The Vision Path

KT Bubbling Mud Pools 2

KT Bubbling Mud Pools 2 is the fourteenth Knowledge Track of the Vision Path. Continue the journey into the lower half, entering the world of embryo experiences. Nature expresses through us all and the work on the embryo, specific to the Clairvision work of inner alchemy, crystallizes a window into these forces of nature.

The practicals of this Knowledge Track continue the work of the cauldron scales to ignite the fire of the cauldron and reveal lumps that lead us into wantings and desires. To bring further crystallization to these lumps you learn the powerful technique of churning, a specialized technique to bring tangibility to the embryo. The embryo becomes a handle into the forces of nature and will.

How deep into the lower half can you go?

Prior requirements: KT Bubbling Mud Pools 1

Cost: $125
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Part 1 - Getting on track

Part 1 of KT Bubbling Mud Pools 2 contains the instructions for this KT.

Part 2 - Talks

Part 2 comprises twelve talks, covering theory and practice:

  • 2.1 Fiery Denseness in the Cauldron
  • 2.2 Introduction to the Embryo: a discussion on the embryo as a window into nature and a handle into wantings and desires
  • 2.3 The Spindle Technique: an introduction to the powerful spindle technique as a pathway to crystallize the central thread below
  • 2.4 A Few Clarifications on the Spindle Technique
  • 2.5 The Pristine Flame at the Bottom of the Cauldron
  • 2.6 Tips on the 'Passively Active' Phase: learn the yin art of cauldron circulations
  • 2.7 Strategies for Exploring Wantings and Desires: getting what you want takes planning and guts
  • 2.8 Crystallizations of Wantings and Desires
  • 2.9 Plunging into Desires, Sexual Fantasies, Bhoga: what it means to satisfy your wantings from a space of metaphysical understanding
  • 2.10 Churning: the technique to crystallize the embryo
  • 2.11 Perspectives on the Embryo Work
  • 2.12 Morning Meditation During This Phase of Cauldron Work: implementation of these additions and principles to morning meditation ups the game of your lower half work

Part 3 - Practicals

Part 3 comprises 7 audio practicals which continue the work of cauldron scales to crystallize and ignite the fire of the cauldron. Also, learn the powerful technique of churning, a specialized technique to bring tangibility to the embryo. The embryo becomes a window into the forces of nature and will.

Part 4 - Night practice

Part 4 comprises 1 night practice. Get glimpses of the embryo and other structures in the cauldron in this state of psychic sleep.

Part 5 - The embryo process

Part 5, the 'embryo process' is a guide to take the work of the embryo off the carpet, complementing the practicals and talks and putting it into action. Without this dynamic awareness and strategic work, the embryo will remain vague. In order to awaken the will through the embryo you will need to push yourself to do and see things that can be uncomfortable and put you outside your comfort zone.

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