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Bang Ting Ting

Legend: Atlantean Secrets

Epoch: Twilight of the Law (late Atlantis)

Date: Year 29 of Gervin's Grand Mastership

Characters: Orlon and his music teacher.

Musical Image: An Atlantean music lesson.

Of all subjects, the one I enjoyed the most was music. As I belonged to a caste of public servants, becoming a musician was not even an option. But had I been more gifted, I would have loved to have taken on music as a recreational occupation – a lawful thing for a public servant to do. But despite all my efforts, I had only limited success in reproducing the rhythms and melodies my teachers played to me.

My musical ambitions came to an abrupt end when I was fifteen. I was receiving a lesson from a compassionate teacher who, seeing my genuine aspiration to master a musical instrument, had decided to give me some much-needed private tuition.

"This is called mono-tony," the old man he explained. "It is one of the most profound musical styles we have received from the Lord Melchisedek through the Law."

Fascinated, I let the rhythm sink deep into me.

"Bang-ting-ting, bang-ting-ting, bang-ting-ting, bang-ting-ting, bang-ting-ting, bang-ting-ting..."

As he played, he kept on explaining, "The Law says, the beauty of music does not lie in that which the ears can hear, but in that which the soul can perceive, and superior musical pieces are those which induce the perception of the harmony of the spheres."

Never had I heard anything like it. This man was a great artist! Spellbound by his musical harmonies, I was transported so high that I completely lost touch with my physical environment.
Atlantean Secrets 2.3

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