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Felicia calling on Verzazyel

Legend: Atlantean Secrets

Epoch: Twilight of the Law (late Atlantis)

Date: Winter, year 33 of Gervin's Grand Mastership

Character: Felicia, Priestess of Verzazyel

Musical Image: Located on Jex Belaran, a high peak of the Snowy Mountains, the temple of Verzazyel is battered by winds and snow. Felicia is a young priestess yearning for the higher initiation of her order.

She calls on the Watchers with one of the eerie incantations of the priestesses of her order.

Realistically, she doesn't stand a chance. The fire of the Watchers is an extraordinarily difficult power to conquer. If she attempts the initiation, she will get burnt – annihilated.

But her aspiration is so profound and sincere that she is heard by the Mother of the Light.

The Mother of the Light will respond with a grace. As a result, when undergoing a pilgrimage to the cave of Verzazyel the Watcher in the counties of the South (in year 38 of Gervin's Grand Mastership), Felicia will be rescued by Szar of the Brown Robe. Healed by the power of the Dragon, she will succeed in her high priestess initiation against all odds.

Music by: Samuel Sagan

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