What is the Clairvision School?

First created in Australia in 1987 and now offering courses all around the world, Clairvision is a school of meditation. The school has also developed its own style of alternative therapy revolving around the inner space of meditation: Clairvision Inner Space Techniques.

Rather than trying to offer a little knowledge to a lot of people, the school's focus is to give meditation training at a high level. The school is about substance and direct experience, not cheap talk. It favors depth and integrity over quick fixes and easy solutions. Its main asset is the maturity of its members. During its thirty years of existence it has rarely advertised, growing mostly by word of mouth.

In the United States, Clairvision courses are conducted by Point Horizon Institute, a nonprofit corporation.

In Australia, Clairvision courses are conducted by the not-for-profit Clairvision School Ltd. (PO Box 33, Roseville 2069).

Clairvision courses are also offered in the UK and all over Europe, and in South East Asia.

"If you're looking for the most advanced school of meditation in the western world today, you just found it. I rate Samuel Sagan's work more highly than that of any other teacher I have ever met."

Karen Kingston, author of Creating Sacred Space with Feng Shui

The following pages take you through a tour of themes and principles of the Clairvision work:

Meditation is not relaxation

Meditation often conjures up lukewarm ideas in the mind of the public: deep relaxation and vegetable soup. If this is what you think, be ready for surprises: Clairvision redefines meditation as a dramatic raising of the voltage of consciousness – awakening.

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First-hand experience of consciousness

Awakening the Third Eye

The school's approach is resolutely experiential. It is designed for people who cannot be satisfied just with other people's opinions and beliefs, but wish to gain first-hand experience of levels of consciousness. Hence the third eye work.

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The meaning of the word Clairvision


Clairvision does not refer to psychic clairvoyance, but to a state of spontaneous awakening: 'clarity-vision'. It is a vision of the heart, away from the chatter of the mind.

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Clairvision Inner Space Techniques


Before one can become supernormal, one has to become normal. Awakening requires self-cleansing and healing – getting rid of negative emotional imprints and conditioning. Hence the Clairvision Inner Space Techniques, and in particular the IST technique.

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Science, Technology and Consciousness


Raising the voltage of consciousness refers, among other things, to techniques aimed at fast and fluid thought processes, or 'supermind'. There are Clairvision techniques to be used while interacting with computers. The topic of technology and consciousness is explored in depth in the courses of the Clairvision School.

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Atlantean Secrets

Mythology conveys deep truths and inspirational forces through the magic of storytelling.

Hence the web of legends woven into the Clairvision work, closely integrated with music.

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Samuel Sagan

Samuel Sagan

A fact sheet about Samuel Sagan, who created the Clairvision School in 1987.

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How to get started

Clairvision School – how to get started.