Introduction to the Vision Path

Clairvision Knowledge Tracks

Vision of the eye, vision of the heart


While journeying through the Purple Plains (the first region of the Vision Path), you will be introduced to the Clairvision method of awakening the third eye. Since the purpose is a nondogmatic, experiential form of spirituality – see for yourself, know for yourself – it makes a lot of sense to begin with a process of vision.

'Clair-vision' (the Clairvision style of vision) implies taking a different standpoint of consciousness, away from the ordinary mind. It is a vision of the heart as much as it is a vision of the eye.

Clairvision is quite different from the clairvoyance of trance-medium psychics. Instead of making yourself permeable and soaking in psychic influences from your environment, clairvision rests on making your energy extremely dense and solid, which is why people who follow the Clairvision style of work rarely have to worry about psychic protection. Clairvision isn't a passive process. Rather, it is comparable to a laser beam that you direct onto objects in order to cognize them.

Besides, in clairvision the visuals are only one part of the experience. Clairvision closely integrates three dimensions: being, knowing and seeing. There may even be clairvision without any visuals at all: clairvision is as much cognition as it is vision. It is an experience that expands your reality, a way of 'being more'.

Clairvision is akin to the concept of gnosis, as the Gnostics were people who placed more emphasis on direct experience than on belief. It is also akin to the Sanskrit veda, 'knowledge', which comes from the root ved, 'to see', 'to cognize'. The purpose isn't to become a clairvoyant but a seer of reality.

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