The Vision Path

KT Caves of the Dragon 1

New Release!

KT Caves of the Dragon 1 is the first of two Knowledge Tracks on the charge and a continuation of the work on the lower half.

Here we focus on multiple energetic techniques to bring tangibility and awakening to the charge. Our task is to crystallize the charge, to go beyond first appearances, and to start tapping from the real power that is behind the mother charge.

Along with the work on the charge, we enter the domain of the sexuality techniques of the Clairvision School. Sexuality becomes the opportunity for a number of important visions and realizations concerning the body of energy. Here we will dive into the mysteries of etheric orgasm.

Charge, Dragon and sexuality techniques

And... a new channel release video to awaken the body of energy from the power of the charge!

Prior requirements: KT Bubbling Mud Pools 3

Cost: $125
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Part 1 - Getting on track

Part 1 of KT Caves of the Dragon 1 contains the instructions for this KT.

Part 2 - Talks

Part 2 comprises ten talks, covering theory and practice:

  • 2.1 Incarnation Standpoint
  • 2.2 Apex Fire. Life Flow As Circulation.
  • 2.3 Solve and Coagula
  • 2.4 Charge-Mist in the Cranial Envelope
  • 2.5 What Happens in the Charge Does Not Stay in the Charge
  • 2.6 Charge Process
  • 2.7 Implementing Downward Polarity to Silence Fluctuations
  • 2.8 Etheric Orgasm
  • 2.9 From Sensing Energies to Moving Energies
  • 2.10 Channel Release Video Introduction

Part 3 - Practicals

Part 3 comprises eight audio practicals which focus on multiple techniques to objectify, strengthen and awaken the charge.

Part 4 - Video

Part 4 comprises one channel release video that work with the circulations of the lower half. We will explore a new circulation that runs on the inside leg, the Kidney Meridian.

Part 5 - Night practice

Part 5 comprises two night practices: nose power and apex fire. In the first night practice, sounds will facilitate synesthesia, sense mix-up. The second night practice focuses on apex fire breathing and a deep dive into the vibration in the charge.

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