The Vision Path

KT Portal 1

KT Portal 1 is the first Knowledge Track of the Vision Path. It is the recommended starting point – 'where it all begins'.

Prior requirements: none.

Cost: $125
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Part 1 – Introduction

Part 1 of KT Portal 1 is a general introduction to the Vision Path and to Clairvision work in general, including the tradition behind the school. It also includes practical indications as to how to organize your practice and your studies.

Part 2 – Practicals

Part 2 is comprised of 3 practical sessions. Each session is a guided practice, provided as audio recording: sit down, relax, and let the magic happen.

The idea is to follow one session every week or every two weeks, leading to 1 or 2 months of practice.

The instructor is Jaleena of the White Eagle. Under her guidance you will:

  • engage your daily practice of meditation
  • begin with powerful techniques of awakening the third eye
  • develop subtle powers in your larynx, as a preamble to a work on the voice
  • learn the first Clairvision techniques of energetic sexuality
  • practice the 'hand field' technique, with many applications in the fields of healing and developing subtle bodies

The audio recordings make intensive use of music, and include several guided meditations.

Transcriptions of all practical sessions can be found in the written material of the KT.

Part 3 – Theory

Part 3 is comprised of 6 talks (offered both as audio recordings and text) and one short lecture, 'Inner Alchemy' (text only).

The talks are:

  • Spiritual Challenges in a Scientific Age (Samuel Sagan): setting the scene for the Clairvision work
  • Purposes and Principles of the Clairvision Work (spoken by Matteus Levell) discusses key principles such as "See for yourself, know for yourself," integration of practice and theory, never surrender your judgment, Clairvision versus clairvoyance...
  • Modernity and Tradition (Matteus Levell) keeps discussing what this work is all about: mapping consciousness, Archive tradition and western esoteric tradition, the place of myths in modern spirituality...
  • Mysteries of the Larynx and the Voice (Matteus Levell) explores ancient myths and Archive records about the power of the Voice
  • Night Practice – a lecture that presents this key technique of the Clairvision work
  • Meditation, Frequently Asked Questions (Bill Barrett) discusses a number of practical points about meditation: where, when, what to do if...

Being supplied as downloadable audio recordings, these talks are for you to listen to when driving, on public transport, or any similar circumstances – so as to use your time constructively.

Part 4 – Night practice

Apart from the practicals, KT Portal 1 also includes 3 recorded night practices (audio recordings) – guided relaxation practices to be done in the horizontal position for fast recuperation from fatigue while developing subtle bodies.

Part 5 – Technical videos

The first video presents the Visionary Art of Janis Lander, a painter who has applied the Clairvision techniques to her work. Apart from being a visual feast, the journey through her paintings of subtle bodies and experiences of consciousness is the opportunity to become familiar with several key concepts of the Clairvision work. (Duration 47 minutes)

Janis Lander painting
Pastel painting of the "Eye-Opening", courtesy of the artist Janis Lander

The second video is a short demonstration of the technique of hand fields, frequently used in the Knowledge Tracks.

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