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Vision Path – stories and legends

Storytelling is a powerful and traditional way of passing on spiritual knowledge. Sacred texts of almost about all traditions are full of myths and legends. And spiritual masters of all origins tend to be fond of anecdotes and stories, never missing an opportunity to incorporate them in their teachings.

The Clairvision work is supported by a fascinating web of legends spanning from the Ancient Days of the Earth (Lemuria and earlier ages) to the future space age (Bleeding Sun, Descenders...) via Atlantean Secrets and stories relating to various historical epochs.

The Knowledge Tracks of the Vision Path contains many original stories – some of them little books of their own – including:

  • Magicians of the Ancient Days – awesome powers in the Ancient Days of the Earth
  • Takhar the Unbending – miracles of Nature in the distant past of the Earth
  • Eagle's Feathers and Endless Love – tales of Teyani and Barkhan Seer
  • The Man who Said No to the Emperor – Gervin's training under Orest
  • That We May Fly Together – Qualman Shakya the great asura, rescuing Antaria from the dark side, and Jaleena's entry into the Archive tradition
  • Hiram's Crown of Thorns – Oriel (the Alexander Rosher of Bleeding Sun and Descenders) taken to the dark side by Aphelion in ancient Persia
  • Delphi – Archive people in ancient Greece
  • Knight Perez and the Mexican Revolution
  • A Minute with the Gods – a triptych retelling the incarnation of a massive Flying Dragon in the suburbs of London in the 1970s
  • Jackson Farell and the Stones – a team of adventurers discovering the etheric ruins of Atlantis in 2049
  • The Lion – Alan Branberg and the foundation of the Philadelphias
  • Varga and the Knights – VR games and intrigues, training the Knights of the Apocalypse
  • Farewell to Senelong – when evil wins
  • The Battle of Titan – how Phelippe Varga defeated the armies of the Rex and established TS5, the military academy on Titan
  • Forever Begins Today – Mohan and the Himalayan choir initiated into the Descent

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