Introduction to the Vision Path

The Vision Path

See for yourself. Know for yourself.

In just about all spiritual traditions one finds the concept that this level of existence is not the only one, and that a human being is more than just his or her physical body; that greater powers are at play on the scene of the world, forces of light and forces of darkness; that humanity at large is on its way to a spiritual destination, and that not all will necessarily make it to the goal.

The Clairvision Knowledge Tracks have one central purpose: to lead you to levels of consciousness where you can fathom these mysteries for yourself – see for yourself, know for yourself.

The Clairvision work is resolutely experiential. The practices have been designed for people who cannot be satisfied just by reading what other people have written, or by being told what other people have said.

Knowing, in Clairvision language, means knowing through direct experience. Second-hand information doesn't qualify as knowledge.

If you are ready to put in the effort, the Clairvision work offers you real keys. Note that the school's purpose isn't to give a little knowledge to a lot of people, but to train people to a high level.

The following pages present some of the techniques covered in the different regions of the vision path.

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