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The sapphire room

Legend: Atlantean Secrets

Epoch: Twilight of the Law (late Atlantis)

Date: Year 32 of Gervin's Grand Mastership

Location: Eisraim temple

Musical Image:

If Atlantean people were to be transported into a present day building, they would be horrified. "But the walls are dead!" they would say. It would feel harsh and dry to them, for the walls of their buildings were completely different. They were made of an organic substance, which in Atlantean Secrets is called 'plass'.

Plass was a soul-warming material, which gave a faint glow (both physical and non-physical).

In most buildings it was just a pale, dim whitish or yellowish glow. It became fainter during the night, but it never faded completely – as long as the building lived, of course. Like the trees of a forest, plass could die. But if nurtured with affection and wisdom, it could live for hundreds, or sometimes even thousands of years. And it held a presence – the living memory of the things that had happened in the building.

For this musical image I take you to the part of the temple of Eisraim called the Jewels, where great sages had their quarters. There the buildings weren't made of ordinary plass but of plass mingled with gem-spirit, mysterious alchemical preparations made by mason priests according to ancient secrets of the Law. As a result, the walls glowed with fabulous gem-like colors. Again these were not just physical colors, but living etheric halos with astral color patterns. A wonder to contemplate.

In book 5 of Atlantean Secrets, you will read that in the room of Shlsharan of the Saffron Robe, the living walls were made of plass mingled with yellow sapphire spirit. When Szar first arrives there, he is so captivated by the light that he loses all sense of time. He just stands there, eyes wide open. The rich yellow light envelopes him. So tangibly that at times he wonders if someone is touching him. And he hears strange sounds in his subtle bodies, as if he was a musical instrument being played by the light.
Knowledge Track Valley of Light 2.1.7

Music by: Samuel Sagan

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