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KT Death the Great Journey

What happens to you after death?

The Knowledge Track (KT) Death the Great Journey, is the first KT of the Healing Path and is a freestanding module, meaning that it can be taken by people who have not followed any other Clairvision courses.

Prior requirements: none.

If you are new to the Clairvision work, when you order this Knowledge Track you also need to acquire Meditation, Portal to Inner Worlds (MPIW) by Samuel Sagan. Note that students who have already completed Knowledge Track Portal 1 do not need MPIW.

Cost: $130
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KT Death the Great Journey was written by Samuel Sagan, MD, and Cherry Manfield, a practitioner working in the field of dying and bereavement.

Who is the KT designed for?

  • If you are suffering from a serious illness and are contemplating the possibility of your own death
  • If you have just lost a friend or relative
  • If you would like a new approach to the grieving process
  • If you simply want to know what happens to you after death. Are you just your physical body, or does some part of you live on after death? What can you do to prepare yourself?
  • If you have a friend or relative who will be dying in the coming weeks or months
  • If you are a Clairvision Knowledge Track student who has already completed KT Portal 1 and want to explore further teachings

What you will discover in KT Death the Great Journey

Part 1 – Getting on Track

This part provides practical indications on how to use this KT, plus a list of recommended movies you can watch.

Part 2 – Introduction

Part 2 of KT Death the Great Journey introduces you to the Clairvision work in general, including the tradition behind the school.

Part 3 –The Great Journey

In this part you will cover the following areas:

  • The case against materialist dogma, including a lecture on Near Death Experiences
  • The mechanisms of reincarnation in the western esoteric tradition
    • Samskaras
    • Karma
  • Myths of death and reincarnation
  • Reincarnation and enlightenment
  • The Great Journey
    • Pre-death opening
    • The crossing and the clear light
    • Immediate afterlife wandering
    • Journey to the archetype and incarnation
  • Preparing your death
  • Giving help to a dying friend or relative
  • What to do after the death of a close friend or relative

Even though my mother's English is not very good, the KT really helped her to understand my father's journey. It was such a blessing... In a way it empowered her so she was not a victim.
Paul Hermann, Hamburg, Germany

Part 4 – Meditation and other Practices

Part 4, made of audio recordings, guides you through meditation practices and introduces you to the key techniques used in the Clairvision work. There are also suggestions for how you can implement the practice of the Rising Cosmic Self – a practice specific to the moment of death.

Part 5 – A Book of the Dead for Modern Times

I will never forget the experience I had when reading the Book of the Dead from the KT. It gave me time to say goodbye. I was able to give to my uncle in a way which I was never able to in life.
Gilda Ogawa, Bombay, India

The Book of the Dead for Modern Times provides a text which can be read by relatives or friends to assist the person who has died in their afterlife journey. It is accompanied by practical instructions on how to do the reading.

Part 6 – Post Death Practicalities

Provides information to help you weigh the pros and cons of burial versus cremation. Other practical considerations relevant to the dying and their relatives are presented in the form of a death plan.

Working with the KT really changed my perception of death and afterlife. I now have a far clearer perception of who my aunt really is. It also made me feel differently about my own death.
Michelle de Vries Robbe, Sydney, Australia

Your KT Death the Great Journey package includes:

The Knowledge Track includes a significant amount of written material which comes as a PDF, yet it can also be followed with minimum reading simply by listening to the audio recordings.

This material is comprised of:

  • Talks about death and dying
  • Meditative practices to prepare for one's death
  • A Book of the Dead for Modern Times designed to be read to recently dead people
  • Information about a variety of practical topics relating to death, such as the pros and cons of burial versus cremation and how to make a living will

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