The Vision Path

Omphalos KT

Omphalos Knowledge Track sets the cosmological perspective on how exvolution is the disease and how to counter this with the involution power of the atom. The atom is no longer a 'dot' in the middle of the third eye tunnel, but a metaphysical entry point into the involution engine behind all techniques. Develop this foundational skill and when you go back to the other practices they will work differently.

Consciousness is restless. It is looking for something to rest on and the atom is good for this. The atom takes you in and cradles you in a certain way, making it a solid, stable and easy resting place for consciousness.

Prior requirements: KT Buzzing Forest 2

Cost: $125
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Part 1 - Getting on track

Part 1 of Omphalos KT contains the instructions for this KT.

Part 2 - Talks

Part 2 comprises twelve talks, covering theory and practice:

  • 2.1 Exvolution Is the Disease
  • 2.2 Death by Awareness
  • 2.3 The Meditation Process
  • 2.4 Vision from the Atom
  • 2.5 Atom Mechanisms and Meditation Experiences
  • 2.6 Station Involution
  • 2.7 Atom and Heart Folding – Re-experiencing the Blob State
  • 2.8 Metaphysical Dimension Behind Dynamic Awareness from the Atom
  • 2.9 From Perception to Vision – Vision as an Enhancer of Being
  • 2.10 The Involution Engine as the Solar Principle
  • 2.11 Exercising from the Atom Body
  • 2.12 Atom Body Experiences

Part 3 - Practicals

Part 3 comprises 10 audio practicals which include work on the involution engine. The focus is on learning to be held in the atom, resting there without grasping the process. It is a learning of how to let the atom draw you in. Once you are resting there, instead of letting images and the senses simply fall into the cranial envelope, learn how to receive them through the atom. This is one of its most fundamental functions. Simply become attuned to the atom and let it be the center for the senses to come to. Resting on the atom becomes a metaphysical experience that gives dynamic awareness a whole new experience.

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