Introduction to the Vision Path

Clairvision Knowledge Tracks

Topics of knowledge covered in the Vision Path

Note: the scope of the KTs is huge. A detailed list of all topics covered would occupy a small book. The following therefore only presents the principal themes of the Vision Path.


  • What is meditation
  • Handling all forms of meditation experiences
  • Understanding the whys and hows of different methods of meditation
  • Teaching meditation to children

Third Eye

  • Handling third eye experiences
  • Third eye flarings: assisting people who go through a spontaneous third eye awakening

Subtle Bodies

  • The fourfold model: physical, etheric, astral and Ego
  • Subtle bodies and aging
  • Superastrality and memes – forces that rule the world
  • Transformed subtle bodies and the long-term destiny of humanity

Cosmology and Angeology

  • Myriad worlds – nonphysical levels of reality forming the cosmological ladder: astral worlds, worlds of the gods, Revelation Sky (high angelic and archetypal regions), Highness (transcendental planes), Underworlds, etc.
  • Spiritual hierarchies and stages of humanity
  • Detailed studies of various categories of nonphysical beings: gods, angels, Luciferic beings and other dark forces, flying dragons, forces of nature, elementals, astral beings, beings of the underworlds, and so on

Comparative Esotericism – Esoteric Christianity

  • The myth of the Fall, revisited
  • Solar Logos, Christ Consciousness
  • Esoteric aspects of the incarnation of Christ
  • Gnostic gospels – the principal Gnostic themes: Archons, Aeons, etc. Gnostic movements and Archive people

Comparative Esotericism – Rudolf Steiner and Anthroposophy

  • Cosmic cycles, visions of the future and of the past in Anthroposophy
  • Lucifer and Ahriman – Steiner's visions of evil

Comparative Esotericism – Kabbalah

  • Overview of Kabbalistic literature
  • World to come in the Judaic tradition
  • Sephiroth and Kabbalistic cosmology
  • Worlds and levels of existence in the Kabbalah
  • Levels of the soul

Comparative Esotericism – Indian Tradition

  • Chakras and subtle bodies in the Indian tradition – Kundalini
  • Hindu creation myths
  • Sapta-loka: the Hindu model of the ladder of the worlds

Clairvision Applied to the Body

  • Reclaiming your body!
  • Symbolism of different body parts
  • Physical and subtle anatomy: esoteric functions of the heart, the kidney, and various other organs
  • Spiritual embryology: phases in the development of the fetus and their cosmic meaning
  • The process of digestion

Spirituality, Sciences and Technology

  • Great challenges of the 21st century: virtual reality, genetic engineering, nanotechnology, Artificial Intelligence – potential and pitfalls and how will humanity adapt to these challenges
  • Effects of using computers and various operating systems
  • Nonphysical forces behind technology

Visions of Time

  • Ancient days of the Earth (Lemuria and earlier ages) – Visions of the Nature during prepersonal enlightenment
  • Samuel Sagan's visions of Atlantis: detailed studies of the Atlantean civilization (architecture, healing techniques, fields and other technologies of consciousness) – rise and fall of the kingdom of Melchisedek
  • Tessellated pavement and Apocalypse

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