What are the Knowledge Tracks?

Knowledge Track Paths and Regions

Following the metaphor of a VR journey through an unknown continent, the Clairvision Knowledge Tracks are divided into paths. Each path goes through several regions.

The two principal paths are the Vision Path and the Clarity Path.

Other paths include the IST Path and the Healers' Path.

Vision Path

The Vision Path deals with a variety of topics revolving around meditation, subtle bodies, inner vision, inner alchemy, cosmology (mapping of nonphysical worlds) and angelic hierarchies.

The Vision Path is comprised of three regions:

  • the Purple Plains
  • the Plateaux of Ascent
  • the Mountains of Supermind

Clarity Path

The main other path, the Clarity Path, deals with topics such as emotional freedom, free will, self knowledge and symbolic psychology.

The IST Path

The IST path can be regarded as an extension of the Clarity Path. The IST technique (Inner Space Interactive Sourcing) deals with past-life regression and, more generally, provides a framework for exploring consciousness.

The Healers' Path

As its name indicates, this path is concerned with health, rejuvenation and healing processes.

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