What are the Knowledge Tracks?

Knowledge Tracks – a unique creation

The Clairvision Knowledge Tracks are the result of tens of thousands of hours of work by a large team of writers, editors, graphic artists, photographers, musicians, actors, film directors and editors, web designers, multimedia experts, computer programmers and computer game designers.

As such, the KTs are quite a unique creation. For sure, there have been courses of meditation and esotericism in the past, but rarely on this scale.

Every KT contains audio recordings. Many KTs also include videos. There are about 50,000 to 80,000 words of text in the written material of each module, so that every KT is a book of its own (even though students don't have to read all this material, since it is also offered in audio and video format).

In its final form, the course will include 25 Knowledge Tracks.

Combining audio, video, multimedia presentations and computer software, the KTs are truly an instrument of enlightenment for the third millennium.

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