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Death of Esrevin

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Legend: Atlantean Secrets

Epochs: Twilight of the Law (late Atlantis) / modern times

Date: Year 40 of Gervin's Grand Mastership (Atlantean Secrets 21.9) / 1981 AD

Character: Master Esrevin of the Brown Robe

Musical Image: In the days preceding the Archive transfer, Esrevin, Master of Thunder, took part in an operation designed to fool the Nephilim giants – a mock Archive transfer.

He and a team of Field Wizards took position on Homar Hills, in the northern part of the county of the Western Plains, and soon found themselves under attack by a division of the Green Guards. The Green Guards, the elite troops of the Nephilim giants, were some of the best soldiers in the kingdom. They hit Esrevin and his men extremely hard, using high-intensity venom weapons.

Pulling from Thunder, Esrevin unleashed awesome Voice power, and resisted the pounding for hours.

As hell was pouring through his mouth, Esrevin caught glimpses of a future incarnation of his.

Time crossing. Afghanistan 1981. Esrevin and a small troop of rebels were ambushed by Russian soldiers. Despite fierce resistance, they were all killed, as they were no match for the Russians' heavy artillery and helicopters.

Music by: Samuel Sagan

Vocals by: Lucinda Peters

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