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Bobros the Terrible

Legend: Atlantean Secrets

Epoch: Twilight of the Law (late Atlantis)

Date: Year 37 of Gervin's Grand Mastership

Character: Bobros the terrible

Musical Image: Aged 22, Bobros the giant wins all the contests of magic of the Guild of Nephilim Necromancers.

The scion of a prestigious lineage of necromancers, the blond giant is not just a huge chunk of muscle. He is superiorly intelligent. There is a disturbing glow in his eyes. His powers are immense. Soon, he will become the leader of the Guild.

In front of him, a huge black hole – the end of the kingdom of Atlantis, and the destruction of his race.

Bobros is resolute to fight to save his kind, even if it implies slaughtering all non-giants in the kingdom.

A born leader, he has the madness of the Nephilim giants, and the abilities of one of the greatest sorcerers of all times.

Tremble, kingdom! The giants are coming.

Music by: Samuel Sagan

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