
    • For these reasons, in the Clairvision mapping the term chakra is used with moderation, and only in the strict meaning given to it in original Sanskrit texts.
    • Another problem arises from the fact that the five mahabhutas do not exactly correspond to the four elements of western alchemy. In particular, the heart chakra is traditionally associated with vata, wind, and manipura the navel chakra with fire. In Anthroposophical medicine, it is the heart that is related to warmth or fire. And akasha fits well as a correspondence of the throat center, which in the Clairvision mapping is equated with the envelope of the larynx.
    • The Clairvision mapping has revealed a variety of structures, some of them etheric envelopes centered around an atom (the atoms being part of the thunderwand), others, geometrical structures such as the toroid which sits at the base of the trunk. A number of these structures directly overlap with the chakras of the Hindu tradition: The tunnel of the third eye coincides with the ajña-cakra of Tantric texts. The atom and the envelope of the heart have a general correspondence with anahata-cakra, the heart chakra. But for the sake of clarity, specific terms are used for each of these structures, rather than the more general term 'chakra'.

    Channel release

    The wave or circulation of energy that follows a movement.
    More generally, the after-effect of an exercise.


    • After rubbing the skin along the path of a meridian, a flow of etheric energy can be felt in the whole meridian – not just the part that was rubbed (Awakening the Third Eye, Chapters 4 and 6).
    • In the Thunderwand Meditation, after bending forwards and coming back to the vertical position, a wave of energy can be felt ascending along the thunderwand channel.

    Main points and mechanisms

    • For the channel release effect to take place, the movement must be followed by a phase of total motionlessness.
    • The wave of energy cannot be forced, it must be 'allowed'. A certain 'yin know-how' can greatly facilitate channel release effects of all kinds.
    • Technically, many of the after-effects that take place after performing a movement of energy, uttering silent sounds, etc., qualify as channel release.

    Origin of the term

    Clairvision techniques.


    Subpersonality. A part of the astral body with its own emotions, soul qualities and desires.

    Main points

    • Common characters include the victim , the tyrant or predator, the professional character and the spiritual character.
    • Characters often come in pairs, with opposite characteristics, motives and emotions. Thus the victim is usually the flip side of a predator character.
    • When a character comes to the forefront, it often brings up a cloak.

    Origin of the term

    Now widely used in the field of transformation work, the concept of subpersonalities gained popularity through the work of George Ivanovitch Gurdjieff (1866?-1949) .


    Charges are the dynamic forces behind emotions and desires.

    The stronger the pull of an emotion or a desire, the stronger the charge.

    Main points and mechanisms

    • Through transformation, the charges turn into will power.
    • Charges, plural, refer to the 'voltage' linked to individual emotions or desires. The charge, singular, refers to the root charge, or mother charge – the powerhouse which feeds all charges.
    • The charge is held in the toroid at the base of the body.
    • The charge is the source of all libido.

    Origin of the term

    One of the key teachings of the Clairvision School.

    Charge process

    Learning to perceive and transform the charges behind emotions and desires.

    Main points and mechanisms

    • The charge process and the samskara process are the two main pathways leading to the resolution of emotional issues.
    • The outcome of the charge process is a transformation of the mother charge.

    Origin of the term

    Clairvision work.

    Charge work

    Another term for charge process.


    A Sanskrit word meaning 'substance of the mind'.
    The chitta is a plastic envelope (specialized part of the etheric body) attached to the brain and involved in the thought processes of ordinary mental consciousness.

    Main points and mechanisms

    • In Patañjali's Yoga Sutras (1.2), the chitta is the 'substance' in which the vrittis (fluctuations) of manas (the mind) take place.
    • In the Clairvision mapping the Sanskrit word chitta is used for that part of the etheric body which is the receptor of the mental activity of the astral body. Mental consciousness is primarily a function of the astral body. But when impacting into the physical brain, astral impulses must transit through the etheric body. They do so through the chitta, which is a specialized part of the etheric body closely related to the brain.
    • Ordinary mental consciousness is chitta chatter.


    In the context of the Clairvision work, the name given to study groups.

    For the purpose of mapping consciousness, Clairvision students are invited to work in small groups following a precise modus operandi: 'choirs'.

    Choir here isn't to be understood as in singing, but as in an angelic choir where beings reinforce each other's connection.


    See cord.

    Christ Consciousness

    The Ego-consciousness of the Solar Logos.

    Christ consciousness is the lighthouse of Ego-ness which enlightens humanity. It is the source from which human Egos can be nourished. Through resonance and combinessence with the source, human Egos realize their potential for Divinity.

    Even though Christ and Christ consciousness refer to the same level of the Divine, Christ Consciousness is a far preferable term when it comes to conveying the concept of lighthouse of Ego-ness. In most people's minds, 'Christ' conveys fixed, charged religious associations and quite a different register of meanings.

    On the relationship between Christ consciousness and the Lord Melchisedek, see Solar Logos.

    Origin of the term

    One of the people who promoted the use of the term Christ Consciousness was Matthew Fox, whose writings provide a useful framework to integrate Christianity into a wider spiritual context, rather than confining it within the dogmatic limits of any particular church.


    The Greek word Christos, 'anointed' (by God), is the translation of the Hebrew, Messiah, 'anointed'.

    In esoteric Christianity, Jesus and Christ are considered two distinct beings:

    • Christ, or Christ consciousness, an emanation of the Solar Logos.
    • Jesus, a human being, a master who incarnated the presence of Christ from age 30 to age 33.


    A term coined by H. P. Blavatsky to refer to church establishment and its doctrines as opposed to the original essence of Christianity.


    Direct perception of reality, which bypasses the senses and cognizes the essence of things.

    In its full form, clairvision refers to a state of effortless, heightened awareness and spontaneous discernment in which there is experience of your true nature – your immortal essence.

    Clairvision versus clairvoyance

    In the Clairvision mapping the terms vision and clairvision are used interchangeably, as opposed to clairvoyance:

    "The two concepts are worlds apart. Clairvoyance refers to psychic abilities. Trance-medium psychics often operate by making their energy porous and soaking in etheric and astral influences. This can easily make them vulnerable to murky energies.
    Clairvision operates in a completely different way. It doesn't rest on making yourself permeable but, on the contrary, making your energy dense and solid – diamond like. Clairvision isn't about passively receiving impressions. It is an active process, as in a beam of light-consciousness with which you illumine objects.
    And clairvision isn't about seeing auras and astral beings, but seeing reality. It is a vision of the Self, a global vision. As part of it, you will end up seeing auras. But if anything, seeing auras is a way of engaging vision, not a finality. Clairvision is about understanding the world by perceiving the forces which uphold it. In Clairvision there is an aspect of 'peeling' reality: going beyond facades and appearances until you reach the essence. Finding causes behind the apparent diversity of the creation.
    A key aspect of vision, as in clairvision, is that it is not just a visual experience. This is another major difference with clairvoyance. Clairvoyance gives you visuals, but not necessarily an understanding of what the visuals are about. You just see things, and then you have to make sense of them. Whereas Clairvision is a knowing – a knowing of the essence of things. The Greeks would have called it noetic vision. It is a communion with the essence of things, in which you cognize their properties and their modus operandi. You literally know them inside out.
    Note that in clairvision the visuals are secondary, the knowing is what matters. As part of a clairvision experience, there may or may not be visuals, just as there may or may not be perceptions of inner sound and other non-physical qualities. Much more important is the fact that your consciousness is raised to a higher frequency of being. Vision, in its higher meaning, is an ontological amplifier, something that allows you to be more. And in this exalted level of being, there is knowing – a knowing which is embedded in being.
    Clairvision students often first experience this during eye contact practices, sitting in pairs, tuning into each other. Perceptions of halos and auras often take place, but these are only part of the experience. More important is the quality of presence, the depth of consciousness generated by the practice. In this depth of consciousness you are naturally more in touch with yourself – a first step towards being more. You enter an enlarged part of yourself. In this greater 'you', there is knowing: knowing of yourself, and also a profound knowing of the other person... a level where to be, to see and to know are one "
    Knowledge Track Portal 1, 3.2.7
    Note that Clairvision is a registered trademark of Clairvision® School Foundation. Its use in printed material is therefore restricted and protected by international law. Vision, however, can be used instead to convey the same meaning of superior function of consciousness as opposed to psychic clairvoyance. In the Clairvision mapping, 'vision' and 'Clairvision' are considered synonymous.


    Clairvision Corpus

    The 'Clairvision Corpus' (CC) is the body of knowledge which is the background of the Clairvision School. The Clairvision Corpus contains both experiential and theoretical knowledge in the fields of consciousness and the mysteries of human nature, with a special focus on transformation and inner alchemy – the building of the body of immortality.

    Origin of the term

    Clairvision Corpus started as a pun on Corpus Hermeticum, and from there gained momentum.

    Clarity Path

    One of the two main groups of Knowledge Tracks.

    Clarity Path and Vision Path
    "An in-depth spiritual work has two facets: construction and deconstruction. This doesn't apply only to the Clairvision work but to all traditional paths: Hinduism, Zen, Buddhism, Taoism, any -ism you can find. For enlightenment to be possible, there has to be a work of construction: developing states of consciousness through meditation, gaining understanding, cultivating subtle perceptions, chakras, and so on. But there also has to be an aspect of deconstruction: an undoing of ignorance. Freeing the mind from negative emotional imprints. Letting go of false conceptions, preconceived ideas and beliefs. Reclaiming clarity by letting go of the twisted constructions of the mind. Some would say, before your cup can receive Spirit, capital S, it must be emptied and cleaned.
    In the Clairvision Knowledge Tracks, this dual nature of spiritual work is embodied in the two principal paths. There are two main groups of Knowledge Tracks: the Vision Path, and the Clarity Path. In the Vision Path you will find the esoteric knowledge, the meditation techniques, the work on the third eye and other chakras, the building of subtle bodies, and so on. In the Clarity Path you will be invited to examine yourself in all possible ways, discovering your real motives and the hidden agendas of your mind, uncovering and releasing emotional charges, conquering fears – in short, knowing yourself and letting go of the garbage.
    After the first three Knowledge Tracks of the Vision Path, you will be invited to follow the first Knowledge Track of the Clarity Path. After this, you are expected to carry out in parallel the two sides of the work, alternating modules of each path. They go together. Without total inner clarity, there is no real hope of becoming a seer of reality. Vice versa, without a certain degree of inner vision, you may dabble in emotions but you can never reach the metaphysical depth required for this amazing inner simplicity and silence, this incredible lightness of being which we call clarity.
    Knowledge Track Portal 1, 3.2.8

    See online list of presently available Knowledge Tracks.

    Clear fountain

    A poetic term used in Atlantean Secrets to refer to vertical knowingness.

    Main points and mechanisms

    • See Atlantean Secrets 5.7, where Szar first learns about the clear fountain.
    • Strictly speaking, the clear fountain is the knowingness that comes through verticality. More generally, the verticality quality and the clear fountain are equivalent.

    Main points and mechanisms

    • Explains Gervin in The Book of the Mysteries of Eisraim: "The clear fountain... is an unlimited source of inspiration. It flows, always, and for all men and women, but few are those who know how to tap from its waters. And even among those who know how, few are those who remember to call on the fountain when critical situations arise. The more one listens to the fountain, the easier it becomes to follow its wisdom. But if a man is silly enough to disregard the wisdom of the clear fountain, then he becomes deaf to it. The fountain is still with him, but he hears it not, and so he wanders in darkness..."
      "To hear the clear fountain... you must listen above your head. The flow of the clear fountain comes down vertically, from high above your head. You must listen, but not for words! For in most cases, the clear fountain does not speak in words."
      This last sentence left me perplexed. How could the fountain speak without words?
      "Sometimes," Gervin said, "you may hear words, and sometimes the fountain may speak to you through images. But words can be misleading, and images are not always simple to interpret, so the best way of listening to the fountain is by knowing. You will tune into the vertical flow of the fountain above your head, making yourself open and receptive, and you will know what you have to do or say. But remember that it is only with a pure heart that one can hear the clear fountain. Those who listen to fountains without sincerity always end up understanding all the wrong things." (Atlantean Secrets 5.7)

    Origin of the term

    A classic of the tradition of Thunder, presented by Samuel Sagan in the epic novel Atlantean Secrets.

    Clear mode

    Performing an action with intention and full awareness.

    A mode of consciousness in which every time you perform a particular activity, you fully engage the device, thereby achieving a dynamic form of awareness specifically adapted to the task.

    Main points and mechanisms

    • For example, when starting your car, mentally say the word 'ignition' while turning the key, and engage the particular type of third-eye-centered peripheral awareness which marries so well with driving.
    • To each type of task its clear mode.
    • The purpose of clear modes is awakening. Rather than trying to carry on the same awareness during the day, clear modes invite you to establish super-vigilance adapted to each situation. In other words, moving from greyness to black and white.


    Clairvision techniques.

    Clearer, or entity clearer

    Someone who has been initiated into entity clearing.

    Main points and mechanisms

    • Only qualified clearers should attempt to remove entities (see Entity FAQs)

    Origin of the term

    In self transformation and healing work the term 'clearer' is commonly used, with a variety of meanings. When it comes to clearing entities, however, the term should be used carefully. If people who haven't been properly trained attempt to perform entity clearings, then disasters can result.


    The specific process by which entities are removed.

    Main points and mechanisms

    • Entity clearing can be compared to the 'spirit releasement' of several other systems. When referring to entities, if the term 'spirit' is avoided in the Clairvision mapping, it is because its word gravity: it conveys inappropriate images of a full human spirit (some 'earth-bound' spirit). Whereas in the immense majority of cases, entities are but fragments.
    • Only qualified clearers should attempt to remove entities.
    • Apart from entities, the clearing process can also be applied to certain structures which have crystallized out of the client's energy but are still attached to it. See entity mode and accretions.


    In IST and other interactive Clairvision techniques (working in pairs) participants are usually invited to clearly delineate the roles – one taking the part of 'connector', the other being the 'client'.

    The connector takes responsibility for directing the course of the practice, while the client follows the instructions of the connector.

    Why use the word client?

    The word connector expresses precisely the function of the operator. The word client, on the other hand, has certain connotations which sometimes causes newcomers to the work to wonder if its use is appropriate.

    There is, however, no ideal word for 'the other participant'. Patient is too medical, traveler sounds corny, while 'victim' is definitely out.

    The term client has several advantages:

    • It is neutral; it does not suggest that the person is supposed to do anything in particular.
    • It is widely used in the fields of psychology, personal development, self-transformation, body work, alternative therapies and therapy in general.
    • In computer language, 'client' means any program or process which requires a service from another program or process (called server). This meaning fits reasonably well the way 'client' is used in IST.


    Cloaks are 'etheric attitudes', accompanied by (sometimes subtle) changes in the tone of voice, facial expression and body language, and related to a particular character.

    When the character comes to the forefront, people unconsciously put on the corresponding cloak.

    One of the main effects of cloaks is to invite reactions from others.


    • Argumentative people often put on a cloak which makes other people want to argue with them.
    • It is not rare for people with a victim character to put on a cloak which pushes other people to abuse them.
    • A cloak can cause someone to be repeatedly abused, by unconsciously or subconsciously triggering aggression in others.

    Origin of the term

    Clairvision mapping.

    Column above

    The column of energy which extends infinitely above the head, as in an upwards extension of the crown chakra.

    Ordinary astral consciousness is synonymous with the mind and personality. Superastrality is the more subtle frequencies of higher consciousness, accessed through the centers above the head. Just as the mind is the organ of ordinary astral consciousness, so the column above is the vehicle for superastral levels of consciousness, and their corresponding functions of perception. Verticality, as a key quality of the column above, is a direct way to access these levels.

    The column above is so-called because it acts as an antenna for Spirit.

    Main points and mechanisms

    Origin of the term

    Clairvision mapping.

    Column below

    The column of energy that extends below the body.

    Main points and mechanisms

    • The column below begins in the area of the toroid. From there it extends down infinitely.
    • The column above is continued by the thunderwand or central channel, which is itself continued by the column below.
    • The column below relates to the power of the Dragon and the Underworlds, as presented in the sixth book of Atlantean Secrets, The Book of the Great Dragon of the Deep.
    • Another name for the column below could be: the Dragon column.

    Origin of the term

    Clairvision mapping.


    A oneness of essence. A coalescence of beings.

    A state of unity, shared by two or more beings – usually angels.

    Main points and mechanisms

    • Through combinessence, angels appear to be one where in reality they are many. Hence the saying of Master Eckhardt: "Angels are not as distinct as cows."
    • Angels express their friendship and their love to each other through combinessence.
    • The Ego is the part of yourself that can combiness with angels.
    • Combinessence is a resonance on the Ego level, as opposed to resonance with superastral levels.

    Origin of the term

    Combinessence is one of the most useful and indispensable words that have emerged from the Clairvision mapping. It fills a real gap in the vocabulary of consciousness, as no existing English word can by itself accurately represent the concept.


    See upper complex and lower complex (which refer to groupings of subtle bodies, and have nothing to do with psychological complexes).


    A link of consciousness to a non-physical being, or beings, or their world.

    Main points and mechanisms

    • A connection is experienced as a presence.
    • Connections can also take place with your Higher Self, or higher parts of yourself.
    • Besides presence, connections may be first recognized through their qualities.

    Origin of the term

    Frequently used in the Clairvision mapping. If a modern translation for the Sanskrit word yoga was to be sought, connection would probably be preferable to the usual 'union' or 'yoke'.


    In IST and other interactive Clairvision techniques, the facilitator is called 'connector'.

    Main points and mechanisms

    • The term is without any ambiguity: the connector's role is to connect the client to flows of inspiration and presence.
    • A classic mistake is for clients to become bossy and try to take over the steering wheel. In interactive techniques, the roles must be clearly delineated: it is the connector who directs the course of the process.

    Origin of the term

    Clairvision techniques.


    An inappropriate etheric/astral linkage binding two people.

    Main points and mechanisms

    • In the Clairvision work, cords are explored and cleared in a similar way to entities.
    • For information about cords, see Sagan, Samuel, Entities, Parasites of the Body of Energy, Chapter 11.

    Origin of the term

    The term is used in various systems of healing, but not necessarily with exactly the same meaning.

    Corporate beings

    Astral beings that manipulate the functioning of organizations or superorganisms.

    Main points and mechanisms

    • Corporate beings do not affect only business corporations, but just about any organization: schools, universities, unions, governments, co-ops, and so on.
    • The 'corporate culture' of many companies is usually heavily influenced by the corporate beings attached to the organization. Many power games, upheavals or destabilizing waves are the result of the influence of corporate beings on individuals.
    • In an organization, corporate beings impact their influence through upper currents (a particular form of superastrality) which influence the thinking and behavior of the members.
    • In the cosmological ladder the corporate beings are located in the intermediary worlds and the lower part of the triangle.
    • Some people consider that the mental sanity of a corporation is inversely proportional to its size. In terms of our model, this translates as: the larger the corporation, the stronger the upper currents of superastrality, and therefore the stronger the potential influence of corporate beings.

    Origin of the term

    Clairvision mapping on superastrality

    Corporate emotions

    Emotional waves, such as chaotic agitation or fear, which sweep through corporations under the influence of corporate beings.

    Main points and mechanisms

    • The consistency of terminology is thorough: corporate emotions are to corporations what emotions are to individuals.

    Origin of the term

    Clairvision mapping on superastrality

    Cosmic cycle

    See manvantara.

    Cosmic day

    The part of a manvantara that begins with the unfoldment of the creation and ends with a pralaya.

    Cosmic Fire

    Divine consciousness in action – the Divine Will manifesting into the creation.

    Main points and mechanisms

    • The term 'Cosmic Fire' can be regarded as equivalent to the Sanskrit agni.
    • Verticality is a quality closely associated with Cosmic Fire.

    Origin of the term

    Widely used in the texts of western esotericism, and usually with the same meaning.

    Cosmic night

    The part of a manvantara that begins with a pralaya and ends with a Cosmic Dawn, when a new creation emerges.

    Main points and mechanisms

    • During a cosmic night the creation rests, having been dissolved in the non-manifested level. The consciousness of human beings and angels persists in Highness.
    • A cosmic day and a cosmic night together form a manvantara or cosmic cycle.

    Cosmic Waters

    The principle of universal substance.

    Cosmic Fire and Cosmic Waters are the two complementary principles which constitute and run the creation.

    Origin of the term

    Not as widely used as cosmic fire, but nevertheless found here and there in texts of western esotericism.


    Theories and myths of the creation of the universe.

    Main points

    • Cosmogony studies the creation of the universe; cosmology studies the created universe.
    • Following on from the Theosophists, the cosmogony of Rudolf Steiner described a succession of cosmic cycles, or manvantaras: Ancient Saturn, Ancient Sun, Ancient Moon, Earth, Jupiter, Venus, Vulcan.
    • See the creation myth of the thunderbolt bearers in Atlantean Secrets 1.5, a scene which contains a number of direct allusions to creation myths such as those of the Rig-Veda.
    • See the cauldron creation myth retold by the Naga king in Atlantean Secrets 10.5 .

    Cosmological ladder

    A representation of the different spheres or levels of existence in the form of a ladder, similar to the ladder of Jacob.

    Main points and mechanisms

    • "And he [Jacob] dreamed, and behold a ladder set up on the Earth, and the top of it reached to heaven. And behold the angels of God ascending and descending on it." Genesis 28:12
    • See Elyani's explanations in one of the most heart-warming passages of Atlantean Secrets: Scene 9.25, Flying Dragons and the Cosmological Ladder.
    • "Then he [the White Eagle] drew a vertical line which started from the very top's top of the ladder of the worlds, far above the Golden Shield, in those regions where the Lord Melchisedek is One with the Unborn God. The line went down, crossing all the spheres of Highness (which are a great, great many, despite the fact they are all One), then passing through the Golden Shield, reaching the sky of the gods and the countless worlds of the tip of the triangle, then continuing down into the triangle, the intermediary worlds, the kingdom, the Underworlds, the Deep Underworlds and the Sea of Lightning, just where king Vasouk happened to be bathing with several of his best Naga-friends, and the line kept descending, crossing the Golden Shield below and reaching the spheres of Lowness (which, necessarily, are as many as the spheres of Highness, since they are the same) and finally the Mother of the Endless Night, who is the Great Dragon of the Deep, in this infinite bottom where she is One with the Mother of the Light." (Atlantean Secrets 19.8)

    The entire creation cannot be fitted into a diagram

    Even though the image of the ladder is convenient and evocative, it must be kept in mind that the entire creation, with its myriads of worlds and levels of reality, cannot fit into a two-dimensional diagram! The ladder gives a sense of interrelationship of these different levels, it does not pretend to depict them in their spatial reality.

    In particular, a fundamental aspect of the model is that the ladder extends up and down infinitely, and that its infinite top (God the Father) is one with its infinite bottom (God the Mother). It would therefore be more accurate to curve the ladder along a sphere of infinite radius. Yet even this would be nothing more than a diagram.

    The cosmological ladder is a ladder only on paper.


    The study of the different worlds and levels of existence which constitute the creation.

    Atlantean Secrets was written as a cosmological epic, taking the reader through a 'tour' of non-physical worlds from the deepest of the underworlds to the summit of the world of the gods. For a general presentation of the cosmological model used in Atlantean Secrets, see scene 9.25, Flying Dragons and the Cosmological Ladder.



    The totality of all manifested worlds and levels of existence.

    Main points and mechanisms

    • The term 'universe' refers to the physical part of the creation – only one rung of the whole cosmological ladder.
    • A creation lasts from the beginning to the end of a cosmic day.
    • Strictly speaking, the non-manifested (or pre-manifested) isn't part of the creation. Rather, the pre-manifested is the prima materia out of which the creation is made.


    A process of inner alchemy by which a center of energy, a subtle structure or a subtle body is shaped, reinforced and solidified.

    Main mechanisms

    • If the astral body shatters after death, it is because of its lack of crystallization.

    Origin of the term

    Even though alchemical in essence, and therefore probably found in ancient alchemical texts, this term gained momentum under the influence of the teachings of Gurdjieff.


    Easy, love-like energy of a superficial nature, as opposed to true unconditional love.

    Main points and mechanisms

    • Heart without awakening is custard.
    • Custard lacks depth, lacks Ego, lacks fire, lacks connection.
    • People often use custard to manipulate other people's feelings.
    • Verticality gives wings to the heart, turns custard into ardent love.

    Origin of the term

    Clairvision mapping.

    - D -

    Dark forces

    Various non-physical beings whose function is to oppose the Divine plan, and to retard or derail the evolution of human beings.

    Main points and mechanisms

    • A useful categorization (introduced by Rudolf Steiner) discerns two principle types of dark forces interacting with human beings: the luciferic beings and the ahrimanic beings.
    • Explains Gervin in The Book of the Fields of Peace, "After the fall, when human beings and nature at large lost their integrity, meaning their state of union to the Divine, they fell under the influence of several hierarchies of fallen angels. These beings of darkness permeated all levels of the material world, worsening the disconnection from the light, and strengthening the messy side of chaos. Diseases became worse diseases, aging became more painful, death more unavoidable." (Atlantean Secrets 19.2)
    • "Most people are very confused regarding evil... They tend to imagine the devil as some kind of revolting beastly figure with hooves and smoking nostrils. Nonsense! The prince of darkness wants powerful men and women to follow him, not imbeciles. He knows how to make himself attractive to the strong by taking a formidable appearance. And he is so intelligent, so clever... look at who he sent to speak to you – a former Master of Thunder!" (Atlantean Secrets 14.7, a scene with many key elements regarding dark forces)

    Two indispensable readings on the topic of dark forces:

    • Lucifer and Ahriman by Rudolf Steiner. An overall presentation of dark forces. A short and remarkably clear book.
    • The Spear of Destiny by Trevor Ravenscroft. An introduction to occult history through a review of Nazism, together with a popular presentation of several Theosophical and Anthroposophical theories – such as those on Atlantis for example.

    Origin of the term

    God himself! :) George Lucas also helped: the model he offered with Darth Vader provided a simple, easily understood, non-dogmatic, non-religious, non-hysterical way of conceptualizing dark forces.

    Darkness visible

    In the cosmology of Atlantean Secrets, darkness visible is the astral space which is the closest to the physical world. Darkness visible is the first of the intermediary worlds.

    Main points and mechanisms

    • "Visible, because it can easily be seen from the kingdom [the physical world], and darkness, because when one looks into it, the atmosphere suddenly becomes dark." (Atlantean Secrets 5.34)

    Origin of the term

    'Darkness visible' comes from the Masonic tradition. It is also mentioned in Milton, Paradise Lost 1.63, but with a different meaning.

    Dead time

    Empty retention, i.e. the phase of the fourfold rhythm of the breath that comes after the exhalation and before the following inhalation.

    So called because in the analogy that compares the breath cycle to the cycle of reincarnations, it corresponds to the 'great journey' between the end of one life and the beginning of the next life.

    Origin of the term

    Samuel Sagan's writings.


    The undoing of ignorance. Letting go of false conceptions, emotional charges, character dreams and attachments, emotional graspings and samskaras – all the parts of yourself which are character-based and veil the true light of consciousness.

    In the Clairvision work, deconstruction begins with the Clarity Path and continues with IST.

    Main points and mechanisms

    • A spiritual path has two facets:
      • building: developing chakras, building subtle bodies, establishing connections with high spiritual beings, gaining knowledge.
      • deconstruction.
    • Everyone likes the idea of undoing ignorance. Few people have the courage to undergo the deconstruction required to find their Self. But for the purpose of enlightenment, there is no alternative to deconstruction. Before the human vessel can be filled with Spirit, it must be emptied of the filth of the mind.
    • "Deconstruction is to the psyche what losing weight is to the physical body. You could also called it de-complication. Having gone through a process of deconstruction, your life becomes magically simple."
      (Knowledge Track Portal 1, 3.2.9)
    • The story of Milarepa (presented in Samuel Sagan's book, Regression... 10.2) is a typical example of a deconstruction process.
    • Alchemically speaking, deconstruction is similar to turning matter into chaos, the first phase in the making of the philosopher's stone.


    Quite logically, a de-exvolution is an involution.

    The term is used to point out that in its original state, the human consciousness was far more involuted than it is now. The myth of the Fall, for example, can be read as an exvolution into grosser levels of existence. And myths of various traditions suggest that humankind first existed in a state of unity with the Divine, which again implies that the human consciousness has undergone a long course of exvolution, with the present condition as the outcome.

    From this long term perspective, what happens when meditating is in fact more accurately a de-exvolution than involution. This parallels I-Ching hexagram 24, 'The Return', whose symbolism has to do with the Daoist ideal of a return to an uncorrupt – de-exvoluted – state.

    Leaving aside cosmological considerations, the constant and aggressive exvoluting impact of modern life on the human consciousness makes it imperative to use methods of de-exvolution in order to stay mentally balanced.

    In de-exvoluting, there is a return towards more primordial and less fallen states.

    Origin of the term

    Introduced by Samuel Sagan.


    In IST, a resistance mechanism by which the client projects his/her emotions into the connector, so as to avoid feeling them.

    Origin of the term

    Clairvision techniques.


    See Lords of Destiny.


    19th century occultists used the Sanskrit word 'deva' to mean 'nature being', for example small beings attached to flowers or vegetables. In Sanskrit, however, deva has a completely different meaning: the devas are the gods (such as Indra or Ganesha), creators and ruling powers of the creation, comparable to the Greek gods of Olympus.

    This misuse of the term deva probably came from the fact that in the 19th century, few decent translations of Sanskrit texts were available. Most unfortunately, however, the term deva was retained in this absurd meaning and used by a variety of uninformed authors.

    Anyone serious should condemn this abuse, and use deva only with the meaning of 'god'.


    A center of energy or spiritual principle used as a permanent focus of awareness, and main tool of transformation.

    Main points

    • At the beginning of the Clairvision work, the device consists of being aware in the third eye during all your activities.
    • Later on, the device changes, involving other energy centers and qualities. But the heart of the method still rests on establishing permanent awareness in the device.
    • The device is a place for consciousness to rest. Higher levels of consciousness are to be found beyond the ordinary mental consciousness. There are states of vastness, awakening and fire that the OMC is simply not substantial enough to hold. This is one reason why big experiences of consciousness don't last. There is nothing for them to land on.
    • The device gives consciousness a standpoint, a place to rest that will not dissolve with the first thought or emotion. Through cultivation, the device becomes an unshakable stronghold for being to exist.

    Origin of the term

    Clairvision techniques.


    Rather than using the term 'devil', to which heavy religious connotations are attached, the Clairvision mapping uses the term dark force.

    Dimensional, dimensionality

    Background behind the use of these terms

    Human beings experience the physical world as a three-dimensional space – a Euclidian space, in which parallel lines never meet. To go from A to B, one must traverse the whole distance separating A and B.

    During meditation, however, consciousness comes across other levels of reality for which this model of strict dimensionality doesn't apply. Some levels are worlds condensed into a point. Others are 'sort-of dimensional' states, in which there appear to be directions (as in up and down, front and back, left and right), but in which movements occur with much greater fluidity than in the physical world. Your being in A can suddenly turn into your being in B, without having to traverse the distance between the two points. 'Movements' occur by changing state.

    This introduces the concept of dimensionality as one of the principal qualities used to describe levels of reality. The more a level is akin to the three-dimensional Euclidian space (that is, to our immediate experience of the physical world), the more dimensionality it has.

    Vice versa, the more consciousness involutes, the less dimensional the levels it encounters.

    Origin of the term

    One of the most powerful concepts that has come out of the mapping of the Clairvision Foundation.

    The Divine

    'The Divine' means nothing else than God. However, it has the advantage of not bringing up the heavy religious associations which the word 'God' often evokes in people with a Judeo-Christian background: a male bearded God standing high up in the heavens, punishing his creatures.

    The Divine gives God a fresh start in people's mind, especially those who have become disabused with religion.

    From this point of view it is a clean, non-dogmatic word that opens spirituality to people from all walks of life.

    Origin of the term

    Mother (of the Sri Aurobindo ashram in Pondicherry), who disliked churchianity nearly as much as she loved God, much preferred to speak of 'the Divine'.

    Doctrine of emanations

    See emanations.


    On the individual level, the dragon is the power of the lower chakras, which manifests in the potential of life force and desires, passions, belly drive, raw energies including the sexual force, intensity, underground vitality and resources, and ultimately will power.

    Behind and beyond the individual dragon lies the universal Dragon, the unlimited power which is the matrix of the entire creation. In its cosmic dimension, the Dragon is the power of the Cosmic Waters. It is similar to the en to pan, 'One, the whole', which the Gnostics represented as a serpent biting its tail – a symbol later adopted by alchemists as a representation of the prima materia, the one substance out of which the entire creation emerged.

    Main points

    • Your dragon = the power of your lower chakras, the power in your column below.
      The Dragon = the universal Dragon power, of which your dragon is an emanation.
    • In the cosmology of Atlantean Secrets, the Dragon is a female principle. She is the 'Mother of the Endless Night', the Earth-related manifestation of the 'Mother of the Light', or Universal Mother.
    • Note that in the Clairvision mapping, there are no evil connotations attached to Dragon. Christian terminology, however, often uses Dragon with a completely different meaning: Satan (corresponding to Ahriman). See Wars in Heaven.
    • The Dragon of the Clairvision mapping is akin to the Dragon of the ancient Chinese model: an effulgence of life force – a fullness of vitality taken to a cosmic extreme.
    • The Dragon also presents many similarities with the kundalini of Tantric techniques. The kundalini, a coiled serpent, sits at the base of the central channel, and is a latent principle that summarizes the entire wisdom and powers of prakriti, or universal nature.
    • From a broad perspective, just as the Dragon can be equated with the universal nature aspect of prakriti, so it can be equated with the en to pan serpent of Gnostic writings.

    Origins of the term

    A point with key symbolic implications is that the ancients didn't establish clear distinctions between dragon and serpent. In various mythologies, many texts use the two terms interchangeably. Hence the direct line of associations between Dragon, kundalini, en to pan and other cosmic snakes.

    Dragon of the Deep

    See Universal Mother.


    Actively spinning through a tunnel-vortex.

    Main points and mechanisms

    • In order to move forwards, drill clockwise.
    • Drilling along the tunnel of the third eye is a major technique to strengthen its structure.
    • Drilling along circulations of energy has the effect of reinforcing and clarifying them, and of moving unwanted energies away.

    Origin of the term

    Clairvision techniques of third eye work.


    Anything that is not Absolute.

    Main points and mechanisms

    • Duality = the relative.
    • Duality is inseparably linked to change and impermanence.
    • In the cosmological ladder, duality begins at the Golden Shield.
    • There is duality on all levels of the creation. Without duality, no creation would be possible – only the unformed, self-existing is-ness of the Absolute, which is a level of totally undifferentiated unity.
    • In particular, there cannot be matter (whether physical or non-physical) without duality.


    Leakage of venom through the Point.

    See also venom shower.

    Origin of the term

    Clairvision teachings on the power of the Point.

    Dynamic awareness

    Awareness in action.

    Main points and mechanisms

    • A central principle of a spiritual path is to develop constant awareness that is not just the ordinary mental consciousness of the discursive mind.
    • Dynamic awareness allows for a permanent awareness to be cultivated outside of meditation and practices, in every activity and situation of life.
    • Awareness in meditation is cultivated through silence and involution. In dynamic awareness, it is cultivated through resting the consciousness in the device.
    • It means everything becomes part of the spiritual practice.
    • Clear modes are part of dynamic awareness.

    - E -

    Earth line

    Earth lines are lines of telluric energy.

    Earth lines include:

    • Ley lines (the lines of positive telluric energy which run through sacred sites such as Stonehenge, Chartres Cathedral, etc.)
    • The noxious lines of the Hartmann grid (which have been incriminated in cases of cancer).
    • Other grids explored by dowsers include those of the Curry grid, with lines 22 meters apart.

    Main points and mechanisms

    • For a short expose on earth lines and how to dowse them, refer to Sagan, Samuel, Awakening the Third Eye Chapter 12.
    • Energy wells are the positive counterpart of earth lines.


    The Garden of Eden, or Paradise (a word which come from the Greek paradisos and the Hebrew pardos, both meaning, 'garden', 'orchard') was the condition of human beings before the fall. In Eden, Adam-Eve was still a hermaphrodite, made in the image of God, one with the Divine consciousness.

    In the Clairvision mapping, this refers to a state of prepersonal union with the Divine. Eden is equated with the Fields of Peace, paradise lost, which is to be the World to Come – paradise regained.

    Eden and the World to Come are one and the same thing. When human beings experienced the Fields of Peace prepersonally, it was Eden. When they return to it from the standpoint of transpersonal enlightenment, it will be the World to Come.

    See Homo angelicus.

    Edge of Highness

    Cosmological levels adjacent to the Golden Shield, at the very top of the ladder of manifested worlds.

    The tip of the triangle. The pinnacle of Revelation Sky. The source of all sources.

    Levels of absolute clarity which, even though pertaining to duality, are so close to the Absolute (or Highness) that they are free from any veils of illusory appearances.

    Main points and mechanisms

    • On the Edge of Highness, the complete beingness of Highness can be experienced.
    • The Edge of Highness corresponds to the dharmakaya of Buddhist models.

    Origin of the term

    Cosmology of Atlantean Secrets.


    The perception of the grand toroid as an egg shape.

    This loosely corresponds to the auric egg described by various esotericists.


    In human beings, the Ego is the eternal flame, and the principle of individuality.

    Main points

    • When establishing broad references, this is the key-sentence for the Ego: it can know the Divine. The Ego is the part of you which can be one with God.
    • The Ego is to human beings what the Sun is to the solar system. (Planetary Forces, Alchemy and Healing, Chapter 24)
    • "In the Hindu tradition there is nothing that matches the concept of an eternal Ego, in which a certain form of individuality is retained. In the Hindu model there is atman, 'Self', or 'Higher Self'. But whenever a yogi takes a final dive into the atman, the result is a total destruction of individuality, as in the classic image of a salt doll which decided to go and bathe in the ocean... The merging has erased any seed of individuality.
      Whereas in Steiner's vision of the Ego, while there is unity with the Highest Consciousness, a 'me' nonetheless remains. This 'me' is not rigid and it has absolutely nothing to do with samskaras or conditioning. Rather, it is the kind of 'me' that leads Paul to say "Not me, but Christ in me". Still it is a 'me'. Furthermore, this individuality is not just a remnant, like some kind of memory of past times of conditional existence. This exalted 'me' is the very foundation of transpersonal enlightenment." (Sagan, Samuel, Planetary Forces, Alchemy and Healing, 24.1)

    Understanding the differences between Ego, Self and Spirit.

    When beginning their study of the Clairvision Corpus, students are invited to equate the words Ego (=Higher Ego), Self (=Higher Self), and Spirit. Later on, however, a number of processes require discerning between the three principles:

    • The Ego contains a principle of individuality. It is the flame which reincarnates from life to life.
    • The Self is universal (the same for everyone) and transcendental (beyond all forms, and beyond manifestation)
    • The Self is is-ness. While the Ego is am-ness
    • The distinction between Self and Ego parallels that between Impersonal God and Personal God. Impersonal God is the Absolute, the Universal Self, identical to Ain Soph of Kabbalah and brahman of the Indian tradition. Personal God is the original flame out of which the entire creation has emerged (Ishvara in Sanskrit). Personal God is to the creation at large what Ego is to an individual.
    • The Spirit is the manifesting force of the Ego into the creation. On the individual level, the Spirit feeds the astral, etheric and physical bodies with the light of the Ego.
    • In the Christian tradition, God the Father corresponds to the Self, God the Son to the Ego, and the Holy Spirit to Spirit.

    Ein Sof

    See Absolute.


    The name of the Atlantean temple in which the tradition of the Clairvision School originated.


    Elementals are tiny beings that conglomerate to form matter. Classically it is elementals that form the four elements of earth, air, fire and water.

    Main points and mechanisms

    • "When your inner vision opens, tuning into rock, flames, water streams, or flowers and fruits, small animated shapes endowed with a consciousness of their own can be perceived. These are not only extremely tiny, they also like to conceal their presence, so that it is easy to miss them." (Knowledge Track Portal 1, 3.1.5)
    • Traditionally, gnomes are the elementals behind the earth element, undines behind water, sylphs behind air, and salamanders behind fire.
    • "There are many other ones," explains Teyani in The Book of Elyani. "In reality, there are elementals behind everything that can be seen on Earth: the water of lakes and seas, the air you breathe, the fire, the winds, the mists, the soil, the grass, the precious herbs and the trees, and the rocks, the mountains. Of course, the elementals which sustain the waters of a river are very different from those found in the sea, and the elementals which come through the northern winds give a completely different feeling from those which accompany the desert winds from the south. Then, too, there are elemental beings which govern the return of spring, and others in charge of snow and morning frosts. There are elemental beings in your muscles, and in your brain. The heat of your body is linked to particular elementals, and so is the redness of your blood, the strength of your hair, and the vitality of your flesh... Even the air you breathe out carries elementals, and they are not at all the same beings, according to whether you are happy, sad, angry or inspired by the gods." (Atlantean Secrets 9.4)


    The 'doctrine of emanations' is a theory of the creation (cosmogony) which considers that out of the original creative spark a highly subtle world was manifested, then a slightly less subtle one, and so on, producing worlds of greater and greater denseness and materiality.

    Main points and mechanisms

    • The cosmogony of the Clairvision mapping rests on the doctrine of emanations. So do Kabbalah and Hinduism.

    Embryo of will

    Located 2 or 3 centimeters (1 inch) below the navel, the embryo of will is both the powerhouse of desires and the seed of the will.

    In the Clairvision mapping, the embryo of will is sometimes also simply called, 'the embryo'. It is closely associated with the will center.

    Main points and mechanisms

    • The embryo holds all kinds of desires, or wantings, which can be quite destructive in their raw state. When these wantings are owned from the Ego, desires transmute into will power, hence the name 'embryo of will'. But if desires were to take over, then the embryo would become more and more insatiable, with all wantings focused towards the satisfaction of the senses. Instead of an embryo of will, the embryo would become an embryo of evil.
    • The embryo is an excrescence of the mother charge or root charge.
    • The embryo sits in the pelvic envelope like a big chunk of cheese in a potage.

    Origin of the term

    Clairvision mapping.


    The Clairvision mapping emphasizes a very needed distinction between emotions and feelings, attributing a precise meaning to each word.


  • are reactions
  • are grasping
  • are triggered by samskaras
  • pertain to the astral body.
  • Thus unconditional love is not an emotion, but a feeling.

    The essential distinction between emotions and feelings is explored in detail in Sagan, Samuel, Regression, Past-Life Therapy for Here and Now Freedom (Chapters 3 and 4) from which the following tables have been taken:

    • anger, jealousy,
    • passionate love...
    • higher love, compassion,
    • warmth of soul, enthusiasm,
    • aesthetic feelings...
    • are reactional
    • are unconditional
    • can quickly transform into their opposite
    • are stable regardless of feed-back
    • come from the trigger of a samskara
    • arise independently of samskaras
    • generate more samskaras
    • do not create samskaras
    • are based on grasping
    • are based on letting go
    • overshadow the Higher Self and reinforce the tie with the astral body
    • resonate with the Higher Self and reinforce the link with it
    • favor and are favored by lack of awareness
    • enhance and are enhanced by awareness
    • de-center
    • have a centrifugal direction (away from the Self)
    • re-center
    • have a centripetal direction (toward the Self)
    • cut you off from your environment
    • establish a unity with the object
    • cause a distorted perception of reality due to samskaric interference
    • objectivity rediscovered in the deepest subjectivity
    • make you live in 'your' world
    • allow you to live in 'the' world

    Emotions and feelings, parallels with other systems


    Clairvision mappingastral body
    personal stage
    transformed astral body
    transpersonal stage
    envelope made of manas
    envelope made of buddhi
    Greekdianoia, the discursive mind nous, Greek equivalent of budhhi
    Scholastic Latinratiointellectus
    Kabbalahnefesh and ruahneshamah
    Rudolf Steinerastral bodySpirit-Self


    Emotional body

    A sloppy term that isn't part of the Clairvision mapping and that must be avoided at all cost.

    See mental body.

    Empty retention

    See dead time.


    An emotion or part of yourself which is buried in the depths and isolated from the rest of your psyche.

    Main points and mechanisms

    • Due to some misguided protection mechanism, the mind


    If the purpose was to establish a philosophy, the term energy should be banned immediately. It is vague. Its meaning can vary considerably from one context to another. But for the purpose of an experiential work, when it comes to describing experiences of consciousness there is often the need for terms whose meaning is loosely defined. Which is why the term energy is frequently used by people who work on themselves.

    Various meanings of the word energy

    • In its wider meaning, the term 'energy' refers to anything which is either physical or non-physical, manifested or non-manifested. In other words, everything in creation.
    • Body of energy: in the Clairvision mapping (and in popular use), 'body of energy' usually refers to the etheric body. Apart from purposely casual contexts, it is not a very good term, because other people use it with a loose meaning which includes all subtle bodies.
    • Centers of energy: chakras, the centers of the etheric body.
    • "The energy in this room is dreadful." A negative presence can be felt, possibly in relation to noxious earth lines.
    • "This person's energy is beautiful." This person radiates a beautiful spiritual presence.
    • The energy: in the Clairvision work, the expression 'the energy' is often used to refer to the antenna of the school, meaning the energy of the tradition behind the Clairvision School: angels, spiritual beings and masters. For example, "Ask the energy for help!"

    Energy and connection

    The term energy is often used to speak of the subjective feeling you get when tuning into a person or a place. In many cases, what determines this feeling is a spiritual presence – a connection. Which is why the distinction between energy and connection isn't always clear. Again, vagueness is both the weakness and the strength of the term energy.

    Energy well

    Energy wells are the positive counterpart of the harmful earth lines.

    If you have read the adventures of Carlos Castaneda, you probably remember how Don Juan made him look for 'his spot' in a room, the place where he could be protected and safe. That is an energy well. Energy wells are spots endowed with healing properties and also with spiritual properties. They are places where it is easier to pray or meditate and to connect with spiritual worlds. When an angel wants to shed light into a room, an energy well is a good place to descend.

    On the level of clairvoyance, an energy well looks like a column of light, or one could say like a geyser of light (although they are not associated with any modification of temperature). Often, the diameter of the column varies between 1.5 to 2 feet – possibly more if you find a big one.

    "Just as the lines may be classified according to their toxicity, so different wells have different sizes, intensities and healing potential. But contrary to the lines and their grid, there does not seem to be any regular pattern of distribution of the wells." (Awakening the Third Eye, 12.5)


    States of union with the Divine.

    Because of its alchemical perspective, the Clairvision mapping establishes a clear distinction between prepersonal, impersonal and transpersonal states of enlightenment.

    Limitations of the concept of enlightenment

    There are a number of shortcomings inherent to the term 'enlightenment':
    • Enlightenment suggests a yes/no approach, as if someone could be either enlightened or not enlightened. This monolithic approach is not conducive to describing the vast range of realizations and achievements that can result from spiritual practice.
    • Interestingly, in Sanskrit (a language with an exceptional wealth of spiritual terms), there is no such word as enlightenment – only liberation (moksha, or mukti). This reflects the fact that the ultimate purpose of traditional forms of yogas is liberation, union with the Absolute, not transformation. Speaking of liberation, it makes a lot of sense to have a yes/no approach: one is either free of the cycle of reincarnations or not.
    • Another problem with the word enlightenment is its daunting associations: it sounds like an unattainable ideal, which is quite disempowering and has a negative effect on many spiritual seekers.

    For these reasons, the Clairvision mapping usually prefers the term transformation and avoids enlightenment, except of course for qualified expressions such as nature enlightenment, impersonal enlightenment or prepersonal enlightenment.

    Without qualifications, the term enlightenment should be used only in casual contexts, as when speaking of a 'highly enlightened master' for example, and not for mapping.


    The original meaning of the Greek word entheos is: God inside, filled with divinity, filled with presence of God (or of a god), at one with God (or with a god).

    Main points and mechanisms

    • The perception of a divine presence, or of the divine flame which is the core of human beings. In this original meaning, enthusiasm is one of the cardinal qualities of the Ego. (Sagan, Samuel, Planetary Forces, Alchemy and Healing, 8.7)
    • For a discussion of all the different meanings of the Greek word see Guthrie, W.K.C., A History of Greek Philosophy, Cambridge University Press, 1971, Volume 1, pp. 231, 372.


    A term used to refer to parasites of the body of energy. More precisely, however:

    The word entity has two meanings

    1 - The commonly-used meaning is that of non-physical parasite, as discussed in Samuel Sagan's book, Entities, Parasites of the Body of Energy.

    2 - In the wider meaning, the term entity is synonymous with 'being' or 'creature', referring to any being, whether physical or subtle, small or huge, benevolent or noxious.

    The word entity parallels the Sanskrit word bhuta, which has the same two meanings.

    Main points and mechanisms

    • To speak of parasitic entities, many healers use the term 'attachment'.
    • Most entities are fragments, issued from the astral body of the dead (Entities, Parasites of the Body of Energy, Chapters 4 and 5).

    Entity mode

    In IST and other Clairvision interactive techniques, taking an energy or a structure 'on the entity mode' means dealing with it as if it were an entity, even if it is not.

    Main points and mechanisms

    • In IST, the entity mode is applied to certain perverse energies or other energies which, even though they are not entities, are best dealt with according to the same procedure as entities.
    • The client explores whether the energy creates cravings, watches it during daily activities, and so on. At the end of the period of observation, the energy may or may not be cleared, depending on circumstances.
    • For the method used to explore an entity, see Samuel Sagan's book, Entities, Parasites of the Body of Energy, Chapter 14.

    Origin of the term

    Clairvision techniques.


    See plastic envelopes.

    Envelope of the heart

    Centered around the atom of the heart, the envelope of the heart is one of the main plastic envelopes.

    Etheric body

    The vehicle of life force.

    The etheric body can be equated with the prana-maya-kosha, 'envelope made of prana' of the Hindu tradition, and with the qi (also known as chi) of the Chinese tradition.

    Main points mechanisms

    • The etheric body is popularly referred to as the 'body of energy', or 'energy body'.
    • The main quality associated with the etheric is vibration.
    • The etheric and physical bodies are tightly bound together until death. This is why, in the Clairvision mapping, the etheric and physical bodies are often considered together under the term lower complex, as opposed to the upper complex, comprised of the astral body and the Ego.
    • The meridians of acupuncture are circulations in the etheric body. So are the nadis of the Indian tradition.
    • The most subtle etheric circulations are sometimes perceived as luminous filaments.

    Origin of the term

    Just as atoms are not particles that can't be broken into anything smaller (contrary to what the Greek a-tomos, 'uncuttable' suggested), so the etheric body has nothing to do with the ether of 19th-century physicians or of ancient philosophies. Clearly, if starting from scratch, we would never choose 'etheric body' to qualify the layer of life force.

    The reason why this term was adopted in the Clairvision mapping is that it is used in a massive amount of Anthroposophical literature – material of great quality. Besides, because so many people read and were inspired by Steiner's writings, the term 'etheric' has found its way into a number of other systems.

    Since one of our main purposes with the Clairvision mapping was to create bridges between systems of spirituality, it wouldn't have made any sense to choose another term.

    Etheric orgasm

    An experience where sexual pleasure is perceived principally in the etheric body, and without grasping.

    physical orgasm etheric orgasm
    grasping free flow
    quickly climaxes can be sustained over longer periods
    followed by a refractory phase and numbness no refractory phase
    depletes kidney energies doesn't deplete, and sometimes even replenishes essential energies

    Main points and mechanisms

    • Etheric orgasm is usually much easier for women than for men.
    • Several techniques of etheric orgasm are taught in the Knowledge Tracks.

    Origin of the term

    Clairvision techniques.

    Etheric sensing

    A form of perception based on sensing energetic characteristics of plants, animals or people through your own etheric body.

    Etheric sensing is a resonance from etheric to etheric. The knowing coming through etheric sensing is therefore primarily related to life force.


    • Sexual attraction is a simple example of etheric sensing.
    • Feeling when someone is thirsty (their throat feels dry). Walking past a pot plant and feeling the plant crying for water – its energy is dry.
    • Sensing circulations of energy inside yourself or in another person.
    • Sensing blocked meridians
    • Sensing perverse energies (blurry feeling in someone's life force).
    • Many gut feelings are associated with etheric sensing.

    In the Vision Path, students begin a systematic training in etheric sensing when arriving at the Buzzing Forest, the fourth Knowledge Track of the Purple Plains.


    Etheric energy, or etheric quality.

    The quality of the etheric, or life force (qi/chi).

    Main points and mechanisms

    • Anything that is alive has an etheric body, and therefore a quality of ethericity.
    • Ethericity can also refer to the subtle substance of life force distinct from an etheric body. For example a plant has an etheric body that gives it life. A garden has ambient ethericity that can be felt apart from the life force of any individual plant.


    In the Clairvision mapping, the use of the term dark forces is usually preferred over that of evil (to which many religious connotations are attached).


    A turning outwards of consciousness, towards grosser levels of existence. The opposite movement of involution.

    Main points and mechanisms

    • Excessive exvolution is one of the central characteristics of the present human condition. Dwelling in a human body, consciousness is constantly drawn outwards through the senses, towards the material world. Consciousness loses touch with its inwards essence, its non-manifested roots. This engrossment in the senses is an exvolution, an extroversion by which consciousness forgets its own nature of infinity and becomes assimilated to physical limitations. Human beings forget they are immortal Spirits, they believe themselves bipeds bound by the constraints of a three-dimensional universe.
    • Consequently, to know itself consciousness must follow a path of involution.
    • Emanation and exvolution: emanation is a creative process, as in the manifestation of a material flower out of its archetype, or the manifestation of a world. Exvolution is just an outward orientation of consciousness.
    • The fall was an exvolution.

    Origin of the term

    Involution and exvolution are part of the fundamental concepts of the Clairvision mapping.


    In the Clairvision texts and teachings, the term 'eye' (singular) refers to the third eye, not to the physical eyes.

    To avoid confusion, when talking about the eyes of the physical body, it is wise to specify 'physical'.

    - F -


    The multiple set of events by which human beings:

    • lost their state of union with the Divine,
    • were separated into males and females (and thus lost their hermaphroditic condition),
    • descended (or rather 'exvoluted') into a level of greater materiality: the physical plane,
    • started experiencing death and reincarnation.

    To follow up:

    • Gervin explains the mechanisms of the fall when showing Archive records in the Book of the Fields of Peace (Atlantean Secrets 19.2 and following scenes).
    • For the Nagas' point of view, see Atlantean Secrets 10.5, where Vasouk narrates the cauldron creation myth.
    • The term for the conclusion of the drama of the fall is 'regeneration'.
    • The Philosophical Region of the Purple Plains, one of the regions of the Vision Path, contains many teachings and myths regarding the various facets of the myth of the fall.

    Origin of the term

    Contrary to what many people believe, the book of Genesis presents only one facet of the myth – one out of many variations found in biblical and Gnostic texts.


    An Ego-related wave such as unconditional love or compassion which, unlike emotions, is not triggered by a samskara.

    Main points and mechanisms

    • The distinction between emotions and feelings is central to the Clairvision mapping of the psychological field.


    A space in which an energy is held.

    There are also several specific meanings:

    • A Clairvision technique in which the hands are held parallel and a Spirit-related energy is awakened between them.
    • The Atlantean fields were the main source of power used by Atlantean people.

    Atlantean Fields – main points and mechanisms

    • Atlantean fields are mentioned throughout Atlantean Secrets. For a general presentation, see Gervin's discourse in scene 9.10, followed by Lehrmon's explanation in scene 9.16. These two scenes, which contain a great deal of esoteric knowledge, explain in detail how and why Atlantis fell.
    • In scene 11.6, Szar learns to operate Point-fields from supermind.
    • Scene 12.26 presents additional details about the functioning of the fields, while Ferman teaches Szar how to create a music field of his own.

    Fields of Peace

    In the cosmology of the Clairvision mapping, the Fields of Peace (or 'World to Come') are the incorrupt level in which humanity will dwell after completing its evolution on Earth.

    Main points and mechanisms

    • The World to Come is a theme that runs through several spiritual traditions: The World to Come is central to Kabbalah and mainstream Judaism. It corresponds to the 'heaven' of Christianity. It can be related to the Fields of Peace of the ancient Egyptians.
    • "The material things of the kingdom are aggregates of elementals – those elementals which are penetrated by chaos, and always end up decaying. The materiality of the Fields of Peace is clean." (that is, devoid of the messy chaos principle). See Gervin's explanations in Atlantean Secrets 9.28.
    • In scene 9.28, notice that as soon as the topic of the Fields of Peace is raised, so is that of dark forces. This is because, "in the World to Come, there will be no chaos, and no dark forces." Dark forces will have lost their grip on human beings. Therefore, the closer human beings come to the transition into the Fields of Peace, the more opposition they will meet from dark forces. The culmination of this opposition will be the wars of the Apocalypse.
    • "Many great sages who are devoting themselves to the evolution of the Earth have taken residence in the Fields of Peace." (Atlantean Secrets 9.28) Thus Mother used to say that Sri Aurobindo, after leaving his body, went to dwell in the 'Subtle Physical', a term which can be equated with our Fields of Peace. Explains Gervin, "From the Fields of Peace, the great sages can 'pull' the Earth, so to speak. They can pour forces into the material world and help human beings reach the consciousness that will lead them to the World to Come. This is why the Fields of Peace are the perfect location for our Archive, and for the team of people who are to take care of it."
    • In scene 14.7, discussing Ahriman, Gervin explains: "The Fields of Peace already exist. And so, you could imagine that one day, humanity will move into them, very much like a family moves into a new home, abandoning their former house. But in reality, this analogy is too simplistic. The Fields of Peace exist on a much more refined level of vibration than the physical world. To become capable of living in the Fields of Peace, human beings must raise their level of vibration, that is, change their nature and refine their vehicles of consciousness. When they do so, the world around them changes, and becomes more like the Fields of Peace... a certain fraction of the physical world and its inhabitants will be raised to the level of the World to Come; and the rest will be abandoned and remain as dregs." See this important scene for more details on the relation between the transition into the Fields of Peace and the wars of the Apocalypse.

    Origin of the term

    The term 'Fields of Peace' comes from Egyptian mythology. In the judgment that takes place after death, the heart of the deceased is weighed against the feather of Truth. If judged righteous, the deceased is then given a place with Osiris in sekhet hetepet, the Fields of Peace.

    Fifth room

    The part of yourself in which the deepest emotions, encapsulations, and core issues are held.

    Main points and mechanisms

    • The analogy is that of a house in which all rooms except one are kept clean. The messiest room, ignored and locked up, becomes more and more filthy.
    • The fifth room is the part of themselves which people are the most reluctant to look at and work on.

    Origin of the term

    Clairvision mapping.


    When tuning into the most refined level of the etheric body, circulations of etheric energy are perceived as luminous filaments.

    Flavor of consciousness

    The particular inner atmosphere or quality of consciousness which accompanies an experience.

    Main points

    • Flavor of consciousness is a powerful concept, because it accurately conveys something which is perfectly tangible and yet cannot easily be expressed through words. Take vanilla ice-cream and chocolate ice-cream, for example. Not easy to put into words how the tastes differ from each other. And yet these two ice-creams are a world apart.
      How would you explain the difference to someone? You wouldn't. You would just give them one ice-cream after the other, and the difference would be as obvious to them as it is to you.
    • The terms 'flavor of consciousness' and 'atmosphere of consciousness' are more or less interchangeable.

    Origin of the term

    Clairvision mapping. The power and usefulness of this concept lies in its simplicity.


    The Clairvision mapping follows various esoteric writers (such as Ignatius Donelly, Edgar Cayce, Rudolf Steiner, Max Heindel and others) in equating the biblical flood with the catastrophes that caused the end of Atlantis.

    Main points and mechanisms

    • Following Plato, Edgar Cayce and Rudolf Steiner both dated the Atlantean flood some 9000 to 12000 years ago.
    • Rather than a punctual event, the flood is to be understood as referring to a whole set of catastrophes that took place over several generations.
    • The flood was brought by the degradation of the fields, the principal source of power used by Atlantean people.

    Origin of the term

    Genesis 6:17. Note that Ignatius Donelly's book Atlantis: The Antediluvian World, first published in 1882, originated much of the western esoteric literature about Atlantis.


    Prepersonal opening.

    A form of merging based on dropping all boundaries, a letting go of the sense of external limits, and an erosion of individuality.

    Main points and mechanisms

    • Flopening, as in flow, or free flow.
    • An example of flopening can be observed when a baby or a toddler falls asleep in your arms and merges its energy into yours.
    • Flopening reaches its paroxysm in prepersonal enlightenment, for instance nature enlightenment, becoming one with the wind, the earth, the elements of nature.
    • Flopening is opposed to transpersonal opening, which rests on the Ego and culminates in states of combinessence.

    Origin of the term

    Clairvision mapping. A graphic term that perfectly conveys the flaccid side of prepersonal softness. The opposite term 'tropening', never took off and was abandoned.

    Flying dragons

    Huge, ancient, galactic intelligences belonging to evolutionary streams other than the human one.

    Main points and mechanisms

    • For a general presentation of the concept, see Atlantean Secrets 9.25, Flying Dragons and the Cosmological Ladder .
    • There are several categories of flying dragons, each living in their own spheres of remoteness. Among the most directly connected to the Clairvision tradition are the flying dragons which live beyond the Abyss of the Deep and the Fault of Eternity (Atlantean Secrets, 1.1) and the Spirit of the Great Ant.
    • Notice that a number of Flying Dragon spheres have names of insects or arthropods (Great Ant, Purple Cicada, Wise Spider, etc.). This suggests a resonance between the insect kingdom and the spheres of remoteness.
    • Flying Dragons aren't to be confused with 'aliens'! Flying Dragons are purely astral intelligences, without physical bodies (and therefore without spacecraft).
    • See Forever Love Legend.

    Origin of the term

    Clairvision mapping.

    Forever Love Legend

    The Archive legend according to which a Flying Dragon from beyond the Abyss of the Deep and the Fault of Eternity came traveling to the spheres of Melchisedek , at least 75,000 years before Gervin's time in Atlantis. Pledging his love and support for the White Eagle, the Flying Dragon planted his seed into the Earth.

    Ever since, the destiny of White Eagles and Flying Dragons have been sealed together, and multiple echoes of the legend have resulted in a string of stories which run in the background of both Atlantean Secrets and Bleeding Sun.

    Fourfold rhythm of the breath

    The breath cycle, comprised of the 4 phases:


    Fragments are issued from the shattering of the astral body of the dead.

    Made of astral substance and sometimes coated with etheric energy, they can act as entities.

    Main points and mechanisms

    • Not all fragments are entities, but by far the most frequent type of entities are fragments.
    • What is called fragment in the Clairvision mapping is more or less identical to the kwei of Chinese culture (Sagan, Samuel, Entities, Parasites of the Body of Energy, 3.3).

    Origin of the term

    Clairvision mapping. The term may well have been used earlier, but we have never come across it in the literature.

    Free flow

    A state totally devoid of any form of grasping.

    Main points and mechanisms

    • Prepersonal blobs lived in a state of permanent free flow.
    • Free flow is one of the pathways to etheric orgasm.

    Origin of the term

    Clairvision mapping.

    Friction breathing

    See throat friction.

    Frontal eye

    The part of the third eye tunnel that coincides with the area between the eyebrows.

    Main points and mechanisms

    • Coming from the back of the head (or occipital eye), the tunnel of the third eye passes through the frontal eye, then continues forwards.
    • In Sanskrit, the frontal eye is called bhruvor madhye, 'middle of the eyebrows'.
    • The frontal eye has a special affinity with buzzing vibration.

    Origin of the term

    Clairvision mapping.

    Full retention

    In the fourfold rhythm of the breath, the phase that comes after inhaling and before exhaling.

    In the natural rhythm of the breath, this phase doesn't even last a second.

    In several traditions one finds meditation practices that include long full retentions, usually accompanied by energetic techniques such as contractions (as in the bandhas of Indian forms of yoga).

    - G -


    A principle of omniscience, Lord Gana is one of the mighty gods who were born in the early stages of this cosmic cycle (as part of the second creation of gods) and who successfully fought the wars against the asuras.

    Main points and mechanisms

    • Lord Gana's helmet of omniscience corresponds to supermental centers of energy on top of and above the crown chakra. "He wore a golden helmet shaped like a circular urn, which shone and illuminated all the directions of space." (Atlantean Secrets 15.8)
      "As I was sitting by Lord Gana's side, the layers of the helmet all started revolving extraordinarily fast, and their energy combined with the centers above my head. The result was nothing short of a revelation – far reaching visions of the multi-dimensional nature of the spheres, as created and set in movement by the gods." (Atlantean Secrets 15.10)
    • Explains Elyani, "In the distant future, when human beings conquer the supermind, the centers of energy above their head will become infinitely more sophisticated than they are now. Then, structures of this kind will be seen on top of everyone's head." (Atlantean Secrets 15.10, unpublished fragment)
    • In The Book of Death Terrible, Gervin explains that the helmet of Lord Gana is one of the universal knowledge banks linked to the Archive. (Atlantean Secrets 18.2)

    Gate of the waters

    In Atlantean Secrets, 'gate of the Waters' is the name given to the toroid, the structure of energy located below the root of the body, and the interface with Cosmic Waters.


    The gateways are the centers of energy of the etheric body.

    The gateways are analogous to acupuncture points and to the marmans of the Hindu tradition. Chakras also belong to the category of gateways.

    Main points and mechanisms

    • The gateways are bridges of communications between the different bodies. Thus, through the gateways, the different subtle bodies influence the physical body. Vice versa, by acting on the gateways the functioning of subtle bodies can be influenced.
    • In IST, the venom gateways are used for advanced practices.

    Origin of the term

    In the Clairvision mapping, the need arose for a generic term that encompassed all energy centers including chakras and acupuncture points, but without the connotations (or 'word gravity') attached to these terms. When speaking of 'acupuncture points' one immediately creates certain associations related to the Chinese system. Same with chakras and the Hindu system. 'Gateway' was chosen because it conveys the internalization of consciousness that takes place when focusing on one such energy center.


    The Master of Thunder who was Szar's teacher in the temple of Eisraim.

    The name Gervin is pronounced Djervin.

    Main points and mechanisms

    • Archive Hall One is run by Master Gervin.


    Beings of light and fire who inhabit the spheres located at the top of the creation, and live for as long as a cosmic cycle lasts.

    Main points and mechanisms

    • The term 'gods' is written with a lower case g, to differentiate these beings from the One God.
    • In the cosmology of Atlantean Secrets, the worlds of the gods are referred to as the triangle, or 'spheres of the triangle'.
    • The worlds of the gods correspond to the svar, or svarga-loka of Sanskrit texts.
    • The gods are creators. They create archetypes which then become manifested in the physical world and other rungs of the cosmological ladder.
    • The gods are identical to the beings presented in Sanskrit or Greek mythological texts. However, it must be kept in mind that myths are symbolic representations of cosmic realities. In particular, the human-like qualities attributed to the gods are not to be taken literally.
    • In the Clairvision style of inner alchemy, the gods act as relay between the practitioner and his/her Archetype. They reveal the Archetype, and facilitate its incarnation.
    • The gods fought long wars against the asuras. "And by wit, Spirit, and indomitable boldness, the gods won. I saw them triumphant, raising their hands towards the unlimited sky, drunk with the victory which gave them complete mastery over all spheres. The creation was theirs, and so was eternity. An endless sunrise opened to them; their glory shone bright and high as Highness. (Atlantean Secrets 15.8) See Wars in Heaven.
    • The Sanskrit word for 'god' is deva.
    • In the Clairvision mapping, the terms 'god' and 'angel' are considered equivalent. Any attempt at separating the two is seen as the result of power struggles between religions rather than the consequence of any spiritual reality.

    Gold of the tradition

    The particular frequency of golden light that runs through the lineage of the Masters of Thunder, accompanies the presence Lord Gana and the Sons of Apollo, and is a leading to the Solar Logos.

    Main points and mechanisms

    • Of course not any golden light can be labeled the gold of the Clairvision tradition.
    • "The gold of the tradition, the combined essence of the Masters of Thunder, Lord Gana, the Sons of Apollo, and the Eagle's Light, and the smile of the Angel of Dawn... right up to the vastness of the Lord Melchisedek, weaver of the Web of Love." (Atlantean Secrets 21.4)

    Golden Shield

    The limit between the highest worlds of the gods and the spheres of Highness, that is, between worlds which are dissolved at the end of a cosmic cycle (pralaya) and levels which are never destroyed.

    Main points

    • Duality begins at the Golden Shield. The Golden Shield marks the limit between non-duality (Highness) and all other levels of existence, which are levels of duality.

    Origin of the term

    Coined in the epic Atlantean Secrets by Samuel Sagan, by analogy with the hirnmaya-patra of Sanskrit texts.

    Golden Sun

    One of the facets of the Solar Logos.

    Main points and mechanisms

    • So called because in angelic resonance it is perceived as a massive golden sun high up in the column above.
    • The Golden Sun in the combinessence of myriads of angelic presences.

    Golden wedding garment

    A transformed (i.e. Spirit-infused) etheric layer that can be used as a vehicle for astral traveling.

    Main points and mechanisms

    • The concept comes from Max Heindel. In his model, as in Steiner's, the etheric body is constituted of four ethers: two of them gross (chemical and life ethers), the two others refined and spiritual (light and reflecting ethers). The light and reflecting ethers are hardly developed in people's etheric body, they must be cultivated through spiritual practices. Once fully matured, they form the golden wedding garment, a vehicle which can separate from the lower ethers and the physical body (i.e. separate from what is called lower complex in the Clairvision mapping) and travel with the upper complex.
    • In terms of the Clairvision mapping, the golden wedding garment is a particular transformed etheric layer, often perceived as Spirit pulsing, and more or less identical to the transformed (or etherized) blood.
    • For a biblical reference to the wedding garment, see Matthew 22:11-12.

    Grand toroid

    The toroid-shaped framework of channels of energy, which sustains the entire edifice of human subtle bodies.

    Main points and mechanisms

    • The grand toroid is centered on the thunderwand and it encompasses the trunk and the head.
    • The grand toroid is so called to differentiate it from the toroid at the root, which holds the mother charge.

    Origin of the term

    Coined by Dawn Byrnes of the Clairvision Foundation in the early 1990's.


    The closing mechanism which characterizes the emotions and thoughts of the astral body.

    Main points and mechanisms

    • "The use of the word grasping applied to mental processes has come from Tibetan Buddhist masters. In their teachings on how to deal with thoughts, Tibetan masters often emphasize that the nature of the mind is to grasp. Unless neutralized through spiritual awakening, the mind continually grasps, in the form of thoughts or emotions." (Sagan, Samuel, KT Subtle Bodies, The Fourfold Model 12.5)
    • "In Awakening the Third Eye 5.10, we saw that grasping is the key mechanism by which the mind cuts off from non-physical perception. When you engage in eye contact exercises, a normal result is to experience an expansion of your perception which begins with the physical image becoming blurry. Then comes the perception of halos around the head of your partner, or different faces on his or her face. But after some time, the mind retracts abruptly, suddenly pulling you back into the normal visual perception of an image with sharp contours. This sudden retraction is a typical example of grasping. Unable to cope with the expansion of perception which threatens its tight grip upon your consciousness, the mind grasps so as to take you away from the experience." (Sagan, Samuel, KT Subtle Bodies, The Fourfold Model 12.5)
    • "In Regression... 4.1, we analyzed sequences of thoughts and observed how each time one thought follows another, a tiny grasping can be perceived. The very same can be said of emotions (reactional emotions) as opposed to feelings; each time an emotion takes place, some kind of grasping can be perceived in the astral body. Hence the fact that the physiological manifestations which accompany emotions are akin to contraction – muscular contraction, for instance. The grip of the astral creates tension. The more emotions take over, the more stressed you become, and the more you need to learn to relax, letting go of the grasping action of the astral body." (Sagan, Samuel, KT Subtle Bodies, The Fourfold Model 12.5)

    Great Ant

    One of the spheres of remoteness, astrally inhabited by flying dragons.

    Main points and mechanisms

    • "the weird mathematical oneness of the spheres of the Great Ant." (Atlantean Secrets 12.26)
    • "The keynote of the Great Ant's consciousness is its clarity. Flying Dragons travel from the most remote spheres to come and admire it." (Atlantean Secrets 12.27)
    • "With the help of the Spirit of the Great Ant, clarifying fields of extraordinary magnitude can be produced." (Atlantean Secrets 14.5)

    Origin of the term

    Atlantean Secrets.


    Non-physical being whose function is to grant or restrict access to a space of consciousness.

    Main points and mechanisms

    • Guardians can transform meditation experiences in which you sense a vague space quality and not much else. By tuning into the guardian and following the simple and precise technique of requesting access, an immediate clarification often takes place. You start discerning the landscape and the qualities of the space, and receive an intuitive knowing of its modus operandi.

    Origin of the term

    The concept of a 'guardian of the threshold' is classic in western esotericism. The guardians of the Clairvision mapping, however, have none of the dramatic features that some esotericists have associated with the so-called 'guardians of the threshold'. The guardians mentioned here are the non-physical equivalent of public servants. And being granted access isn't some kind of magical operation. If anything it could be compared to the standard procedure through which flight controllers assign a path to a plane.

    - H -


    In the Clairvision mapping, the term 'heart' refers to structures of energy, not to the physical heart. To avoid confusion, when referring to the pump organ on the left side of the body and not to the heart center, better specify 'the physical heart'.

    In the Clairvision mapping of subtle bodies, the principle structures related to the heart are:

    Main points and mechanisms

    • The key point here is the distinction between heart and heart quality.
    • On solar symbolism which is the essence of the heart, see Sagan, Samuel, Planetary Forces Alchemy and Healing 15.1.

    Heart quality versus heart

    A question sometimes asked about the Clairvision work is, why start with the third eye, not with the heart?
    In English, there is a certain amount of confusion associated with the term 'heart'. There is the heart which is the physical organ that pumps blood into your system. There is the heart center or heart chakra, located in the middle of the chest. And then there is heart quality, or 'heart-ness'.
    Heartness and love, however, aren't specific to one particular body part. Love is transcendental in essence, it isn't the exclusive prerogative of any chakra. Love can shine through any energy center. And vice versa, not everything that comes out of the heart center is loving. The heart can also be the seat of violent emotions, jealousy, or hatred!
    Right from the start of your spiritual endeavor, it is therefore essential to not let yourself be fooled by words. Heartness doesn't specifically belong to the heart center in the chest. Confusing the two would be like describing a loving friend as a 'person of chest', or someone with 'such a big chest'.
    So the third eye isn't some kind of 'head organ', as opposed to the heart. It is the gateway to inner worlds. Precisely, it is by crossing this gate that people can get out of their head and engage true heartness and flows of empathy.
    Sagan, Samuel, Meditation, Portal to Inner Worlds, 1.1.5

    As to the negative emotions that can emanate from the heart:

    Do you not yet understand that whatsoever enters the mouth goes into the belly and is discharged in the sewer?
    But those things which come out of the mouth come from the heart, and they defile the man.
    For out of the heart come evil thoughts, murder, adulteries, fornication, thefts, false witness, blasphemies:
    These are the things which defile a man, but to eat with unwashed hands does not defile a man.
    Matthew 15:17-20

    So, of course a spiritual path without heart would be a waste of time. But when saying this what is referred to is heart quality, not any particular bodily location or energy center. Heart quality is to be cultivated on all levels, from the heights of the column above to the depths of the Dragon. And in the heart too.


    Heart quality.


    The heaven of the Revelation of John is the World to Come, corresponding to the Fields of Peace of Clairvision cosmology.

    However, the term heaven isn't very usable for mapping. Because of the multiple religious associations attached to it, the term is far too vague to be of practical use. For instance:
    • "Pray ye: our Father, which art in heaven..." (Matthew 6:9) In the cosmological ladder, this heaven is Highness (and 'Father' corresponds to the Solar Logos – the Lord Melchisedek of Atlantean Secrets.)
    • "The kingdom of heaven is at hand..." (Matthew 3:2) This one is the World to Come, or Fields of Peace.
    • Even in the Revelation, heaven sometimes refers to other levels than the World to Come. "And there was war in heaven: Michael and his angels fought against the dragon; and the dragon fought and his angels" (Revelation 12:7) Here heaven refers to upper echelons of the manifested creation (the triangle, below the Golden Shield).
    • "In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth." (Genesis 1:1) Here heaven refers to all the rungs of the cosmological ladder above the material world (and up to the Golden Shield). 'Earth' corresponds to all the rungs of the cosmological ladder going from the material world down to the Golden Shield below.
    • "I will multiply your seed as the stars of heaven." (Exodus 32:13) Here heaven simply means sky.

    "In English, we are accustomed to using different words for sky and heaven. As far as this is concerned, English is at odds with most other languages. Thus Sanskrit, Hebrew, Greek, Latin, French, Italian, Spanish, German, Dutch and several other languages use the same word for both. This is worth pointing out, because it highlights the intrinsic symbolic associations between sky and heaven." (Sagan, Samuel, Planetary Forces, Alchemy and Healing 2.3) The biblical examples given above show that the ancients didn't differentiate clearly between sky, heaven and spiritual worlds above. The same applies to Hinduism, Buddhism and several other ancient spiritual traditions.


    A being who combines the sexual characteristics of both sexes, and can therefore procreate on its own.

    The condition of human beings before the separation of the sexes, that is, before the fall.

    The main thing to understand here is that the hermaphroditic origin of human beings isn't some kind of weird marginal theory, but a view found in a wide variety of religious and philosophical contexts. Plato's myth of the androgyne (found in the Symposium) is a well-known example. Not so well known is the fact that the book of Genesis suggests there were two stages in the creation of humankind:
    So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him;
    male and female created he them.
    Genesis 1:27
    Meaning that to begin with, Adam was Adam-Eve, the hermaphroditic being in the image of God. Then came the separation of sexes: Adam and Eve. Among other things, this means it wasn't the woman who caused the fall! Before the fall, there was no woman. It is the fall itself that separated men and women.
    This view, accepted by mainstream Jewish Kabbalists, is expressed quite explicitly in a variety of apocrypha, pseudepigrapha, Gnostic texts such as those of the Nag Hammadi library, as well as the Corpus Hermeticum and a massive volume of ancient and medieval alchemical literature. It also forms one of the central themes of the Theosophy of Jacob Boehme, and of the model of Rudolf Steiner.

    Main points and mechanisms

    • For graphic descriptions of hermaphroditic blobs, see Woolly's visions of his best life in The Book of the Fields of Peace (Atlantean Secrets 19.1)
    • Technically, the term hermaphrodite tends to be reserved for human beings before the fall. To describe the human condition after regeneration (the correction of the effects of the fall), the term androgyne is used.

    Hermetic adage

    Found in the Emerald Tablet, a short but seminal text of alchemy, the hermetic adage states:

    As above, so below.

    The adage points to a correspondence between microcosm and macrocosm: a human being is nothing less than a replica of the entire creation. Human subtle bodies are a microcosm, a small but nevertheless complete replica of the entire cosmological ladder.

    Higher Ego

    In the Clairvision mapping the terms Ego and Higher Ego are given the same meaning.

    Speaking of Higher Ego is simply a way of avoiding confusion, making it clear that what is being referred to is the spiritual essence at the core of a human being, not the 'little ego' (little ego referring to the dysfunctional side of the astral body, and not to the Ego, capital E.)

    Higher Self

    In the Clairvision mapping the term Higher Self is used as synonymously with Self (Sanskrit atman), the transcendental level that is one with the Absolute.

    Note that in popular language, however, 'higher self' is used with a much vaguer meaning: the higher aspects of someone's personality, or inspired consciousness in touch with spiritual realms. That 'higher self', in the Clairvision mapping, would be a mixed bag including the superastral body, the Ego and the Self, or aspects thereof.

    Because of its imprecision, this use of 'higher self' (without capital letters) is best avoided. It is much cleaner to reserve Self for atman.


    The eternal level of existence which is one with the Absolute, and is therefore never destroyed.

    Main points and mechanisms

    • Highness = Absolute = transcendental level
    • At the end of a cosmic day, when a pralaya takes place, the worlds of the gods, the intermediary worlds, the material world and the underworlds are destroyed, but the spheres of Highness are not.
    • The Golden Shield separates the spheres of Highness from transient worlds.

    Holding the energy

    When tuning into a connection, some people experience nothing more than a flimsy link that is soon dispelled or fades on and off.
    Others establish a firm line. Their stillness looks solid. Through their denseness of being, the presence can land into the room. This is what is meant by holding the energy.

    Main points and mechanisms

    • Being able to hold the energy is the essential requirement to make a good pillar.
    • Through the power of the Point, students learn to hold connections of much greater intensity.

    Origin of the term

    Clairvision mapping.

    Homo angelicus

    At the fall, when they lost Eden, human beings became Homo sapiens.
    After regeneration, having regained the Fields of Peace, they will have become Homo angelicus.

    Origin of the term

    Clairvision mapping. Interestingly, sapiens, which refers to the discernment associated with higher cognitive functions (thereby suggesting that human beings are 'wise'), originally comes from the Latin sapio, 'to taste'. Indeed, it is when they tasted the fruit of the tree of knowledge that Eve and Adam became Homo sapiens.

    Hour of the jing

    In the early morning before waking up, a period of one or two hours during which the jing undergoes a phase of activation. It can be accompanied by sexual arousal, erotic dreams, or simply a feeling of wellbeing.

    Main points and mechanisms

    • During the hour of the jing, the jing is impressionable. It can either be venomized by the astral body and oriented towards desires, or turned upwards in an aspiration to the Divine.

    Origin of the term

    Clairvision mapping. Jing comes from Chinese models of medicine and inner alchemy.

    - I -

    Impersonal enlightenment

    Forms of enlightenment where no individuality is retained.

    no Ego no Ego Ego
    no will power will power will power
    blobs before the fall Hindu and Buddhist paths western paths

    Origin of the term

    The distinction between impersonal and transpersonal enlightenment is one of the key concepts of the Clairvision mapping.

    Impersonal God

    The Absolute.

    Infamous astral body

    When the passions of the embryo are let loose, willingly cultivated and fed with the venomous influence of luciferic beings, a monstrous astral body crystallizes, the vehicle of ever greater desires, compelling passions, paroxysmic emotions and grasping. This is the infamous astral body, the vehicle for all the excesses of the beast. The individual has turned to the dark side, on his/her way to becoming an LB.

    The infamous astral body is an evolutionary impasse.

    Origin of the term

    Clairvision mapping.

    Infra-etheric bodies

    Levels of the etheric body that lie closest to the physical and are beyond the present range of perception.

    Main points and mechanisms

    • The subtle bodies can be seen as a spectrum, where the etheric range is between the astral and the physical.
    • The term infra-etheric refers both to dense layers or bodies, and also to the limits of human perception. Just as the infra-red fraction of the electromagnetic spectrum is beyond the range of physical visual perception, so the infra-etheric is an aspect of the etheric that is beyond present human perception.
    • The analogy to infra-red is useful here but not absolute. Infra-red is a specific part of the spectrum, whereas infra-etheric is relative. The limit of vision today may not be the limit tomorrow. There are always denser levels of infra-etheric waiting to be seen. The reason they are not yet perceived is lack of denseness. Or as King Vasouk would say 'insufficient cooking'.
    Well the Sons of the Dragon had a pathway into matter. That's why they could perform all sorts of absolutely incredible miracles in terms of warfare, in terms of survival and in terms of healing. Because they could operate at the very root of the body of energy and deeper even on the level of matter. Samuel Sagan, unpublished lectures, 9 May 1996

    Origin of the term

    Clairvision mapping.

    Infra-physical bodies

    Vehicles that are denser than the physical body and stand below it in the cosmological ladder.

    Main points and mechanisms

    • Just as human beings have a superastral body that corresponds to the superastral levels of the cosmological ladder, an astral body that corresponds to the intermediary worlds, and a physical body that corresponds to the physical kingdom, so they have infra-physical bodies, corresponding to the underworlds.
    • Just as in the distant past, pre-fall blobs had a physical body but were totally unaware of it, so present-day human beings already have infra-physical bodies but are totally unaware of them.
    • It will be the task of human beings in the future to consciously wear and transform their infra-physical bodies.
    • The mysteries of Vulcan, briefly mentioned in books 6 and 22 of Atlantean Secrets, deal with the discovery and transformation of the infra-physical bodies.

    Origin of the term

    Clairvision mapping.


    Someone who carries the Spirit and powers of a tradition.


    The process by which the Spirit and powers of a tradition are communicated to an individual.

    Main points and mechanisms

    • It is not enough to attend a ceremony in order to receive an initiation!
    • During a genuine initiation, a momentum is communicated to the disciple, strengthening his or her bond with the forces and spiritual beings of a tradition. The momentum is powerful, and does not stop if the disciple decides to change spiritual path! Disciples should therefore be careful before choosing to undergo an initiation. Getting initiations from different traditions can create a significant amount of karmic confusion, the individual being pulled towards several spiritual destinations at the same time by the occult forces awakened at each initiation.

    Inner alchemy

    Transformation of consciousness through a cultivation of subtle bodies.

    The building of subtle structures and the raising of the level of vibration of subtle bodies.

    Main points and mechanisms

    • "The Clairvision style of inner alchemy involves a considerable amount of 'subtle bodybuilding' ... [its] purpose is to generate the body of immortality, a set of glorious vehicles which do not shatter at the time of death, and consequently allow full continuity of consciousness from one incarnation on Earth to the next." (Knowledge Track The Fourfold Model 3.3.1)
    • On the relationship between alchemy and inner alchemy, see Knowledge Track The Fourfold Model 3.8.9

    Inner sounds

    Non-physical sounds perceived during meditation.

    Main points and mechanisms

    • Inner sounds are a standard occurrence in meditation. By letting consciousness rest on inner sounds, a deepening of meditation takes place: states of profound involution in resonance with high spiritual realms.
    • The best location to meditate on inner sounds is the atom.
    • Inner sounds can be divided into two categories: buzzing sounds and high-pitched sounds.

      buzzing sounds high-pitched sounds
      'mmm' 'ooo', 'iii'...
      the etheric body perceived as sound related to high spiritual worlds
      can be heard in the etheric vibration and are favored by awareness in the frontal eye are best heard in the atom of the third eye

    • See also silent sounds.

    Interactive techniques

    Techniques practiced in pairs, with one connector (facilitator) and one client.

    Interactive Clairvision techniques include:

    The Clairvision interactive techniques have been designed in a spirit of giving. One of the dangers with spiritual work is that it can become terribly self-centered: working on your emotions and your problems for your enlightenment and your immortality... With interactive techniques, participants swap roles: sometimes connector, sometimes client. When being the connector, the focus is entirely on giving – totally forgetting about your own problems and putting yourself at the service of another human being.
    This dimension of giving is one that participants enjoy enormously. Besides, it is to spiritual development what ferment is to yogurt. Without it, yogurt just doesn't happen.


    Intermediary worlds

    The astral spheres which stand between the physical world and the worlds of the gods.

    Main points and mechanisms

    • The intermediary worlds correspond to the bhuvar-loka of Sanskrit texts.
    • In the Clairvision mapping, darkness visible is the intermediary world closest to the physical world.

    Inverted Mars

    The drive and the stamina of the Mars planetary force are blocked, turned inwards instead of flowing outside into action and realizations.

    Main points and mechanisms

    • The result is the inverted Mars syndrome: a tendency to attract violence to oneself, repeated accidents, lack of confidence, clumsiness, and possibly various diseases due to a twist in the life force. (See Sagan, Samuel, Planetary Forces Alchemy and Healing 7.9)
    • In IST, the inverted Mars syndrome is treated with belly work.

    Origin of the term

    Clairvision mapping


    A 'turning inside' of consciousness.

    Consciousness letting go of the senses and internalizing itself, turning towards its source and cognizing itself.

    Moving inwards into more and more subtle realms of consciousness.

    Main points and mechanisms

    • The opposite of involution is exvolution.
    • Just as a glove can be turned inside out, so consciousness is turned outside in through involution. However, it would be more accurate to say that consciousness is turned inside out through exvolution, and that involution brings it back to its original state.
    • Hence the key direction: consciousness knows itself through involution.
    • The atom effect is one particular type involution, where the experience is that of being drawn inside into a point, and yet emerging into vaster and vaster spaces of consciousness.
    • In emanation, the movement is opposite to that of involution.

    Origin of the term

    One of the most essential terms that came out of the Clairvision mapping.


    Inner Space Interactive Sourcing. One of the principal interactive technique of the Clairvision work, IST is used for a whole range of applications from regression and past-life therapy to various processes of self-exploration, mapping consciousness, subtle bodybuilding and inner alchemy.

    Main points and mechanisms

    • First developed in the early 1980's by Samuel Sagan, the IST technique has now been taught to hundreds of students at the Clairvision School and is used by practitioners in various countries around the world.
    • The Inner Space of IST is the same as the purple space experienced during the third eye meditation.


    A state of consciousness in which there is being but no sense of individuality, as opposed to am-ness.

    The consciousness of the Self (atman in Sanskrit) is pure is-ness.

    - J -


    The quintessence of the sexual energy.

    The part of the life force (etheric) which operates sexually-related functions.

    Main points and mechanisms

    • In Chinese, the word jing means 'refined'. It is used to qualify polished white rice, refined salt, or fine gold – any substance from which the dross has been discarded and the essence has been kept. Other meanings of the word jing include: 'picked', 'choice', 'perfect', 'excellent', 'superior', 'of the best quality', 'quintessence', 'smart', 'sharp', 'clever', 'energetic', 'full of spirit', as well as 'semen', and 'the fundamental substance which maintains the functioning of the body; the essence of life'.
      The fact that the jing is linked to nutrition is indicated by the left part of its ideogram, mi, meaning 'rice'. The jing is an extremely refined product of the digestion processes. At the same time, in the Chinese model, the jing is part of the hereditary energies, that is, energies which individuals inherit from their parents, and of which they have a limited pool. The Chinese view is that these hereditary energies can only be exhausted with time, which results in aging and finally death. Thus there are two jing, or rather two aspects of the jing. One is the quintessential product of digestion processes, and is very similar to the retas and ojas of Ayurveda. The other is a hereditary energy, coming from parents and ancestors.
      Sagan, Samuel, Planetary Forces, Alchemy and Healing, 18.4

    Origin of the term

    Chinese medicine and Taoist systems of inner alchemy.

    Jupiter Manvantara

    In the cosmogony of Rudolf Steiner, Jupiter is the name given to the manvantara (cosmic cycle) that follows the present one (called 'the Earth').

    Main points and mechanisms

    • During the Jupiter manvantara, the present human life wave will return as angels.
    • According to the model of evolution through the manvantaras, at the end of the Earth manvantara there will also be stragglers, human beings who fail to achieve sufficient transformation and therefore cannot qualify to become angels during Jupiter. These will become the luciferic beings of the Jupiter cycle.

    - K -

    Karmic exchange

    A period (or time window) during which the Lords of Destiny directly influence the direction taken by human beings.

    Main points and mechanisms

    • When recognized, periods of karmic exchange offer fantastic opportunities for transformation.
    • During a karmic exchange, a destiny can be transformed, with a completely new life trajectory. More spiritual progress can be achieved than during half a lifetime of effort.
    • To seize the opportunity: total sincerity, highest aspiration, letting go of all attachments.

    Origin of the term

    Clairvision mapping.

    King of the world

    See Rex Mundi.


    The physical world.

    See also: universe.

    Origin of the term

    The Kabbalistic malkhut, 'kingdom', referring to the physical world.

    Knights of the Apocalypse

    In the saga of myths and legends used to illustrate the principles of the Clairvision mapping, the Knights of the Apocalypse are a school of warrior-scientist-initiates of the future, fighting against Rex Mundi for the survival of the Philadelphias.

    Apart from heart, fraternity and boldness, the legend of the Knights provides a context to explore the interaction between computers and consciousness in the coming age of cybernetics and virtual reality.


    The fact of knowing, independent of any object of knowledge.

    With the development of inner vision, knowingness gradually turns into a quality of consciousness that can be directed to any object, physical or non-physical, leading to direct cognitions of reality.

    See -ness.


    Used in the Clairvision mapping as is veda, 'knowledge' in Sanskrit texts: first-hand spiritual cognition, as opposed to the ramblings of the ordinary mind.

    "First and most essential of all principles: see for yourself, know for yourself. Revelations are to come from inside. What you read or what you are told is just not good enough. Knowledge means first-hand knowledge. Second-hand knowledge isn't knowledge, it is opinion. Opinions are not what will transform you. Opinions are just good to keep the ordinary mental consciousness occupied. Knowledge – real knowledge – requires the ability to let go of opinions and all preconceived ideas.
    Note that in the Clairvision work, the word knowledge is used with a different meaning from the one commonly given to it in English. Take for instance a saying attributed to Einstein, 'Imagination is more important than knowledge'. This refers to intellectual knowledge: information as stored and organized by the mind, and of course influenced by the mind's judgmental values. This is more appropriately called opinion, or belief. What I mean by knowledge is something completely different, as in the original meaning of the word knowledge in Sanskrit: veda. Knowledge is a cognition of reality. It is a silent knowing, a direct perception of reality.
    It is important to be perfectly clear about this, because negative connotations are often associated with the word knowledge, as in Eisntein's saying. And rightly so! It is certainly preferable to be creative than to have a mind crammed with second-hand knowledge. But this second-hand knowledge has nothing to do with real knowledge. Precisely, in order to reach states of knowledge, you are going to have to deconstruct your second-hand knowledge: let go of opinions and of belief-systems which have crept inside you without you even realizing it and which influence just about every thought of yours."
    (Knowledge Track Portal 1, 3.2.1)


    Knowledge Tracks

    The Knowledge Tracks are the fundamental infrastructure of learning material of the Clairvision School.

    Offered as correspondence courses, the Knowledge Tracks are comprised of written material, videos, cassettes, electronic texts, multimedia presentations and computer software.

    The Knowledge Tracks are grouped into paths. The two principal paths are:

    See online list of presently available Knowledge Tracks.


    A powerful Clairvision process named after the Greek word for judgment.

    One of the interactive techniques (practiced in pairs), krisis aims at reproducing the space and realizations that take place after death, when the dead look back on their life, judge positive and negative experiences and actions, and realize which opportunities have been missed.

    In krisis, both the connector and the client wear black, symbol of judgment.

    Kundalini, or Kundalini Shakti

    In the Hindu Tantric model, the kundalini is an accumulation of forces in the root-chakra. A female principle, she is represented as a coiled she-serpent, asleep. When awakened through yogic practices, she hisses and ascends along the central channel (sushumna), piercing the chakras on her way, and reaching the crown chakra where she becomes one with the adept's transcendental consciousness – this union of Shakti and Shiva principles paralleling the mystical wedding of the hermetic tradition. Note that there are several variations on this model.

    Taking a human being as a microcosm (small world), image of the macrocosm (big world, the creation at large), the kundalini is the repository of all dormant potential of prakriti, 'Nature' in the widest possible meaning of the term. Which is why, once awakened, she triggers many new abilities in the body of energy of the adept. Traditionally, a full awakening of kundalini is said to bestow a number of supernatural powers, or siddhis (literally 'perfections').

    Kundalini (which isn't a term of the Clairvision mapping ) can be loosely equated with the Dragon of the Clairvision work.

    Comparing kundalini and Dragon

    • Like the kundalini the Dragon is a female principle, sheer power, the source of all forces of Nature.
    • One is a snake, the other one a Dragon. But note that ancient mythologies often didn't differentiate clearly between snakes, winged snakes and dragons.
    • Both kundalini and Dragon correspond to the power of the lower chakras. Yet, strictly speaking, the kundalini is seated in the root chakra, whereas the Dragon includes the power of all the centers of energy in and below the root of the body – the Underworlds at large.
    • Note that the structure which holds the mother charge (the interface between a human being and the Dragon) is a toroid, a doughnut shape located at the base of the body and reminiscent of the kundalini's coils.

    - L -


    See cosmological ladder.


    See luciferic being.


    The epoch that preceded Atlantis.

    Main points

    • Blob is the term used to refer to the human beings of the period of Lemuria.
    • According to Steiner's model, the separation of the sexes (and therefore the fall) took place around the middle of Lemuria.
    • In the cosmogony of Atlantean Secrets, Lemuria was the later part of the Ancient Days of the Earth.


    One of the main qualities used in the Clairvision work. Levity is perceived as an upwards-moving energy, and is often associated with joy.

    Main points


    Written with lower case l, life refers to the life force of the etheric body.

    Written with a capital L, Life is the modality of Spirit which is referred to in the first verses of the gospel of John: "In the Word was Life, and the Life was the Light of men."

    always ends in deathimmortality
    fallen unfallen
    etheric bodytransformed etheric body

    See also capital letters.

    Life wave

    A group of beings who started their evolution during the same cosmic cycle (manvantara).

    Thus human beings form a life wave. So do each of the hierarchies of angelic beings such as Archangels, Archais, Cherubim, and so on.

    Main points and mechanisms

    • In the cosmogony of the Theosophists, the general idea is that every life wave goes up one step during a cosmic cycle. Thus the animals of this cosmic cycle will be at the human stage during the next cosmic cycle (Jupiter manvantara). The human beings of the last cosmic cycle (Ancient Moon) are now at the angelic stage, and so on. There are of course forerunners and stragglers at every stage.

    Light particles

    Minute dots of light perceived as drifting in the space behind your closed eyes during third eye meditation.

    Main points and mechanisms

    • The term 'light ether particles' is misleading and inappropriate: these particles are essentially astral. For language consistency, it is essential to reserve the term etheric for life force related principles.


    A succession of spiritual masters carrying on and transmitting a tradition.

    Main points and mechanisms

    • Lineages are found in many spiritual traditions: In India, the Shankaracharyas are said to go back to Shankara himself through an uninterrupted lineage. And Tibetan lineages such as the Kargyupa go back to Tilopa, teacher of Naropa, himself the teacher of Marpa, who was Milarepa's teacher. On the western side, the concept of apostolic transmission closely parallels that of a lineage of teachers.

    Little ego

    Grasping, illusory conditioning and emotional hangups that are samskara-related and veil the true essence of human consciousness.

    The little ego, which is the dysfunctional side of the astral body, must be not be confused with the Ego or immortal essence.

    Ego little ego
    Ego / Self / Spirit astral body
    inner truth illusion
    eternal transient
    capital E lower case e


    Lord Gana

    See Gana.

    Lords of Destiny

    High angels who influence the destiny of human beings.

    Main points and mechanisms

    • Rather than being continuous, the influence of the Lords of Destiny over human beings tends to be exerted over short and exceptionally important periods, for which the Clairvision term is karmic exchange.

    Lost half

    The part that was withdrawn from human beings at the time of the separation of the sexes, and for which they carry an immense nostalgia.

    See also wound.

    Main points and mechanisms

    • While the fall may sound remote, it remains that the lost half is one of the major driving forces of human beings. Whenever seeking to form a relationship, what human beings are seeking is in reality their lost half. Without realizing it, they seek God in a partner – and therefore feel betrayed by God as soon they realize that the partner isn't God, but just a human being.

    Lost Word

    The divine creative power of Life which human beings lost at the fall and which they are to regain through regeneration.

    upper complex

    lower complex

    Lower complex

    Because the etheric body remains tightly bound to the physical body until death, the two are often grouped together under the term 'lower complex' when discussing subtle bodies. See also upper complex.

    Origin of the term

    Clairvision mapping of subtle bodies.


    In Atlantean Secrets, when talking about the spheres of Highness, the Nagas affectionately use the term 'spheres of Lowness'. The reason is simple: the Nagas, masters of the powers of the underworlds reach Highness by diving into the deepest of the underworlds, rather than having to ascend the ladder of the worlds.

    Thus the term 'spheres of Lowness' is a pun intended to remind the reader that the spheres of Highness are as much below as they are above the ladder of the worlds.

    Origin of the term

    Atlantean secrets.

    Luciferic beings

    Fallen angels who project their astrality into human beings.

    Main points and mechanisms

    • An important category of luciferic beings are those who were at the human stage during the former cosmic cycle (Ancient Moon) but failed to become angels.
    • Not long after the fall, the luciferic beings were responsible for the luciferic infestation, projecting their venom into human beings.
    • If human beings were to fail their spiritual evolution, for example by becoming increasingly materialistic instead of opening to the light of the Fields of Peace, they would become the luciferic beings of the next cosmic cycle.

    Origin of the term

    Rudolf Steiner of course didn't invent Lucifer. Nevertheless, his visions about dark forces are unique in their degree of detail and comprehensiveness.

    Luciferic infestation

    The phase when luciferic beings started projecting their astrality into human beings.

    Main points and mechanisms

    • The theory is that luciferic beings were far too advanced to incarnate as human beings in the blobs' bodies. But due to insufficient development they couldn't take part in the life of angelic realms either. So they decided to project their consciousness into human beings, living their emotions and desires by proxy, playing with human beings as if with puppets.
    • According to Steiner's model, the luciferic infestation happened around the middle of Lemuria (Knowledge Track The Fourfold Model 3.22.12).
    • The luciferic infestation was responsible for a dramatic increase of astral activity in human beings, with much more elaborate mental processes, but also much more intense emotions. It was the seed impulse that would gradually lead to neurosis of our present world.

    Origin of the term

    Rudolf Steiner's model.

    - M -


    From the Greek macro, 'big', and cosmos, 'world', macrocosm refers to the creation at large.

    See hermetic adage.


    Machine Generated Artifacts and Random Dysfunctions.

    A (non-physical) entity which takes over a computer or a computerized piece of equipment. In short, a ghost in the machine!

    Main points and mechanism

    • Magards haven't arrived yet. The prediction is that sometimes during the 21st century, computers will reach a degree of sophistication such that it will be possible for astral beings or fragments to interact with them and create significant interference.

    Origin of the term

    Introduced by Samuel Sagan in Atlantean Secrets, Book 19.


    In the Clairvision mapping the term 'mind' is used in a meaning that is exactly equivalent to the Sanskrit manas.


    See pre-manifested.


    The mano-maya-knosha, 'envelope made of manas' of the Vedantic model of subtle bodies, corresponds to the astral body of the Clairvision mapping and of Anthroposophy.

    A note to those familiar with the koshas of Vedanta

    More precisely, Indian masters often use the term astral body to translate the Sanskrit sukshma-sharira. Literally, sukshma-sharira translates as 'subtle body', a term that would be completely inappropriate since the sukshma-sharira doesn't refer to subtle bodies in general but to the vehicle made of the two koshas: mano-maya-kosha, and vijñana-maya-kosha. Since vijñana-maya-kosha corresponds to the superastral body of the Clairvision mapping, there is thorough consistency of vocabulary: just as the vijñana-maya-kosha is the enlightened higher end of sukshma-sharira, so superastrality represent the enlightened higher end of the astral body.


    A cosmic cycle made of a cosmic day and a cosmic night.

    At the beginning of a cosmic day, the creation is manifested.
    At the end of a cosmic day, a pralaya takes place: the creation is dissolved and a cosmic night begins, to be followed by another cosmic day, and so on.

    Main points and mechanisms

    • The cosmogony of the Theosophists (and of Steiner and Heindel after them) describes seven consecutive cosmic cycles: Ancient Saturn, Ancient Sun, Ancient Moon, the Earth (present manvantara), Jupiter, Venus, Vulcan. For a general presentation see The Fourfold Model, Chapters 21 and 22.
    • According to Steiner's model, in each of the manvantaras humankind develops a new vehicle and completes a stage of existence as follows:
      manvantara new vehicle stage of existence
      Ancient Saturnphysical bodymineral
      Ancient Sunetheric bodyvegetal
      Ancient Moonastral bodyanimal
      Jupitertransformed astral bodyangel
      Venustransformed etheric bodyarchangel
      Vulcantransformed physical bodyarchai

    • Linking ancient and modern cosmologies, one is of course tempted to relate the big bang of modern physics to the beginning of the present manvantara.

    Origin of the term

    Manvantara is a Sanskrit term. The model of Sanskrit texts, however, does not show an evolutionary sequence as in the 7 manvantaras of Steiner's model. On the contrary the same gods return, and the same types of creatures, more or less repeating what happened in former cycles – hence the term 'eternal return' often used to described Hindu cosmological models.

    Mapping consciousness

    A systematic exploration of states of consciousness and non-physical realities, bringing objectivity into the field of subjectivity.

    Mapping consciousness is one of the essential aspects of the Clairvision work. It consists of learning to recognize and identify states of consciousness, exploring their distinct characteristics, as well as pathways leading to them. By establishing experiential references and introducing discernment, mapping leads to clearer, deeper and more stable experiences of consciousness. By putting these experiences into perspective a greater vision of the entire spectrum of consciousness emerges, not unlike the understanding of the relationships between countries which comes to you from contemplating a map of the world.

    Maruder, Maruding

    MAchine intRUDER. A person or a being who influences a computer through the power of consciousness.

    Maruder versus magard

    A magard is a parasite that takes residence in a machine or a computer network. A maruder is a hacker using higher powers of consciousness.

    Finding your way in the knowledge

    • As VRR [Virtual Real Reality] hours passed, Bobby started feeling a burning need to see Siegfr!d. He decided to call Hyper-Earth-Link.
      The information officer reappeared, "Sorry, Sir! Your ship is not authorized to connect to Hyper-Earth-Link."
      Bobby switched him off and cogitated. Then he switched him back on, reiterating the request from the Point. The officer immediately had a change of attitude. "Certainly, Sir! Please engage the identification procedure."
      "Bobby, stop!" the man in the brown gown [Barkhan Seer] walked into the garden.
      The information officer abruptly disappeared.
      "Maruding the Omnipresent Network is a dangerous sport," the man said. "You're not ready for that."
      (Bleeding Sun 1.7)

    Origin of the term

    Coined by Catherine Ross of the Clairvision Foundation in 1996.

    Masters of Thunder

    The lineage of spiritual masters who, around the end of Atlantis, transferred the Archive into the Fields of Peace.

    Main points and mechanisms

    • In Atlantean Secrets, Masters of Thunder based on real characters include Barkhan Seer, Orest, Gervin, Esrevin, Szar, Woolly – and Aphelion!
    • The Masters of Thunder are also called the Brown Robes, referring to the gown they wore in Atlantean times (when each spiritual order was identified by the color of their garment).
    • "Throughout history the Masters of Thunder have reincarnated here and there, teaching their disciples, fishing new ones, and fostering the growth of spiritual traditions. In most cases they didn't reveal their identity, they just blended into local religious contexts." (Atlantean Secrets 22.1)
    • "From Eisraim to Philadelphia, a full cycle. Gone with Eisraim, the Masters of Thunder had returned." (Atlantean Secrets 22.1) "In the land of the white rose [Philadelphia], when the Masters of Thunder return and angels of Highness ignite great flames in the heart of human beings." (Atlantean Secrets 20.20)


    In a meditation circle or any group meeting, the person who holds the energy and facilitates group dynamics.

    The initials stand for Master of Ceremonies, and are a pun on the MC of astrology (Medium Coeli or midheaven).

    Main points and mechanisms

    • Just as wang, the emperor of the Chinese model serves as an intermediary and mediator between heaven (spiritual worlds) and earth (the material plane), so the MC is the connector for the meeting.
    • It is part of the modus operandi of the Clairvision school that any meeting be facilitated by a MC. A meeting without MC is a meeting where higher inspiration is unwelcome.
    • The principal function of the MC is to take care of the group's cathedra column.

    Origin of the term

    Clairvision techniques.


    It is not rare to meet people who tell you that their way of meditating is bushwalking, gardening, or surfing. And dictionaries define meditation as a 'serious, sustained reflection', or a 'mental contemplation'. In the Clairvision mapping meditation is used with a different meaning. To qualify as meditation, a technique must include:

    Mental reflection (i.e. deep thinking) is fundamentally different from meditation, the purpose of which is precisely to get out of the mind. And activities such as gardening or bushwalking may pacify the mind, bring inspiration and several other spiritual benefits, but the essential aspect of stillness is missing and the senses remain directed outwards towards the physical world." (Knowledge Track Valley of Light 3.1.1)

    Main points and mechanisms


    An emanation of the Solar Logos, the Solar Logos being the Divine manifestation who looks after the ladder of worlds to which human beings belong.

    Main points and mechanisms

    • The Lord Melchisedek was the Atlantean manifestation of the Solar Logos.
    • The Solar Logos is the principle of Ego-ness, the transpersonal source which feeds and enlightens individual Egos. On the relationship between Lord Melchisedek and Christ consciousness, see Solar Logos.
    • In the cosmology of Atlantean Secrets, the spheres of Melchisedek are the cosmological ladder of worlds ruled and enlightened by the Solar Logos.

    Origin of the name

    The Hebrew etymology of Melchisedek is 'king of righteousness'. In Genesis 14:18-20, Melchisedek brings bread and wine and blesses Abram. The only other reference to Melchisedek in the Bible is Psalm 110:4. Melchisedek also appears in the Dead Sea Scrolls and in the Nag Hammadi Library.


    An idea (or system of ideas) envisaged as a replicator, with the connotation that memes, like viruses, parasitize people into propagating them.

    A meme complex is a group of mutually-supporting memes forming an organized belief system, such as a religion or the corporate culture of a business organization. Strictly speaking, the term meme should be reserved for individual ideas or information patterns, while meme complex denotes a full belief system. In practice, however, meme is often used in the meaning of meme complex.

    Main points and mechanisms

    • A meme (i.e. a meme complex) is to an organization (superorganism) what the superastral body is to an individual. The theory of memes forms one of the core elements of the Clairvision model of superastrality.
    • The main reference is: Bloom, Howard, The Lucifer Principle, Atlantic Monthly Press, 1995. A master exposé used as a textbook in Clairvision courses on superorganisms and superastrality.

    Origin of the term

    Coined by Richard Dawkins in The Selfish Gene, in 1975.

    Mental body

    Astral body.

    Main points and mechanisms

    • The term mental body is not part of the Clairvision mapping. The main objection to its use is that it suggests a separation between thoughts and emotions – between a mental body and a hypothetical emotional body. The reality is that there is no such thing as an emotional body and that the dynamics of thoughts and emotions are closely intertwined in one single vehicle, termed astral body.
    • In the Hindu model of subtle bodies, mano-maya-kosha, 'envelope made of manas' is the level of both emotions and thoughts. No separate vehicle is identified for emotions.
    • Tibetan Buddhist teachings about the bardo of becoming (phase of immediate after-life wandering) sometimes speak of the newly dead as inhabiting a 'mental body'. No theoretical flaw here, since this vehicle is as much the seat of emotions as it is of thoughts – during the bardo of becoming, in their 'mental body' the dead experience intense emotional upheavals.
    • However, especially in new age circles, due to word gravity the term mental body tends to inspire authors to theorize about an emotional body, leading to confusion and mapping dead ends.

    Mental Consciousness

    The consciousness of the astral body, in which thoughts and emotions take place.

    Main points

    • The astral body is the vehicle of mental consciousness.
    • In the Clairvision mapping, the terms mind, manas, mental consciousness, and reactive mind are all synonymous. Apart from special cases, the best term to use when referring to them is by far ordinary mental consciousness.
    • When received in the physical body, mental consciousness becomes physical mental consciousness.


    From the Greek micro, 'small' (as in 'microscope'), and cosmos, 'world', microcosm refers to a system or being that can be seen as a small replica of the entire creation.

    See hermetic adage.


    The layer of thoughts and emotions.

    Main points and mechanisms

    • The astral body is the vehicle of the mind.
    • The Clairvision use of the word mind is identical to that of the Sanskrit word manas.
    • In most situations, to refer to the mind, you cannot find a better term than ordinary mental consciousness. Ordinary mental consciousness is precise, simple and understandable by all. It clearly expresses the mental taint of ordinary waking consciousness – whether they like it or not, modern people live in the chatter of their mind.

    Molten Sea

    The prima materia, the original substance out of which all manifested things originated, embodied as a sea in the worlds of the gods.

    Main points and mechanisms

    • "The Mother of the Light created the gods, and they woke up in the Molten Sea, and it was the first morning of the gods. The waves took them to the shore, and they started creating their own world." (Atlantean Secrets, 9.12)
    • The Molten Sea is as much in the underworlds as it is in the Triangle. Rather than one particular location in the ladder of the worlds, it is the pre-manifested source out of which the whole manifested ladder was emanated.


    The Universal Mother.

    • In Clairvision texts and teachings, 'Mother' sometimes refers to arch-enlightened French-born yogi, Mirra Alfassa (1878-1973), who for many years was the head of the Sri Aurobindo ashram in Pondicherry, India.
    • Note that in India, many ashrams have a 'mother', that is, a person of spiritual dimension whose role is to incarnate the principle of the Universal Mother for the ashramites.

    Mother charge, or Mother of all charges

    Terms used synonymously with root charge.

    Origin of the term

    Clairvision mapping.

    Mother of the Light

    In the Clairvision mapping, one of the epithets of the Universal Mother.

    The Mother of the Light is to the creation at large what the Dragon of the Deep is to the spheres inhabited by human beings.

    Main points and mechanisms

    • "To the fresh Waters from which the Fire sprang, I give, I give.
      To her who chanted the Dawn of Creation, I give, I give.
      To her who is the Molten Sea and the Sea of Lightning, I give, I give.
      To her who is the beginning and the end, I give, I give.
      To the Great Dragon, the Mother of the Endless Night, I give, I give.
      To the feminine who is the creation, I give, I give.
      To the source from which all the gods arose, I give, I give.
      To her precious essence of fluid immortality, I give, I give.
      To her who stood before time, I give, I give.
      To her who gave birth to the stars, I give, I give.
      To the primordial substance which was before the Earth, I give, I give.
      To her who was the Magic of the Ancient Days, I give, I give.
      To her who breastfeeds the child, I give, I give.
      To her who is the compassion and the Mother of all beings, I give, I give.
      To the night in which all the gods will return, I give, I give.
      Unfathomable is thy name, limitless thou shinest.
      To the Mother of the Light, I give, I give."
      (Hymn to the Mother of the Light, Atlantean Secrets 5.19)


    Too complex to fit into one model, a mystery is a topic that can never be fully comprehended from the standpoint of the ordinary mental consciousness of human beings.

    Mysteries – beyond the human mind

    • Seen from the ordinary mental consciousness things can be black, or white, or possibly grey, but never black and white at the same time. A statement can be true, or false, but not true and false at the same time. Whereas from the standpoint of supermind (the mental consciousness of gods and angels) reality appears fluid and multifaceted. Things can be black and white at the same time. There is integration of opposite qualities in an all-comprehending vision.
    • In the myth of the ants, humans are a mystery to the ants. The ants, locked in their level of reality, can never comprehend of why's and how's of human behavior. Similarly, but higher up the scale, myriads of cosmic mysteries are too vast to be comprehended by the human mind.

    Examples of mysteries

    • The why's and how's of angelic behavior.
    • The reasons for the existence of dark forces.

    - N -


    N.B.Y.: Not Born Yesterday.

    Someone who, having been exposed to a wide variety of techniques and processes, has gained the maturity and the a know-how to cope with just about any situation that can arise in the fields of self transformation, meditation and inner alchemy.

    Becoming N.B.Y. requires serious deconstruction work with a technique of emotional catharsis such as IST, being fully erupted, and being still interested in the work after emerging out of a few transformation crises.


    In Hindu mythology, the Nagas are snake-shaped beings who live in the underworlds and are the keepers of mighty powers of consciousness.

    Book 10 of Atlantean Secrets is named after a colorful character: Vasoukidass, king of the Nagas, guru of Maryani of the White Eagle, and friend and protector of Szar and Elyani.

    Nature enlightenment

    Merging with the forces of nature and becoming one with its divinity.

    Main points and mechanisms

    • Nature-enlightenment is one of the forms of prepersonal enlightenment.
    • Kevin Costner's movie Dances with Wolves depicts magnificently the clash between a personal culture and a nature-enlightened one – an example of personal pollution wrecking the beauty that was Earth.
    • The powers of shamanism rest on nature-enlightenment.

    Origin of the term

    Clairvision mapping.


    The progeny of the Watchers.

    Main points and mechanisms

    • "And it came to pass when the children of men had multiplied that in those days were born unto them beautiful and comely daughters.
      And the angels, the children of the heaven, saw them and lusted after them, and said to one another: 'Come, let us choose us wives from among the children of men and beget us children." (1 Enoch, 6:1-2, Charles' translation)
      These angels were the Watchers. Their descendants were the Nephilim.
    • Some of the Nephilim (certainly not all of them according to Archive records) were giants:
      "And there were giants in the earth on those days... when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown." (Genesis 6:4)


    In Sanskrit, the suffix -tva is widely used to form words expressing the essence of things. For example,
    guru: heavy, gurutva: heaviness; bhu: to be., bhutva: beingness.

    Feel very free to do the same in English! The present grammatical dogma suggesting you should only use words which already lie in the dictionary is not just dictatorial but also narrow-minded and barbaric. Sophisticated languages such as Sanskrit were full of provisions and devices to construct words on demand.

    Adding the suffix -ness to existing words is a powerful way to capture the flavor of experiences and states of consciousness.

    Important terms using the suffix -ness include: am-ness, being-ness, is-ness, seeing-ness.

    Night practice

    A set of techniques designed to induce psychic sleep (in which awareness is retained), and to prepare the subtle bodies for astral traveling.

    Main points and mechanisms

    • For a presentation, see Sagan, Samuel Awakening the Third Eye, Chapters 13, 14, 15.
    • The Knowledge Tracks contain a number of audio recordings of night practices.


    Not just in Plato's theory of forms and in Neoplatonism but in Greek thought in general, the noetic levels are where the true essence of things reside: the archetypes of all things and all beings.

    To know means to know the archetype. Contemplating the 'form' – the non-manifested source or archetype – of a thing means seeing its essential nature. The external qualities and properties of the thing are but manifestations of its archetype. The same applies to living creatures and even to abstract categories such as ideas or feelings.

    Main points and mechanisms

    • Nous is the organ of noetic cognition. Simply put, nous is to noetic functions what the eye is to vision.
    • Noetic levels = worlds of the gods. In ancient Greek cosmological models, the noetic levels were identified with the regions where the gods dwell.
    • Noetic vision: a cognition of archetypal levels. A vision of reality resting on the perception of archetypes, above and beyond physical reality.
    • Noetic inspiration and noetic flows: noetic levels hold a know-how of all manifested things. As such the noetic levels are instruction notice of the creation.
    • In the cosmological ladder of the Clairvision mapping, the noetic levels coincide with the Triangle: from the beginning of the worlds of the gods to the summit of Revelation Sky.
    • Nous and noetic functions are equivalent to the Sanskrit buddhi. See vijñana-maya-kosha.


    A level of existence in which there is neither length, width, nor breadth.

    See dimensionality.


    Even though the term 'non-manifested' is perfectly traditional – an exact translation of the Sanskrit avyakta – the Clairvision mapping tends to prefer the term pre-manifested, as it better conveys the meaning of avyakta and its place in the unfoldment of the creation.


    (Pronounced: 'noos'.)
    In ancient Greek thought, the organ of noetic cognition.

    - O -

    Occipital eye

    The part of the tunnel of the third eye which intersects the occiput.

    Main points and mechanisms

    • The occipital eye is located straight behind the frontal eye, on the occiput.

    Occult history

    Occult history explores how non-physical forces influence the course of world events.

    For an introduction to occult history, begin with Ravenscroft, Trevor, The Spear of Destiny, Samuel Weiser, several editions. Despite serious shortcomings, this entertaining book is quite successful in getting readers to realize that non-physical forces take an active part in history, and in particular that there was more to World War 2 than history books would have us believe.


    See ordinary mental consciousness

    Ordinary mental consciousness

    The waking consciousness of present-day human beings.

    Main points and mechanisms

    • Ordinary mental consciousness is an excellent term. It has the immense advantage of being both:
      1. precise, and therefore usable and useful in highly technical discussions
      2. easily understandable. Beginners who hear it for the first time immediately figure out what it refers to.
    • Discursive mind = ordinary mental consciousness.
    • Remember that in the Clairvision mapping the mind includes not only thoughts, but also emotions.
    • ordinary mental consciousness is 'chitta chatter'.

    - P -


    Before things exist on the manifested level, they first exist as packed blueprints, that is archetypes.

    Packed levels of creation = pre-manifested = archetypal worlds

    See also packed thought.

    Packed thought

    A condensed thought, the content of which is not explicit or expressed, but concentrated into a seed.

    Ordinary mental consciousness operates with unpacked thoughts, supermind with packed ones.

    Main points and mechanism

    • When you turn towards a glass, you immediately identify its shape and know that it is a glass, without having to repeat to yourself, "This is a glass." The instant silent knowing which identifies the object is an example of packed thought. If, after this, your mind indulges in commenting, "This is a glass," then this commenting is an unpacked thought.
    • Through the power of the Point, one can learn to deal with complex thought processes without having to unpack them, and therefore dramatically speed up mental functioning.
    • Abstract intelligence operates through packed thoughts.

    Origin of the term

    Clairvision techniques of supermind.


    A decision taken by a higher part of yourself at some stage of your past, and rendered binding by the fact that non-physical beings were taken as witnesses.

    Because of the occult nature of the forces which cement them, negative pacts must be undone through clearing.

    Origin of the term

    Clairvision mapping.


    Clairvision jargon term for a perverse energy that lands on your face or some other body part after floating in the etheric environment.


    See Eden.


    A master who lives in two or more worlds at the same time.

    Main points and mechanisms

    • Explains Barkhan Seer in The Book of the Beginnings: "This art is central to the higher echelons of the initiation in the Brown Robe. Gervin himself became a parallel at the very moment of his installation as the new thunderbolt bearer. He now lives in the Fields of Peace as well as in the kingdom." (Atlantean Secrets 1.6)

    Origin of the term

    Atlantean Secrets.


    More than just tranquility, Peace is an active calmness filled with the presence of the Divine.

    Peace is a fullness of presence – the presence of the Divine manifesting itself in the form of a superior calmness. Peace is a calmness with a force behind it, and therefore a transforming principle (transformation being used here in the strict meaning given to it in Clairvision work).

    This being established, the term Fields of Peace takes on its full meaning.

    In the same logical line, tranquility can be seen as a prepersonal vacuity, calmness as a personal effort, and peace as a transpersonal culmination.

    Pelvic envelope

    One of the principal plastic envelopes, the pelvic envelope is located in the lower abdomen. It is closely associated with the cauldron, and includes the embryo.

    The pelvic envelope is linked to sexual energy and holds the basal vitality on which the whole etheric body rests.

    Origin of the term

    Clairvision mapping.


    In the Clairvision mapping, three main forms of non-physical perception are discerned:

    By extension, combinessence can be seen as a fourth and ultimate form of cognition.

    perception/cognition vehicle
    physical senses physical body
    etheric sensing etheric body
    space scanning astral body
    vertical knowing superastral body
    combinessence Ego


    Personal God

    As opposed to Impersonal God (the Absolute), Personal God stands for the One Presence which emanates, permeates and sustains the creation.

    Impersonal God Personal God
      the Absolute the Unborn God
    Sanskrit brahman Ishvara
    Kabbalah Ain Sof  

    Main points and mechanisms

    • In the Clairvision mapping, the Unborn God is the ultimate level of Personal Godhood. The Solar Logos is the emanation of the Personal God in charge of the human hierarchy and their cosmological ladder.
    • The Personal God is the extreme tip of the Triangle.

    Personal stage

    The present stage of human evolution, in which human beings have developed a sense of individuality and a certain degree of self-determination, but have lost their unity with the Divine and are disconnected from spiritual realms.

    Main points and mechanisms

    • Presently, even though plagued by the afflictions of the personal stage (neurosis, selfishness, etc.), human beings still retain many prepersonal features.

    Perverse energy

    Etheric substance that has crept into the human system and nested in it, to the detriment of vitality and health.

    Main points and mechanisms

    • "...not all qi, or [etheric] 'energies', are regarded by the Chinese as being beneficial to health. On this topic, people are sometimes confused by the word 'energy'. They think: "If it's energy, it must be good for me. One can never have too much energy." This completely overlooks the qualitative side of the qi. There is actually a great diversity of qi energies, some favorable to the body, others toxic. An attitude that says "any qi must be good for me" could be compared to saying "my physical body is made of physical substance, therefore any physical substance must be good for my body." Take just a little bit of the very efficient poison called cyanide, for instance, and it is the end of your physical body!" (Entities, Parasites of the Body of Energy 3.1)
    • In 'perverse energy', the adjective 'perverse' can be misleading, for it gives the idea of something intrinsically wrong, if not evil. Perverse energies are none of that. They are just in the wrong place when in a human body. (Entities, Parasites of the Body of Energy 3.1)
    • Perverse energies are different from entities. Entities have an individualized astral component (even if rudimentary), perverse energies don't.
    • "In many cases perverse energies can be drawn out with simple energetic processes. An entity, on the other hand... is a being, no matter how primitive and unsophisticated. If you try to remove it in the same way you would remove a perverse energy you can create disasters. The entity will cling on for its survival. If you manage to dislodge it from its nest, it will go somewhere else inside you, perhaps to your heart. Or perhaps it will find another host and create havoc. Which is why entity clearings should only be done by qualified entity clearers, whereas just about anyone can try to pull out perverse energies." (Knowledge Track Portal 1, 3.3.2)
    • see also: Pancake.
    • To find out more: Sagan, Samuel, Entities, Parasites of the Body of Energy, Chapter 3, where the concept is explained and discussed within the context of acupuncture and the Chinese Taoist tradition.

    Origin of the term

    Perverse energy is the translation of the Chinese xie qi.

    Petals of the heart (technique of the – )

    A process designed to identify and eliminate energy blockages located in the heart center.

    The envelope of the heart is seen as a circle divided into 12 sections. Awareness is made to revolve from sector to sector.


    In the Book of Revelation (3:7-12), Philadelphia is the sixth of the seven churches. Its people keep the word of God against the synagogue of Satan.

    In the Clairvision mapping of the future, the Philadelphias are utopian communities of spiritually-oriented people, who will leave the Earth and live in space stations in order to escape the growing hegemony of the Rex.

    Origin of the term

    From a Greek word meaning 'brotherly love'.


    When referring to our world, the universe as studied by physicists, it is preferable to use the term 'physical world' rather than 'material world'. The reason is that not all matter is physical. The substance of the etheric world can be termed 'etheric matter', that of astral layers 'astral matter' and so on.

    See also kingdom and universe.

    Physical mental consciousness

    Mental consciousness reflected into the physical body.

    Main points

    • Mental consciousness, made of thoughts and emotions, takes place in the astral body. In the waking state, your thoughts and emotions are not pure astral energies, but are the reflections of the astral thoughts and emotions into your physical body. (Sagan, Samuel, Planetary Forces, Alchemy and Healing 16.9, and Entities, Parasites of the Body of Energy, 4.3)


    In a meditation circle, the pillars are the people who assist the MC in holding the energy, that is, securing the highest possible spiritual connection.

    Main points and mechanisms

    • The opposite pillar sits opposite the MC, ready to engage eye contact with him/her whenever appropriate. The left and right pillars sit on each side of the MC. Other pillars can be instigated in key geometrical positions in the circle of people.
    • Pillars should not be changed every week.
    • It is essential that pillars arrive and take position a few minutes before the beginning of the meeting in order to stabilize the connection of the circle or cathedra.
    • The ability to hold verticality is the main qualification required to be a pillar.

    Origin of the term

    Clairvision techniques.


    State of inner chaos in which the deepest samskaras are revealed and emotions reach their paroxysm.

    A pit can be the opportunity for massive transpersonal shifts and deconstruction. In practice, however, people often give up the work when they come near a pit.

    Origin of the term

    Clairvision mapping.

    Planetary forces

    In the Clairvision mapping, the term 'planetary forces' refers to the energies of the planets of astrology (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto) and to the symbolism attached to each of them.

    For instance, Venus planetary force refers to Venusian qualities of refinement, softness, inspiration, etc.

    Main points and mechanisms

    • "Astrology is a highly refined and comprehensive symbolic language, based on a set of archetypes. It can be applied to reach a profound understanding not only of the human psyche and its transformations, but also of physiology, pathology, healing and various phenomena in nature." (Sagan, Samuel, Planetary Forces, Alchemy and Healing 1.1)
    • Planetary forces are powerful concepts when it comes to describing subtle experiences of consciousness – which is the principal reason why a fair amount of astrological knowledge has been incorporated in Clairvision teaching material. As soon as students assimilate the basic elements of astrological symbolism, they find it natural to use these concepts when mapping consciousness. To describe what they perceive, they speak of Saturnian structure, Jupiterian dynamism or Plutonian intensity... The palette of astrological archetypes is rich and particularly well adapted to describe forces of consciousness.

    Plastic envelope

    The plastic envelopes are specialized parts of the etheric body, such as the envelope of the heart or the pelvic envelope.

    Main points and mechanisms

    • The term 'plastic' refers to the malleable nature of etheric substance, as in some kind of semi-fluid plasticine.
    • Some of the envelopes are best described as fine etheric mists, usually associated with one particular organ (e.g. the lungs, or the liver) or a region of the body (e.g. peritoneal cavity).
    • "The etheric as a whole reflects the astral, and the chitta is that part of the etheric which is specialized in reflecting thought forms (which originate in the astral). More specifically, the chitta is a 'chaos' – in the noble meaning that alchemy gives to this word. Its plastic substance is always changing and moving, not unlike an ocean. Its waves are what the Indian tradition calls the vrittis, the unceasing thoughts and 'semi-thoughts' that people feel in their head when closing their eyes to meditate." (Sagan, Samuel, Planetary Forces Alchemy and Healing 23.5)
    • "Just as chitta is a fraction of the etheric body specialized in receiving thoughts, so one finds in the etheric body two other plastic envelopes: one in the area of the heart center, the other in the pelvis. The plastic envelope of the heart has much to do with emotions and moods. That in the pelvis is related to sexuality. Both are made of impressionable, plastic, semi-fluid, etheric substance." (Planetary Forces, Alchemy and Healing 23.7)
    • "I use the term 'envelope' because it is commonly found in esoteric literature. However it sometimes wrongly conveys the idea of an empty shell. In reality, the plastic envelopes are 'filled envelopes'. Perhaps it would be preferable to refer to them as 'substances', or 'fields', which would describe their nature more accurately. But the term 'plastic envelope' has been used by various other authors. Moreover, it is consistent with the Sanskrit term kosha, which means 'sheath', or envelope; and thus I prefer not to introduce a new word." (Planetary Forces, Alchemy and Healing 23.7)
    • "Just as the texture of the chitta may vary greatly from one individual to another, so the substance of the other plastic envelopes is sometimes subtle, sometimes gross. Even in a given individual, the substance can be quite different from one day to another, depending on which moods are cultivated. Sexual activity also results in dramatic variations in the pelvic envelope, not only because instincts and desires imprint shapes onto it, but because the energy of the partner, or partners, also leaves an imprint." (Planetary Forces, Alchemy and Healing 23.7)


    Perceived above the head, the standpoint from where consciousness can operate non-dimensional functions of superastrality, as well as resonate with higher angelic frequencies.

    In the Clairvision work, power of the Point is the key to the supermind and a number of other expanded states of consciousness.

    Main mechanisms

    • In the Clairvision mapping, to avoid confusion, the Point – as in power of the Point – is always written with a capital P.
    • It is through the Point that mental consciousness reaches the physical body. See Elyani's detailed explanations in Atlantean Secrets, 9.32.
    • In other words, the Point is like a prism through which the non-dimensional astral body is projected into the dimensional etheric and physical bodies.

    Origin of the term

    Clairvision supermind techniques.

    Power of the Point

    Super-focused states of consciousness.

    Supermind frequencies which resonate with the centers above the head.

    The power of the Point operates with packed thoughts, and can access archetypal forces and superastrality. It can therefore resonate with the supermental consciousness of gods and angels.

    Main points and mechanisms

    • "The power of the Point is a principle of expansion of consciousness. It allows human beings to transcend the limitations of their mind and raise to the consciousness of gods, angels and Flying Dragons. When they approach higher beings without the power of the Point, men are like ants who try to decipher the hymns of the Law. They can hear them from a distance, but they can never understand the meaning." (Atlantean Secrets 7.20)
    • Szar learns the power of the Point in The Book of Elyani, "The speed of the flow of thoughts above my head is phenomenal. It's as if one hundred angels were all talking to me at the same time. But it does not happen inside my head. It's above..." Elyani explains: "Concentrated knowingness".(Atlantean Secrets 9.11)
    • When transformed, the venom turns into power of the Point.


    See table under pre-manifested.


    The dissolution of the creation which takes place at the end of a cosmic day. See manvantaras.

    Main points and mechanisms

    Pre-manifested (or non-manifested)

    The level from which all things start emerging at the onset of a cosmic day, and where all things return before the beginning of a cosmic night.

    Absolute pre-manifested
    Sanskrit: brahman Sanskrit: avyakta Sanskrit: vyakta
    beyond forms shapeless archetypes shapes, manifested forms
    unchanging potential actualization of the potential
    Being prima materia
    the 'substance' of creation
    the creation
    Sanskrit: purusha Sanskrit: prakriti
    mula-prakriti (root prakriti)
    pradhana (pre-located)
    manifested prakriti
    beyond dimensionality root of dimensionality non dimensional, fluid dimensional and dimensional levels
    beyond duality duality in potential duality expressing itself.

    Main points and mechanisms

    • The terms 'pre-manifested' and 'non-manifested' are strictly equivalent.
    • Just as a jar is made of clay, so the creation is 'made' out of the non-dimensional prime matter of the pre-manifested level.
    • One of the main things to understand here is that the non-manifested is not the same as the Absolute. The non-manifested is on this side of the Golden Shield; the Absolute is beyond it.

    Predator, or predator character

    A domineering, manipulative and ruthless character.

    Characters often come in pairs, with opposite motives and emotions. The predator is usually the flip side of a victim character.


    Stage of existence in which human beings have a poor sense of their own individuality, or no sense of individuality at all.

    Main points and mechanisms

    • In the early prepersonal stage, human beings were one with the Divine, but without any sense of individuality. Then comes the personal stage, in which individuality is acquired at the expense of a near-complete disconnection from spiritual worlds. Finally, in the transpersonal stage, human consciousness is to regain its unity with the Divine, while retaining individuality.
    • Until the fall, human beings were completely prepersonal.
    • Many human beings still have prepersonal psychological features, such as lack of boundaries and personal references, vagueness, being easily influenced by other people, following the established models of society without questioning them, taking on the wanting of others, lacking assertiveness, being unable to say no.

    Prepersonal enlightenment

    A merging with the Divine in which all individuality is dissolved.

    The main forms of prepersonal enlightenment are:

    In the Clairvision mapping, prepersonal enlightenment is usually opposed to transformation and transpersonal enlightenment.

    Prepersonal stage

    A past stage of evolution in which human beings had a much greater sense of unity with God and with Nature, but a poor sense of their own individuality and little or no self-determination.

    Following the prepersonal stage comes the personal stage, then the transpersonal stage.


    The flavor of consciousness that characterizes a being, whether a high angel or a small parasitic being such as an entity.


    Permeating states of consciousness or structures of energy with your presence.


    A word or short sentence which summarizes a principle of the work.

    The plural of the word principium is principia.


    • Principium: "Will weaknesses can't be solved just on the carpet."
      Meaning: when people have a fear of action, their problem can't be solved only by sourcing the fear and exploring emotions. At one stage or another, they must take action in the world.
      The analogy could be taken of a weak biceps. Sourcing the cause of the weakness is good and may certainly help, but ultimately, it is by exercising the muscle that it will become strong, not just by looking at emotions.
    • Principium: "Word gravity"

    Professional character

    The character that people wear at work.

    Main points and mechanisms

    • When people get into their professional character, their tone of voice changes instantly. Secretaries answer the phone in a particular way, doctors or managers speak with a certain authority, and so on.
    • The professional character is a superastral character: it is developed through resonance with the superastral upper currents of a particular work environment, of which it gains a natural know-how. And the professional character plays a powerful role in reinforcing the personal structure of an individual.


    Vertical knowingness in spoken form.

    An advanced interactive technique in which the connector tunes into the client's time track and archetype, and expresses his/her perceptions through the word.

    Main points and mechanisms

    • The prophecy technique rests on the verticality of the column above and on the word.
    • Through the verticality, the word is engaged. Through the word comes the knowing.


    A simple, convenient, non-committal word to refer to the astral body at large.

    Psyche is the Greek word for soul, but in English its meaning is quite diffuse. It is 'that sphere in which all psychological things take place'. The vagueness of the term is what makes it useful, in particular in discussions with people who aren't familiar with subtle bodies.

    Psychic sleep

    States of sleep during which awareness is retained.

    See Night Practice.

    Purple plains

    The Knowledge Tracks are grouped in paths, the principal paths being the Vision Path and the Clarity Path. The Purple Plains are the first region of the Vision Path.

    See online list of presently available Knowledge Tracks.

    - Q -


    Modalities of consciousness such as inner vibration, inner light, and inner sound.

    Main points and mechanisms

    • The qualities are not only used in meditation, but also for the purpose of connecting – tuning into beings as well as into inanimate objects.
    • Verticality is the quality on which the work on the column above is based.

    Origin of the term

    A number of Indian techniques of kriya and kundalini yoga rest on the qualities of vibration, light and sound. So do meditation techniques taught by Sikh gurus.

    - R -


    An emotional wave, a movement, or an utterance which originates from a samskara.
    Reactions are conditioned responses of the astral body, fed by charges, and in which no free will is involved.

    Main points and mechanisms

    • The difference between action and reaction is similar to that between feeling and emotion.
    • An action which comes in reply to some event or stimulus and yet is not a reaction is called a response.
    • Until major self-transformation work has been achieved, people's functioning is essentially reactional.

    Real world

    See unreal world.


    "Receiving doesn't mean doing nothing, waiting till someone else has finished giving to you. Receiving implies an active opening, by which you let someone else reach you. It is an art. It requires dropping barriers, letting go of rigidity and samskara-related facades. Allowing someone inside your space is a superior act of courage.
    People who do not know how to receive can't give beyond a certain limit. There is a certain rigidity in their giving. Even with the best of intentions, a dimension is missing." (Sagan, Samuel, Choir Manual 21.4)

    Main points and mechanisms

    • Receiving is an indispensable complement to aspiration. Without the proper attitude of receptivity, aspiration turns into a farce: people jumping and yelling for help on the one hand, while blocking the light of superior worlds on the other hand.


    Regaining that which human beings lost at the time of the fall.

    Main points and mechanisms

    • This gives the word regeneration a very precise meaning: the conclusion of the evolution cycle that began at the fall, and the overcoming of all the limitations that followed.
    • The fully regenerated human being is no longer Homo sapiens but Homo angelicus, no longer man or woman but androgyne.

    Origin of the term

    Christian philosophers and esotericists such as Jacob Boehme, William Law, Swedenborg, and the Martinists.


    Going back to the source of emotional blockages for the purpose of healing early childhood or past-life traumas.

    Regression is one of the avenues of IST.


    The expression 'the relative' stands for levels of duality, subject to change and transformations.

    The terms 'Absolute' and 'relative are often opposed:
    the Absolute the relative
    unchanging impermanent
    beyond duality realms of duality
    beyond pralaya, never dissolved subject to pralaya, and therefore dissolved at the end of every cosmic cycle


    Located beyond the spheres of Melchisedek, the spheres of remoteness are inhabited by the flying dragons, intelligences belonging to different evolutionary streams than the human life-wave.

    Main points and mechanisms

    • The spheres of remoteness are fantastically distant, mysterious spaces in which consciousness operates according to principles completely foreign to human beings.
    • "To him, the journey had lasted not seven months but seven aeons. For in the spheres of remoteness, time can be stretched, and curved back, and concentrated all in one point, and made to explode in lines which run in every direction and again can be stretched, and curved into an infinity of temporal paradoxes." (Atlantean Secrets 1.2)
    • "With the ardent passion of glacial extragalactic spaces,
      Voidness eternal,
      Darkness invisible,
      Stupendous cosmic rigs,
      Stretched aeons looking back to the future,
      I watch the birth and death of worlds and clusters of worlds.
      Thy song, Mother! I love Thy song!
      Elixir of infinity, mathematical euphoria, I drink the music,
      And tipsy, I spin and tumble my way through spaces and fields of stars.
      Time is still young. Let us hurry.
      I return."
      (Atlantean Secrets 17.2)
    • See Great Ant.

    Origin of the term

    Clairvision mapping.

    Requesting access

    Declaring your name, spiritual affiliation (the school you belong to) and the name of your teacher so as to be granted access to a particular sphere or space of consciousness.


    • Wolfgang Karamazoff, student of the Clairvision School, requesting access.
    • Wolfgang Karamazoff, student/disciple of Samuel Sagan, of the Clairvision School, requesting access.

    Main points and mechanisms

    • Just as a photon is as much a wave as a particle, so guardians can be seen as entry pathways as well as beings. To enter a house, you pass through the door. Similarly, requesting access is like entering through the 'doorway' of a space. Vice versa, not requesting access is like blindly hitting the wall of a house instead of walking through the door.
    • See Atlantean Secrets, 5.8, where Szar is taught to how to request access, which results in a complete transformation of his traveling experiences.


    Because of the precise meaning given to 'reaction' in the Clairvision mapping, there is the need for a word to qualify actions that are not samskara-generated, yet come in response to some event.

    Main points and mechanisms

    • When you are reacting but refuse to admit it, call it a response. (Joke)

    Revelation Sky

    The sky of the worlds of the gods.

    The uppermost regions of the triangle.

    Main points and mechanisms

    • Revelation Sky contains the finest and most powerful archetypes.
    • "Never in my entire life had I even imagined that something as magnificent as that sky could exist. The blue was so clear, so alive that my heart was shocked and I started crying."( Atlantean Secrets 5.18)
    • "From the helmet, in a global flash, the highest secret of knowledge was revealed. Simple, absolute, final...
      The key to omniscience is to become Revelation Sky.
      Revelation Sky, who forever lies over the Molten Sea like a lover on his lover. (Atlantean Secrets 15.9)

    Rex Mundi (or 'the Rex')

    The Latin term Rex Mundi, 'king of the world', comes from the Gnostic tradition, where it is used with the meaning of 'prince of darkness' – Ahriman in Clairvision mapping.

    In the jargon of the Knights of the Apocalypse, Rex Mundi is often shortened to Rex.

    Main points and mechanisms

    • The significance of the term 'king of the world' is discussed in Atlantean Secrets 14.7.


    A practice through which a connection is established with non-physical beings.

    Main points and mechanisms

    • This definition contrasts with the loose modern use of the term 'ritual', which covers circumstances such as losing your first tooth or burning your personal journal. These may have symbolic significance, but strictly speaking they do not qualify as rituals.

    Root charge

    The powerhouse behind all emotional charges and desires.

    Main points and mechanisms

    • The mother charge is held in the toroid.
    • The voltage held in the root charge is a limited manifestation of the power of the Dragon.

    Origin of the term

    Clairvision mapping.

    - S -


    Samskaras are imprints left in the psyche by emotionally-charged experiences.

    The general principle

    • "You have a car accident at a particular place. Then, for a long while, each time you drive past that place you feel uneasy; a wave of fear arises. You may even feel uncomfortable just by thinking of the episode. The traumatic imprint left in your mind after the accident is called a samskara. The malaise that subsequently appears each time you drive past the place is called a reactional emotion, or more simply an emotion." (Sagan, Samuel, Regression, Past-Life Therapy for Here-and-Now Freedom 1.1)
    • "Samskaras are the tracks left in the mind by previous traumatic experiences. Roughly speaking, samskaras are the 'scars' of the mind. (The association samskara-scar is easy to remember...) Samskaras can therefore be regarded as imprints or scars in the astral body."

    Main points and mechanisms

    • The more intensely charged a samskara, the stronger its propensity to encapsulate.

    Origin of the term

    Hindu philosophy, and in particular the teachings of masters of Vedanta.

    Samskara process

    The samskara process is one of the pathways leading to the resolution of emotional issues.

    The steps are as follow:

    • Sourcing the samskara behind the emotions. This is usually done through IST. In some cases the sourcing can be achieved near-instantly, just by diving into the purple space of the third eye. But for major samskaras, several IST sessions and months of patient work may be needed before being able to let go of the encapsulation and contact the samskara.
    • When contacting the samskara, the person re-experiences the traumatic circumstances which caused the samskara to be imprinted in the psyche. This may be an episode of early childhood or of a past life.
    • In the case of major samskaras, re-experiencing the traumatic episode is accompanied by an opening at the deepest of the psyche, and the release of intense emotional charges. The metaphysical opening, as much as the release, can bring about profound realizations leading not only to the resolution of emotional issues, but also to a reorientation of the personality. People become more in touch with their Higher Ego. They gain in depth, find new meaning and purpose in their life, change their ways of relating to others.

    Summarizing the sequence of the samskara process

    • emotion
    • samskara
    • re-experience – opening – release
    • personality shift

    In the Clairvision work the samskara process is a powerful way of dealing with emotional issues but it is not the only one. Resolution can also come from working on charges, without exploring samskaras or re-experiencing the traumas which created them. See charge process.

    Sandman effect

    A descending energy that creates sleepiness and a thick, heavy, gooey mental state.

    Main points and mechanisms

    • The best remedy is uplifting.
    • The sandman effect is a false fatigue. If you have the power to uplift, the sleepiness instantly disappears.
    • The sandman effect is created by particular types of soporific venom.

    Origin of the term

    Clairvision mapping.


    See superastral pulsing.


    A position held with total stillness and with connection, resulting in a greater degree of independence of the etheric body from the physical body, and a certain degree of separation of the upper complex from the lower complex.

    More generally, a seal is a still position through which one subtle body or layer is withdrawn from another.

    Main points and mechanisms

    • In the present condition of human beings, one of the main factors limiting the expansion of consciousness is that non-physical senses are glued to their physical counterparts. The slight (or not so slight) withdrawal of the etheric body from the physical, as operated during a seal, has a powerful effect in speeding up the development of non-physical perception, and of subtle bodies in general.

    Origin of the term

    Seal is the English word that best renders the Sanskrit mudra.

    Second creation of gods

    Because the asuras became proud and separated from the One God, a second creation took place. The gods born from this second creation are those which presently occupy the worlds of the gods or Triangle.

    Main points and mechanisms

    • The concept that the first created beings turned dark and were replaced by a second creation of gods is found in several traditions. In Sanskrit texts, the devas replaced the asuras. In Greek mythology the titans were defeated and replaced by Zeus-Jupiter.
    • "Born from the Mother of the Light, the gods woke up in the Molten Sea,
      And they sacrificed to the One God,
      And the strength of the One God was their strength.
      And there were wars in the heavens..."
      (Atlantean Secrets 1.5)


    The faculty of vision independently of any (physical or subtle) organ.

    For perception to take place, there has to be three factors:

    • a perceiver;
    • a perceived object;
    • the process by which the perceiver cognizes the object.

    In the case of vision, this third element is called seeingness.

    Main points and mechanisms

    • Seeingness is explained in Awakening the Third Eye, 5.4 and 7.12.
    • If seeingness is a mystery, simply try to feel images instead of looking at them. Another simple way of understanding an instruction such as 'tune into the heart with seeingness' is: 'tune into the heart from a space of vision.'
    • The concept of 'space of vision' is extremely close to that of peripheral seeingness.

    Origin of the term

    Clairvision mapping. The term is so logical that it may well have been used by other authors, even though we have never come across any reference.


    State of pure being, or is-ness, devoid of sense of individuality.

    The transcendental level of human consciousness.

    Main points and mechanisms

    • In the Clairvision mapping the terms Self and Higher Self are synonymous.
    • The use of the word Self in the Clairvision mapping is consistent with the atman (Self) of the Upanishads and of Hindu philosophy at large.
    • See Ego for the important distinctions between Ego, Self and Spirit.

    Separation of the sexes

    The transition through which early human beings were divided into males and females, thereby losing their hermaphroditic status.

    Main points and mechanisms

    • This theory, already found in Plato, was part of mainstream Kabbalah. It is also found in the doctrines of several Christian and esoteric writers such as Gregory of Nyssa, John Scotus Eriugena, Jacob Boehme, Rudolf Steiner, Max Heindel.
    • The separation of the sexes was one of the major events of the fall.

    Origin of the term

    The term 'division into sexes' would perhaps have been clearer than 'separation of the sexes'. However, the latter term was adopted in the Clairvision mapping because it is commonly found in the writings of Heindel and in English translations of Steiner's works. Besides, 'separation' adequately describes the terribly painful split of the lost half, as described by people who re-experience the fall through Clairvision techniques of past-life regression.


    The term shadow is not part of the Clairvision mapping.

    In Jungian psychology the shadow is the part of yourself that you refuse to acknowledge and keep repressed because of its negative, frightening or morally unacceptable tendencies.

    This, from the perspective of the Clairvision mapping, corresponds to a mixed bag including as varied elements as samskaras, entities, the embryo with its destructive instincts but also its high potential for creativity, LB-related tendencies... Each of these are related to different energy centers, follow completely different mechanisms, and are explored through different processes.

    This makes the term shadow too vague to be of any practical use.


    Shattering refers to the fragmentation and disintegration of the astral body that takes place after death.

    Main mechanisms

    • Some of the fragments which result from the shattering fall into dust; others become entities. See Sagan, Samuel, Entities, Parasites of the Body of Energy, Chapters 4 and 5.
    • The shattering of the astral body is one of the main reasons why people can't remember their past lives. See Regression, Past-Life Therapy for Here and Now Freedom, Chapter 8.


    See Dragon.

    Silent Sounds

    A sound (eg 'ooo' or 'iii') which, instead of being spoken or chanted, is made to resound in your energy.

    silent sounds inner sounds
    produced as part of a meditation technique perceived in meditation
    silently spoken/chanted heard inside
    etheric, etheric word, transformed etheric body higher spiritual realms, noetic worlds...
    agents of etheric transformation lead to experiences of cosmic consciousness

    Main points and mechanisms

    • Silent sounds are a modality of the word.
    • Silent sounds are a vehicle to plunge into depths of the life force.
    • Inner sounds versus silent sounds: inner sounds are the buzzing, hissing or high-pitched 'oooo'-types of sounds heard in meditation, while silent sounds are 'silently spoken' or 'silently chanted'. As you advance in the practice of silent sounds, however, the distinction may not be as obvious. Some silent sounds are much more powerful when tuned into, rather than silently chanted.

    Sky of the gods

    See Revelation Sky.


    Abbreviation for soli-lunar period.

    Solar Logos

    The manifestation of the Divine who is in charge of humanity and of the ladder of worlds to which human beings belong.

    Main points

    • Logos is the Ancient Greek term for Word, the creative principle as in, "In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He was in the beginning with God. All things were made by him, and not one thing was made without him." (John 1:3)
    • Solar Logos, Lord Melchisedek and Christ consciousness:
      In Atlantean Secrets, the Lord Melchisedek is presented as being identical to the Solar Logos. And it is certainly not false to regard Solar Logos, Lord Melchisedek and Christ as being one and the same consciousness – experientially, they are perceived as one and the same consciousness. More precisely, however, Christ and Melchisedek are not the Solar Logos itself but combinessent emanations of it. The Lord Melchisedek was the manifestation of the Solar Logos which took care of humanity during the Atlantean period. Christ consciousness is the manifestation of the Solar Logos in charge of humanity for this present period.
    • The Solar Logos is to the spheres of Melchisedek what the Sun is to the Earth, and what the Ego is to a human being.
    • The Solar Logos corresponds to what Max Heindel calls 'the God of our Solar System' Rosicrucian Cosmo-Conception, part 2, chapter 5, p. 182.

    Soli-lunar period

    The day of the month when the angle between the Sun and the Moon is identical to what it was on the day and hour of birth.

    Often abbreviated into slupe (pronounced, 'sloopee').

    Main points and mechanisms

    • Soli-lunar periods are one type of time window.
    • Soli-lunar periods are times when a profound regenerative impulse takes place in the jing. They are therefore powerful times to operate processes of inner alchemy and healing.

    Soporific venom

    Modalities of venom which favor peripheral states of consciousness, such as sleep, or expanded intoxicated states of vision.


    Rendered dull and sleepy by soporific venom.

    See also sandman effect.


    In the Clairvision mapping of subtle bodies, the soul corresponds to the astral body.

    This is not only consistent with Rudolf Steiner, who strictly equates soul and astral body, but also with ancient Greek literature, in which psyche, the soul, was the seat of emotions, passions and lower rational faculties (while daimon corresponded to the superastral body of the Clairvision model.)

    Soul forces of enlightenment

    • Empathy
    • Joy
    • Enthusiasm
    • Clarity
    • Opening
    • Integrity, dedication to Truth

    Main points and mechanisms

    • These are called soul forces 'of enlightenment' because they are not just psychological qualities, but vehicles for something greater to shine: the light of the Spirit.
    • The soul forces of enlightenment give a positive direction to the work on emotions. Instead of just working at eliminating emotional blockages and negative conditioning, students are invited to actively develop the soul forces.
    • Cultivating the soul forces of enlightenment is not a mere polishing of one's psychological nature, it is a transformation work, bringing the Ego into the creation. This goes towards the integration of the psychological and metaphysical dimensions, which is one of the essential aspects of transpersonal Clairvision.


    See inner sound.


    Discovering and realizing the truth of things behind facades and appearances.

    Starting from the perception of something superficial and moving towards profound states in which keys to understanding and transformation are contained.

    Main points and mechanisms

    • Clairvision students first discover sourcing through IST (Inner Space Interactive Sourcing). When learning IST, sourcing is first applied to emotions. Starting from an emotional issue, the dynamics of IST lead you to re-experience the traumatic imprint (samskara) behind the emotions. Because the samskara is the unseen cause of the emotions, the process of unveiling it is called sourcing.
    • As you advance in IST, it becomes clear that sourcing is a profound function of consciousness which can be applied to far more than just discovering the seeds of emotional problems. Sourcing leads you from gross to subtle, from external appearances to essential reality. As such it is one of the central tools when it comes to mapping consciousness.
    • In many ways, the emotional work conducted in IST is a learning of sourcing, which is then applied to exploring consciousness, discovering non-physical worlds and beings.
    • Involution is one of the major forms of sourcing.

    Origin of the term

    One of the essential words of the Clairvision work.


    Space is a convenient word to describe stations encountered during meditation and traveling experiences.

    Unlike the physical space of present human beings, spaces of consciousness are not necessarily three-dimensional. Spaces can have less or more than three dimensions. They can also be states of consciousness for which the concept of a finite number of dimensions – even zero dimension – is inappropriate. However, in this wider meaning, the term space is not very useful, since any level of consciousness can be called a space.

    For this reason, it is strongly recommended to reserve the term space for unpacked spaces which have some dimensionality and are akin to the purple space of darkness visible. Non-dimensional spaces are better designated with the term 'state'.

    Space matrix

    In Atlantean Secrets, Space Matrix was the extraordinary guidance system and universal knowledge bank used by the Flying Dragons 'from beyond the Abyss of the Deep and the Fault of Eternity' when they travel in the spheres of remoteness.

    Main points and mechanisms

    • "Flying Dragon requesting access to Space Matrix guidance system for Underworlds regions of Melchisedek's spheres."
      "Access granted. Thorough mapping for requested area is available from the system's Universal Knowledge Bank. Exit via the matrix. Fly, Dragon!" (Atlantean Secrets 12.12)
    • "Space Matrix – a special guidance system which the Flying Dragons have established for themselves throughout the spaces of remoteness. As it is embedded in the very matrix of space, it operates in all spheres of remoteness; and so they can never lose their way. Whichever sphere they visit, the guidance system is available to them and automatically assists them if they need help." (Atlantean Secrets 12.6)
    • "Tuning into Space Matrix was always a phenomenal experience, with not only the sharp awakening of power of Point frequencies of consciousness, but also the out-of-the-seven-sphere vastness of the Flying Dragons' transcendently multi-dimensional enlightenment. The feeling was one of awesomely ancient knowingness and wisdom – Space Matrix had first been established aeons before the birth of the human hierarchy, and then re-established at the dawn of each cosmic cycle ever since." (Atlantean Secrets 14.23)

    Origin of the term

    Atlantean Secrets.

    Space scanning

    Vision of light, structures, or beings in the dark or purple space of third eye meditation.

    Main points and mechanisms

    • The space of space scanning is darkness visible, or sometimes spaces neighboring darkness visible.
    • Space scanning is one of the fundamental modes of perception.

    Space scanning, a solid foundation for vision

    • It is not prepersonal.
    • It is a most useful instrument of knowledge.
    • It can easily be combined with vertical knowingness.
    • It is reliable, repetitive, objective: you feel the same things when tuning into the same structure several times. Different people often come up with similar observations. They can discuss their perceptions with each other. At this present stage of evolution where human beings are poorly in touch with Point and superastrality, space scanning is the form of vision on which there is the most chance to get a group of people to agree as to a particular perception or observation of non-physical reality. This makes it the instrument of choice for mapping consciousness, the objective investigation of non-physical realities.

    Origin of the term

    Clairvision mapping.

    Space traveling

    When practicing the third eye meditation it is common to move from space to space. This can be accompanied with the perception of being in faraway places, but at the same time consciousness remains in the body: the meditator can open his/her eyes at any time. In practices such as vision spaces it is even possible to be in a faraway space while keeping one's eyes wide open.

    This form of traveling is called space traveling to differentiate it from astral traveling, a term reserved for out-of-the-body experiences.

    Spectrum of consciousness

    The totality of all states of consciousness envisaged as one spectrum, not unlike the notes of a keyboard.

    The spectrum of consciousness is to states of consciousness what the cosmological ladder is to worlds or levels of reality.


    Worlds, or levels of existence.

    The cosmological ladder to which human beings belong is comprised of the following spheres:

    • the spheres of Highness
    • the spheres of the triangle, or worlds of the gods
    • the intermediary worlds (darkness visible being the intermediary world closest to the physical world).
    • the kingdom, or physical world
    • the underworlds
    • the spheres of Lowness (identical to the spheres of Highness)

    Beyond this ladder (sometimes referred to as the 'spheres of Melchisedek' are the spheres of remoteness, each of them forming a ladder of its own, and inhabited by various kinds of flying dragons.


    Starting from the atom, or any of the envelopes, and following a path of etheric involution, one comes to the spheroid: the fluid dimensional root of all plastic envelopes.

    In an experience of the spheroid, the atoms of the different envelopes collapse into one center, around which the envelopes seem superimposed on top of each other, or merged.

    The spheroid is analogous to the body of the 'blobs', early human beings who lived in a state of pre-verticality and lesser differentiation than present-day humanity.

    It is called spheroid, not sphere, because at its fluid dimensional, involuted level the sense of contours in blurred. The experience is one of roundness, rather than spherical geometry.


    The manifesting force of spiritual worlds into the creation.

    Main points and mechanisms

    • Spirit is written with a capital S, so as to differentiate it from spirits, as in entities and beings of a lower kind.
    • Taking the Ego as a light bulb, the Spirit would be the light.
    • See Ego about the differences between Ego, Self and Spirit.
    • In Christian iconography, the Holy Spirit is often depicted as a dove descending onto people's heads. In the Clairvision model this corresponds to the experience of Spirit descending along the verticality of the column above.

    Origin of the term

    Spirit comes from the Latin spiritus, 'breath'.

    Spirit pulsing

    The Spirit-related quality that pulses through the heart and the most spiritual layers of the blood.

    Main points and mechanisms

    • "Spirit pulsing and heartbeat: It is not rare for the Spirit pulsing quality to be perceived superimposed on the heart rhythm. This is how some people discover the Spirit pulsing: they feel as if their heart was beating extremely fast and irregularly. But taking their pulse, they realize that their heart is actually beating at a normal pace. So the quality they are feeling is not the beat of their physical heart, but a non-physical pulsing. The pulsing quality and the heartbeat are sometimes synchronized, but usually only over short periods of time, after which they separate again." (CKB Qualities)
    • "Vibration and Spirit pulsing are completely different qualities. The vibration is a manifestation of the etheric, with all its limitations. This pulsing is a Spirit-related quality leading to transpersonal openings and major alchemical transformations. It is therefore essential to discern – and perceive – the completely different natures of vibration and Spirit pulsing. In particular, not any pulsing vibration qualifies as Spirit pulsing! The vibration quality can be sharp, subtle, lively, refreshing, pure and delicious – that does not make it Spirit pulsing!" (CKB Qualities)
    • Atlantean Secrets, Book 19, Woolly experiences pulsing as the central quality of the Fields of Peace.

    Spiritual character

    A character with a passionate interest in spirituality. It can never get enough of meditation, readings, classes, workshops and the teacher's company. Its ambition is to become highly enlightened.

    The spiritual character's main flaw is that, precisely, it is a character, meaning a samskara-motivated part of the astral body. Its aspiration is a form of greed, focused on spirituality instead of material wealth or pleasure.

    There is nothing wrong with having a spiritual character, as it is usually what gets people started on a spiritual path. Without a spiritual character, very few beginners would find the motivation and the steadfastness required to meditate and carry out practices.

    However, because it is samskara-based, it is just a matter of time before this motivation becomes eroded. By that stage it is essential that a higher form of aspiration be engaged, otherwise the person will lose all interest in spiritual work, stop the quest, and become absorbed in the usual mundane pursuits.


    An area of the body which, while practicing meditation or a technique of emotional exploration such as IST, becomes sensitive or even painful due to the emergence of a samskara-related charge.

    Main points and mechanisms

    • By definition, the pain associated with a spot is not linked to a physical cause, but is due to a build up of astral tension.
    • In IST, spots are used to access samskaras and release the charges associated with them.


    In the cosmogony of Rudolf Steiner, Max Heindel and the Theosophists, at the end of each cosmic cycle there are stragglers, beings who fail to achieve the transformation work planned for them during that cycle, and who therefore cannot step up to the next stage of evolution in the following cycle.

    Thus the luciferic beings were stragglers of the Ancient Moon (the cosmic cycle which preceded ours). Having failed to complete the human stage during the Ancient Moon, they could not return as Angels, and therefore became the LBs of this present cycles.

    Origin of the term

    The term straggler was used by Max Heindel. It is also quite likely it was used by some of the Theosophical writers who promoted the model of the manvantaras.


    In the cosmology of Atlantean Secrets, the streams are currents of energy which flow through the cosmic spheres.

    The streams are to the space of the spheres what meridians are to the human body.

    See Atlantean Secrets 9.16, a major scene in which Lehrmon explains how the energy of the fields was derived from the streams, and gives several other insights into the cosmic dimension of the streams.


    Thin cords of energy perceived during night practice.

    When the body is lying horizontally, the strings extend upwards from the limbs, head and trunk, and especially from the heart.

    During night practice, letting your consciousness 'glide upwards along the strings' is a powerful way of experiencing expanded states of consciousness and vision.


    Clairvision mapping.


    In the Clairvision mapping, structure is used in two meanings which must be clearly distinguished:

    • Structures (plural) refer to various subtle organs or structures such as chakras, gateways, etc.
    • Structure (singular) refers to 'the ability to go from A to B', meaning to carry out elaborate tasks, manage complex situations, solve problems, and organize.

    Structure (the second one) is concept of extreme significance, hence the necessity to clearly discern it from structures. For this reason, mappers are advised to use terms precisely: say a structure when referring to one of the structures (gateway, subtle organ, etc.), and reserve 'structure' (without the pronoun a) for the second meaning.

    Structure – ability to go from A to B

    • Structure is one of the foundations of the will, as well as a scaffold for the development of the Ego.
    • Structure brings a know-how of achieving.
    • In the supermind work, structure is equated with superastrality.

    Subtle anatomy

    Just as anatomy studies the physical body, so subtle anatomy explores the architecture of subtle bodies: non-physical structures and layers which constitute them, their mutual interactions, and the way they relate to the physical body.

    Subtle bodies

    The non-physical layers which, together with the physical body, constitute a human being.

    Subtle bodies form the non-physical hardware of consciousness.

    See bodies.

    Subtle bodybuilding

    In the Clairvision work, inner alchemy refers to the development of the subtle bodies. In the present condition of human beings, subtle bodies aren't completely shaped – not unlike unused atrophied muscles which do not respond to the conscious will. The term 'subtle bodybuilding' adequately reflects the sustained effort by which subtle bodies and their constituting structures are perceived, shaped, crystallized, made operational, integrated to your consciousness and submitted to the rulership of your Higher Ego.

    In short:
    The more you do, the more you get.
    The more you practice, the more building you achieve.

    Suffering versus pain

    In the work of the Clarity Path, a strict distinction is made between pain and suffering:

    Suffering is associated with reaction mechanisms and emotional entropy.

    Pain is what is left of suffering when samskaric reactions are silenced.


    • [Sitting on the beach...] "Suddenly, you feel a stabbing pain in the left side of your chest. It is so intense that your breath is taken away and you have to sit down. Immediately you start thinking of a heart attack or some other terrible disease, and a chain of associations follows – hospital, health insurance, and so on. Despair takes over! Then one minute later, you suddenly realize that a wasp was trapped inside your shirt, and that the pain came from having been stung. This brings instant relief! The 'injury' is exactly the same, but your suffering drops by more than half. The reason is simple; a few seconds ago you had a heart attack, and now you have just been stung by an insect. Even though the physical pain is exactly the same, your suffering is greatly diminished." (Sagan, Samuel, Regression, Past-Life Therapy for Here and Now Freedom 7.1)
    • "In the present human condition, pain is unavoidable. As long as you inhabit a physical body, you have to experience pain from time to time. Suffering is of a different nature. It is a reaction of the manas/mind that magnifies the pain and adds various emotional frills and thrills to it. In many cases, pain is only transient; but if one wishes one can always add to it and suffer more – there is no limit. This knowledge can easily be communicated to young children. For instance when they hurt themselves a little, mimic terrible suffering. Roll on the floor for fun, yell loudly, saying, "I suffer, I suffer" using all your melodramatic resources – they will get the message. The irony, of course, is that adults do the same all the time on another level, when they keep magnifying insignificant vibrations into huge emotions." (Sagan, Samuel, Regression, Past-Life Therapy for Here and Now Freedom 7.6)

    Main points and mechanisms

    • In suffering, the astral body indulges.
    • Living in a physical body, encounters with pain are unavoidable. Suffering, however, can be completely eradicated.

    Origin of the concept

    Vedantic teachings such as those of French master Arnaud Desjardins.

    Sugar venom

    Modalities of venom which speed up the functioning of the astral body, intensify the emotions of the mind, and reinforce personal features.

    Showers of sugar venom are usually followed by phases of emptiness, fatigue and sluggishness. Sugar venom is an important term of the supermind work.

    Origin of the term

    Clairvision work on the Power of the Point.

    Superastral body

    The vehicle of superastrality.

    Main points and mechanisms

    • Related to the column above, the superastral body is the vehicle of structure.
    • The superastral body is not necessarily permeated by the Ego: one can be a genius in a way that does not involve the Ego in any fashion (geniuses can be messed up or, even evil). And certain beings which inhabit superastral layers do not have an Ego.
    • Once permeated by the Ego, the superastral body becomes the transformed superastral body.
    • Note also that the transformed astral body is different from the superastral body. You can have a transformed astral body and be more or less an idiot! A transformed astral body is an Ego-permeated astral body, in which samskaras have been mopped up, and emotions have been replaced by feelings. The transformed astral body feels fantastic, but is not necessarily endowed with superior intelligence.

    Origin of the term

    One of the topics on which the Clairvision Foundation did years of uninterrupted mapping work.

    Superastral forum

    When people belonging to an organization or a society meet and interact with each other on a regular basis, it often happens that they also see each other at night during sleep.

    This happens even if the organization has no spiritual activities, as in some business corporation.

    It also happens in the case of societies with only occasional (but regular) meetings, for example the Freemasons, the Rotary Club, or Mensa.

    A very simple level of this experience has to do with dreaming of your colleagues, as if you were carrying tasks with them during the night.

    Another example can be, if enrolled in a school or university, to dream that you are attending classes during the night.

    The term superastral forum refers to the space in which people meet and conduct nightly activities.

    Main points and mechanisms

    • In 'superastral forum', the term superastral refers to the fact that the superastrality of some superorganism is involved.
    • If friends who are not part of an organization happen to dream of each other at night after seeing each other during the day, then there is no superastral forum involved. Just the continuation of the etheric-astral exchange.

    Origin of the term

    Clairvision mapping.

    Superastral pulsing

    Super-fast pulsing quality perceived in the column above in advanced practices of the power of the Point.

    Often abbreviated as SAP.

    Main points and mechanisms

    • The SAP brings awakening and superastrality to the column above.
    • Through the quality of superastral pulsing, consciousness connects to high archetypal regions of Revelation Sky.

    Origin of the term

    Clairvision work on the Power of the Point.


    An extremely powerful concept that emerged in the Clairvision mapping in 1996.

    In short

    Superastrality refers to levels that stand above ordinary mental consciousness.

    Main points and mechanisms

    • When working on the transformation of thinking and the power of the Point, students often come across levels of superior mental activity which operate much faster than the ordinary mind and fathom much greater depths of thinking. Yet these levels are horizontal levels. Their horizontality is not the same as ordinary mental consciousness. They stand above the OMC, and operate according to different principles.
      These levels are the superastral layers.
      There is a great multiplicity of superastral layers, hence the image of filo pastry sometimes used to describe superastral layers. Each layer has its own flavor of consciousness, and its own laws, mechanisms, and beings.
    • The term 'superastral' (which, as far as we know, has not been used before) was chosen because it is not just clearly evocative of its meaning but also tightly consistent with the rest of Clairvision terminology:
      • superastral clearly conveys the concept of levels of astrality which stand above the astrality of ordinary mental consciousness.
      • The astral body is the vehicle of the mind. Similarly, the superastral body is the vehicle of supermind.
    • Geniuses are people who know how to tap from superastrality.
    • Structure and superastrality are one and the same thing.
    • Superastrality is accessed through verticality.
    • Corporations, i.e. superorganisms, are ruled by superastrality, often under the influence of corporate beings.

    Origin of the term

    Clairvision mapping.


    Superfast, frictionless mental functioning. Multiprocessing intelligence which transcends the limits of the normal human mind.

    Main points and mechanisms

    • Supermind frequencies and superastrality are one and the same thing. Just as astrality is the energy of the mind, so superastrality is the energy of the supermind.
    • In the Clairvision work, supermind is cultivated through verticality, power of the Point and the transformation of the venom.
    vehicle functional expression
    astral body mind
    superastrality supermind


    A group of individuals who, collectively, act as one entity, or superorganism.

    Main points and mechanisms

    • Superorganisms are governed by upper currents of superastrality, linked to corporate beings. This not only provides great consistency of terminology, but also sheds a fascinating light on biological and sociological theories relating to superorganisms, by linking these theories to the Clairvision model of superastral forces and beings.

      individual superoganism
      astrality superastrality
      mind superastral currents

    Origin of the term

    The term comes from biology: Morton Wheeler, William, The Ant Colony as an Organism, Journal of Morphology 22, 1911, pp. 307-325. Wilson, Edward, The Insect Societies, Cambridge Harvard University Press, 1971, p. 317. (Quoted in Bloom, Howard, The Lucifer Principle, Atlantic Monthly Press, 1995.)


    A bad word for mapping.

    When a sentence is prefaced by "Surely...", what follows usually has more to do with comforting oneself with personal assumptions and preconceived ideas than with a quest for objective mapping.

    Synesthesia (or synesthesia)

    From the Greek syn, together, and aisthesia, to perceive. (Compare with anesthesia, which means no sensation.)

    Synesthesia is a joining in which the information of one sense is accompanied by perception in one or more other senses. It is identical to the 'sense mix-ups' mentioned in Clairvision third eye work.

    A synesthete is someone who has synesthetic perceptions.

    The concept proves useful when teaching people how to use their third eye: third eye perception is synesthetic in essence. Hence key instructions of the Clairvision work such as, "Don't try to see the light, feel it!" and many practices based on sound in the Knowledge Tracks.

    - T -

    Tessellated pavement

    The tessellated pavement (or chessboard) stands for the evolution of humankind from grey to black and white, meaning, from the stage of prepersonal blobs to that of awakened beings endowed with free will, and therefore having to choose between powers of light and powers of darkness.

    Through this evolution a polarization takes place, as in the prediction of Rudolf Steiner: in the future, there will only be two kinds of human beings: white magicians, and black magicians.

    Main points and mechanisms

    • The polarization of humankind into a tessellated pavement forms the substratum for the predictions regarding the Apocalypse.

    Origin of the term

    The tessellated pavement is a classic symbol of western esotericism. For example, it is found on the floor of masonic temples. In the Clairvision model, this old symbol is used as metaphor for the humanity of the future.


    The art of invoking angelic presences and working with them.

    Main points and mechanisms

    • The Clairvision style of theurgy is called angelic resonance.
    • "The Eisraim style of theurgy is based on the Point, with a number of additional variations and devices of consciousness," explains Gervin in Atlantean Secrets 12.18.

    Origin of the term

    Coming from the Greek theos, 'god' (or 'God', depending on the context) and ergon, 'work', it seems the word theurgy made its entry on the scene of western esotericism with the Chaldean Oracles, a text written around the end of the 2nd century AD. The Chaldean Oracles, now lost, was one of the principle sources of inspiration of the Neoplatonists, who developed entire systems of theurgy, and who in turn inspired several trends of western esotericism – the Rosicrucians, in particular.

    Third eye

    Organ of inner vision and command center of the body of energy.

    If so much emphasis is placed on the third eye in the first phases of the Clairvision work, it is because this work is experiential – a mapping of consciousness, subtle bodies and worlds.

    The third eye gives direct perception of non-physical realities, thereby allowing students to gain first-hand experiences, rather than having to rely only on theories.

    Main points and mechanisms

    • In the Clairvision work, the third eye is often referred to as 'the eye'.
    • Rather than a patch of energy on the forehead, the third eye is a tunnel that extends from the back to the front of the skull.
    • There are several centers of energy along the tunnel, in particular:

    Third eye meditation

    One of the fundamental meditation techniques of the Clairvision work.

    It is comprised of four phases:

    • throat friction, with awareness in the larynx
    • vibration in the eye connected to throat friction
    • (inner) light in the eye connected to throat friction
    • purple or dark space, connected to throat friction

    The third eye meditation is described in Sagan, Samuel, Awakening the Third Eye 3.7.

    Thought forms

    The astral shapes which are the structural aspect of thoughts.

    Getting to perceive thought forms is the first step in the process called Transformation of Thinking.

    Throat friction

    A simple but extremely powerful technique which consists of making a friction sound both while inhaling and exhaling.

    Its effect is to crystallize structures of energy and to induce high states of vision and connection.

    The throat friction technique is described in Sagan, Samuel, Awakening the Third Eye 2.1.

    Threshold keepers

    See Guardians.


    The central channel of energy that extends from the top of the head to the root of the body (perineum).

    Main points and principles

    • The thunderwand is the principal channel of the etheric body. Yet it is not just etheric, its higher levels resonate with the higher consciousness of the Ego. Of all the channels of the etheric body, the thunderwand is the one in which the Ego manifests most directly and powerfully.
    • Taking the body as a temple, the thunderwand would be the flame on the altar.

    Main points and mechanisms

    • The thunderwand corresponds to the sushumna nadi of Sanskrit text.
    • Note that in the Hindu Tantric tradition, the most central level of the sushumna (central channel) is called vajra, 'thunderess' (Shat-Chakra-Nirupana verse 1).
    • English uses different words for thunder and lightning. Several other languages such as Sanskrit, ancient Greek, Latin and its modern derivatives do not. When Clairvision terminology was established, a difficult choice had to be made between lightning and thunder, (not just for the thunderwand, but also for the Masters of Thunder). Thunder won. Yet it should be clear in the student's mind that in reality both lightning and thunder are meant.

    Origin of the term

    Introduced by Samuel Sagan in the teachings of the Clairvision School. If you are after a term to refer to this channel in your own system of work, then better use 'central channel'. Thunderwand refers to a central channel that has specifically been cultivated with the Clairvision technique of thunderwand meditation.

    Thunderwand meditation

    One of the main Clairvision techniques of meditation. It uses qualities such as inner light, inner sound and levity, and cultivates the thunderwand, the master channel of the body of energy.

    Time crossing

    In a time crossing, one or more experiences of your past or future superimpose on top of your present, creating a profound feeling of your Ego and of its continuity in time.

    Main points and mechanisms

    • Not just any deja-vu experience qualifies as a time crossing! A time crossing implies a deep experience of your Ego.
    • Time crossings bring the realization of yourself as having had many former lives, and many lives to come.

    Origin of the term

    Introduced by Samuel Sagan when formulating the IST technique.

    Time track

    A person's destiny – past, present and future – perceived as a line.

    Main points and mechanisms

    • Exploring people's time track is one of the avenues of the prophecy technique.
    • See The Book of the World of the Gods 15.5, where a goddess opens two windows: "one showed a tall blond man, the other a pretty brunette with big brown eyes, both in their late twenties. 'Look at these two lines of destiny. They resonate beautifully with one another, but they never cross. This is because he lives in the Western Shores, and she lives in the Southern Plains. Now look... I curve the man's line, so it touches hers for a few days.'" (Atlantean Secrets 15.5)

    Time window

    A period of time with special energy characteristics, creating an opportunity to establish a spiritual connection, operate a psychological transformation, a metaphysical shift, or a healing.

    Origin of the term

    Introduced in the Clairvision mapping in the early 1990's. As the term is quite general, it is possible others had used it before.

    Toroid (The)

    In geometry, a toroid is a doughnut-shaped structure.

    In the Clairvision mapping, 'the toroid' is a master structure of energy located just below the perineum and the anus. The toroid holds the root charge and acts as a gateway leading to the power of the Cosmic Waters and the Dragon.

    Main points and mechanisms

    • The toroid is located at the junction of the thunderwand and the column below.
    • There are several toroid-shaped structures in the body of energy. To avoid confusion, when used by itself, 'the toroid' always refers to the structure at the root of the body.
    • See also the grand toroid.
    • In The Book of the Great Dragon of the Deep the toroid is called the 'gate of the Waters'. Through this gateway, the Great Warriors pulled the Dragon's breeze (or Dragon's breath) into their body. (Atlantean Secrets 6.15 and 6.16)

    Origin of the term

    Clairvision mapping, early 1990's.


    'Tradition' often conjures associations of something primarily focused on the past. In the Clairvision model, however, the word is used with quite a different meaning:

    A stream of angels, spiritual beings and masters working in unison, bringing enlightenment to the planet or carrying out other specific tasks in the cosmic plan.

    In particular, the tradition behind the Clairvision School may be ancient but its direction is to work in the present and for the future, not to repeat models of the past.

    Note that in contexts such as 'the Indian tradition' or 'the Buddhist tradition', the word tradition is used in a much looser way. It then doesn't refer to a collaboration of beings but to general principles and myths that link together a variety of teachings and spiritual groups into a greater whole.

    Historically, religions have provided a context for the incarnation of traditions.

    Main points and mechanisms

    • "By masters, here I don't necessarily mean physical people. There are many masters who no longer live on the planet, or who only incarnate on Earth from time to time, but who are totally focused on helping the Earth in its spiritual development. And there are also myriads and myriads of angels who, even though human beings may not be their only preoccupation, shine their light onto humanity, and are always willing to relay spiritual forces to human beings.
      In a tradition several levels of spiritual forces concur to make light available to human beings. A tradition is a pathway to God, capital G, as opened and facilitated by angelic and other beings.
      There is of course only one God, capital G, but not all pathways to God go through the same angelic presences. Different traditions rest on different angels, beings and masters. And this is why the inner feeling and atmosphere when meditating in a Buddhist temple is completely different from what you can experience sitting in a Christian church. The atmosphere in a place of worship is the spiritual radiation of the beings which constitute the tradition." (Knowledge Track Portal 1, 3.3.6)

    See also lineage.

    Origin of the term

    Significantly, the word tradition comes from the Latin trado, tradere: to hand over, to transmit.


    The term transcendental is best reserved for the Absolute, beyond the Golden Shield, meaning beyond all forms of duality.


    From the Latin trans, across, and scandere, climb.


    In the Clairvision mapping, a specific meaning is given to the term transformation: the Ego-permeation and maturation of the subtle bodies, and ultimately of the physical body.

    This refers to generating the transformed bodies: transformed astral body, transformed etheric body, transformed physical body.

    By extension, transformation refers to forms of spiritual work where the purpose is an evolution through which one can experience divinity while retaining existence in a manifested form, as opposed to eastern forms of spirituality where the ultimate purpose is liberation – a dissolution into the Absolute, never returning to the Earth.

    Main points and mechanisms

    • Note that in the Clairvision mapping, not all positive changes and self improvements qualify as a transformation! The term transformation is equated with Ego-transformation: the permeation of a vehicle by the higher consciousness of the Ego. A transformed astral body, for instance, is an Ego-permeated astral body. Unless they have been Ego-infused, a smart astral body (superiorly intelligent) or even a de-samskarized astral body (emotions perfectly in order, no reactions, etc.) do not qualify as transformed astral body.
    • The Archetype is the main architect of transformation.

    Transformation of thinking

    Clairvision processes that begin with the perception of thought-forms, and the presencing and verticalization of thinking. Higher echelons deal with the power of the Point, the alchemy of the venom, and the unleashing of supermind frequencies, or superastrality.

    Transformed astral body

    Just as the astral body is the vehicle of reactional thoughts and emotions, so the transformed astral body is the vehicle of Ego-presenced thoughts and of feelings.

    Main points and mechanisms

    • The transformed astral body is one of the vehicles that constitute the body of immortality.
    • What defines the transformed astral body is Ego-permeation, not superior intelligence. Functions related to supermind pertain to the superastral body.
    • The transformed astral body of the Clairvision model corresponds to the Spirit Self of Steiner's teaching.

    Origin of the term

    Term coined by Samuel Sagan in the mid-1980's. Despite a general desire to rest on existing terminologies, it was clear that the terms 'transformed astral', 'transformed etheric' and 'transformed physical' were far more simple, logical and consistent than the 'Spirit Self', 'Life Spirit' and 'Spirit Man' of Anthroposophy.

    Transformed bodies

    Ego-infused vehicles which, as a result of spiritual evolution, take over the functions of the astral, the etheric, and finally the physical body.

    These bodies are:

    Additionally, the corpus describes a transformed superastral body, which can be regarded as an extension of the transformed astral body.

    Transformed etheric body

    Just as the etheric body is the vehicle of life force, subject to decay and death, so the transformed etheric body is the vehicle of eternal Life.

    Main points

    • The transformed etheric body of the Clairvision mapping corresponds to the Life Spirit of Steiner's writings.

    Transformed physical body

    The culmination of the process of evolution, the transformed physical body corresponds to the stage when matter has been fully spiritualized by the Ego.

    • The transformed physical body of the Clairvision mapping corresponds to the Spirit Man of Steiner's writings.

    Transformed superastral body

    Ego-permeated superastral body.

    Main points and mechanisms

    • In a TSAB, the know-how, intelligence and higher inspiration of the superastral body (SAB) are guided by the light of the Ego, rather than swayed by the forces and beings of superastral worlds.
    • A genius (i.e. someone with a well-developed SAB) can be messed up due to samskaras. Not so of someone with a TSAB.
    • Vice versa, while people with a transformed astral body may be very stable and non-reactive, it remains that without superastrality they are unlikely to have a high IQ. One can have a transformed astral body and be unintelligent.

    The following table is an oversimplification to help put the concepts into place:

      astral body superastral body
    untransformed messed up and unintelligent superiorly intelligent but messed up
    transformed non-reactive but unintelligent non-reactive and superiorly intelligent

    The right upper quadrant represents the most dangerous fraction of the population by far. Pushed to the extreme, it corresponds to the level of luciferic beings.

    Having completed the right lower quadrant, human beings will have become gods.

    Origin of the concept

    Foundation work on superastrality.

    Transformed venom

    Venom turned into superconsciousness through the power of the Point.

    Main points and mechanisms

    Origin of the concept

    Clairvision work on the power of the Point.


    The prepersonal, personal and transpersonal stages are 3 phases in the evolution of human consciousness. To simplify a long (and therefore multifaceted) plot:

    • In the prepersonal stage, human beings have little or no sense of individuality, but there is union with the Divine.
    • In the personal stage, a sense of individuality has appeared, but at the cost of a loss of connection with the Divine and with spiritual worlds.
    • In the transpersonal stage, the sense of individuality is retained, and unity with the Divine has been regained.

    Main points and mechanisms

    • The transpersonal stage is epitomized by the words of Paul: "Not me but Christ in me."
      I am crucified with Christ: nevertheless I live; yet not I, but Christ liveth in me: and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by the faith of the Son of God, who loved me, and gave himself for me. (Galatians 2:20)
      But by the grace of God I am what I am: and his grace which was bestowed upon me was not in vain; but I labored more abundantly than they all: yet not I, but the grace of God which was with me. (1 Corinthians 15:10)
    • From the very definition, forms of enlightenment in which no sense of individuality is retained do not qualify as transpersonal – even if they entail a high connection with the Divine and great powers of consciousness.
    • Note that many other systems use the term transpersonal in a different way, without requiring the awakening of the Ego, regarding any transcendence of personal limits as transpersonal states (including therefore states of samadhi and the like). In the Clairvision mapping, however, only Ego-permeated states qualify as transpersonal.

    Transpersonal enlightenment

    States in which the Ego is one with the Divine while retaining individuality, as opposed to prepersonal enlightenment and impersonal enlightenment – states in which all individuality has been dissolved.


    The worlds of the gods.

    On the cosmological ladder, they begin above the intermediary worlds, and end at the Edge of Highness.

    Why a triangle to represent the world of the gods?

    • Among the symbols of alchemy, the upward pointing triangle stands for the fire element. The world of the gods is based on the tonality of fire. Explains Elyani in The Book of the World of the Gods:
      "This earthly denseness, the gods would rather call inertia. A lack of fire, a lack of light. Matter in the [physical] kingdom is opaque and dull. It has Spirit inside itself, but it is out of touch with it. Whereas in the world of the gods, matter is infinitely more in touch with its fire" Elyani moved her fingers quickly, sparking a bright halo around her hand. "Look around you, Szar. These trees, this grass, this sky... do they look unreal?"
      "No," I conceded.
      Actually, they looked a thousand times more real than anything I had ever contemplated in the [physical] kingdom.
      "Super-fast, super-dense, super-charged!" I realized.
      "Super-charged with fire, this is exactly what it is. In the world of the gods, the fire element is infinitely stronger than it is in the world of human beings. The Law of the gods says, 'Our world is a world of fire. Our matter is fire, our mind is fire.' This is why our bodies shine, and so do the trees, the rivers and every single thing you can see in our plane." (Atlantean Secrets 15.4)
    • The symbolism of the number three is related to the act of creation, in the widest meaning of the term. From a couple, a new (and third) being is procreated. Duality is fertile, three is the expression of its creative potential.
    • The shape of the triangle is evocative of the multiplicity of the creation (the base of the triangle) emanating out of the non-manifested (the tip of the triangle). Thus the function of the gods is to 'create', meaning to emanate the creation out of the non-manifested.
    • In the Indian tradition, the symbolism of the number three is closely associated with the world of the gods, as shown in this passage of the Brihad-Aranyaka Upanishad (3.9.1):
      "How many gods are there, Yajñavalkya?"
      "(...) Three and three hundred and three and three thousand."
      "Yes," the other answered, "but, truly, how many gods are there, Yajñavalkya?"
      "Yes," he answered, "but, truly, how many gods are there, Yajñavalkya?"
      "Yes," he answered, "but, truly, how many gods are there, Yajñavalkya?"
      Ultimately, the Upanishad concludes there is only One God.
    • Note that this association between three and the world of the gods has nothing to do with the Christian concept of the Holy Trinity. In the Clairvision model, the Trinity relates to the following principles:

    Origin of the term

    Atlantean Secrets.

    Triangular seal

    Part of the teachings on the power of the Point, the triangular seal renders consciousness impermeable to venom showers.

    See Atlantean Secrets 12.18, where Gervin initiates Szar into the triangular seal.

    Origin of the term

    Clairvision techniques of supermind.

    - U -

    Unborn God

    The highest level of the Personal God.

    Main points and mechanisms

    • The Unborn God, which corresponds to the Sanskrit Ishvara, is the very first spark out of which the entire creation has emerged.
    • The Unborn God is to the creation at large what the Solar Logos is to the spheres of human beings.
    • Each Flying Dragon ladder has it own Solar Logos (or equivalent). The Unborn God is the combinessence of all of them. In other words, the creation can be pictured as an infinity of cosmic ladders. One of the these cosmic ladders is inhabited by human beings and their related angels. All other cosmic ladders are occupied by Flying Dragons.
      The Unborn god is the level of unity where the tips of all Triangles, meaning the upper extremity of all cosmic ladders, meet.

    Origin of the term

    Clairvision mapping. So called to establish a distinction from the myriads of gods born at the beginning of each cosmic cycle.


    Levels of existence or spheres located below the material word in the cosmological ladder.

    Main points and mechanisms

    • Following Hindu cosmology, the Clairvision mapping does not see the underworlds as hells but as magnificent levels teeming with treasures and phenomenal powers of consciousness.


    Spiritual students, as long as their deep emotions haven't surfaced, are considered 'unerupted'. They may show great spiritual motivation and enthusiasm about the work, but there is no assurance they will still be interested in working on themselves once the eruption has taken place.

    Main points and mechanisms

    • The eruption is not unlike a second puberty, bringing to life new aspects of the astral body.
    • As long as the eruption hasn't occurred, major parts of the astral body cannot be transformed, because they are unacknowledged, unconscious, and out of reach.
    • Once erupted, if students retain their spiritual motivation, then they become candidates for enlightenment.

    Origin of the term

    Clairvision mapping.

    Universal Mother

    The female side of the Divine.

    Main points and principles

    • The Mother of the Light is the aspect of the Universal Mother who unfolds the early stages of the creation, bringing about the birth of the light principle at the dawn of a cosmic cycle.
    • The Dragon of the Deep is the earthly determination of the Universal Mother. The Dragon of the Deep is to the Mother of the Light what the Solar Logos is to the Unborn God. In Atlantean Secrets, the Dragon of the Deep is also called She-Dragon of Infinite Wisdom, the Mother of the Endless Night, or simply 'my Mother the Dragon'.

    Universal Knowledge Bank

    Non-physical archives in which phenomenal amounts of information are stored.

    Main points and mechanisms

    Origin of the term

    Clairvision mapping.


    The universe is the physical world at large, including galaxies and all astronomical objects. The universe, however, does not include non-physical levels of reality.

    To refer to the totality of all manifested levels of reality, physical and non-physical, the word 'creation' is used.

    Unpacked thought

    A thought expressed in some form of inner discourse, as opposed to a silent knowing.

    Main points and mechanisms

    • The discursive mind (ordinary mental consciousness) operates through unpacked thoughts.
    • The more unpacked, the less intuitive the functioning of the mind, and the slower it becomes. People who cannot operate without unpacking thoughts are incapable of abstract thinking.
    • Speed-reading has a lot to do with the ability to hold thoughts in packed format instead of unpacking them, meaning mentally speaking the words.

    Origin of the term

    Clairvision mapping on dimensionality.


    Going from packed to unpacked. For example, expressing a silent knowing in the form or a sentence. Or taking a vision from a non-dimensional to a dimensional level.

    Main points and mechanisms

    • Before a plant can exist on Earth, it must first exist in the form of a packed blueprint (or archetype) in the archetypal worlds. The manifestation process, by which the archetype becomes a physical form, is an unpacking.

    Origin of the term

    Clairvision mapping on dimensionality. A concept of crucial importance when it comes to exploring higher regions of consciousness.

    Unreal world

    When finishing a meditation retreat, it is not rare to have mixed feelings about returning to the real world. Besides, seen from deep meditation states, the so-called 'real world' doesn't always appear so real. Therefore, instead of 'real world', Clairvision students jokingly speak of the 'unreal world' – a vocable which, no doubt, would appeal to Indian and Buddhist masters.

    Origin of the term

    Coined by Candice Oneida, of the Clairvision Foundation.


    Operating an anticlockwise movement of energy on certain gateways, with the purpose of loosening the etheric body from the physical and of unbinding the upper complex from the lower one.

    The technique is part of night practice, and is implemented for the purposes of vision and traveling.

    Main points and mechanisms

    • As indicated by this graphic term, the movement of energy is similar to undoing a screw.

    Origin of the term

    Clairvision techniques.


    One of the cardinal techniques of the Clairvision work, uplifting consists of pulling energies up along the central thread of the column above.

    Main points and mechanisms

    • Due to the thickening and obscuration of the astral layer that characterizes our epoch, many people suffer from an astral heaviness that wears out their life force and creates states of semi-permanent fatigue. One of the mechanisms is an accumulation of heavy energies in the column above, which can be corrected through uplifting.
    • As such, uplifting is one of the principal healing devices used by Clairvision practitioners when working with patients suffering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.
    • In the Knowledge Tracks, the uplifting technique is introduced in the third KT of the Purple Plains, Fu Xi's Mountain.

    upper complex

    lower complex

    Upper complex

    The astral body and the Ego working together. See also lower complex.

    Main points and mechanisms

    • Even though the physical body, the etheric body, the astral body and the Ego are four separate principles, it remains that in many cases their actions combine so that it is convenient to group them into an upper and a lower complex. Sleep, for example, is a transient (and incomplete) separation of the upper and lower complexes. At death, the upper complex separates from the lower one in a complete and irreversible way.

    Upper currents

    Waves that sway an organization (or superorganism) under the influence of corporate beings.

    Main points and mechanisms

    • Ever witnessed a wave of agitation in your workplace, with everyone panicking about the possibility of losing their job due to some totally unfounded rumor? This is typically an upper current.
    • Upper currents are so called because they interact to the centers of energy located above the head.
    • A number of trends, winds of change and eruptions that take place within organizations can be fully understood only with the perception of the corporate beings which cause them.

    Origin of the term

    Clairvision mapping.

    - V -


    See Body of Vastness.


    A term synonymous with body.

    Subtle bodies are the vehicles of different levels of consciousness. Thus the etheric body is the vehicle of life, the astral body is the vehicle of mental consciousness, the superastral body is the vehicle of supermental processes, and so forth.


    One of the key concepts of the Clairvision work of inner alchemy, venom covers a range of meanings:

    • Venom refers to the mental consciousness of gods and angels – whether angels of light or angels of darkness. Why 'venom'? Because this supermental energy is such a concentrated force that if it were to enter the mind of a normal human being without any filtering, it would burn it out.
    • Venom is also used in the wider meaning of astrality, i.e. influx of energies coming from the astral body. In humans and animals, the interaction between the astral and the etheric bodies is such that the astral principle constantly causes grasping, tension, and a wearing out of vital energies resulting in aging and death.

    Main points and mechanisms

    • Due to word gravity, a common misconception is to believe that venom can only be a negative or destructive principle by nature. An analogy could be made with electric current: the fact that it can kill does not mean there is something 'evil' about it – only that it must be managed in the proper way.
    • In supermind work, two categories of venom are discerned:
      1. sugar venom, which speeds up mental processes and intensifies emotions
      2. soporific venom, which can create a sleepy condition of the mind, but also expanded states of consciousness and far-reaching vision
    • "The Point is like a funnel, through which mental consciousness reaches a person's head. But they receive only drops of it..." (Atlantean Secrets 9.32) In scene 10.2, Szar learns that the Point can be compared to a sphincter. When loose, it is venom-incontinent. When tight, it is venom-proof. See also 12.18, where Szar is trained in the triangular seal and first learns to shield his Point against venom showers.
    • Venom is a flexible term that can adopt quite different meanings depending on the context: plain astrality, concentrated astrality, a principle of obscuration (as in mismanaged venom that clouds people's minds), weapon of psychic warfare (as with the Nephilim Hunters of Atlantean Secrets), supermind principle, angelic consciousness. Precisely, the power of the concept of venom is to highlight the common ground of all these modalities.

    Origin of the term

    Clairvision techniques. The term was taken from alchemical texts, where it is used with a comparable symbolism.

    This surely is a great miracle and without deception – that in a venomous dragon, there should be the great medicine. Hermetic Museum, The book of Lambspring

    Venom gateways

    Gateways located on the shoulders, roughly at the intersection of a line following the side of the neck and a line following the upper contour of the shoulder.

    Main points and mechanisms

    • The venom gateways receive astral energies (i.e. 'venom') from the astral body. They link to the kidneys through descending channels.
    • A specialized IST sub-technique uses sustained pressure on venom gateways to trigger states of intense catharsis and deconstruction.

    Venom shower

    Venom leakage through the Point, resulting in the descent of unwanted, toxic energies.

    A venom shower is a sudden, intense dumping.

    Main points and mechanisms

    • See Atlantean Secrets, scene 12.18, where Gervin starts instructing Szar on how to protect himself against venom showers: "The Point is like a sphincter which must be kept tightly closed. Otherwise, it leaks venom into your head. Let me show you..."
    • For a few graphic examples of venom showers, see scene 12.21, where Fridrick the Nephilim Hunter starts training Szar in Point-warfare.

    Venus manvantara

    In the cosmogony of Rudolf Steiner, Venus is the name of the manvantara (cosmic cycle) that follows the Jupiter manvantara.

    In Steiner's model, it is during the Venus manvantara that present human beings will undergo the stage of archangels and develop the Life-Spirit (transformed etheric body).

    Vertical thinking

    Inspired flows of thinking perceived as 'descending' into the mind through the verticality of the central thread.

    Vertical thinking is noetic in essence.

    Origin of the term

    Clairvision techniques of supermind.


    The quality of being vertical. Verticality is easily perceived in the column above. Superastrality is accessed through verticality.

    Verticality is one of the cardinal techniques of the Clairvision work of inner alchemy. It begins by resting on the sense of your own verticality in the central thread, and continues with a set of processes aimed at awakening, perceiving the Ego, the transformation of thinking, and the mastery of superastrality.

    Main points and mechanisms

    • Through an alignment with the verticality of the Spirit, human beings receive inspiration and fortitude from higher realms of consciousness.
    • The term 'clear fountain' refers to verticality, and in particular to the inspirational aspect of vertical knowingness.
    • Verticality links individual consciousness to the multiplicity of superastral layers.
    • Verticality can be used as a technique in meditation, or as a device for dynamic awareness (awareness in action).
    • Spirit and venom flow down into consciousness through verticality.

    See also column above.


    Some use 'vibration' in the wider meaning of any energy, whether physical or subtle. Defined this way, however, the term is far too vague to be of any practical use since there is nothing in the creation that is not vibration.

    In the Clairvision mapping, the term vibration is therefore given in a more limited and precise meaning: etheric vibration, the cardinal quality of the etheric body, often accompanied by a sensation of buzzing.

    Victim character

    A born loser in the games of life, the victim character has a natural tendency to attract failure and abuse. Its main emotions are: feeling miserable and hopeless, and lamenting over its own condition.

    Main points and mechanisms

    • The 'poor little girl' or the 'wimpish little boy' are common forms of victim character.
    • In an IST process, working on a victim character can tend to go round and round until the client discover the victim's flip side: the predator character. Then it often appears that the victim was a self-protection mechanism against the destructive tendencies of the predator character. As the client starts owning the predator, the victim character gradually drops.


    The vijñana-maya-kosha of Vedantic theories on subtle bodies corresponds to the superastral body of the Clairvision mapping.

    In Sanskrit, kosha means 'sheath' or 'envelope'; maya means 'made of'. And vijñana-maya-kosha is the kosha made of buddhi, a term with no equivalent in modern English. The (common) rendering of buddhi by 'intellect' is disastrous, since intellect evokes ordinary mental consciousness (manas in Sanskrit), which is precisely what buddhi is not. 'Discernment' is hardly better.

    Superastrality would be a better translation, even though to be strict buddhi must be equated with the noetic functions of ancient Greek thoughts. Nous and buddhi are the enlightened side of superastrality – the aspects of superastrality that shine with the luminous clarity of the Spirit. Superastrality is a wider concept that includes not only nous-buddhi but also less enlightened and even devious forces of consciousness, such as the higher mentality of luciferic beings for example (who may be wicked but are well capable of accessing archetypal levels).

    See also mano-maya-kosha

    Virgin Spirits

    Before they began their evolution, human beings were virgin Spirits dwelling in Highness, i.e. immersed in the Absoluteness of the Divine. By undergoing a pilgrimage through the manifested creation, the virgin Spirits gradually achieve the full potential of their divinity.

    Main points and mechanisms

    • As long as they are immersed in presence of the Divine, the virgin Spirits feel themselves divine. But once incarnated in a physical body, for example, they lose all sense of their divinity.
      Having completed their pilgrimage through matter (i.e. the cycle of reincarnations taken in its widest meaning, including future cycles of evolution into greater and greater angelic forms) the virgin Spirits will fully retain their connection to the Divine, no matter where they are in the cosmological ladder.

    Origin of the term

    Taken from Max Heindel, who used it with the same meaning.


    See clairvision.

    Vision space

    One of the principal interactive techniques of the Clairvision work. Participants sit in pairs, engaging the third eye and other structures in their subtle bodies to enter spaces of vision where the mapping of consciousness can take place.

    Origin of the term

    Coined by Penelope Hetzel of the Clairvision Foundation


    An object of perception is said to be visionful when it engages subtle vision through the richness of its qualities (inner light, vibration...) or because of the archetypal forces behind it.

    "When perceived from the third eye, some objects are more 'flat' than others. There isn't much light or vibration to perceive in them. Others have something subliminally fascinating about them. They may be ordinary things, physically speaking, but when perceived through etheric sensing (or some other form of subtle perception), there is depth about them. Their qualities carry knowledge. There is much to learn just by tuning into them." (Knowledge Track Buzzing Forest 1 2.2.4)

    Origin of the term

    Clairvision mapping. A very useful concept when it comes to developing non-physical perception.


    Written with a capital V, Voice refers to the phenomenal power through which initiates of the distant past could influence health, vital functions, the growth of plants, and perform several other miraculous feats.

    Main points and mechanisms

    • When humanity recovers the Lost Word, it will regain the power of the Voice.
    • "Their voice abruptly changed. It 'took dimension'. It became strangely vibrant, loaded with a pulse of life which made my energy flare as if Dragon-ignited from above and below at the same time. Amazed, I saw blue and orange flames of light coming out of their mouths. I gasped, realizing that sixteen men were projecting the Voice onto me. Never in my years of rituals with the prestigious Salmon Robe priests or in the chapel of the eternal flame had I seen anything like it. At first, the Voices were caressing me like a smooth Underworld breeze, turning every fiber of my body into solid vibration. But as the Voice projection became more intense, it made me shake and vroof like one of my Mother the Dragon's most violent embraces." (Atlantean Secrets 6.28)
    • "Marek was right, it was unforgettable! A few times in my life, I had heard the Voice, but Voice like this, never! As soon as the loaded sound waves sent by the four men hit my body, the dreamy intoxication of the journey was dispelled and my mind cleared. With total self-awareness, I felt the low-pitched vibrations rushing into my system, saturating my energy with Dragon power. So much force was building up in my body that at first I thought I was going to explode." (Atlantean Secrets 6.8)
    • "That which is thy core and which, long ago, was hidden,
      That which thou hast forgotten,
      That which thou hast lost,
      The Voice will make thee remember.
      That which was torn apart from thee,
      When the Earth was still young and alive with Magic,
      The Voice will make thee remember.
      That which thou thought had died,
      That for which thy heart is crying,
      The Voice will make thee remember.
      That which, for aeons thou hast been seeking,
      And is pregnant with thy forthcoming eternity,
      The Voice will make thee remember."
      (Atlantean Secrets 6.28)
    • For a magnificent narrative of Voice power, see J.R.R. Tolkien's The Two Towers, (Volume 2 of The Lord of The Ring), Chapter 10, 'The Voice of Saruman'.
    • For graphic scenes of Voice power, see Dune, the movie directed by David Lynch (1984).

    A word to the purists

    The use of a capital V in Voice is, like the use of a capital P in 'power of the Point', a departure from the rule that restricts the use of capital letters to principles that are One with the Divine. Voice and Point are both powers that can be used either for light or for darkness, not exclusively as divine manifestations. Voice, capital V, is so written to discern it from normal voice.

    Voice stream

    The stream of energy that flows out of someone's mouth when they speak or sing.

    Main points and mechanisms

    • Systematically paying attention to voice streams when you speak is a powerful way of developing energetic forces in your voice.
    • Voice streams form an essential component of the Clairvision style of entity clearing.


    Whirling forces that take consciousness from one space to another.


    • When meditating on the third eye, perceiving a vortex is a common experience. By letting yourself be 'carried' by the vortex, you are taken into deeper levels of meditation. It is of no consequence whether the movement is forward or backward, clockwise or anticlockwise.
    • Vortices are also often perceived as tunnels, in which you 'fall' forward or backward.


    Rising waves of power coming from the lower chakras.

    The manifestation of the power of the Dragon.

    Main points and mechanisms

    • See Atlantean Secrets, 6.3 ('Dragon Dance') for Szar's first experience of vroofing, during his initiation in the temple of Vulcan.
    • When first contemplating the sea of prima materia – the Molten Sea of the Underworlds – Szar exclaims "It was Dragon-love at first sight... Never had I contemplated so much power. Her vroofing was wild and terrible, and deep, and mysterious." (Atlantean Secrets 10.7)
    • When Maryani swims in the Sea of Lightning, the vroofing power takes on cataclysmic proportions. (Atlantean Secrets 10.9)

    Origin of the term

    Clairvision techniques on the Dragon.

    Vulcan manvantara

    The last of the series of 7 cosmic cycles (manvantaras) described in Steiner's cosmogony.

    Main points and mechanisms

    - WXYZ -


    See thunderwand.

    Wars in Heaven

    The wars in which the gods defeated the asuras.

    In the creation myth of the thunderbolt bearers

    "And there were wars in the heavens,
    Awesome clashes in which the spheres were set ablaze,
    And entire planets shattered into asteroidic pebbles.
    Light fought against darkness, gods against asuras,
    Angels against titans, Spirits of Truth against fallen angels.
    The gods triumphed at the summit of the spheres.
    They conquered the nectar of immortality, and its archetypal powers,
    Mastered the mathematical magic of the uppermost sky,
    And with genius and boldness, repelled their enemies into lower regions.
    A safe heaven they made for themselves,
    A glorious world of light and fire, the top of a high pyramid of worlds,
    Towering upon innumerable other spheres of lesser fire, lesser clarity,
    Lesser joy, lesser fun, and marred with mirages, illusion, boredom.
    Such was the gods' victory and it was great and absolute,
    But only at the top of the pyramid of the worlds.
    Elsewhere, an uncertain and precarious balance remained,
    A cosmos of compromise and half-truths which were but flagrant lies,
    And where light and darkness kept fighting wars,
    But only by proxy, and often in disguise,
    And none of them ever gaining the decisive edge,
    Dilly dallying seemingly endlessly, delaying
    The deadly apocalyptic toll of a final, total confrontation."
    (Atlantean Secrets 1.5)

    Ahriman expelled from celestial regions

    In The Book of the World of the Gods, Szar discovers that after being defeated by the gods, Ahriman was expelled into the physical kingdom. "Do you mean to say, the gods got rid of Ahriman by sending him to our kingdom?" Intoxicated with the elated feeling of highness, I burst out laughing. "Thank you, gods! How very nice of you! We human beings do appreciate this kind attention." (Atlantean Secrets 15.6)

    In the Bible:

    "And there was war in heaven: Michael and his angels fought against the dragon; and the dragon fought and his angels.
    And prevailed not; neither was their place found any more in heaven.
    And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceives the whole world. He was cast out into the Earth, and his angels were cast out with him."
    (Revelation 12:7-9)
    Note how this use of the term 'dragon' contrasts with the Dragon of the Clairvision mapping.

    War of all against all

    One of the conflicts between forces of light and forces of darkness, as part of the apocalypse.

    In Steiner's vision of the unfoldment of time, the war of all against all is to take place at the end of the present (i.e. post-Atlantean) age:

    Polarian Age
    Hyperborean Age
    ======================== Destruction of Lemuria by fire
    ======================== Flood
    Present Age
    ======================== War of all against all
    6th Age
    ======================== Cessation of physical incarnation
    7th Age

    Note that the apocalypse does not end with the war of all against all, but with the transposition of humanity into the Fields of Peace.

    Origin of the term

    There is, to our knowledge, no mention of the term 'war of all against all' in biblical literature. If Steiner chose this term, it was to express that it would be a conflict of a different nature: a global clash of egotistic tendencies, every individual fighting against everyone else.
    A class action of unprecedented proportions perhaps? :)


    Fallen angels who incarnated among human beings in the epoch that preceded the biblical flood.

    Main points and mechanisms

    • The Watchers are so called because, being angels, they never sleep.
    • "And the Watchers have gone to the daughters of men upon the earth, and have slept with the women... And the women have borne giants, and the whole earth has thereby been filled with blood and unrighteousness." (1 Enoch 9:8-10)
    • The descendants of the Watchers were called the Nephilim.
    • According to 1 Enoch (8:1-4) the Watchers introduced humanity to new arts and techniques: the use of metals and precious stones, how to make swords and knives, coloring tinctures, enchantments, astrology, knowledge of omens, the use of ornaments, make up and mirrors.
    • Being one of the central events of the Atlantean epoch (i.e. the epoch that ended with the biblical flood), the revelation of the Watchers is discussed at length in Atlantean Secrets, in particular in Book 7, The Book of the Nephilim Spice. Start with scene 7.20, which closely follows 1 Enoch.
    • The Watchers are one of the categories of luciferic beings.


    See Cosmic Waters.

    Web of Love, or Web of Melchisedek

    The energy of Ego-ness which permeates our world and the spheres of Melchisedek.

    The principle of Love woven in the fabric of our world, the seed for the Ego enlightenment of human beings.

    Main points and mechanisms

    • The Web of Love is the substratum for the maturation of the Ego of human beings.
    • Once they realize the potential contained in the web, human beings will be forever united in love, having become a new angelic hierarchy.
    • Atlantean Secrets begins with the visit of a Flying Dragon, attracted to our spheres by the unique quality of the Web of Love.

    Origin of the term

    Introduced by Samuel Sagan in Atlantean Secrets.

    White Eagle

    Angel of Highness, one of the seminal influences in the tradition behind the Clairvision School.

    A principle of aspiration, Truth and unconditional love.

    White line

    The hair-thin channel of Spirit and Ego-related energy at the very center of the thunderwand.

    Main points and mechanisms

    • The white line isn't different from the thunderwand, it is the heart of the thunderwand: its very center, its most internalized part. The reason for establishing a distinction is that the thunderwand, as a channel of energy isn't always perceived as a line. Sometimes the circulation of energy can be felt up to a few centimeters wide. The white line, on the other hand, is always a line – zero width. But it is not always white. It is a dazzling light, which at times you will perceive as golden, or even white-bluish as in some of the frequencies of the White Eagle. If the white line is called white, it is by analogy with the fact that white contains all the other colors of the rainbow. Similarly, the white line is the archetypal light. It contains within itself the seeds for all shining.
      So, strictly speaking, the atoms aren't the intersection of the chakra-tunnels with the thunderwand. They are the intersection of the chakra-tunnels with the white line. (Knowledge Track Grail Castle 3.3.3)
    • Note that a similar distinction of vocabulary is made between the central thread and the column above. The column above extends upwards, starting from the top of the head. You can think of the column above as an upward extension of the crown chakra. The column above is not a line, it is a column. Whereas the central thread, in the middle of the column above, is a line. It is the continuation of the white line. (Knowledge Track Grail Castle 3.3.3)

    Origin of the term

    Clairvision mapping.


    The power by which consciousness achieves and manifests.

    Will center

    A gateway or energy center located about one inch below the navel, in the area of acupuncture points Conception Vessel 5 and 6.

    Main points and mechanisms

    • 'Sealing the aura', the protection technique presented in Awakening the Third Eye (Chapters 18 and 20), is based on activating the will center.
    • Right behind the will center, and closely associated with it, is the embryo, sometimes also called the embryo of will.

    Origin of the term

    The general concept probably emerged from the hara of martial arts. The writings of Carlos Castaneda also mention something quite similar.


    The creative power with which the Divine manifests the creation.

    In the first verses of the Gospel of John:

    In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.
    Through the Word, all things came to be. And not one thing had its being without the Word.

    Main points and mechanisms

    • The Word is the principle of Life which human beings lost at the fall, and which they are to regain through their spiritual evolution. In John's Gospel:
      In the Word was Life, and the Life was the Light of men. John 1:4
    • The Lost Word is one of the main themes of the Masonic tradition.
    • Logos is the Greek word for Word.

    Word gravity

    Word gravity refers to inappropriate associations created in people's mind by irrelevant, yet commonly accepted meanings of a term.


    • Students often have difficulty understanding that beautiful angelic frequencies may be termed venom, thinking, "If it's angelic, it can't be venom!"
    • Practitioners sometimes fail to recognize the presence of the White Eagle, naively thinking, "The light isn't white, therefore it can't be the White Eagle."
    • Statements such as "If you are not working on the heart, then your spiritual work lacks heart," show a great deal of confusion between heart center and heart quality.

    Notice the following common English terms, which are typical examples of word that don't mean what they seem to say: friendly fire, someone who is green (new to something), a redneck, being cool, being over the moon, computer bug, blue chip... Indeed, friendly fire is deadly, rednecks do not have a red neck, and being cool has nothing to do with low temperature. You can be green whether you skin is white or black, and computer bugs don't have 6 legs.

    The work

    In various streams of spiritual development, both western and eastern, it is not rare for seekers to refer to their quest as 'the work'. Thus the term 'Clairvision work' refers to the implementation of the various processes offered by the Clairvision School.

    This is in keeping with the way western alchemists referred to their art as the opus, a Latin word meaning 'work'.

    Different schools and spiritual streams have different styles of work, with particular principles, methods and objectives.


    In the Clairvision mapping the terms 'world', 'sphere' and 'level of existence' are equivalent.

    Worlds of the gods

    The dwelling spheres of the gods, located above the intermediary worlds and below the Golden Shield.

    Main points and mechanisms

    • The world of the gods is comprised of a multiplicity of levels, culminating in Revelation Sky.
    • In the Clairvision mapping the worlds of the gods are collectively referred to as 'the triangle'.

    World to Come

    See Fields of Peace.


    Usually felt in the heart, the wound is the deepest level of emotional pain, caused by the original separation from the Divine.

    Main points and mechanisms

    • See Patagendradass' myth of the wound, in Atlantean Secrets, 15.6.