The Vision Path

KT Foothills of the Great Mountain 1

KT Foothills of the Great Mountain 1 is the sixth Knowledge Track of the Vision Path. The Foothills of the Great Mountain is the next step in developing vision – seeing, knowing, being. This KT gives theory and systematic steps of how to pierce through veils of appearances and know reality.

Prior requirements: Buzzing Forest 2

Cost: $125
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Part 1 – Getting on track

Part 1 of KT Foothills of the Great Mountain 1 contains the instructions for this KT.

Part 2 – Talks

Part 2 comprises eight talks, covering theory and practice:

  • 2.1 Contextualizing Vision: a defining talk discussing the topic of vision and exploring concepts such as nous of ancient Greece and buddhi of the Indian tradition
  • 2.2 Vision Mechanisms: discussing key mechanisms involved in vision, for example finding the part that already has vision and the concept that vision is not about visuals
  • 2.3 Talking About Space: exploring what space means in both practice and theory in the Clairvision work
  • 2.4 Seeingness: a discussion on the observer, the object and the fact of seeing
  • 2.5 Peripherality as Preliminary to Vision: peripherality is essential for vision and can only happen outside of the ordinary mental consciousness
  • 2.6 Dynamic Awareness – Vision and Clear Modes: exploring the concept of dynamic awareness and creating clear modes for activities of life
  • 2.7 Strategies to Not Look Like a Complete Idiot on a Vision Field Trip: a candid talk driving home the point of 'looking without looking'
  • 2.8 One of the Keys to Vision Is to Have Things to See Part 1: learn strategies on how to implement vision in situations of daily life

Part 3 - Practicals


Part 3 comprises six audio practicals using the technique of candle gazing. These practicals will ignite powerful third eye forces and strengthen the muscle of seeingness.

Part 4 - Night practice

Part 4 comprises two night practices. The first night practice uses sound to take you into deep spaces of peripherality and vision. The second night practice focuses on visions of the body.

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