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The Himalayans on a reconnaissance mission

Track 1

Legend: Philadelphia

Epoch: The week before the 5th battle of Mercury (Bleeding Sun Book 3)

Characters: MS7 top guns choir Himalayans: Gwen (flight alias Queen G), Sally (f.a. White Bear), Kuan Y!n (f.a. Kuan Y!n), Edith (f.a. Cicada), Zaban (f.a. Zaban), Mohan (f.a. Yogiraj)

Musical Image: Reconnaissance mission. The Himalayan choir are flying Scalene 333s in Philadelphian airspace, two hours away from Mothership 7.

"Queen G to MS7: do you copy?"

"Black Panther to Himalayan leader: copying fine. Detected anything?" There's a touch of tension in her voice. She's expecting something.

Queen G reports, "Negative, Black Panther. All readings confirm that sectors 46b and 47g are clear."

"Take route 278C to sector 48b ARCTYC. Himalayan leader, I want you to go over the whole area with a fine toothed comb."

Stiff voice, "Yes, sir!"

Briefly, "EOC, Himalayan leader." The Panther is off.

"Queen G to Himalayans: you've heard the boss. Attention level red."

"Sir yes sir!" White Bear copies Gwen's stiff voice, making the others smile.

The Scalenes have changed course, towards sector 48b. Regulus the bright is now right in front of them. Such a heart warming star.

"Kuan Y!n to Himalayans: do we have any plans for dinner tonight? I feel like Indian. We haven't been at Ganapati's for at least 36 hours."

"Queen G to Himalayans: Yeah! I need a rashagullah!"

"Yogiraj to Kuan Y!n: sorry, I can't make it. I promised to meet Varan at No Limits."

"Cicada to Himalayans: That's it! I can hear it!"

The voice of the Fields of Peace.

White Bear to Cicada: Yep. I can feel it too.

A breath. A joy. Coming from nowhen and everywhere. It reminds you that you have a soul.

You hear it best in space – all pilots know that.

In time of war, it creates immensely paradoxical situations. You find yourself in the middle of an engagement, phasers firing like hell, red balls of fire in all directions of space – and yet the Peace is unreal! You seem to be floating in the Light of the Archive, the River of Remembrance flowing through your heart.

It's nothing more than a breath. A murmur.

Yet it fills the space. Some call it the aquarium effect.
Bleeding Sun, unpublished fragment.

Music by: Samuel Sagan

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