The Vision Path

KT Silver Lakes 1

KT Silver Lakes 1 is the eighth Knowledge Track of the Vision Path. Silver Lakes introduces the theory and practice of silent sound. Of all the techniques of the Clairvision work, few open the etheric so deeply and so clearly as silent sound. This KT builds on the work from the Buzzing Forest, leading to a greater magnitude of etheric awakening and a more profound understanding of the etheric. The silent sound techniques are also an opportunity to explore will, since where there is Life, there is will.

Prior requirements: Foothills of the Great Mountain 2

Cost: $125
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Part 1 - Getting on track

Part 1 of KT Silver Lakes 1 contains the instructions for this KT.

Part 2 - Talks

Part 2 comprises six talks, covering theory and practice:

  • 2.1 The Etheric and Silent Sound: an introduction to working with silent sound, addressing common questions and experiences that arise
  • 2.2 The Wound and Silent Sound: discussing how to use silent sound to work with the wound, this original pain of separation from the Divine
  • 2.3 The Three Sibilants and the Short a Part 1: getting familiar with the s, ś and sounds and the neutral a of the Sanskrit alphabet
  • 2.4 Self-Involuted Silent Sound: a discussion on the inherent involution of silent sound and learning to flow with the flow
  • 2.5 The Direction of Spinning Flows at the Level of the Head and Above: a short talk to clarify the direction of spinning at the level of the head for the practicals
  • 2.6 Silent Sound, Life and Will: exploring the depth of opening in the etheric and the Life that is revealed through silent sound

Part 3 - Practicals

Kircher Arithmologia Music Of The Spheres

Part 3 comprises 14 audio practicals using silent sound in the different structures of the subtle bodies: the envelopes, thunderwand and charge. Riding the silent sound is the involution pathway toward opening the etheric and revealing rich, visionful 'landscapes' of the etheric. At this depth, levels of Life are glimpsed.

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