Introduction to the Vision Path

Clairvision Knowledge Tracks

Vision Path – overview of techniques


  • Third eye meditation, step by step
  • The art of meditation posture
  • Thunderwand meditation: awakening chakras and circulations in the body of energy
  • Meditating on inner sounds
  • Meditation techniques based on the breath
  • The life flow technique of rejuvenation
  • Stopping thoughts and mental agitation – achieving inner peace
  • Spiritual intoxication (without substances!): God as the ultimate drug

Third Eye Work and Clairvision

  • Self healing through third eye awakening
  • A step by step method to develop inner perception
  • Seeing auras
  • Clairvision versus clairvoyance: Making your energy diamond like – shielding yourself from unwanted influences and strengthening your personality
  • Using the third eye in everyday life
    • Driving or cooking become third eye experiences
    • Caring for babies and small children
    • Working with animals and the third eye


  • Dispel nervous fatigue
  • Uplift 'soporific' energies to clarify your mental state
  • Techniques for people suffering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)
  • Uplifting as a way of preventing and treating headaches
  • Uplifting to speed up mental processes

Etheric Awakening

  • Boosting vitality by awakening the etheric body
  • Various methods of etheric cleansing
  • Sensing the energetic qualities of plants and animals: the art of tuning in
  • Experiencing other people's sensations as if you were in their body
  • Channel release: moving energies along your meridians – self cleansing and shielding techniques

Energetic Protection

  • Sealing the aura
  • Dealing with people who drain your energy
  • Energetic management in situations with a high risk of energy depletion, from confronting meetings to open warfare

Land Energies

  • Dowsing earth lines from the third eye
  • Detecting energy wells (positive land energies)
  • Seeing earth lines from the third eye

Night Practice

  • How to quickly recover from fatigue
  • Creativity and inspiration techniques: overcoming creativity blocks and freeing 'the creative waters of the mind'

Opening of the Heart and Communication Skills

  • Using third eye, verticality and uplifting to enhance your communication skills
  • Supernatural 'listening skills'


  • Techniques of etheric orgasm – using the third eye to enhance sexual experiences
  • Preservation of essential energies during sexual intercourse
  • Using sexual intercourse to cultivate the body of energy
  • Helping your partner find himself/herself sexually
  • Sexuality and Dragon: the powers of the centers below

Angelic Resonance (a systematic process to tune into angels and high spiritual beings)

  • Working with qualities of presence
  • How to engage the communication once contact has been made with an angelic presence
  • Aspiration practices

Computers and Consciousness

  • Dealing with fears of technology
  • Protecting your energy when using computers and the Internet
  • Handling computers from verticality and power of the Point


  • Using the third eye and verticality to enhance creativity
  • Third eye and visual arts
  • Music and Supermind
  • Verticality and vision – inspiration for writers. Techniques to overcome the 'writer's block'
  • Making your life a work of art


  • Using verticality and power of the Point to speed up mental processes
  • Using computer games to work on the power of the Point
  • Vertical knowing and no-thought mind
  • Advanced creativity techniques: finding 'superflows'

Archive Techniques

  • Reading Archive records of past and future
  • Helping others to get in touch with their spiritual roots
  • The art of dealing with Flying Dragons

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