Mythology, Legends and Music

The Clairvision work rests on a systematic methodology – mapping consciousness – designed to satisfy the logical and scientific aspirations of people living in the twenty-first century. But for the sake of balance a right-hemisphered dimension is also required. This is where mythology, legends and music come in.

Storytelling is a powerful and traditional way of passing on spiritual knowledge. Sacred texts of just about all traditions are full of myths and legends. And spiritual masters of all origins tend to be fond of anecdotes and stories, never missing an opportunity to incorporate them into their teachings.

Supporting the Clairvision work lies a whole web of stories and legends, starting from traditional myths about the distant past of the Earth such as Plato's myth of Atlantis, and going all the way to an exploration of artificial intelligence and virtual reality in the format of science fiction.

Sleeper Awaken, Atlantean Secrets Volume 1 Book Forever Love, White Eagle, Atlantean Secrets Volume 2 Book The Gods are Wise, White Eagle, Atlantean Secrets Volume 3 Book The Return of the Flying Dragon, White Eagle, Atlantean Secrets Volume 4 Book Bleeding Sun Book

These are written as epic novels, and as short stories part of the Knowledge Tracks, (the school's correspondence courses comprising written, audio and video material). Drawing from several streams of ancient mythology, these stories are first class learning material for anyone with an interest in meditation.

A unique feature is that many of these stories come with music: every character, and many scenes, have their own themes and sound tracks. Several hours of music tracks are available online at the Clairvision website.

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