What are the Knowledge Tracks?

Vision Path and Clarity Path – the balance

This division into two principal paths reflects one of the important principles of the Clairvision work: before one can be supernormal, one has to become normal.

A stable and reliable vision requires not only the building of some new subtle organs but also the purification of the astral layer. This implies thoroughly exploring the roots of mental conflicts and emotional imbalances, and eradicating mental conditioning. Having observed a large number of people working on themselves, I can say that those who never seem to get anywhere with their spiritual practice are quite often those who have neglected this phase of exploring and cleansing the mess of the mind.

Before one can be supernormal, one has to become normal. As long as the daddy-mummy, girlfriend-boyfriend level of existence has not been sorted out, as long as deep negative emotional patterns have not been clarified, there is no need to pretend you are living a divine life.

Samuel Sagan, Awakening the Third Eye 22.1

A complete, healthy and balanced spiritual work is therefore comprised of two aspects. One has to do with cultivating subtle bodies and spiritual vision, studying how the laws of the creation operate, exploring cosmology, cosmogony, and so forth – all topics covered in the Vision Path.

The other aspect has to do with achieving clarity, a superior form of spontaneity based on freeing the mind from its neurotic features and emotional conditioning – hence the Clarity Path.

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