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Teyani bathing in the ocean

Legend: Atlantean Secrets Book 8

Epoch: Twilight of the Law (late Atlantis)

Date: Year 11 of Gervin's Grand Mastership

Character: Teyani of the White Eagle

Musical Image:

Teyani, priestess of the White Eagle, is nineteen. Her temple [Karlinga] has just been ravaged by thugs. What used to be her home has been reduced to rubble. All her friends have been killed. So has her husband – the father of the baby she carries in her womb.

At first she drifted out of her body and tried to let herself die. But the White Eagle sent her back, with the mission of traveling east and finding Thunder. The unknown.

Daunting prospect! It will be a journey on foot, in a hostile world. Teyani has been declared an outcast. No one will give her food, or shelter.

Before leaving her native land, she goes to the ocean one last time. Teyani used to call the ocean one of her two best friends. The other, the wind, will accompany her. But she knows she will never see the ocean again.

Holding her bulging belly, she walks into the waves and lets her energy merge with the waters' infinity.
KT Buzzing Forest 2.1.7

Music by: Samuel Sagan

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