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Charge, Dragon and sexuality techniques

Black Dance
at No Limits

Past the Purple Plains are the Caves of the Dragon.

In the Clairvision mapping of subtle bodies, the charge is the powerhouse of emotions and desires – the root of all libido. The charge sits at the base of the body. The Dragon is the power of the lower chakras starting from the base, or perineum, and down into the column of energy below the body. The Dragon is a principle of infinite vitality and will.

Working on the charge and on the Dragon results in a great strengthening of your personal structure and willpower. It unlocks vitality and healing abilities, with great benefits to your health.

Sexuality techniques

When your body of energy awakens, your sexuality opens. A profound transformation takes place, which manifests in many ways:

  • You are less in your head, and more in your body when making love.
  • You gain a natural understanding of your partner's feelings and sensations, as if you were able to transpose yourself inside their skin.
  • Through the energetic dimension of lovemaking, you experience enhanced forms of pleasure: etheric orgasm. And you become capable of giving far more pleasure to your partner. Etheric orgasm also leads to cultivating essential energies instead of exhausting them.

The first techniques on sexuality are introduced in KT Portal 1, the first module of the Vision Path.

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