Clairvision Musical Images

Call of the Fields of Peace

Track 1

Legend: Philadelphia

Epoch: 21 years after Bleeding Sun

Character: Virginia

Musical Image: Virginia is just a simple girl who lives in a large suburban station around Neptune.

There is nothing extraordinary about her. Except that each time she is in space, she hears... something.

Nothing more than a whisper. Hard to put into words.

Once, she was in a shuttle on her way to the Triton stations. The whisper seemed so clear that she asked the passengers around her if they could hear it too. They all looked at her as if she was nuts.

She's never mentioned it to anyone since.

Yet it comes back, each time she happens to be in space. Kind of nagging. But nice.

Quite nagging, actually.

So what? Anyway, there is always music in her head.

It probably doesn't mean anything at all.

Music by: Samuel Sagan

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