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Lehrmon's heart

Track 1

Legend: Atlantean Secrets

Epoch: Twilight of the Law (late Atlantis)

Character: Lehrmon, Master of Thunder

Musical Images:

Year 11 of Gervin's Grand Mastership – the ruins of Karlinga

A presence was approaching the temple.

"Oh, Mother of the Light... it's my boy!" Teyani exclaimed.

Adya tuned into darkness visible. "Lehrmon?"

"He is alive! Oh, Mother, Mother... thank you!" Teyani placed her hands on her heart. She ran up the stairs to the temple courtyard and called out loud, "Lehrmon! Lehrmon! Here! I'm here!"

A six-year-old boy with curly black hair appeared. From a distance he contemplated Teyani's shining aura. Then he slowly waved his hand in the particular fashion he always used to greet her.

"Come, my boy," Teyani called. "It's safe here!"
Atlantean Secrets 8.4

The last image Teyani took with her was Lehrmon, standing on the pedestal of a broken column close to the crypt of Apollo. Tears were rolling down his cheeks but with composed seriousness the curly-haired little boy stood straight, giving her his special wave as she disappeared from view.
Atlantean Secrets 8.4

Year 38 of Gervin's Grand Mastership – Eisraim temple

Alcibyadi sat very straight, looking deep into him. "Lehrmon, I want a child from you before I go."

"But..." Lehrmon was astonished. "Alcibyadi, that is not even an option! Anyway, could you imagine yourself traveling while being pregnant?"

"And so what? My mother did it before me. And maybe the baby will be born by then. We don't know how long it will take before the Eagle sends the signal for the departure."

"But... Alcibyadi..."

"I have already asked the White Eagle's oracle for permission to have a child, and there was no objection." She gathered the will that ran through her blood, the blood she shared with Teyani. "Lehrmon, I want a child from you. I know your destiny is to join the Archive people in the Fields of Peace, and I am not asking you to come with me. But I want to take your child with me to the land of Aegypton. I want to watch him grow up, and I want him to look like you."
Atlantean Secrets 9.14

Year 39 of Gervin's Grand Mastership – Eisraim temple. Gervin is about to leave is body. The Nephilim Hunters are about to raid the temple.

Szar's Warrior's mind cautioned, "I hate to say this but I don't think Lehrmon should stay here. Far too dangerous. We can't afford to lose him."

"True," Gervin agreed.

"What shall I do?" Lehrmon Point-asked.

"Leave the temple immediately. Return to Lasseera," the exalted force spoke through Szar.

"He is right," Gervin seconded from Thunder, and he showered Lehrmon with the same power.

Lehrmon raised both arms. For a few seconds he turned into a huge flame of white energy. "All glory to the teacher!" he shouted with the Voice.

The entire audience followed him, raising their arms, "All glory to the teacher! All glory to the teacher...!"

When the light faded and Lehrmon's face could be seen again, he and Szar exchanged a last glance.

If everything went right, they would meet again at the Archive rendezvous. If anything went wrong, they might never see each other again.

Szar remembered the Edge of Highness, "I won't say goodbye!"

"We shall meet again at the Plateau of Sorana!" Lehrmon Point-pounded...

In the central crypt the crowd was still acclaiming Gervin, "All glory to the teacher...!"

Lehrmon turned toward Teyani, the depth of his love for her Point-packed in one second.

"We shall meet again in the Fields of Peace," she Point-whispered.

He slowly waved his hand at her as he used to when he was a child, and he started running to the main door.
Atlantean Secrets 18.14

Music by: Samuel Sagan

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