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The Clairvision School provides meditation training at a profound level, emphasizing experience over belief.
The approach of the school is resolutely experiential. It is designed for people who cannot be satisfied only with other people's opinions and beliefs, but wish to gain first-hand experience of levels of consciousness.

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North America - New York

Sep 21 - Sep 22, 2024

North America - California

Sep 27 - Sep 29, 2024

North America - California

Sep 27 - Oct 6, 2024

North America - California

Sep 29 - Oct 6, 2024

North America - California

Oct 6 - Oct 13, 2024

North America - San Diego, CA

Oct 12 - Oct 13, 2024

North America - Miami, FL

Nov 16 - Nov 17, 2024

Latin America - México City

Jul 27 - Jul 28, 2024

Latin America - Yucatan, México

Sep 15 - Sep 22, 2024

Europe - Dublin, Ireland

Jul 27 - Jul 28, 2024

Europe - Hamburg, Germany

Aug 31 - Sep 1, 2024

Europe - Cork, Ireland

Sep 14 - Sep 15, 2024

Europe - Cork, Ireland

Sep 14 - Sep 21, 2024

Europe - Cork, Ireland

Sep 21 - Sep 28, 2024

Europe - Cork, Ireland

Sep 28 - Oct 5, 2024

Europe - Goldberg, Germany

May 11 - May 18, 2025

Australia - Adelaide   SA

Sep 28 - Sep 29, 2024

Australia - Sydney   NSW

Oct 12 - Oct 13, 2024

Australia - Melbourne   VIC

Oct 19 - Oct 20, 2024

Australia - NSW

Nov 22 - Dec 1, 2024

Australia - NSW

Dec 1 - Dec 8, 2024

The Clairvision Training

Meditation is about overcoming all mental limitations and discovering the giant inside – raising the voltage of consciousness.

Through the transformative process of inner alchemy and a patient cultivation of subtle structures, there is a raising of the level of vibration of the subtle bodies, raising your consciousness to a higher frequency of being.

The Clairvision training takes you through a systematic work that is designed to give you tools and knowledge to make a spiritual path work - reaching the Self. This work is about depth, substance and rigor. No two paths through the training are the same; you have the freedom to choose where to begin and how you want to continue. Below you will find a detailed listing of the books, online resources, and courses.

To find suggestions for ways to begin the training, you can find ways to begin here.

Clairvision Books

  • Awakening the Third Eye
  • A practical manual outlining a step by step method to awaken the third eye and engage spiritual vision.

  • A Language to Map Consciousness (free)
  • Now in its 8th edition, this comprehensive glossary of terms has been created and compiled through the systematic mapping carried out by Samuel Sagan and students exploring states of consciousness and non-physical levels of reality.

  • Regression, Past-Life Therapy for Here and Now Freedom
  • A concise and practical manual to understand the influence of past-life experiences to be more fully yourself in the present.

  • Entities, Parasites of the Body of Energy
  • Based on numerous case studies, this book presents a thorough, rational approach to understand and explore parasites in the body of energy.

  • Planetary Forces, Alchemy and Healing
  • Discover new ways of looking at yourself and at the world, using the language of astrological symbols and archetypes.

  • Atlantean Secrets Saga (4 Volumes)
  • Storytelling is a powerful and traditional way of passing on spiritual knowledge. Atlantean Secrets explores the scope of human consciousness in the form of a captivating saga.

  • Bleeding Sun
  • A science fiction novel about technology, consciousness and human destiny: To some, Virtual Reality is a drug. To others, the gateway to infinity...

  • Purchase books here

Self-paced Courses

  • Meditation, Portal to Inner Worlds (free)
  • You can start right now with our free 4-part meditation course.

    Knowledge Tracks

  • KT Winds of Change (free)
  • The first 4 talks of KT Winds of Change are available for listening online. The remaining talks are in production and will be released as they become ready.

  • The Vision Path
  • Comprised of 16 Knowledge Tracks (and more coming). The Vision Path is a systematic pathway through techniques to cultivate consciousness and subtle bodies, and discussions on topics of spiritual knowledge.

  • The Clarity Path
  • Comprised of the Flow of Life KT. The work on clarity is fundamental to any spiritual path of depth. This KT is especially suited for people engaged in a work of healing and transformation with an IST practitioner.

  • The Healing Path
  • Comprised of the powerful Death, The Great Journey KT. Beautiful and powerful insights into the greatest journey of all, the journey after life. This KT includes instructions for the practice of reading the Modern Book of the Dead.

  • Subtle Bodies
  • This KT covers the Fourfold Model of Subtle Bodies. We do not have subtle bodies, we are subtle bodies. They are our physicality, our life force, and our consciousness. This KT opens a whole new understanding of the world through the language of subtle bodies.

  • Purchase KTs here

In Person Courses

  • Awakening the Third Eye
  • Weekend Workshop
    Gain knowledge and skills for meditation, spiritual vision and energy cultivation. See full list here.

  • Weekly Classes
  • Weekly Classes
    An in-depth training in meditation and spiritual development. Locations and more information here.

  • Inner Space Techniques: 101
  • Week long Retreat
    Dive into techniques of self-knowledge and inner vision in a week-long retreat of Inner Space Techniques

    More information here.

  • Inner Space Techniques: Focus
  • Week long Retreat
    Through IST, a focus on a particular aspect of the knowledge. More information here.

  • Meditation Retreat
  • Week long Retreat
    Building subtle bodies to hold high states of consciousness. Open to students who have completed at least two IST courses.

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