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Guided by the White Eagles

Legend: Atlantean Secrets Book 5

Date: Year 36 of Gervin's Grand Mastership

Location: Eisraim Temple, traveling chambers

Characters: Elyani, Seyani, Szar

Musical Image: Szar, who at the time is still Szar of the Salmon Robe, has been taken to a particular area of the temple: the traveling chambers in the enclave of the Lawful Physicians. There, his body was placed inside a plass sarcophagus. The priests of the traveling chambers projected the power of the Voice onto energy centers, or gateways, in Szar's body. And as a result, Szar was projected out of his body in a way that allowed him to retain full consciousness.

When projected out of his body through this particular method, Szar actually feels more awake than he normally does in his daily activities. And so he begins to astral travel in full awareness of his movements.

In his traveling, Szar is guided by two disciples of Teyani of the White Eagle: Seyani, and Elyani. Szar can hear Elyani's voice. He can feel her presence. Sometimes her presence also appears to him as a warm yellow light. By following Elyani's light and instructions, Szar discovers more and more subtle layers of the intermediary worlds, and has glimpses of the worlds of the gods. He rides on mighty streams of light. And at times he emerges into the marvelous fields of stars, which are the astral equivalent of galactic spaces.

In these journeys, Szar follows Elyani. But Elyani doesn't get out of her body, she remains in the traveling chambers.
Knowledge Track Valley of Light 2.3.6

"Start moving up," she ordered. And while I ascended along a slow vortex of the purple space, she explained, "Darkness visible is one of the intermediary worlds, so called because they are located between the square (or kingdom), and the triangle (or worlds of the gods)..."

I followed her light through a vortex-tunnel that led me to a different space.

"Keep spinning forwards!" she directed me to another tunnel.

When I came out of the spinning exercise, I found myself in a completely different space. It was much darker than the purple darkness visible where we had started.

"You are now in the second layer of the intermediary worlds," Elyani said. "As you understand, darkness visible is only the lowest echelon of the intermediary worlds. Now take the silvery vortex on your right."

What was exhilarating about these tunnel-vortices was not just the spinning, but the acceleration. It was like being projected from one space to another at increasing speed. The higher up I went, the faster it moved. At the end of the tunnel I found myself surrounded by a beautiful green astral light.

"The emerald intermediary world," Elyani commented. "Before we can go further, you must become expert at identifying these layers."

I hovered around for some time, letting the emerald light work on my consciousness.

"Now, let me take you straight to the upper limits of the intermediary worlds," Elyani said.

I followed her light through a sequence of increasingly fast vortices, until I emerged in a different region lit by a diffuse silvery light. Taking a closer look, I realized that the space was filled with silvery specks of light.
Atlantean Secrets 5.3

Music by: Samuel Sagan

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