Clairvision Musical Images

The Jericho weapon

Track 1

Legend: Philadelphia

Epoch: 22 years after Bleeding Sun

Characters: Virginia, Keerah Kent (Ms. X), Colonel Gideon, Admiral Pearson

Musical Image: In space area 55, a shooting ground full of space junk, Ms. X has taken Virginia for the last phase of her training.

Eyes riveted on the holographic screen, Pearson turns pale. A strange feeling in his stomach, like the floor is giving way under his feet.

"Sit down," Gideon advises gently. "It's quite normal to feel... uncomfortable the first time you see that."

"Uncomfortable..." the fifty-year old admiral mumbles to himself, conjuring a chair and collapsing onto it. "Oh, my God! My God..." he whispers. Nervously, he glances at the two women. A strange contrast. One could be his grandmother, the other his grand child. With their eyes half open, they look as if in a trance.

Gideon comes to stand behind Pearson and puts his hand on his shoulder. "Just rest on my energy," he says, flooding Pearson's Point with light. "Now, hold it! They are about to unleash more power."

Tears in his eyes, Pearson finds himself shaking.

In front of them the carcasses of seven artificial satellites are crumbling. Their image is becoming vague. Fading on the holograph.

Not one weapon has been fired – a total violation of the laws of thermodynamics.

But what's shaking Pearson is neither the visuals nor the concept. There is something, something awesome in the air. A power unlike anything he has ever felt.

Through consciousness, and consciousness alone, the two women are turning eight hundred tonnes of space debris into... nothing.

Taken by a volley of sobs, Pearson realizes that he is losing sphincter control. His nano-pants will take care of that. "Oh, my God! This is... This is..."

The Jericho weapon. The one the Rex will never have.

Until now, only Ms. X had been able to produce the effect.

"Now, there are two," Gideon thinks aloud. Slowly, solemnly, he adds, "The times are coming."

Music by: Samuel Sagan

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