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KT Buzzing Forest 1


KT Buzzing Forest 1 is the fourth Knowledge Track of the Vision Path. A crucial segment in the unfoldment of the Vision Path, it marks the beginning of the work of etheric sensing – and with it, a systematic cultivation of the etheric body (the layer of qi, or prana).

For many people, this means stepping into far more tangible perception of nonphysical realities: making the body of energy... alive!

Prior requirements: KT Portal 1, KT Valley of Light, and KT Fu Xi's Mountain.

Cost: $125
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Part 1 – Traveling instructions and storytelling

The storytelling section is devoted to legends of the White Eagle – one of the seminal influences behind the Clairvision School.

Part 2 – Practicals

The Buzzing Forest is so called in relation to the buzzing that is felt when the etheric body awakens.

The same buzzing can then be felt in animals, plants, rocks and nature at large, leading not only to extraordinary insights but also to magnificent experiences of communion with nature.

Why work on the etheric body? long as you are on Earth, you live in an etheric body – a layer of life force on which you rely to eat, breathe, walk, exercise, have sex, and a thousand other things. An ascetic locked in a monastery could choose to follow a form of spirituality in which the etheric is never worked on. But if your purpose is enlightenment in this world, then you can't ignore your etheric. It would lead to a compartmented existence with constant conflicts between the 'spiritual' and the 'nonspiritual' parts of yourself. There could never be a full integration of spirituality into your life.
KT Buzzing Forest 3.4.1
Etheric Body

KT Buzzing Forest 1 includes a variety of practices that can be implemented throughout the day: tuning into people and objects, discovering their etheric qualities. It also shows you how to cultivate your etheric body in a way that will render it impermeable to noxious energies, leading to a high degree of energetic protection (with myriads of health benefits).

Special: KT Buzzing Forest 1 also includes a practical that is to be followed while in your bath – using water not only to awaken inner vision but also to cleanse your etheric and eliminate negative energies.

Part 3 – Theory

6 talks, offered both as audio recordings and text:

  • 3.1 Etheric fundamentals: qi, prana, engaging experiences, contextualizing the etheric, awakened vs strong etheric body, transformed etheric body.
  • 3.2 Qualities (inner sound, light and vibration): contextualizing the qualities, harmony of the spheres, Indian and Tibetan methods, working with inner vibration to strengthen your third eye.
  • 3.3 Etheric sensing for creative living: practical details of the techniques and how to implement the method in a variety of situations such as shopping at the supermarket (tuning into fruit and vegetables), while cooking and eating, when in nature.
  • 3.4 Etheric sensing 2: practical applications and methods to tune into animals, children, people...
  • 3.5 Etheric sensing and sexuality: enhancing techniques that were started in KT Portal 1 and introducing new techniques of energetic sexuality on the basis of the subtle bodybuilding achieved in this KT. Etheric orgasm. Etheric touch, the 'magic touch', understanding the other sex.
  • 3.6 The spectrum of consciousness. E = mc2 = consciousness. Cosmic consciousness. Understanding a number of terms such as subconscious, unconscious, etc. in terms of subtle bodies.

Part 4 – Night practices

KT Buzzing Forest 1 includes two recorded night practices. One of them is actually a 'morning practice', to be used when waking up in the morning for the purpose of working on dreams and remembering astral traveling experiences that spontaneously take place during the night.

Part 5 – Technical videos

The first video is an instruction program about energetic protection, presented by senior Clairvision instructor Philip Joseph. After explaining the concept of xie qi (noxious energy) of traditional Chinese medicine, the program gives you a wealth of practical indications to protect yourself against them – make your etheric xie-qi- proof.

The second video is a 'mapping time' where you will hear Clairvision students describe their experiences of etheric sensing – a great way of sparking experiences inside yourself, and getting a feel for a variety of 'standard' experiences that are likely to happen to you at one stage or another if you put the techniques into practice.

Your subtle bodies will never be the same!

The beginning of the work of etheric sensing is a landmark in your progression along the Vision Path. Having engaged the buzzing, your subtle bodies will never be the same. For many people, this represents a new start in life: opening to a completely different dimension in the world around them, from plants to stars, from the mineral to the animal kingdom. It's just... so beautiful! The world becomes like a great Buzzing Forest, full of wonders waiting for you out there!

The Music

Last but not least, the recordings of KT Buzzing Forest 1 include more than one hour of original music tracks composed by Samuel Sagan. For this KT Samuel Sagan used not only the magic of Korg sound but also a mix from a Nova soundstation, creating a buzzing feel and a whole palette of third eye 'special effects'.

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