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Marvels of the Underworlds

Legend: Atlantean Secrets Book 6

Date: Year 36 of Gervin's Grand Mastership

Location: Mount Lohrzen, Temple of the Sons of the Dragon, county of the Red Lands

Characters: Szar, Amaran

Musical Image:

In Book 5 of Atlantean Secrets, as part of his initiation, Szar descends into the caverns of sickness, levels of complete energetic mayhem and madness. The dreadful experience leaves him exhausted, on the edge of insanity. And so in Book 6, when Amaran of the Sons of the Dragon offers to take him down for another descent, Szar feels sick to his stomach. Is he going to find himself again amidst piles of rotting corpses? Is he going to lose his way and spend weeks wandering from hot furnace to frozen landscape?

But Amaran, great initiate of Mount Lohrzen, holds the keys of the underworlds. Under his care, Szar doesn't get bogged in the superficial crust, he dives deep down into huge caverns traversed by streams of water of life – essential energies in their purest form.

Wherever he looks, he sees piles of luminous precious stones. Every cave is a gigantic geode, the walls glowing with changing colors. He himself starts feeling like a composite precious stone – body of vibration, body of light.

In awe he turns to the Universal Mother, the Great She-Dragon of the Deep, devotion pouring out of his being.
KT Buzzing Forest 2.2.5

Music by: Samuel Sagan

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