What are the Knowledge Tracks?

Knowledge Tracks – a package for the third millennium

Both the practical sessions and the lectures of the Knowledge Tracks are offered in the form of audio recordings.

A typical KT contains between 4 and 12 practicals which are 45 to 90 minute-long audio recording with various instructions, guided meditations and practices. You sit in the comfort of your home and enjoy the direct guidance of top-level instructors.

Every KT also includes 4 to 12 talks on topics related to meditation, spirituality, and their integration into the world. These talks can be listened to while driving or on public transport.

Presently, the audio recordings are downloadable from our website.

The written text includes transcripts of all lectures and practicals.

The KTs also include dozens of audio recordings of night practice: powerful relaxation techniques aimed at fast recuperation as well as awakening of your subtle bodies.

When it comes to practicalities, nothing is as good as being shown first hand. The KTs therefore include a number of videos teaching you a whole variety of techniques such as meditation postures, protection techniques, dowsing and mapping of land energies, channel release (awakening and cleansing meridians), and so on.

The videos also include 'sharing times', in which other students share with you the experiences they had when practicing the techniques you are learning. When listening to others' feedback, a lot can fall into place.

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