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Death in the Dragon

Legend: Atlantean Secrets Book 6

Date: Year 36 of Gervin's Grand Mastership

Location: Mount Lohrzen, Temple of the Sons of the Dragon, county of the Red Lands

Characters: Szar, Marek

Musical Image: The frail Szar is being initiated into the caste of the Great Warriors. Marek and three of his men – all dressed in black – take him down through long serpentine tunnels and rough stone staircases. The descent lasts for hours.


In the crypt Szar will be left in total darkness, exposed to the breath of the Great Dragon of the Deep – the irresistible power of the Underworlds. If he survives, he will be accepted as one of the Great Warriors.

At that stage of the initiation, more than two thirds of candidates die.

At long last we made it to a small chamber. In the middle, there was a grave dug in the rock. Seeing it, I chuckled foolishly.

"Lie down in the hole!" Marek pointed to the grave.

The four men placed their torches in rings that were attached to the walls. Then they sat at the four corners of the grave and chanted two short hymns of their Law.

Marek leant forwards towards me. "Praise the She-Dragon, Mother of the Endless Night, you made it! Not bad, son! Many men have died before they reached here. Now your part is finished. There is not much more you can do, it's all up to her. So... enjoy! The Dragon will come to you and you will hear her true Voice, as few men in the kingdom have heard. You're a lucky man! Maybe that will kill you, but there are sillier ways of dying, believe me," he laughed.
Atlantean Secrets 6.9

A tidal-Word.

It engulfed my body and projected me high in the spheres, far beyond the fields of stars.

In the eerie voidness I heard a voice whispering from faraway, "Space Matrix emergency signal. Earthly vehicle is about to be disintegrated. Unless immediate action is taken, irreparable damage will ensue."

I looked down, searching for my body.

"Target identified. Do not try to project yourself into it."

My body was dead!

Down in the crypt, the Fire was insane. Immense, horrendous waves of Voice were hitting my body one after the other.

"Earthly vehicle damaged beyond possible repair. Do not try to project yourself into it."

Dead. Really dead.

Cracked by the Word.

Ravaged by the thunder of the Earth. Cleft asunder.

Through the cleft, the power of the Dragon was rushing in.

"Elyani! Elyani! Elyani!"

The faraway voice whispered, "Follow the light in the matrix of space. Engage the spreading of consciousness."

"Farewell, Elyani!"


Infinity beyond words.

The Abyss of the Deep, where the Mother of the Light is smiling.

Forever love, White Eagle of the gods.
Atlantean Secrets 6.11

Music by: Samuel Sagan

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