Clairvision Musical Images

Black Dance at No Limits

Track 1

Legend: Philadelphia

Date: One month before the end of the third battle of Mercury (i.e. 10 years before the beginning of Bleeding Sun)

Location: Philadelphia 12

Characters: Marek Elchevarra and Philip Serah

Musical Image: Marek Elchevarra and Philip Serah, both of them aged 22, have just returned from a dangerous mission in which an enemy ship (Aristotle class carrier) has been destroyed. The good news: they are alive. The bad news: six members of their choir (squadron) have been killed during the sortie – their six best friends.

Without exchanging a word, Marek and Serah go straight to No Limits and engage in a Black Dance, the ancient martial art of the Sons of the Dragon in the old continent, Atlantis.

Facing each other. Keeping eye contact. Moving sometimes fast, sometimes slowly, their bodies gliding in space.

While the war goes on, at No Limits time is suspended.

Music by: Samuel Sagan

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