Entities FAQ

A list of Frequently Asked Questions originally posted in February 2000, to coincide with Samuel Sagan's appearance on the Art Bell Show.

See also the book Entities, Parasites of the Body of Energy.

Entities, nature and background

Entities and health disorders

Dealing with entities

Entity clearing

Entities and land energies

Entity work at the Clairvision School

The Clairvision School, based in Sydney, is a school of meditation and spirituality whose focus is to get you to "see for yourself, know for yourself".

The School therefore puts emphasis on getting people to develop their own direct perception of non-physical realities.

This has led to the formation of a large team of people who are engaged in a systematic mapping of consciousness – an exploration aimed at bringing objectivity into the field of subjectivity.

One of the areas of the Clairvision mapping of consciousness has been the topic of entity possession. Since its creation in 1987 by Samuel Sagan, the school has trained hundreds of people in the IST technique, through which entity presences are identified and explored.

This has led to the gathering of a large amount of information relating to entities, and how to deal with them.

An 'entity syndrome' has emerged, which Samuel Sagan has presented in his book Entities, Parasites of the Body of Energy (published in the US under the title, Entity Possession).

The purpose of the material presented here isn't to repeat what is in Samuel Sagan's book, but to answer the most frequently asked questions about entities: what they are, what they are not, what sorts of problems can be caused by them, and how they can be dealt with.

So what's an entity?

An entity is a non-physical parasite.

According to traditional Chinese medicine, and Ayurveda, the traditional medicine of India, and many other ancient systems, a human being isn't just made of a physical body. There are other layers, such as the qi of acupuncture.

In the Clairvision model, the generic term 'subtle bodies' is used to refer to all non-physical parts which form a human being.

Just as you can have intestinal parasites, your subtle bodies can be parasitised by non-physical energies and presences.

So this is just what an entity is: a piece of non-physical energy with some consciousness of its own, which parasitises the human system.

Where do entities come from? What kind of beings are they?

According to the models of both ancient China and ancient India, at the time of death, a shattering of consciousness takes place.

Some parts ascend to spiritual worlds, while other fragments remain in the sphere of human beings. Most of these fragments dissolve by themselves after some time. But some fragments are so crystallised that they do not dissolve. As they no longer have a life support system, they have to look for a host. They become entities that can potentially parasitise human beings or animals.

In Chinese, these fragments are called kuei.

In Sanskrit, they are called bhuta, a word that translates as entity.

In the Clairvision mapping of consciousness, the term used is 'fragment'.

Fragments, issued from the shattering of consciousness of dead people, are the main category of entities (anywhere between seventy and ninety percent of entity cases).

Then there are all sorts of other non-physical beings that can, for one reason or another, become nested in the human system as parasites.

For example, nearly all folklores of the world mention the existence of small beings associated with nature: undines, salamanders, and so on. Some of these beings are very tiny – they are sometimes called elemental beings. Others have a greater magnitude.

Do you really believe that people can be parasitised by the dead?

It is not the dead people themselves that become entities. It is fragments of consciousness released during the process of death, which is quite different. Thinking of the soul as a garment, fragments would be bits of fabric falling off when changing clothes.

For the full details of the mechanisms of the shattering of consciousness after death, you are referred to Samuel Sagan's book on Entities. Here, let us just emphasise a few points. The concept that death can be accompanied by a fall out of debris isn't some marginal theory. It is found in multiple cultural and religious contexts.

In India, for example, if people burn corpses, it is with the idea of minimising the noxious energies released by dead people.

In ancient Greece by the way, the only method of disposing of corpses mentioned by Homer was by burning them.

The Indian tradition also has a number of mourning customs, such as dietary recommendations, directly aimed at protecting people from catching fragments after the death of a relative.

The code of Jewish Law has similar rules after the death of a relative.

And you would find that in many religions – the catholic religion, in particular – rituals were implemented after someone's death. Among other things, these were aimed at taking care of the energetic side of death and mourning.

All this knowledge, which rested on traditional lore and the perceptions of ancient seers, is largely lost nowadays.

The result is a certain energetic mayhem, with large numbers of people suffering from the entity syndrome.

But can't entities be explained as some kind of mental disorder, or perhaps the shadow of Jungian psychology?

Part of all traditional cultures

A first range of arguments in favour of the existence of entities can be found in the fact that virtually all traditional societies considered entities as real, and had developed methods to deal with them.

Just about all shamanistic teachings have methods of entity clearing.

Ayurveda, traditional Indian medicine, was divided into eight branches, one of them called bhuta-vidya, the science of entities. This places entity clearing at the same level of importance as surgery or paediatrics!

In Chinese medicine, among the 361 acupuncture points, 17 have the word kuei (disincarnate spirit) as part of their main or secondary name.

And many religions in the world had technical rituals to take care of the energetic pollution from the dead. Furthermore, from the Vedas to the New Testament, one finds unambiguous references to entity clearing.

So entities are not some kind of odd theory. If anything, it would be our modern western culture that is at odds with all other cultures in disregarding the existence of entities – with tragic consequences for a number of patients.

Arguments from the Clairvision mapping of consciousness

As far as the Clairvision mapping of consciousness is concerned, the main arguments in favour of the existence of entities are as follow:

  • While exploring an entity with the Clairvision techniques, clients have a direct experience of the entity. They can feel it for themselves, as a presence superimposed on their own presence, and clearly distinct from themselves. If there is one common element to the thousands of observations made at the Clairvision School, it is that clients systematically report a foreign presence: something that doesn't belong to them – something that came to be attached to them at a particular moment in time in the past. And the experience is so tangible that they rarely have any doubt as to whether it really exists.

  • At the end of the process, during the clearing, the perception of the entity is usually even more precise. Clients not only feel the presence but also often see the shape of the entity being extracted from them, and transposed into the light.

  • After the clearing, clients no longer feel the presence attached to them. And in a matter of days, there is usually a marked improvement in the symptoms that were related to the entity.

  • A point that must be emphasised is that entity-related symptoms usually do not yield to conventional or even alternative forms of therapy. The clients often go from one therapist to another, without getting any real relief. It is only when the entity is properly dealt with and cleared that the symptoms start fading.

  • Then there is also what the entity clearers perceive. To a clearer, an entity is something extremely tangible. Extracting it from the client can be hard work. When the entity is taken out of the client, the clearer is holding a very particular kind of energy with his or her consciousness – the non-physical equivalent of an animal.

  • Another thing that Clairvision practitioners know very well is that unless a proper clearing is implemented, it is unlikely the client will get any better. With entities, theatrical placebos in the line of "You are healed!" simply do not work. An entity clearing is quite mechanical. As long as the 'thing' is inside, the symptoms remain. As soon as it has been extracted, the patient starts improving.

There is no doubt that rationally-minded people will find ways to deconstruct each and every one of these arguments – especially those rationally-minded people who have never been afflicted by an entity.

Incidentally, it is not rare to see entity clients who totally disbelieve in entities until they go through an IST process and discover one inside themselves.

The Clairvision attitude is that ultimately, with entities as with any other matters relating to consciousness, only direct experience can bring satisfying proof.

Are entities evil?

An extremely important finding made by Clairvision practitioners after gathering thousands of observations is that the immense majority of entities aren't demonic or evil. They are just parasites.

Take a metaphor: a compost heap. Compost heaps are all about rotting. They are full of bacteria. The more bacteria, the more beautiful the compost heap.

Now, suppose some of the very same bacteria take up residence in your system. Your digestive tract, perhaps. You have a problem. Unless the bacteria can be eliminated, you may fall ill.

Shall we say the bacteria are evil? Well, no! They are not evil, they are in the wrong place.

In a compost heap, bacteria are essential. Indispensable! Without composting, there could be no cycle of nature: no fruits, no crops – and therefore no human beings!

To all things there is a place.

You say that entities are not evil. How do you reconcile this with other people's reports of demonic entities?

Entities have a chameleon nature.

Once you identify an entity, the entity will try hard to make you believe you can't live without it, or that it is so powerful that there is no chance you will ever get rid of it.

The reason is simple: if you clear it, it loses its life support system. Fragments (by far the most common category of entities) are unable to survive by themselves. In most cases, when a fragment is expelled from its host, its only chance of survival is to find another host in a matter of days or weeks.

So when the client consciously gets in touch with the entity, the entity is ready to play all sorts of games to 'extend its visa', so to speak. Give the entity a lead, and it will follow it. Ask it, "Are you evil?" and it will answer you, "Yes! More evil than you can possibly imagine."

Ask it, "Are you my spirit guide?" and it will answer you as if it were your spirit guide.

Ask it, "Are you an alien?" and it will immediately draw from the client's memory to fabricate extra-terrestrial stories.

This is one of the reasons why entities appear different in different cultural and religious contexts.

In the Clairvision style of work, entities are reduced to their smallest denominator. They are not given much chance to build up stories. Their wantings are analysed with as little 'wrapping' as possible, keeping the story side to the strictest minimum. Then they are cleared.

Are you implying that there is no such thing as evil and dark forces?

Not at all. The existence of dark forces is emphasised by all world religions: Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity, Islam, and several others. And in their systematic exploration of non-physical realities, Clairvision mappers have come across a number of negative beings, for which dark force is the appropriate term.

However, these are usually beings of a certain magnitude. They are interested in creating damage on a large scale. They work at infiltrating the legal and financial systems, the military, or political parties. But frankly, they couldn't be bothered giving Joe Blow sugar-cravings and diarrhoea.

This is where a movie such as The Devil's Advocate with Al Pacino and Keanu Reeves showed great realism, by depicting dark forces as top-level solicitors. In it Al Pacino explains, "If we hold the legal system, we hold everything!" That's what real dark forces are after – not pubescent girls and apprentice catholic priests.

And it is one of the reasons why practitioners should show great caution with patients who claim to be possessed by dark forces.

Entity possession versus psychotic episodes

A rational approach to the entity phenomenon implies recognising that not all health or mental disorders are due to entities! In a number of cases, patients may incriminate entities or evil spirits when in reality their problem has nothing to do with entity possession.

In particular, entity possession must be differentiated from psychotic episodes in which patients claim to be harassed by spirits or dark forces.

In a psychotic episode, the chemistry of the brain is off balance, resulting in delusions and hallucinations. The personality is thrown into utter chaos.

There are some cases where psychotic patients have genuine non-physical perceptions. But in many other cases, psychotic patients are simply delusional. There are no non-physical presences whatsoever behind their mental disorder.

Hearing voices, in particular, doesn't necessarily suggest entity possession. It can also be associated with psychotic disorders in which no entities are involved at all.

Voices, entities, and psychotic disorders

Contrary to a cliché, voices are not a very common manifestation in the 'entity syndrome', meaning the picture of the entity-phenomenon that has emerged from the thousands of observations collected by the practitioners of the Clairvision School.

Many patients with an entity can at times engage in some imaginary dialogue with it. But this is more an exchange of thoughts. The entity brings up thoughts, emotions, or desires. But this is quite different from actually hearing voices.

Only a small percentage of entities manifest in the form of voices.

Vice versa, a significant percentage of patients who hear voices are not suffering from the entity syndrome, but from psychotic delusion.

With psychotic patients, even if there is an entity, the entity isn't usually the problem. The real problem is the state of mental chaos. Entities may graft themselves onto the psychotic state, but usually they are not its cause.

Take a psychosis such as schizophrenia, for example. Schizophrenia strikes 1% of the population. The percentage is the same in all parts of the world, regardless of cultural context and social conditions. Schizophrenia isn't due to any external factors, such as entities. And yet it is not rare for schizophrenic patients to speak of angels, spirits and devils.

Actually, as an entity clearer, when dealing with psychotic patients you wish an entity could be the cause of the problem! Because if it were, the patient would greatly improve as soon as the entity was cleared.

Unfortunately, this is not the case. Psychotic disorders such as schizophrenia are related to a major imbalance of the brain chemistry that cannot be corrected simply through energetic manipulations.

What do entities look like?

Entities exist on a level of consciousness where shapes aren't fixed.

Besides, they have a chameleon nature. The same entity may appear differently to different people. And from one day to the other, it can also appear differently to the same person.

When clients are asked to draw their entities, they draw varieties of shapes, from insects or grotesque animals to all kinds of monstrous faces. These shapes, however, must be understood as being more symbolic than factual. They reflect what the entity means to the client, rather than the entity's actual appearance.

After going through the systematic perception training offered by the Clairvision School, practitioners often perceive entities as a darker patch in the client's energy. In most cases it is elusive, as entities usually try to conceal their presence. (Most entities just want to remain snug inside their host, enjoying the host's life force and emotions.)

On non-physical levels, there are often 'sense mix-ups', meaning that the distinction between non-physical light, sounds and smells isn't always clear. Entities can sometimes be perceived as a particular non-physical smell superimposed on the client's energy.

This also works with houses. With training, you can learn to perceive non-physical smells that reveal the presence of an entity as soon as you walk into a house, or when walking through the countryside.

Entities can also be perceived in various symbolic ways, such as geometrical shapes.

What do entities want from human beings? Why do they parasitise them?

Usually, entities simply want to survive.

Most entities are fragments: 'pieces' of consciousness without a life support system of their own. Unless they can find a host, they are likely to fall to dust as part of nature's normal cycle of energy composting.

A fragment's only chance to extend its life is to find a person or an animal in which it can take up residence. If this happens, it will constantly draw life force from the host, resulting in symptoms of fatigue and possibly disease in the host.

Apart from sucking life force, entities also often enjoy the host's emotions, desires, and sensual enjoyment. It gives them a certain thrill – again, it makes them feel 'alive'.

Fragments often carry the desires of the person they came from. For example, a fragment released after the death of someone who was used to drinking a lot of beer will keep craving beer. It is likely to float to places such as pubs, where it looks for a host that drinks beer in plenty. If the fragment can take up residence in one of the patrons, it will constantly ask for more beer, superimposing its own desires on top of its host's.

The same applies to drugs in general, and to all forms of intoxication.

Do people feel taken over when they have an entity?

Entities are expert in camouflage. Their influence is insidious. They send impulses such as thoughts or desires from unseen depths in the client's psyche. For example, impulses such as, "Have another glass!" or "I want sweets." These are usually not spoken messages, more like compulsive desires.

So, entities do interfere with the client's consciousness. They do influence many of the client's choices and decisions. And as long as clients haven't undergone a process such as IST, they usually have no idea they are being parasitised.

It could certainly be said that entities poison free-will.

But the term 'taken over', conveys dramatic associations that tend to distort the facts. Terms such as compulsive desires, addiction and inner confusion would be more appropriate.

Of course, you could always find a few severe cases of multiple personality disorder where an entity pushed someone to commit violent crimes. But spending too much time on these exceptions would be like implying that people die from tetanus each time they cut themselves with a kitchen knife.

Can multiple personality disorder (MPD) be related to entities?

Entities do facilitate personality splits. They do tend to give people a dual nature, because the wantings of the entities are superimposed onto the person's own wantings.

Sometimes the wantings reinforce each other, as in the case of the beer drinker who catches an entity in a pub and afterwards wants beer more than ever.

In many cases, this is what entities do: they take a latent – or not so latent – tendency in the person, and make it worse. They make it more intense, and more difficult to deal with.

The same could be said of MPD. An entity, by itself, is unlikely to cause fully-fledged MPD. However, for someone who already has a tendency to split personality, catching an entity is likely to make things much worse.

Entities cause sudden, abrupt impulses that the patient doesn't recognise as coming from a foreign parasite but believes to be his or her own. In the case of someone with multiple personality disorder, it will be even more difficult to identify the entity, and therefore to take action to get rid of it.

Could some entities be extra terrestrials or related to them?

Among entity-related complaints in patients, one that responds remarkably well to entity clearing is implants.

Especially in the USA, many people perceive themselves as being parasitised by an implant that they relate to alien origin. And in many cases, these implants aren't physical.

Interestingly, the phenomenon is far more prevalent in the US than it is in Australia. In a newsletter dated Mach 1999, Dr William Baldwin of the Center for Human Relations in Florida noted that half of his entity clients discovered an alien-type of intrusive being attached to them. On the same date, less than 2% of the clients of Clairvision practitioners in Australia reported alien-related entities.

In any case, the entity process works wonders with the 'implant' phenomenon. Whatever its origin may be, clients report that after the clearing the implant has disappeared, and that any link to a foreign presence has been severed. And with implants as with any other entities, the experience of Clairvision practitioners has been that there is no return of the foreign presence after the clearing.

As to the question, "Are some entities aliens?", one of the factors that makes it difficult to come up with a final answer is the chameleon nature of entities. As we have seen earlier, in nearly all cultures, therapists and healers have come across entities. But they have described them differently, and often in a way that reflected their own cultural values.

From this point of view, the Clairvision mapping is no exception! Australia is very much a 'no-fuss' culture. And so it just happens that Australian Clairvision practitioners find mainly 'no-frills' entities, which they clear with minimum fuss.

All jokes aside, if there is one thing that has emerged from the Clairvision exploration of entities, it is that you can never believe what they tell you. Entities exist on a fluid, changing level. They can easily modify their appearance, and the 'feel' attached to them. They are ready to play all sorts of games. And they are always looking for someone to buy into their game, because it is their best chance of survival.

Can animals have entities?

It is not at all uncommon for fragments to nest in an animal.

Fragments just want to survive. They are quite indiscriminate.

Besides, the defence mechanisms of animals aren't as specific as those of human beings, so it is altogether easier for a fragment to find its way into an animal than into a human being.

How can I know if my pet has an entity?

Catching a fragment can cause a sudden change of behaviour in animals. For example, if a peaceful dog suddenly becomes aggressive and stays this way, it could be because it has caught a fragment.

Another example could be an animal that falls very ill after moving to a new house.

In cases of this kind, Clairvision practitioners have operated entity clearings – on the pet or on the house – that prove quite successful in bringing the animal back to its normal state.

However, with animals as with humans, entities should not be made scapegoats for all problems. Entities, unlike misbehaviour, are not everywhere.

Does everyone have entities?

Definitely not!

Entities are not everywhere! Not everyone has an entity. Which is why there is no need to develop a phobia about them, or to constantly try to protect yourself against them.

People who have a neurotic tendency to worry about catching diseases must be reassured on this point. In normal situations, there is far less chance of catching an entity than there is of catching a viral or a bacterial infection, for example.

People take in viruses and bacteria all the time through the air they breathe and the food they eat. Not so of entities!

The human system has very solid energetic mechanisms that do not allow the penetration of foreign presences. It is only in exceptional cases that the penetration of an entity is possible.

How does one catch an entity?

Under normal circumstances, the human system is shielded from the penetration of foreign energies and entities by a remarkably efficient protection system. There is therefore no need to worry about implementing additional protection mechanisms. Nature takes care of this by itself. The fact is, people just do not catch entities without a good reason. It is only if the natural defence mechanisms are overridden that an entity will have an opportunity to come in.

There are, however, a number of situations in which a collapse of the natural defence system may take place:

  • During shocks and traumas. In a car accident for example. Or during war, if bombs are blowing up around you. And also during earth-quakes, or other natural disasters.

  • A collapse of defence mechanism can also take place in the case of very sick people whose energy is highly depleted, for example in a major chronic disease, or after losing a liter of blood in an accident.

  • General anaesthetics are one of the most frequent situations where modern people go through a complete or near-complete collapse of all energetic defence systems. Surgeons pay a lot of attention to physical factors of contamination but, sadly, totally disregard the energetic side. The result is that a number of people catch an entity while undergoing surgery.

  • Drugs and alcohol intoxication can also cause a temporary collapse of the natural defence mechanisms. Alcoholics and people who resort to narcotic and recreational drugs are therefore part of the high-risk categories when it comes to catching entities.

  • Another situation where a collapse of natural protection mechanisms can take place is for women, during a delivery. And after the physical placenta has been released, it sometimes happens that some placenta energies stay inside, turning into something very similar to an entity. For these reasons, in the months following a delivery or a miscarriage, it is wise to have a checkup with a qualified entity clearer.

What's the relationship between miscarriage and entities?

A foetus isn't only physical. It is also made of non-physical, energetic parts.

During a miscarriage, the physical part of the foetus is eliminated. But the energetic parts sometimes stay inside the woman's abdomen.

This is one of the typical mechanisms by which entities are formed. And it can take place after any pregnancy termination.

If the entity can be detected and cleared early, then there won't be any consequences. However, if the entity is allowed to stay, then over time it can be responsible for all kinds of gynaecological problems, from premenstrual tension to malignant abdominal tumours.

This is why after a delivery, a miscarriage or a termination, it is wise to have some form of checkup with someone who has a genuine knowledge of entities.

Are children more or less vulnerable to entities than adults?

More vulnerable, for several reasons.

Firstly, the energetic system of children doesn't have the same stamina as that of adults.

Secondly, children don't have a mind to rationalise. They can be terrified by things such as an adult yelling at them or even simply a big dog running after them. Psychological traumas in children can cause the kind of complete collapse of the defence system that adults would only experience in the case of major shocks.

Thirdly, children can sometimes do things such as inviting an entity in, to keep them company. At the time, it simply seems like an imaginary friend. In reality, it is a standard fragment or some other entity. It may be years before the person realises there is something wrong.

What did you think of Ghost Busters?

We loved it. It made us laugh.

As Clairvision practitioners, something we appreciated was that Ghost Busters demystified the topic by taking a humoristic standpoint. What is needed in the public is precisely the kind of approach where one can look at entities with a matter of fact attitude, not with hysteria.

From this point of view, other movies in the line of The Exorcist are terribly counterproductive. They put the wrong clichés into people's minds: people who are physically attacked by entities and who scream insanities in front of a priest. Entities are just not like that.

A lot of damage is done by spreading clichés of that kind. Serious people tend to disregard the entity phenomenon as a whole. And as a result, millions of people whose health or psychological problem is caused by an entity are left without proper care.

Can you catch an entity while having sex?

Not really, no. Thank God, entities don't just jump from people to people!

There is certainly an opening that takes place during sexual intercourse, but not enough to catch entities.

The situation may however be different for people with multiple partners. When you have sex with someone, it creates an imprint in your abdominal energies. There is nothing wrong with these imprints. They just fade by themselves after some time. But if you keep having multiple partners over a long period of time, the multiplication of imprints can create a general weakening of your essential energies, which in turn can make you vulnerable to the penetration of wrong foreign energies and entities.

According to both Chinese and Indian medicine, another situation that can cause a weakening of essential energies is that of men who ejaculate a lot (even if it is always with the same partner). Both ancient Chinese and Sanskrit texts regard semen as a quintessence of energy, something extremely precious that men should try to preserve. If they agreed on the principle, they tended to come up with quite different methods to achieve that goal. While Sanskrit texts usually praise celibacy, the Chinese Daoists have elaborated a whole system of sexuality which rests on not ejaculating.

If you are interested in learning more about the energetic side of sexuality, you will find many explanations and techniques in the Knowledge Tracks of the Vision Path.

What kinds of health disorders can be caused by entities?

All entities are parasites that drain life force from their host. This can result in a variety of symptoms revolving around fatigue and loss of pep. This drop in vitality acts as a facilitating factor for nearly any disease.

Apart from their general effect, entities often have local effects. They are nested in one part of the body, where they interfere with normal circulations of energy (energy as in the qi of traditional Chinese medicine). This can result in a great variety of symptoms, from headaches and pre-menstrual syndrome to much more severe problems such as miscarriage or even tumours.

Two points must be stressed:

  1. Not all physical disorders are due to entities of course! It would be ridiculous to try to make entities scapegoats for all human problems. Only a small fraction of illnesses are caused by an entity.
  2. Vice versa, not all entities cause illnesses! Many entities limit their effect to energy drainage and some psychological interference (e.g. emotional outbursts, sugar cravings and a tendency to abuse alcohol, tobacco and other drugs).

See also

Can cancer be caused by an entity?

Entites, due to their local and general effect, can facilitate or even cause any disease.

However, this is not to say that they are the only cause of the disease. The human system is remarkably solid. For a disease to start, it usually takes a combination of factors.

Among the thousands of observations of entity cases made by Clairvision practitioners, there have been a few cases where cancers went into remission after an entity clearing.

Yet it would be absurd to believe that cancers in general can be 'cleared'. For a start, most cancers have nothing to do with entities. And even in those cases that can be related to an entity, it must be kept in mind that cancer is a major health disorder. Apart from a few exceptions, entity clearing won't be sufficient to stop it.

What can be said, however, is that if a cancer is caused by an entity, then it is unlikely the cancer can be totally healed without removing the entity. There, a purely physical approach would only treat the consequences, and not the cause of the illness. Surgery, radio and chemotherapy may be necessary, but they won't be enough. Unless the entity is properly dealt with and cleared, the risk of a relapse is high.

The same applies to all diseases. Unless you treat the cause, the disease of course comes back! This is why entity clients often have to go to so many therapists before they finally find one who can rid them of their problem.

What health disorders can be cured by clearing an entity?

Before answering this question it must be repeated – again and again! – that not all health disorders are caused by entities, and that most entities never cause any health disorders.

This being said, just about any health disorder can be caused by or be related to an entity.

In some cases, clearing the entity can have a miraculous effect. In a matter of days all symptoms disappear. And they never come back. Clairvision practitioners have had successes in a wide variety of health disorders, for example fibroids, abdominal cysts, menstruation problems, back problems, asthma, migraines, and so on.

However, even when caused by an entity, there are many health disorders that won't be cured by just clearing the entity. The reason is that physical illnesses tend to gain a momentum of their own. Past a certain level, removing the non-physical cause may not be enough.

This is why it is far preferable to remove the entity before it causes a physical illness. It usually takes years before an entity starts creating a physical disorder. By detecting it and removing it during this phase of silent latency, countless problems can be avoided.

What are symptoms suggesting someone has an entity?

There are no symptoms that can tell you for sure that someone has an entity.

There are symptoms which are often associated with the presence of an entity: for example food cravings, or symptoms reflecting the energy drain caused by the entity. You will find a detailed list of these symptoms in Samuel Sagan's book, Entities, Parasites of the Body of Energy (published in the US as Entity Possession).

However, these symptoms by themselves aren't enough to diagnose the presence of an entity. Indeed, large numbers of people have food cravings and a tendency to abuse alcohol. Thank God, not all of them have entities!

Entities are not everywhere. There is no need to develop a phobia about them.

See also

How can I find out if I have an entity?

How can you find out if you have a hole in your tooth? By going to see a dentist.

Similarly, if you need to find out if you have an entity, you should consult a fully qualified entity clearer.

Entity clearing is technical business. It should not be attempted by people who aren't fully trained and qualified.

As to finding out whether you have an entity, this is how it would happen with a Clairvision practitioner:

The practitioner would use a technique called IST, letting you enter a state of relaxation and expansion of perception in which you get in touch with your inner space of consciousness.

Using a well-defined procedure, the practitioner would take you through a step by step exploration in which you would come to perceive for yourself whether the health or psychological problems you are trying to deal with are related to the presence of an entity.

This is the direction of all Clairvision techniques: get people to see for themselves, know for themselves.

If there is an entity, you would feel its presence, and be able to assess for yourself what interference it causes (unwanted thoughts, emotions, desires, health problems, etc.).

Being able to feel the presence of the entity, you would also be able to perceive when it leaves, during the clearing. After the clearing, you would be able to tell for yourself that something has changed inside you. The presence unveiled through IST would no longer be perceived inside you.

You said that children are more vulnerable to entities than adults. Is there something that can lead me to suspect that my child has an entity?

One thing about entities is that the problems they cause usually do not respond to any form of treatment, apart from clearing. Even if the symptoms are suppressed, they reappear somewhere else in another form.

So if your child has a psychological or health problem that no practitioner seems to be able to fix, you may possibly think of an entity. For example, your kid suffers from skin allergies and you have gone to all possible dermatologists, homoeopaths and naturopaths – nothing works.

You could also think of consulting an entity clearer in the case of children with constant health problems: as soon as something is fixed, another problem turns up.

With problems such as congenital diseases, however, it is unlikely an entity clearing could make much difference.

A situation that is evocative of the possibility of an entity is that of a child whose health or behaviour suddenly deteriorates, especially if this happens after moving into a new house, after a trauma, or after the death of a relative.

A typical case is that of a kid who becomes shortsighted in the months following the death of a close relative. Then by all means the person to consult first is a qualified entity clearer, not an eye specialist. If the problem is due to an entity and the entity is cleared, then the child will never have to wear glasses.

Entities can also cause problems in the line of ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) but then again, entities can't be blamed each time children are being difficult.

How can people protect themselves against entities?

Before answering, it must be emphasised that this question is usually asked from a space of misunderstanding, as if entities were something you constantly need to protect yourself against.

This is not the case!

You don't catch an entity as you catch the flu!

The human system has a number of protection mechanisms which, under normal circumstances, shields it against the penetration of entities.

There is no reason to develop a phobia. You can't catch an entity by shaking someone's hand, eating at a restaurant, using public transport or even public toilets.

Apart from high risk situations, it is only if a collapse of your defence system takes place that you are open to the penetration of an entity.

So a simple way of protecting yourself against entities is to understand what the high risk situations are. And when one such high risk situation presents itself, consult a fully qualified entity clearer.

Some will say that the best possible way of protecting yourself against entities is to develop inner vision and follow a spiritual path, as in the Knowledge Tracks of the Vision Path. This is true, but fear and the need for protection are wrong motivations for engaging in a spiritual path. Psychic protection does come as a result of working on yourself, but it is certainly not what spirituality is about.

There one could see a parallel with the IST process of regression and past-life therapy. The clients who go through the most spectacular healings in IST are often people who aren't trying to heal a physical problem, but who have a genuine desire to work on themselves and know themselves. In the same line, ultimately there is no better protection than seeking truth. People who are seeking protection for the sake of protection often end up tangled in lower astral business. People who are after truth find real spiritual light, and as a bonus they never have to worry much about protection.

After the death of a close relative, how can I limit the risk of catching a fragment?

After the death of a relative, the Indian tradition recommends staying away from high-protein diets and from sweets. A western adaptation of the same principle would be to limit meat and sweets to the minimum for a period of a few weeks. Excesses and bingeing (in any form) would make you more vulnerable. This of course comes at a time when people are the most likely to resort to chocolate and food for comfort.

You would also want to strictly stay away from drugs and alcohol for at least three months. All forms of intoxication have the result of eroding your defence system. And in the case of drunkenness or hard drugs, they leave you totally vulnerable to the penetration of an entity.

During the same period, you may also want to avoid overwork and exhausting yourself. Get enough rest. Don't go raging at night.

It is a time to be vigilant, especially with children. Any marked changes in their behaviour should draw your attention to the possibility they have caught a fragment.

And if I notice something abnormal, what can I do?

Simply consult a clearer. The earlier an entity is cleared, the more simple the process.

Remember, in most cases an entity clearing is no big deal. Definitely not as bad as a session with your dentist!

Before undergoing surgery with a general anaesthesia, is there anything I can do to protect myself against entities?

This is a difficult one!

First, the facts: During the general anaesthesia, you will be stripped of your natural protection mechanisms. It will last for as long as you are unconscious. After this, especially in case of major surgery, you will be more vulnerable than usual. This increased vulnerability will last for a period of a few days to a few weeks. Needless to say, hospitals aren't exactly clean places when it comes to noxious energies and entities.

So the things you can do are:

  • Ask a friend to come and be with you as soon as possible after the operation. This will work infinitely better if the person has followed an energetic training such as the one offered in the Knowledge Tracks.

  • Do not extend your stay in the hospital for any longer than the minimum recommended by your doctor. From this point of view, one can only applaud the fact that many surgical procedures, even procedures requiring general anaesthesia, are performed on outpatients, who arrive at the hospital in the morning and leave in the afternoon.

  • In the weeks or months following the surgery, go for a full checkup with an entity clearer. Then it won't matter much if you have caught a wrong energy or even an entity. A clearing will be operated, and that will be it.

  • In the more advanced Knowledge Tracks of the Vision Path, students are taught a procedure called the GAP, or General Anaesthesia Procedure. It can be applied by people who have formed a choir, meaning a working group based on the Clairvision techniques. If you have been part of a choir for some time, then during the anaesthesia the other choir members can use the GAP to 'hold' your energy, which greatly limits the risk of catching an entity.

    However, the GAP is something that can't be improvised by beginners. To have some real effect, it must be implemented by and for people who have followed at least a few years of Clairvision training.

Does this mean I would be better off refusing to have surgery?

No, let's not go back to the stone age!

Modern techniques of surgery can achieve wonders in a number of cases where other therapy and healing techniques can't do much.

Of course, you do not want any more surgery than is really needed. When a surgeon recommends an operation, it is sometimes wise to get a second opinion – just in case.

But once it has been established that the operation is the best available way of improving your health, then it would be silly to refuse it for fear of catching an entity.

The purpose of this knowledge isn't to create anxiety; it is to dispel fears. Knowing that entities exist, and knowing what the high risk situations are, you can adopt a rational, matter-of-fact attitude and seek professional advice from a clearer when appropriate.

When entities are cleared early, they usually can't create any damage.

How can I find a reliable entity clearer?


Email to find a clearer in your area.

Other countries

Email for information regarding a clearer in your area.

Why can't I clear my entity by myself? Why do I have to rely on a practitioner?

When you need dental care, you find it normal to consult a dentist.

If you need heart surgery, you will consult a heart surgeon. You won't go and ask your neighbour to fix the problem in a kitchen table.

Similarly, entity clearing highly technical. When performed by a fully trained and qualified practitioner, it is standard procedure. But if attempted by someone who hasn't been fully trained, then disasters can take place.

What exactly can go wrong during an entity clearing?

An entity clearing, Clairvision style, is a beautiful and peaceful experience. There is no fuss, nothing extraordinary – apart from the magnificent quality of light into which the entity is sent.

However, this is because Clairvision entity clearers have been trained for years, during which they have learnt a great variety of techniques of healing, meditation and self-transformation.

With people who do not completely know what they are doing, there are many things that can go wrong when dealing with entities. Very, very wrong!

Firstly, the entity may fool you into believing that it is a dark force, a spirit guide, an alien, or whatever your mind is ready to believe. Instead of clearing the entity, this may lead you to all kinds of delusions.

Secondly, extracting an entity requires a certain power of consciousness. Without the power, this entity won't go. Even worse, it may move more deeply inside the client and take up residence in an energetic level where it will be much more difficult to dislodge. For example, if by mistake an entity is allowed to move into the client's heart centre, the result may be severe depression. All kinds of health disorders may result from mistakes of this kind. And in many cases, the mistake won't even be noticed immediately, as it can take years for health disorders to build up. It is a nightmare scenario: the client believes the entity has been cleared, when in reality it is hiding deeper inside.

Thirdly, extracting a fragment is just not good enough. The fragment must be broken: dissolved, turned into dust. If this isn't properly performed, there is a real risk the fragment will rush into the first available host. This may be the clearer. Or it may be vulnerable people who are around, such as children, the elderly or the sick. This is why some well-meaning but insufficiently trained entity clearers are nothing short of a social menace.

Fourthly, even if the clearer knows how to extract and break the fragment, there is always a certain amount of energetic debris that becomes lodged in the clearer's subtle bodies. When clearers have received a full training in subtle perception and in moving etheric energies, they can identify the debris and get rid of it. But if they lack the required skills, there is serious risk of noxious energies gradually accumulating in the clearers over time, which is a major health hazard.

What is the Clairvision way of dealing with entities?

The first step is to identify the presence of the entity.

This is done by using the Clairvision technique called IST. IST uses no hypnosis, and no auto-suggestion. It is a very 'matter of fact' technique, used to explore consciousness from an objective standpoint.

The client starts by relaxing and entering an inner space of consciousness, in which there is enhanced perception of energy flows throughout the body.

It is in this IST state that both the client and the facilitator get to perceive the presence of the entity.

There follows a phase of exploration, during which the client finds out when and how the entity came in, what the entity wants, and what interference it causes.

The phase of exploration can be extended over a few IST sessions of 90 minutes each – not less than two sessions, and rarely more than four or five. There is usually an interval of one week between the sessions. This means the whole process usually lasts between two and five weeks.

During that period, the client carefully watches the behaviour of the entity: the entity's cravings, and the interference it causes in the form of parasitic thoughts, emotions or desires.

Then the process is concluded with a clearing, during which the entity is removed from the client.

What happens during an entity clearing, Clairvision style?

The client starts by relaxing and entering an inner space of consciousness, using the Clairvision technique called IST. (In the Clairvision work, IST is the main technique of regression and past-life therapy. IST is a powerful tool to explore consciousness, which is why it is used as part of the entity process.)

The clearer uses certain sounds to dislodge the entity, and implements a very special operation of consciousness: opening the 'Great Light', the frequency in which the entity can be safely processed. At that stage, clients often perceive the light: a wonderfully bright light, incredibly heart-warming. This is when clients often report seeing the entity being taken out of them into the light.

The clearing itself lasts between fifteen and thirty minutes, most of which is spent enjoying the fabulous quality of light which persists for a while after the entity has been removed. Contrary to common clichés of exorcism, an entity clearing is a beautifully peaceful experience.

Are entities in children processed in the same way as with adults?

Pretty much so. The clearing itself is exactly the same.

With the Clairvision techniques the main difference is that in the case of children, the exploration of the entity can be reduced to a strict minimum. A clearing can be implemented directly, without first going through a few IST sessions where the client is to find out for themselves what the entity wants, and how it interferes with them.

In many cases, however, children do remarkably well in the IST state. They can easily feel the entity's presence. And because they have no preconceived ideas, they observe it with a matter-of-fact attitude. They don't find it frightening in any way. They have no difficulty telling the practitioner what foods the entity pushes them to eat, or what silly things it encourages them to do.

Altogether, many children can explore their entity as well as adults.

And because of children's greater flexibility, after the clearing there is usually a quick disappearance of all the symptoms that were related to the entity's presence.

Do clearings always work?

No form of therapy has one hundred percent success.

As far as the entity clearing itself is concerned, the operation is quite mechanical. It could be compared to taking a pebble out of a bucket. Here, with a fully qualified entity clearer, not much can go wrong. The pebble is usually extracted in full, and it won't come back.

But this doesn't necessarily mean that all the client's problems stop there, simply because all the client's problems aren't necessarily caused by the entity.

In some cases, the client's problems have nothing to do with entities. A clearing therefore won't make any real difference. A typical example is that of schizophrenia and other psychotic disorders where patients speak of terrible demonic possession, when in reality no entity possession is involved. Unfortunately, one can't 'clear' delusions.

In other cases, there may be an entity but there are also major health or psychological disorders. Clearing the entity is a good start, but it doesn't dispense from doing the necessary physical and psychological healing work.

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Can you clear entities from a distance?

Distance entity clearing isn't impossible. After all, entities aren't physical. They are parasites of consciousness. Unlike the physical body, consciousness doesn't have a 'location'. So, as far as entity clearing is concerned, it doesn't necessarily make a fundamental difference if the client and the clearer are in different rooms, or even in different countries.

However, there are precise reasons why in the Clairvision style of work, distance clearings are avoided.

Firstly, there are occult considerations. Distance clearings can cause an unseen backlash of energies that can be quite dangerous for the clearer (far more dangerous than most entity clearers realise, actually).

Secondly, when working with clients, Clairvision practitioners don't just deal with one symptom. They thoroughly scan the client's energy. In many cases, this leads them to realise that the entity is not the problem, or is only part of the client's problem. A proper consultation with an interview and a full energetic scan will give results that can't really be achieved just by having a photo of the client, or even by having a conversation on the phone.

Thirdly (and most importantly), if Clairvision-style entity clearings give such powerful results, it is because they aren't some kind of magic trick where the practitioner just implements a manipulation of energies and declares "You are healed!" It is a complete process. During this process, clients use the IST technique for a thorough exploration of their subconscious relationship to the entity. They realise that the problems caused by the entity are only the exacerbation of their own dysfunctional patterns. This is usually the opportunity to learn a great deal about themselves, and it gives a completely different dimension to the clearing.

Of course it would be possible to bypass all this exploration, and 'just clear'. But what a loss for the client!

After a full entity process, clients are much more in touch with their own depths – with the subconscious parts of themselves where the roots of dysfunctional patterns are to be found. By exploring their entity, they have learnt about free will.

How can I learn to clear entities?

In courses run by the Clairvision School in Australia and other parts of the world, thousands of people have learnt the IST technique of exploration of consciousness.

Through IST, entities can be identified and explored.

The Clairvision School, however, is extremely strict as to who can become a clearer. Not all Clairvision practitioners are accredited entity clearers. The reason is that, when dealing with entities, a number of things can go wrong – very wrong. For the client's safety, it is essential that the clearer be a highly experienced practitioner.

If you wish to become an entity clearer, Clairvision style, you have to be ready to work on yourself for years, and learn a great variety of techniques and processes. And even then, there is no guarantee that you will qualify to become a clearer.

This means two things:

  1. If you are an entity patient and are being treated by an accredited Clairvision clearer, you can be assured you will receive a top-level clearing.
  2. If you are a practitioner and are looking for a quick method to become an entity clearer, better turn to another organisation.

How can an entity attach itself to a house?

The great majority of entities are fragments, pieces of consciousness that can't maintain their existence unless they find a life support system.

One possibility is to parasitise a living being such as a person or an animal.

Another possibility is to parasitise a place. Due to special land energies, some houses and other locations can serve as a life support system for an entity.

If people try to live in a place that is parasitised by a fragment, all sorts of things can happen. The fragment may feel its territory is being threatened, and try to get rid of the new tenants. Send them bad dreams, or even cause health disorders.

The fragment may also try to take up residence in one of the people. If, night after night, you sleep in a place with bad energies, there is definitely a possibility of catching a fragment. (As we saw earlier, children are more vulnerable than adults.) After this, the fragment is no longer attached to the place, but to the person.

In some cases the fragment won't try to invade anyone in the house, but it will nevertheless drain their energy. The people who live there will feel constantly tired, and possibly develop serious health problems.

So what's a ghost, in this model?

A ghost is a very crystallised fragment attached to a house or some other location.

A key point about fragments is that they try to reproduce the sensations and emotions they experienced when they were part of a full living being.

For example, a fragment issued from a heavy drinker will try to find a host who drinks, and push him to drink more. Or, fragments issued from a family member will try to take up residence in other members of the same family, because of the bonds that existed between these people, and because the fragment recognises a familiar atmosphere of consciousness.

Similarly, imagine a fragment issued from someone who spent their entire life living in the same dwelling (say, a castle for example!) After the person's death, there is a good chance some fragments will try to remain in that location, especially if the place has the kind of land energies that can sustain fragments.

How can I find out if my house has an entity?

Again, let's not develop a phobia, here! Entities are not everywhere.

Houses with parasitic entities are places with difficult vibrations. The place feels heavy, or cold. The people who live there can easily experience health problems, starting with constant fatigue. Or it may be a place where people constantly quarrel.

In a parasitised house, sensitive people can sometimes feel a 'presence', something charged and not like a normal house. Sometimes people also report strange smells, and other uncomfortable sensations.

If the house is dowsed, the dowser will often find toxic earth lines. These are not caused by the entity. For sure, the entity tends to worsen the vibrations in the house. But if it weren't for the toxic earth lines, it is unlikely an entity could have taken residence there in the first place.

So, land energies and house parasites are often closely associated. This means that if architects knew how to dowse and choose energy-sound sites for the houses they build, most of these problems could be avoided.

Can a house be cleared like a person?

As far as houses are concerned, there are two completely different types of situations:

In some cases, the house was fine until the day it caught a fragment. A sudden deterioration of the vibes in the house takes place. It used to be a comfortable place. Now it feels cold or spooky. The children in the house get sick all the time, and so on.

In such cases, no problem! The entity can be cleared, very much like a person or an animal. In the Clairvision system, the method used to clear houses is near-identical to that used to clear entities in people.

And the results are consistently good. After the clearing, the vibrations in the house lighten up. Life goes back to normal.

Note that in the ancient Indian culture, whenever moving into a new house, it was customary to call on priests to perform a yajña, a fire ceremony including a bhuta-shuddhi or entity clearing. Prevention is better than cure. There is definitely some wisdom in performing a clearing before moving into a new house. Even if there is no entity, it makes perfect sense to get rid of the vibrations left by the former occupants.

With houses, there is however a completely different situation where the house isn't a wholesome dwelling that caught a fragment at one moment in time, but has been built on a place with wrong land energies.

Remember the analogy of the compost heap. Compost heaps are absolutely indispensable. Without composting, there could be no cycle of nature. But that doesn't mean that you should live in a compost heap.

Similarly, there are places with land energies that are simply unfit for human inhabitation. These places will attract fragments like sticky paper attracting flies. Quite likely, they will also attract several other classes of entities. Trying to live in such a place would be a sure recipe for disaster.

There, it would be very foolish to adopt a Don Quichote attitude and want to clear everything. These places may be noxious to us, but they are an important part of the greater eco-system. They are to energies what a compost heap is to a garden. But unlike compost heaps, they can't simply be moved from one place to the other. They are where they are because of special land energies.

Here the real problem is that developers design their houses on paper and are completely insensitive to land energies. It is therefore not rare for houses to be built on locations where no one should ever consider living.

Once a house is on a location of that kind, there is not much that can be done. Get rid of an entity, and ten new ones will have arrived within a week. And even if it was in someone's power to totally clear the place, the result would be quite damaging to nature as a whole. The place acts as a natural garbage bin. By destroying it, you could cause energetic pollution for miles around the area, which would result in making dozens of people sick.

This means that before moving into a house, it is wise to have it dowsed. If the land energies are life-supporting, you will never have any of these problems. But if you move into a place with the wrong land energies, then there is not much you will be able to do, apart from moving to a new place.

Note by the way that dowsing a house is quite simple. In the Knowledge Tracks and other courses offered by the Clairvision School, all students are taught a method of sensing land energies resting on the third eye. This means they can easily assess the energetic qualities of a house, without having to call on a dowser. After following the third eye training offered in the Knowledge Tracks, people usually find it quite easy to assess the livability of a house.

This is the kind of skill that can be extremely useful when you travel. Unless you can sense land energies for yourself, each night spent in a hotel room is a potential entity hazard!

Ultimately, with houses as with anything else, there cannot be protection without perception.

Was the Gulf War syndrome caused by fragments?

A question from a reader;

In Entity Possession, Samuel Sagan reports that during the Gulf War, he saw an accumulation of fragments from dead Iraqi soldiers getting tangled in the noxious energies associated with burning oil wells. Could these fragments be responsible for the Gulf War syndrome? Quite likely, Iraqi casualties released very angry, and therefore noxious fragments.


An important fact about the Gulf War syndrome is that, to our knowledge, the French didn't get it. During the war, the French troops resided in separate camps, away from the rest of the allies. (At the time, many French soldiers resented this. Considering it probably saved them from catching the syndrome, they probably have no regrets now.)

Anyhow, this fact is very much in favour of some chemical or bacteriological form of contamination. It would also be quite interesting to see which vaccinations the allied troops had received, and compare with those given to the French. From an energetic point of view, some vaccinations against biological warfare agents are awfully toxic.

If fragments had caused the Gulf War syndrome, it is very unlikely the French would have avoided it.

Fragment fallout from the Gulf War didn't only affect the allies but the entire world. For example, Samuel Sagan's vision was that the epidemic of cholera in South America in the months that followed the Gulf War was a direct consequence of the energetic pollution released during the war.