Confidentiality and ordering

Confidentiality of the Knowledge Tracks

The Clairvision School is a nonprofit organization, run essentially through voluntary work. We are committed to charging only reasonable fees for our courses and, fair to say, we deliver – with a combination of up to 12 downloadable talks and 12 practicals, technical videos, night practice recordings and a book length PDF of written material, the KTs offer a wealth of information, a generous package. But the professional gear required for producing all this material costs considerable sums of money. The only way we can fulfill our mission and keep delivering is if our students play it by the rules and pay for the courses.

This being said, confidentiality goes beyond just money. For us to be feel confident of supplying you with genuine material, we must be assured that it will not end up in the wrong hands. In particular, the knowledge and the practices of the KTs follow a very carefully crafted progression. If beginners were to catch hold of the more advanced modules and 'jump' straight to later parts of the Vision Path without the required preparation, their process would be wrecked with possibly quite negative consequences. This work is serious, and powerful. Powerful techniques must be treated with respect.

There are categories of people for whom some spiritual practices can prove harmful – schizophrenic patients, in particular, or people with antecedents of psychotic episodes.

For all these reasons, confidentiality isn't negotiable. From the moment you start making an exception it becomes impossible to establish clear boundaries, and there are always people who end up abusing the system.

The agreement between you and the school is simple, as stated on the form you are required to sign before receiving a KT:

I understand that all material (including written texts, electronic files, audio recordings and videos) included in the Knowledge Tracks is confidential. I hereby agree that I shall use such confidential material solely for my own use and that I shall not lease, lend, let, transmit, sell or dispose of, whether directly or indirectly, the material to any third party (including friends and relatives).

Departing from this agreement is regarded as a serious breach of ethics that disqualifies students from taking part in courses or ordering further material from the school.

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