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Knight Perez

Track 1

Legend: Philadelphia, Bleeding Sun

Characters: Knight Perez

Musical Image: Perez, the legend...

A knight in his early thirties with a small thin face and piercing black eyes appears in front of them. He looks like his nano-shaver has been offline in the last three days. "Hello Hiram!" His lips are sealed in an enigmatic semi-smile, like he's reading the universe's instruction notice behind Hiram's back.

"To the Point, Brother Knight!" Hiram answers in a stiff voice. On his collar, the man wears the insignia of a colonel.

"I'm Perez, the MC of choir Cantor." He speaks slowly, softly, evenly.

Hiram beams, "The maruding geniuses! I'm honored to meet you."

"We're also curious to meet you." There is something profoundly philosophical about Perez's continuous smile.

"Well then... breakfast at No Limits?" Hiram offers.

Virginia hates what she feels behind Hiram's voice. He simply doesn't believe he will make it back from Bleeding Sun.

Perez brings his palms together, in what barely resembles a handclap, "Taken." Difficult to know what this man is thinking.


Bleeding Sun

"Did you meet Perez, by the way?" the Panther asks, like it's social time.

"Only briefly. Do you know him?"

"Do I know Perez!" she sighs. "Perez is my brother! Spirit brother, I mean. Not biological. He saved my life four times. And I monitored his descent." Comfortably seated, she hands a cup to Ms X.
Bleeding Sun, 4.3

Music by: Samuel Sagan

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