Knowledge Track FAQs

How long does it take to complete a KT?

Each Knowledge Track has been designed to keep you practicing for six to twelve weeks.

Note that with the KTs, moving fast is not an advantage. In a training of depth there needs to be time for immersion in the techniques and the knowledge. An avid reader may be able to get through a whole karate manual in an afternoon, but what kind of karate-ka will he be? Similarly, to master the practices of the KTs, faster is not better.

Each KT contains between 4 to 12 practical sessions. A suggested pace is to do one or two per week, but it is recommended that each practice be done more than once.

After a maximum of 3 months, move to the next KT. Even if you do not feel you have assimilated all the material it is preferable to keep moving rather than become stuck on a particular landscape. Better work with the next practices, which will bring a maturation in your subtle bodies, and return to the former KT later.

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