Introduction to the Vision Path

Clairvision Knowledge Tracks

Computers and Consciousness

We live in a technological world. The Clairvision work puts great emphasis on not letting a gap be created between your spiritual life and the technological environment in which you live. 'Computers and consciousness' is one of the themes discussed at length in the Vision Path.

Right from the early Knowledge Tracks of the Purple Plains, you will be shown how to manage your body of energy while dealing with computers – how not to get drained or 'soporized' by them (soporization being a technical term referring to a decrease of vigilance and resulting in a sense of being sleepy or 'thickheaded').

The later regions of the Vision path contain techniques to speed up mental functions and move towards supermind: superfast, frictionless thought processes. Techniques such as the Power of the Point (presented in Samuel Sagan's novels Atlantean Secrets and Bleeding Sun) create extremely powerful interfaces between consciousness and computers, allowing you to take the best out of technology without technology taking the best out of you.

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