The Vision Path

KT Bubbling Mud Pools 1

Welcome to the lower half! KT Bubbling Mud Pools 1 is the twelfth Knowledge Track of the Vision Path. It is the first of three Knowledge Tracks on the cauldron and embryo, structures of the pelvic envelope. And it is the beginning of the work on the lower half. Here the focus is on the cauldron using the powerful energetic technique of moving energies along the three circulations of the cauldron.

Work on the lower half can be wild and enlivening, revealing forces of chaos and life that reside in the belly. The practicals bring experiences of fire in the belly and the accompanying will. Moving into these aspects of the belly affect all facets of life, from food to sex to interpersonal relationships.

And do not forget to use this phase of the work to push dynamic awareness by resting in the eye-belly. Use peripheral vision to look at people's bellies, of family and friends and of people out in the world doing different things. Life could become very interesting.

Prior requirements: Silver Lakes 2

Cost: $125
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Part 1 - Getting on track

Part 1 of KT Bubbling Mud Pools 1 contains the instructions for this KT.

Part 2 - Talks

Part 2 comprises ten talks, covering theory and practice:

  • 2.1 The Greater Cauldron: starting the work of the lower half, the map and its territory
  • 2.2 The Middle Warmer: starting the work on the middle warmer and the processes of digestion that take place there. Reflections on its related practical aspects.
  • 2.3 Middle Warmer, Fire and Composting – Descending into Life: expanding the discourse of the middle warmer to the alchemical side of cauldron phenomenon
  • 2.4 How Men Can Tune into Female-Related Etheric Hardware: pushing etheric sensing skills can lead to experiences of what it can be like to be in the body of the opposite sex
  • 2.5 Cauldron, Sexual and Reproductive Etheric Hardware: through the work on the cauldron fire, an awakening of will is facilitated
  • 2.6 Middle Warmer – Breaking Down Lumps: a discussion on how to use the energetic squeezing action in digestion
  • 2.7 Drinking, Life Force and Will: an important talk on understanding drinking and the potential implications of doing it
  • 2.8 Fire in the Cauldron: understanding the shaping of the cauldron through energetic circulations and the raising of fire in the cauldron
  • 2.9 Chaos: to understand the lower half, make friends with the chaos principle
  • 2.10 Dynamic Awareness – Visions of Bellies: from zookeepers to food habits, practical tips on what there is see about people's bellies

Part 3 - Practicals

Part 3 comprises 10 audio practicals which focus on subtle body building of the cauldron, charge and the central thread below. Energetic circulations become a powerful tool in crystallizing and bringing integrity to the three structures of the lower half, which together form the foundation of vitality of your system. They are also the edifice for the work to come on verticality.

Part 4 - Night practice

Part 4 comprises 1 night practice. Use the precious time of night practice to further work on the cauldron, and let images and experiences of the structure come in this deep state of restoration and psychic sleep.

Part 5 - The belly process

Part 5, the 'belly process' is a feature of this Knowledge Track specifically geared to cultivate dynamic awareness and deepening belly know-how in daily activities. This section is written material guiding you through eight weeks of eye-belly dynamic awareness practices and reflections on the belly.

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