The Berkeley Spire

The Berkeley Spire

The Berkeley Spire is the Bay Area home of the Clairvision School and offers weekend meditation workshops and weekly classes based on a systematic and experiential approach to exploring consciousness.

Located in the heart of Berkeley, the Spire is a spacious and welcoming center, with rooms designed for meditation, gathering, and talks.

The Spire is located on 1901 Eighth St, Berkeley, CA 94710


The Berkeley Spire offers weekend workshops and a regular program of informative talks on topics such as meditation, energy management and spiritual awakening. These events are open to anyone and only require that you sign up in advance. Listed below are dates of upcoming events and workshops. For more detailed information or to sign up for an event please contact or visit for details.

Awakening the Third Eye: Meditation Workshop

This introductory meditation workshop takes you through a dynamic and systematic set of techniques to activate the third eye and other energy centers. These techniques create a foundation for self knowledge and support an integration of your life and your spiritual aspiration. Come join us for this eye-opening and fascinating weekend.

Skills you learn:

  • Third Eye based meditation
  • Energetic protection - grounding and sealing
  • Dynamic Awareness - stay clear and calm through your day
  • Night practice - 20 minute anytime reset
  • Methods to alleviate headaches, insomnia and chronic fatigue

View Details of Upcoming Workshops here

Weekly Trainings

The Berkeley Spire offers weekly classes in meditation, energy management, and inner alchemy. Classes begin with a one year weekly training in IST and meditation and then continue with cycles of 3 to 12 months focusing on particular topics.

An Awakening the Third Eye introductory workshop is the prerequisite to attend the weekly trainings. If you are interested in joining a weekly training please contact


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The Berkeley Spire is located at 1901 8th St in Berkeley, near the BART North Berkeley station. There is plenty of street parking nearby.


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